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sight and hearing I rely only on the sense of touch, the sense of taste and my sense of smell. I cannot see food but I smell and taste it better than anyone else may be able to. I have nothing to distract me from the taste, as I eat I am immersed by the food. There are no sounds to distract me and nothing to look at to distract me. As I eat I can smell the food completely, taste the food completely and feel the texture of the food inside my mouth completely. I have an appreciation of food that nobody with sight or hearing could ever understand.

My sense of touch and my sense of smell are also far more acute than anyone else's. While many people probably do not even notice smells, I do. I do not need to walk through a perfume store to appreciate smell, I appreciate smell everywhere. I know when someone new has entered the room because I smell them. I know I am walking past certain type of trees because I smell them. And when I smell these flowers or trees or herbs they are more to me than just smells. They bring with them feelings and emotions. Emotions
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I doubt anyone else would notice like I do. These smells alter my mood in seconds and I can imagine I am somewhere else. While some people do this to relax on occasion, this happens to me all the time. I am always being transported to different times and places and emotions by different smells. I don't just remember times gone by, these smells really make me feel like I have travelled somewhere.

I cannot see and I cannot hear so for all I know I may have travelled. I can place myself anywhere in an instant and there is nothing to make me not accept this reality as real. I can experience it as if I was there again.

I also know touch better than any seeing, hearing person. I touch things and notice textures that nobody else would. My hands are the part of me that sees the world. I touch peoples faces and I see what they look like. I touch objects and see what they look like. My whole body has a sense of touch. I feel the wind and the sun against…

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