Patient Care and the Affordable Care Act Essay

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Evidence Based Practice

University of Illinois Evidence Based Medicine Resources: Lessons Learned

From the search resources I learned that in evidence based medicine, patient values comprising of their unique concerns, preferences, and expectations introduced to the clinical encounter ought to be integrated in determining the ideal care for patient. This integration will guarantee that the individual patient’s clinical state, the clinical setting and best patient outcome prevail in ideal decisions on optimal service delivery to the patient (Sackett, Rosenberg, Gray, Haynes, & Richardson, 1996).

The second aspect learned is that in order to integrate Evidence-Based Nursing and clinical care, there is the need for a basic comprehension of the attributes related to the inherent published evidence. Resources in Evidence-Based Practice are categorized in a hierarchy relating to the quality of the research or evidence. In Evidence-Based Practice, decisions making on best care to patient are not just basically guided by selecting the highest ranking evidence or research in the hierarchy level. Instead, it is essential to critically assess the searched information, select the highest ranking and most relevant evidence available relating to the query, patient’s circumstance and needs. Essentially, the highest ranking evidence article is not necessarily the ultimate go-to guide for ideal decisions. Instead, the ideal guide for decision has to be the highest ranking that depicts the patient’s attribute and through critical assessments reflects considerable best patient outcome (Sackett et al., 1996).

Comparing CINAHL Keyword Search Result with Other Search Engines

According to Houde (2009), the choice of a search engine in systematic reviews will significantly have an impact on Evidence Based Practice (EBP). The search engine will influence the number of retrieved records, the application relevance of the records, resultant adequacy of care given to the patient, and the subsequent time and money resources used in reviewing the results.

In practice I undertook to search broad based terms and thesaurus terms in reviewing the experiences of patients living with leg ulcer. The result indicated that CINAHL database was effective in identifying all broad based terms while the conventional search engines (Bing and Google) provided a number of the information under the broad terminologies but not all. In the thesaurus terms category, CINAHL database was equally competent and it provided all the searched terms. The conventional search engines could only provide less than half of information under these terminologies. This leads to the conclusion that various search engine databases have different forms resource that are useful in EBP but CINAHL generally has a more articulate information in its database that affords medical practitioners exhaustive, relevant, reliable and objective information ideal to guide Evidence Based Medical Decisions (EBMD) (Davies, 2011).

My experience where I could have used Evidence-Based Practice for a better outcome

In one my previous clinical duties I failed to aspirate a syringe while undertaking an injection in an intramuscular region instead choosing aspirating intramuscularly. During subsequent training on clinical practice and subsequent personal reviews it was highlighted that following medical practice reviews relating to intramuscular injections aspirating intramuscularly is no a standard practice anymore. From evidence based practice reviews there is no evidence to support the practice as a conventional medical practice and evidence indicate that aspirating intramuscularly can result to cause trauma among some patients. From this past experience, subsequent reviews and evaluation using Evidence-Based Practice, it is asserted the use of EBP in nursing practice is important. Evidence-Based Practice will ensure medical practitioner have ideal guidelines in making decisions relating to patient care and measures to avoid adverse effects in the course of providing treatment to patients.

How Affordable Care Act has affected the Community Where I Practice

Following the enactment of Affordable Care Act there has been a significant…

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