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¶ … endurance" Alfred Lansing "To Stand Pole" William R. Hunt "Wonderful Life" Stephen J. Gould "The Burgess Shale" Harry Whittington "Desert Solitaire" Edward Abbey "The End Nature" Bill McKibben "Flu" Gina Kolata "The Hot Zone" R.

Alfred Lansing's story of the "Endurance"

Alfred Lansing's book "Endurance" tells one of the most impressive journeys that people have ever taken on with the purpose to reach Antarctica -- Ernest Shackleton's failed 1914-1915 expedition onboard the Endurance. Lansing's book provides a complex description of the fateful campaign and of the feelings experienced by people on board as they went from being thrilled with the thought of reaching a new continent to being horrified with the thought of losing their lives in the process.

At the moment when it started, Shackleton's mission was one of the most daring expedition that mankind had ever embarked on. Even with this, the journey was carefully planned and individuals part of the crew were among the world's top experts in their fields of work. The ship's crew was composed of a wide range of individuals from carpenters to photographers --...


Given his scientific nature, the researcher intended to go across the Antarctic continent and to perform an in-depth study of it. This would have obviously been significant for society as a result of the fact that the researcher would reach areas and ecosystems that people could only imagine previous to that moment.

Lansing lauds Shackleton's bravery and his interest in making sure that the expedition would have everything it needed. Even with this, the writer does not hesitate to emphasize the fact that nothing could have prepared the explorer for what he was about to come across. The Antarctic climate and the harsh conditions ever were too much for someone having access to resources available to relative amateurs in the early twentieth century. Such an expedition needed tools and expertise that were not widely available during the time and that Shackleton could not have access to. In spite of his determination, he did not have the expertise or the tools required to take on the journey that he was considering.

While things like a radio currently seem indispensable when considering an expedition, matters were different at the…

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