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The proposed classroom management technique seeks to foster democracy because a culture of responsibility and freedom is promoted in the learning environment. As a teacher, I have comfortably adapted to using this model because it gives my students equal opportunities of interacting and responding to classroom issues. In the end, I can satisfy the needs of the majority. Since the environment is safe, their constitutional rights are guaranteed and rules applied are fair to all students. In such a classroom, all students are given equal opportunities especially in the formulation of programs and policies. Moreover, all students will be involved in the decision-making process because no discrimination exists in such a learning environment. Therefore, the learning environment fosters sharing among students especially in the maintenance of discipline, control and even the promotion of meaningful learning process (Dreikurs, Grunwald, & Pepper, 2013).

In the current classroom, I ensure that all students participate in classroom discussions; this encourages purposeful action. Moreover, students who behave inappropriately face the consequences, but not involving harsh punishments. In my opinion, consequences are a result of eliminating a child’s inappropriate actions. Therefore, they are appropriate outcomes when dealing with inappropriate acts. The consequence in question needs to make sense, and for the action, they need to have a logical ending. I consider punishment as punitive and do not serve any learning purpose for the student, but rather am sending the wrong message (Sahin, 2008). When learning, individuals are bound to make mistakes, socially and academically; this is the whole sense of having teachers in the classroom. They will be able to assess the behavior of their students and build a learning environment geared towards eliminating wrong behaviors. I hold the motto that the major tenet in approaching inappropriate behavior relates to making the students appreciate and learn from their mistakes. This is an objective approach for the student who will ensure that once a mistake is made, they should learn from it and avoid it in future. The learning environment should give students the opportunity to make ‘meaningful’ mistakes, but the teachers should ensure that the environment enables the students to learn from them but not repeat the mistakes (Sahin, 2008).

The positive recognition given to students comes a long way in helping them in identifying their mistakes and propels forward them towards attaining their learning goals. I will consider improving…

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