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This delicate girl lives an isolated life and her world is not real. The only time she gets a chance to enter the adult world and leave her fragile world behind is when a stranger Jim visits her one evening. The experience as tragic as it turned out to be did not really have to be used the way it had been. Instead it could serve as a very important breakthrough in Laura's life. But either due to Laura's own arrested development or her mother's dominating shadow, the incident was cited as a tragedy and Laura was further relegated to very dark corners of her existence. The world that understands grit and confidence could find no room for a girl like Laura who was psychologically crippled: "For nowadays the world is lit by lightning! Blow out your candles, Laura -- and so goodbye" (237).

The glass menagerie and the whole incident of the damage to it could have been used to indicate an end of make-believe and Laura's final awakening and entry into the world of adults. The fact that the unicorn was broken could easily be used as a sign that life of childhood and imagination is finally over and Laura is ready for a new chapter in her life. Instead Amanda and Tom make it a tragedy and Laura suffers even further. It is thus true that incidents in our lives can be used either way. It is all a matter of perception. Laura's mother could help Laura use this incident in a positive manner that could help her emerge a winner. However she tried to turn the whole thing into a meaningless tragedy that further shattered the already dented life of Laura's.


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