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Red Riding Hood is an interesting folk tale which has been very popular among children and adults alike. Several versions of the story are found but the most common elements remain the same whereby a young little girl is asked by her mother to visit her grandmother and give her some food. Upon her arrival however, she finds that a wolf has replaced her grandmother but just when he is about to attack Red riding hood, he is killed by a woodcutter who happens to be around when the little girl calls for help.

Recently the story was made into a movie but honestly speaking, the movie bears very little resemblance to the original tale. Apart from the werewolf aspect, there happens to be no real point of comparison because the movie is far more inspired by Twilight than it is by Little Red riding hood. It was not even loosely based on the story even though it borrows the title from the story. The Little red riding hood role is essayed by
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Amanda Seyfried who fits the part very well but since the whole story is ridiculously fragmented, her performance doesn't carry much weight.

There are few if any similarities and there are host of differences. For one the little red riding hood is anything but little. She is not the little girl of the original story but instead a 21-year-old who is torn between two men. There is no love angle in the original tale but in the movie, it has a major part as the young woman is thrown in a difficult situation when she has to choose between two men, one that she really loves and the other has been chosen by her mother.

In the movie, the wolf is not the ordinary wolf found in the original story instead it is a werewolf who is an insatiable beast. For years this wolf has been accepting animal sacrifice by the people of the village, but has changed his tactics and now chooses to take a human life to satiate his appetite. This human being happens to be Amanda's sister Lucie. However while the angle should…

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