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Costand v. Cosby

The case against Bill Cosby has been brought on behalf of Andrea Costand who has accused Cosby of molesting her in 2004 by using drugs to induce her to have sex with him. Cosby, for his part, has denied the allegations of rape, saying that the sexual intercourse was consensual and that he told Costand what he was giving her and she accepted (Conti, 2015).

If I were prosecuting Bill Cosby, I would want a younger jury, whose conception of the comedian is informed more by the stories purported by modern media than the image of Cosby from his days of television success as good, family man on The Cosby Show back in the 1980s. So in terms of age, I would want younger jurors (even though jurors are supposed to be impartial and have no knowledge of the defendant, in this case that is likely to be very difficult to find, so we make certain assumptions: however, with social media being popular...


In this case, age will not be the primary focus when selecting jurors, as far as the prosecution is concerned). Instead, the prosecution will focus on race and gender.

Because Andrea Constand, the accuser, has identified as being a lesbian, it may be in the benefit of the prosecution to have more females on the jury than males, and bi-sexual females if at all possible. (This will not be something that the prosecution will be able to screen for, but through some creative questioning and reasonable deduction, it might be possible to make an educated guess). Regardless, it would be likely that females and lesbians and/or bisexuals would be more sympathetic to Constand in this case and thus more likely to side with the prosecution.

As far as race goes, I would lean towards obtaining as many white jurors as possible. The key here is to have as little sympathetic similarities between the jury and the defendant as possible. Thus, having more women on the jury than men would lean the jury in the prosecution's favor, and having more white than blacks on the jury would also theoretically lean the jury in the favor of the prosecution.

Ethnically speaking, the same maxim follows here as…

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