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Affordable Healthcare Act (ObamaCare)

The main objective of the federal government is to offer an affordable healthcare services and products to the citizens. Health is one of the development indicators in relation to the condition of the economy. In the process of enhancing the healthcare services within the United States, the government and the congress sought to adopt and implement an effective healthcare plan towards the achievement of the societal goals. This relates to the adoption and implementation of the ObamaCare in 2010. The main goal of the healthcare plan is to offer affordable health insurance for the citizens of the United States thus reduction in the growth of the healthcare spending by the society members. The affordable healthcare plan does not seek to replace the concept of private investment, Medicaid, or Medicare programs by the federal government and various states. The plan focuses on enhancing accessibility to the healthcare programs and services to all citizens regardless of their political, social, and economic status. Currently, the cost of healthcare services and products is costly or expensive. This is beyond the reach of most of the citizens thus the need to cater for the less fortunate members. ObamaCare represents a step in the right direction because of no annual limits, lack of health insurance restrictions on sick citizens, coverage for preexisting conditions, quality care and protections for the seniors, efficiency of the healthcare towards women needs, and focus on the preventive services.


Arguments for ObamaCare

ObamaCare or affordable healthcare plan in the United States has several benefits towards the citizens regardless of the status within the society. ObamaCare or Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act focuses on the introduction of equality within the context of the United States. This is through affecting the taxation systems for the ordinary and wealthier citizens within the United States with different implications. According to International Business times (p. 1), Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will increase taxes moderately for the average Americans while affecting the taxation rise sharply in relation to the wealthier citizens. According to the article, Melissa Labant notes, "If you have many medical expenses [the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act] will affect your tax situation," or if you have an income of $200,000 or more." There are four factors affecting the rise or variation in the taxation systems following the implementation of the affordable healthcare. These include new limits on the flexible spending, increased threshold in relation to deductible medical expenses, increase on the Medicare tax on wages, and passive investments. This is an indication that the affordable healthcare program would focus on the enhancement of the societal welfare thus improvement of the healthcare needs to the citizens regardless of their political, social, and economic conditions.

The affordable healthcare plan focuses on the reduction of the healthcare costs in relation to services and products delivery. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is designed with the aim of reducing the healthcare cost. This is through availing healthcare services and products to the 32…

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