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I hate hospitals and I knew I'd be in the emergency forever, but Charles convinced me that it was much safer to err on the side of caution in case I had a serious injury. He said, "Look, either way, you will need a tetanus shot and you have to be examined to make sure you have no nerve damage. For all you know, there could even be a piece of his tooth stuck in there and that has to come out right away too. Even if there's nothing in there but some fibers from your clothes, that's enough for a really bad infection. Make sure they check inside each one of those punctures if they don't do it on their own"

He asked me whether I could make it back to my house, which, luckily, is only a few blocks away, but he said, "If you're too shaken up to drive, just call 911 from your cell phone, stay warm inside your car, and keep your hand elevated. Call your brother and ask him to come stay with you and if he can take you to the emergency room, do that instead of the ambulance, but either way, you need to be seen immediately because if he damaged a vein in your hand, that's not something you want to fool around about. Call John and just figure out HOW, not if you're going to the hospital."

My brother showed up a few minutes later and drove me to the hospital after dropping Zippy off at home. He was driving a little crazy and I told him to take it easy because it would be a lot worse for us to get into a car wreck which is a major emergency on the way to take care of a minor emergency. I could tell he was worried about my hand too. He was extremely impatient at every red light we stopped at, and I have to admit that they did seem to take much longer than usual to turn green. When we got to the emergency room entrance, they took me inside to see a doctor right away because I had so much blood on my clothes that it probably looked like I was a stabbing victim or something.

The doctors took my history and examined me and assigned a nurse to clean me up and give me a tetanus shot. The doctor also told her to check inside the wounds too, but she apparently forgot to do that because she was already starting to put bandages on me. I remembered what Charles had said and that the doctor had also told her to check inside the holes so I asked her about that and she apologized for forgetting and she took care of it before bandaging me all up.

Charles called David at his job to let him know what happened and that my brother John would be taking care of Scoshie for the time being because I was too scared of him to go back in there, at least for now. John said that when he went over the next day, Scoshie was acting the same as always and just came right up to him and rubbed up against his leg. Even my veterinarian was shocked that Scoshie attacked me like that, especially since Zippy was already gone and Scoshie knew me so well and she apologized for not anticipating the risk. She said, "The absolute worst case scenario I

thought could ever happen would be for them to try to fight through the cage but I never would have expected him to go after you like that."

It took me a few weeks before I had the courage to go back to the house with John

and I was afraid Scoshie might attack me the second I walked through the door all over again. This time, I wore my thickest boot and jeans, and a leather coat and gloves even though it was almost 50 degrees outside. Scoshie acted like we were best friends and that nothing had ever happened. I started taking care of him again soon after that, but I still don't trust him completely and I never pick him up close to my face the way I used to before this happened. I miss our old relationship because it just isn't the same anymore; at…

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