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Organizational change takes place when an organization makes a transition into its wanted future state from the current state. Organizational change is managed through planning and execution of that transition, while aiming at minimum expense and minimum staff resistance, and at the same time achieving maximum success of the transition process (Anderson and King, 2002).

The modern-day organizational environment needs organizations to go through nearly constant transitions for them to maintain competitiveness. Such aspects as rapid technological evolution and market globalization make it difficult for companies to survive without being responsive. These kinds of transition are probably minor, such as installation of new software or major, such as coming up with new strategies for marketing, disputing hostile takeovers or changing the organization due to stubborn foreign competition (Anderson and King, 2002).

A critique of several tactics that can be used to engage employees in the change process.

You should consider the following in your effort to achieve a successful transition:

Come up with an organizational vision. Make sure you have a vision that is common among every team member to determine the way the team will combine effort with stakeholders in executing the proposed change. State the vision to avoid stakeholder staff confusion regarding the adaptation required by your team. The vision needs to come first, before any other work.

Come up with a strategy. After the vision, involve the other members of your team on how to achieve it. The staffs, along with stakeholders are required to know their duties in executing a plan which will help achieve your vision. You also need to know more about the stakeholders, and their needs; this way, you will have a productive working association (Herold, Fedor, Caldwell, & Liu, 2008).

Promote change. You should be a role model of change for the transition process to succeed. Your staff members need to know that they are under a committed pioneer of change. You can achieve this by being supportive of your employees throughout the process, remove any obstacles, encourage learning, work with the stakeholders, provide the required resources, manage any resistance rapidly and assess the progress (Herold, Fedor, Caldwell, & Liu, 2008).

Communicate frequently and early. Front and middle level leaders should be the main communicators to the staff members. The communication process needs to be consistent and frequent. All those whom the transition will affect should understand the contents and reason for the change, when it will happen as well as the impact of transition. Do not force the transition on your organization; instead, engage your staff in the issue. Ask…

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