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Demand and Supply of Home Theater Furniture

Demand and supply are the core concepts of economics and these are what determine the price of any given item. When demand of a certain item increases, it is usually followed by a corresponding increase in supply. And thus the price is affected. However there are times when demand increases more sharply than supply and this causes price to move up. In any case, price is directly dependent on supply and demand trends of a commodity. In this paper, we shall focus on demand of home theater furniture which has sharply gone up in last few years, thanks to home theater systems that promise to provide quality cinema experience at home. William L. Hamilton, 'Coming to a Living Room near You' (2003) focuses on the rising demand for home theater furniture: "The $23-billion-a-year furniture industry is in a state of high excitement over an item of furniture that, in the average living room, looks like a huge Danish. Your local bakery would call it a bear claw. The furniture industry calls it home theater seating. The furniture industry, like many of its domestic brethren, has been having a tough economic time lately. In this climate, home theater seating may emerge as a star. Larry Thomas of Furniture Today, a trade weekly, said: "It seems to be a real hot category right now, in the last 12 months ... " If contemporary furniture is often a triumph of style over substance, home theater seating is a solid triumph of substance over style."

While everyone is certainly excited over sudden and rather unexpected growth in home theater furniture market, economists and marketers are also analyzing the possible reasons for this growth, Hamilton maintains that it is due to the rising popularity of home theater systems which is quality family time. It has now become the symbol of family time and people usually sitting around and having a quality experience. Now families are seeking help…

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