Exceptional Cognitive Abilities of the Human Mind Essay

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Exceptional Cognitive Abilities

Among the most extraordinary individuals diagnosed with autism is Dr. Temple Grandin, who, despite her mental health condition, has earned a doctoral degree in the field of animal science, and is a Colorado State University professor and successful entrepreneur. Dr. Grandin, diagnosed with the disorder in the year 1950, features among the foremost autistic individuals to openly share her autism-connected experiences. This amazing individual is also an inventor: She came up with a \\"hug box\\" geared at calming fellow autism-diagnosed persons (Grandin, 2004). Grandin did not speak until the age of 3.5 years; her only way of interacting with those around her and expressing the exasperation she felt was through humming, peeping and screaming.

Around 50% of North American cattle are managed using Dr. Grandin’s ingenious center track restrainer system. This scientist’s curved race and chute systems are employed all over the world, while her flight zone-related research and works on other grazing-animal conduct principles have aided animal rearers in reducing cattle stress during handling. Furthermore, Dr. Grandin has come up with an objective pig and cattle handling assessment scoring system, which is adopted by numerous large companies focusing on animal welfare improvement (Grandin, 2004). Besides the above research projects, Dr. Grandin has performed studies in the areas of cattle temperament, training procedures, bull fertility, pigs’ environmental enrichment, pig and cattle stunning techniques, and decreasing bruises and dark cutters.

Dr. Grandin bases her reality on direct observation, such as the understanding achieved through stroking cows’ coarse hair and noting the way they turn and observe a truck picking bales of hay up across the grazing field. The moment she hears the word “cow,” she begins viewing cows’ photorealistic pictures inside her head. She remarks: “when I think about abstract concepts such as getting along with people I use visual images such as the sliding glass door”. Moreover, she remarks that when she was little, she used to experience visualizations that aided her in understanding Jesus\\'s Prayer. \\"Power and the glory\\" brought to her mind images of high-tension electrical towers and the glorious sun. She would picture the “No Trespassing” sign put up by her neighbor upon hearing the term \\"trespass\\" (Grandin, 2004).

But Dr. Grandin admits that, back when she was young, there were certain elements and portions of the Prayer that she was simply unable to comprehend. She doesn’t need to depend…

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