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¶ … organization's needs. In this situation, there is currently one space for promotion, but the organization might benefit from promoting both, or splitting the job into two part-time roles. This depends, however, on organizational need and the resources that are available to address this issue. We know that a human resource department is responsible for attracting, hiring and nurturing talent in the best manner for the organization. One of the critical questions that needs to be answered here is whether these candidates are so good that the organization should out of its way to create positions for both of them. Retention, after all, is a key element of building a great organization and it shows the employees that when they earn it, the organization is willing to help foster career paths for them (p.244).

One trend in business organization today is that many companies are using more contractors and part-time workers. Now, I do not advocate the use of contract positions for anybody the organization genuinely values -- failing to provide job security is a pretty good signal to the employee that the company is not invested in their future. But in this case, we have two different employees with very different work styles. We have...


The reality is that this position might be better-served by splitting the position and having the two employees split it. It might be possible that there is enough other work that can be distributed to them, that two positions of nearly FTE can be created (p.248). But as younger employees, they might be satisfied by sharing the job, so that the introvert can focus on the independent work and the extrovert can focus on the dealing with people aspects of the position.

If both students are going to be brought on board full-time, and the organization has the resources to facilitate this, then two jobs need to be created. If the rec center's work is generally project-based, where the projects are temporary, then positions can be created specifically to suit the different skill sets of these two students. If that is not the case, then the skill sets of the students should take a back seat in job design to designing jobs that are directly aligned with organization needs. This is so because the organization might need to hire for these positions again in a year, and will need to be able to find more candidates to fill these roles.

The other aspect worth considering here is the role of nurturing. The organization needs to nurture employees and build their skills. Now, in this case we are describing an extrovert and introvert, so these are not really skills that can be taught, but it is entirely possible that these students are being sold short. Both might be capable of working hard independently and engaging in the social aspects of the job. In some cases, it is hard to know exactly what a person is capable of until they are placed in…

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