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thousand characters (E1 vs. G1 proposals) excluding the title and the reference pages. Likewise, G1-3 is approximately three thousand three hundred characters excluding the title and the reference pages. Both proposals are double spaced as it is the requirement in APA formatted papers.

Generally, the two proposals have adhered to APA formatting guidelines. They have a title page, the main text, and the references page. The main text is aligned at 0.5 inches indention. The pages are well paginated on the top left corner. For the title page, the header is well in line with APA header requirements, however, for both proposals, the header for the pages after the title pages is wrongly done, with the words "Running head" included. According to APA citation guidelines, the pages after the title pages should not contain the words running head (Angeli et al., 2010). Both proposals lack an abstract and the headings have been suitably done. The references have been done suitably, with the first line hanging at 0.5 and in alphabetical order. While in E1 intext citation seems to be done appropriately, various mistakes have been picked up in G1, for example, this intext citation "Foster, Golden, Duncan, & Earhart, 2013" is wrongly done. Given the authors are more than three, the citation should be Foster et al. 2010.

Specific Aims

For both proposals, specific aims have not...

While for both proposals a "specific aims" heading is included, the underlying text reads more like a background of the problem. Nevertheless, certain aims can be picked up. For E1, the study suggested is considered appropriate to realize the specific aims, however, for G1, while the suggested study might deliver some effects inline with the specific aims, it is not clear whether the effects are directly as a result of the suggested activities. It is suggested that, the study in G1 proposal should use activities that have been proven to have an effect in the cognitive awareness. Therefore, the suggested study would be best suited to test on the effectiveness of the suggested intervention activities in improving cognitive awareness, and not necessary specific to persons suffering from Parkinson disease.


For both papers, background to the research problems have been effectively done. The authors have reviewed relevant studies that have been done on the topic and adequately brought to the fore, the various issues that…

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