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" (68) These words cement the dramatic conclusion of Chapter 4 of A Morbid Taste for Bones -- and begin the central, driving murder mystery that lies at the heart of the plot of the tale. Brother Cadfael and the Prior of the Abbey are on a pilgrimage to a town in Wales to visit the shrine of Saint Winifred. The Prior of his Abbey hopes that these relics, if brought to Shrewsbury will bring enrichment to the Benedictine monks, as more pilgrims will visit the Abbey. The dead man is Rhisiart, one of the community activists most angrily against moving the remains of the saint. Cadfael shows that he is still an active man, despite his age and his current retirement in the Abbey, as he pushes back the brush in a desperate search for the Welshman.

The quest for the saint's pones on the part of Cadfael's Benedictine Abbey (although Cadfael does not support his prior's action, necessarily, although he is bound by a vow of obedience) shows how the concerns of the medieval era are not so different from our own. Human nature has not changed very much. Religion,


When faith and money clash, quite often death is the result. "Truly this many be no more than a tangle of mistiming and misunderstanding," voices one of member of the search party for the dead man, in vain. (67) Misunderstanding and muddy motivations are at the heart of the conflict over Saint Winifred's memory. They are also likely to be at the heart of Rhisiart's death. At first, when Rhisiart, is missing, people hope "he may have had a fall, an injury that halted or slowed him." (67) But the presence of the arrow in the dead man's skull indicates nothing else but murder.

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