Rousseau the Social Contract" War Thesis

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Perhaps war is sometimes necessary. But always soldiers must remember they are not fighting as individuals, they have sacrificed their individuality for the common benefit, so others, paradoxically, can enjoy being individuals in society.

The contradictions of war can never be fully resolved -- for the rest of their countrymen to live safely and not live in a brutal state of nature, soldiers kill. To be individuals and to be able to enjoy culture rather than constantly wage a struggle for the fittest, soldiers sacrifice their individuality for the sake of a grievance that is not their own in brutal battle. And as part of the modern nation-state, all human beings likewise commit similar 'infractions' of their personal liberty, spanning any number of actions they would not otherwise perform, from paying taxes, to serving on juries, to obeying the petty laws about garbage collecting of their town or municipality. To be civilized in a society that respects individuality also means giving up freedom and individuality.

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