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The author of this report has been asked to detail three different programs that are geared towards crime prevention and control with students. For each program, there will be a description. There will also be a listing of the pros and cons for the program. The difference in the methods as well as a general compare and contrast will be completed. The overall level of success for each program will also be included. While anti-crime programs have varying levels of success with the students of the United States, keeping students out of trouble is something that is deemed to be worthwhile and necessary.


One of the more prolific and prominent programs out there that relates to crime would be DARE, which is short for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. It educates children about the danger of drugs and the related outcomes that can come with the same. It also educates on how to say no to drug use invitations. Some might say that DARE is a drug program and not an anti-crime program. However, this would be inaccurate on two levels. First, drug use is generally against the law. Second, people that engage in drug use commonly engage in one or more other crimes. One example would be people that steal to support their habit. The dealing of drugs and trafficking are other behaviors that are clearly illegal and that relate to drugs. As such, educating children to stay from the use or other exposure to drugs is obviously a good idea. The pros of the program is that it has a strong foundation in reality and the facets of the program are easy for students to learn. Downsides include an overly harsh stigma being placed on drug users and the methods used do not address at least some of the main programs and issues that lead to drug use. Indeed, poverty and squalor can lead students (and adults) to deal drugs to cope and get money. Even so, the program does partially address gangs, violent behavior and other related items (Ingraham, 2017).

Another program that exists is known as Second Step. This would be the program that helps try to reduce aggressive behavior and impulsivity in children. This program is good in that such behavior is strongly correlated to crime and thus it needs to be addressed. One major failing of the program is that such…

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