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Finance is an exciting field that is both lucrative and worthwhile. There are many jobs to choose from that allow someone variety and a competitive career. Of the many areas that offer great options two jobs seem like a great fit. The first is investment banker and the second is real estate developers/brokers. These jobs are competitive and offer the opportunity for growth and stability in today’s market.

Investment bankers are individuals working within a financial institution that chiefly raises capital for other businesses, organizations, governments, or who works in an investment bank (Rosenbaum & Pearl, 2013). While investment bankers deal with money, they also help companies by giving advice on mergers and acquisitions or reorganizations, and spin-offs. The biggest investment banks like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase employ investment bankers and they help in big, complex financial transactions.

Investment bankers can assess company worth. They also know how to structure a deal for mergers, sales, or acquisitions (Rosenbaum & Pearl, 2013). They can be useful for the process of issuing securities and creation of documentation for a company to go public (the Securities and Exchange Commission). While people assume the role of investment banker is a simple one, as one can see, it often is not and involves extensive financial knowledge. They are the assessors of a company and can save companies and organizations time and money thanks to their useful and important advice.

Theoretically speaking, investment bankers are supposed to be experts in their field and very knowledgeable in the existing investing climate. They are the ones businesses turn to regarding planning their development and identifying project-related risks (Rosenbaum & Pearl, 2013). Investment bankers can tailor their recommendations to present economic conditions further lending to their usefulness within finance. This is why they would make a great choice for any student in finance wishing to grow and develop their knowledge and skills.

The second option, real estate developer/broker is a complex job but is easier to get into than investment banking. Real estate brokers help sell and buy homes (Glickman, 2014). Before someone can become a real estate broker, they need to spend one to three years as a real estate agent. They take a commission and they can work depending on how much effort they want to put in each month. There is not much in terms of education needed to be a real estate broker and with enough investment capital, real estate brokers can become real estate developers. This is seen frequently in the United States, people buy damaged properties, flip them, and sell them for…

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