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Nurses are rarely alone and assistance is usually right outside but if someone falls, has a seizure, or requires me to move them immediately, I should be able to handle it. Nurses also do a lot of walking on shift so I should be able to walk around all day without any trouble.

While these are the top skills I will need to focus on to be a nurse, I will also need to be able to manage those around people around me, complete paperwork efficiently, and possibly work with finances. The best skill a nurse can have, however, is patience. For me, being a nurse in the future means not only doing my routine duties, but being a good listener when patients need to talk. I must have a sharp eye for details that may help patients avoid complications and needs to be intelligent who can multi-task and prioritize their assignments.

I want to become a nurse...


My nursing career will prepare me with anything that I will come across in my life. As a nurse in the future, there will be a connotation that I will be compassionate, helpful, diligent, principled, and responsible which are all incredible attributes that I would like to be known for and showing evidence of these characteristics will be part of my personality and will go with me all through my life and career.

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