How A Specific Situation Impacted Your Academic Performance Essay


I am writing this appeal with the main purpose of explaining the circumstances that influenced my academic performance. At the outset, please consider the trying conditions under which I completed the academic work, rather than as an excuse for the dismal grades.I had a very challenging time in the preceding semester, and as a result, my grades suffered. My mother, a sickle cell patient became very ill in the middle of the first semester, which sadly led to her demise. Whilst my mother was ill, I found it very difficult to find ample time to work. I was forced to take breaks and head home during the weekend, and during school days to make certain that my siblings were taken care of in terms of meals and clean clothing. I had to attend home routines and domestic tasks. These forced undertakings left me with little time for studying and revising the materials for the different units for the semester. More so, when I had the time, the thought of my mother being unwell was a major distraction and this made it very difficult for me to concentrate on my schoolwork and attend to important academic work.

Why you did not withdraw from the university

The main reason why I did not withdraw from the university is because I honestly believed that while my mother was sick I would still be able to cope with the circumstances and cope with the tasks that came my way. I believed that I would apportion my hours in a fitting manner to account for both family and school. I have come to comprehend that I should have confided in, and conveyed the situation to my lecturers, rather than eluding them and taking leave of absences during school days without notice. I constantly reassured myself that I was strong enough and capable of coping with all these encumbrances. I gave it my best but unfortunately, I was mistaken. I should have realized...


This institution offers quality education and I would greatly value to complete all my semesters here and graduate with a degree from this university. Since I am the eldest child in my family and it would mean a lot for me and my family as a whole to become the first one to attain a university degree. I believe I will have made my mother proud. My longing is to make her proud even while she is resting to show her that all the hard work she did to take care of me and take me to school was worth the effort.
However, this state of affairs will not have an impact on my academic performance in the forthcoming periods. To begin with, I will concentrate much better on my coursework. I will make certain that attend all of the classes throughout the semester and also partake in extracurricular activities that will aid in my grades. Secondly, I will manage my time more astutely. I will make a proper calendar that will work well for me in order to prioritize my important tasks and achieve them on time.

Sadly, my mother was not able to battle with the illness and has since then passed away. Therefore, I will not be necessitated to head back home incessantly to provide care. I have already seen a counselor to deal with her passing and therefore I will be in the right frame of mind to continue my studies in a fitting way. The sessions have enabled me to recover fully from her passing and to move on. I am determined to work even harder to and achieve better academic success. I would like to point out that in the event that another family crisis occurs, I will be in…

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