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Grant and Lee

Bruce Catton thinks the meeting between Grant and Lee that worked out the terms of surrender of Lee's army marked a new chapter in the lives of Americans. This is true because this meeting brought to an end a four-year civil war. Catton adduces that the signing of the papers between Grant and Lee that culminated into the end of civil was a contrast in itself. These were two men with opposing personalities who fate had brought together.

Robert Lee was of the opinion that the lives of Americans should integrate elements of aristocracy after all his background was synonymous with family, culture, and tradition (Catton 668). His was an embodiment of knighthood and English country squire. Lee never subscribed to a belief that all men should have equal rights and equal chances in the


He believed in pronounced inequality in social structures. He believed in social profiling where the leisure class owned land. To him, land was supposed to be the chief source of wealth and influence (Summary of Grant and Lee: A study in contrast 1).

Members of the leisure class were supposed to have a strong sense of obligation to the community. These men were never to gain advantage for themselves but to ensure they live up to the obligations entrusted to them without forgetting that they were a privileged lot. The country actually looked up to them for leadership. Because of Lee's aristocratic ideals, the nobles who had vast pieces of land ferociously fought to uphold them (Catton, 668). It was difficult therefore to separate Lee from the Confederacy because he was the Confederacy. Lee was indeed a legend in Virginia. It was difficult to understand why poor and malnourished soldiers could do anything in the name of Lee.

Grant was a sharp contrast to Lee. His was a tough upbringing the father…

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