Cultural And Cross Cultural Needs In The Great Lakes Essay


Plan of Action to Build Trust: Introduction The Waasa-Inaabidaa people are the original inhabitants of the Great Lakes region. European settlement in the Great Lakes regions including Wisconsin and Minnesota dramatically transformed the relationships between Waasa-Inaabidaa and each other, and between Waasa-Inaabidaa and their geo-spatial territory. Over a century of conflict and mistrust characterizes the relationship between the aboriginal people and the newer inhabitants of the area, who now claim control over political, economic, and social systems. Therefore, it is important to develop a culturally conscious and culturally competent plan of action to build trust in this diverse community.

Plan for Professional Development (Session)


A professional development session should ideally take place over the course of a month. All teachers need to first view themselves as “agents of change,” who act in “cooperation with community,” (Ahuja, 2015, p. 11). As such, the professional development plan should be focused on how to empower teachers to consider future needs of students and their families. Materials used would include tangible items like books and elements of indigenous culture brought from local Waasa-Inaabidaa community leaders, as well as new technologies.

Building Trust

Building trust and support among participants in the professional development...


When it comes to building trust among students, it is important to have culturally relevant pedagogical practices that encourage participation and high achievement (Consuegra & Engels, 2016). Developing a sense of community, collaboration, and equity is important for building trust and engendering support among all participants.

Specific strategies to be used to generate support from participants include the following. First, the program needs to focus on the stories and worldviews of the indigenous people. Second, the program needs to take into account multiple learning styles and differential goals in education. Finally, program leaders need to communicate effectively with all participants.

These strategies will encourage support, participation, and long-term trust among diverse learners and members of the community. Focusing on the stories, symbols, paradigms, and worldviews of the indigenous peoples of the Great Lakes region will encourage conversations and mutual respect. The discursive practices in the school will be radically transformed, leading to long-term improvements in communication and pedagogy. The educational philosophies of multiple learning styles also enable a broad-minded approach to educational objectives and goals. Students are not assessed and evaluated in narrow terms, but…

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