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These are designed to prevent any kind of burn out issues. Some of the most common techniques that can be utilized by the leadership during this process include: rethinking goals / objectives, looking at the speed of the changes that are taking place, making things fun and altering the team structure / format. Rethinking goals / objectives is when you are looking at if they are challenging enough for everyone. While at the same time ensuring; that they are giving the staff some kind of realistic standards to reach for. Looking at the speed of the changes, is when you are making certain that they are not taking place to fast or to slow. Making the work environment fun is when you want to ensure that everyone enjoys their employment at: the facility and has a passion for their career. Altering the team structure / format is when you are changing the units around, to increase productivity and reduce burnout. These different elements are important, because they show how leaders must have some kind of tools that will change the focus of the staff. Once this takes place, is the point that the organization can be able to achieve their different long-term goals (one step at a time). (Beaudan, 2006, pp. 1 -- 7)

Clearly, to implement any kind of positive long-term changes inside a health care environment requires: understanding the signs of exchange fatigue and...


As this can often lead to a lack of: focus and exhaustion; resulting in a decline in the overall quality of care that is being provided. This means that a central questions that should be asked during the mid phase of any project is: what strategies can you use to get back on track? Once this has occurred, the leadership must then utilize a number of different tools to help refocus the staff on the underlying changes that are being implemented. These include: rethinking goals / objectives, looking at the speed of the changes that are taking place, making things fun and altering the team structure / format. This is important, because it shows how the all administrators must understand the challenges they will face, when implementing any of them at a health care facility. As there will be: initial amounts of success in the staff during the very beginning of new strategy. This is followed, by a belief that everyone is doing the necessary steps to be successful (creating sense of complacency). To avoid these kinds of issues, managers must understand how to exercise effective leadership. This means, preventing the staff from falling into: these common challenges and motivating them to remain focused on the long-term objectives. Once this takes place, is the point that everyone can concentrate on: these goals and their role in achieving them. At which point, the overall attitude inside a health care environment will evolve, creating last changes that will have a positive impact.


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