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ADR Report

The author of this report has been asked to prepare a brief report about a real-world example of a situation that could have gone to litigation but was instead handled via alternative dispute resolution, or ADR for short. As part of the recitation of the event, facts will be included such as the legal form of the business in question, how the case would have been processed through the court system (had it gotten that far), the form of alternative dispute resolution that was used, the form of alternative dispute resolution that the author recommends and the differences in costs and benefits between litigation and ADR in regards to the selected dispute.

The business in question for this report (which shall not be named) is a moderately sized Subchapter S Corporation (S-Corp) business with about two hundred employees. For smaller to moderately sized businesses, the S-Corp structure is quite popular (Raible, Teti & Brinker, 2015). At issue was the fact that the customer...


The required deliverable, albeit late, was delivered to the client. When the client was presented with a bill for the services rendered, the client asserted that he would not a dime since the matter was so profusely mishandled. Even with the miscues, there was expense incurred to the business to get the job done and those expenses are normally carried by the client in the form of what they were billed. The client had the option to return the deliverable but chose not to do that either. In short, the client was given delivery of what they paid for, albeit late and only after a couple revisions were done. Of course, the business management was livid because the client took delivery yet refused to pay. The business asserted that while a discount or future credit might be in order, receiving the bungled order for free was out of the question unless the merchandise was returned.

For a time, the business let things cool off and then approached the man a few days later. The business asserted that they could certainly negotiate a lower price or price concession on future orders due to the mishap but that non-payment was not going to be accepted or tolerated. The client still refused to budge. Since the value of the item delivered was actually quite high, the business then asserted that they would either need to work out…

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