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Barker, T. (2011). Police ethics: Crisis in law enforcement. Springfield, IL: Thomas.

This book deals with problems experienced in law enforcement that demonstrate the inability of police officers to make lawful decisions. Chapter 8 deals specifically with police corruption and identifies three elements that exist in police corruption. The first is, the behave must be forbidden, the second is misuse of officer's position, and third, the reward. Although this chapter offers no study, it does provide a look into what the definition of corruption is along with a possible explanation for the prevalence of corruption amongst police officers and law enforcement in general.

Block, C. (2015, December 30). Florida Police Under Investigation for Laundering $55.6 Million For Drug Cartels. Retrieved from

A newspaper article, this source discusses police corruption in Miami. Florida cops that work for the Bal Harbour Police Department have allegedly laundered an estimated $55.6 million for criminal organizations like drug cartels via the cover provided by a joint task force operation. The laundering allotted the police officers a profit of $2.4 million. When on assignment under the operation, they often stayed at luxurious hotels. By showing how corruption exists in a concrete way, this article shows the effects of corruption on police officers.

Eitle, D., D'Alessio, S. J., & Stolzenberg, L. (2014). The Effect of Organizational and Environmental Factors on Police Misconduct. Police Quarterly, 17(2), 103-126. doi:10.1177/1098611114522042

This is an observational study that examines the relation among police environmental and organizational factors as well as police misconduct. The researchers use information derived from a 2009-2010 National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project. Through the use of a negative binomial regression analysis, they saw that the violent crime rate presents as the singular environmental variable influence corruption in the form of police misconduct. The study provides a synthesis of information that can lead to a discovery of what specifically fuels corruption in law enforcement: police officers.

Elbahnasawy, N. G. (2014). E-Government, Internet Adoption, and Corruption: An Empirical Investigation. World Development, 57, 114-126. doi:10.1016/j.worlddev.2013.12.005

An empirical study investigating the influence of internet adoption as well as e-government on diminishing corruption through the utilization of a big panel dataset. The researchers revealed that the e-government serves as a useful and powerful in curbing corruption through telecommunication infrastructure along…

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