Lights Up to Reveal a Thesis

Excerpt from Thesis :

AUDRE: I still say I'm the only one who even comes close to understanding the struggle Obama has gone through, even though he is a man

ALLEN: And heterosexual

ADRIENNE: And alive

WILLIAM: Let's just take a step back and look at this objectively. Scientifically. Medically.

AUDRE: I think you've got the wrong hat on, doc. Figuratively speaking.

ALLEN: No, no, this could help. William, you want to right it because your sense of rhythm is uniquely American, right?

WILLIAM: Well, more or less -- m rhythm is the unique American rhythm, I would say

ALLEN: OK, buut close enough. And Adrienne, you think that because you're alive

ADRIENNE: And for other reasons, like, uhh...subjectivity, and er

ALLEN: Right. And Audre

AUDRE: The subjugation of this society which has made me an outcast in every

ALLEN: Yeah, yeah we know. Those are all some pretty valid reasons. As for me, I don't really care about
...As long as the poem is new -- hey!


ALLEN: What if we aren't supposed to be writing the poem at all?


ALLEN: What if they just wanted us to pick the poet? The next great poetic voice of America, and perhaps someday the newest member of the Poetic Justice League?

ADRIENNE: You could be on to something there. It would have to be a woman, of course.

WILLIAM: Why of course?

ADRIENNE: Well we're already out-numbered.

A the lights begin to fade as the voices grow quieter, but keep their intensity)

AUDRE: We're outnumbered? What we need is another black poet

ALLEN: Ahh, dialog!

WILLIAM: They'll have to have a good ear-- the debate continues. Blackout. The END)

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