Social Media Postings And The Internet Privacy Essay


Internet privacy: Social media posts that lead to an employee being fired The virtual world that is the internet resents myriad of challenges particularly when professionally dealing with the internet in a organizational setting. The issue of knowing what should be put out there and what should not has been contentious issue among many organizations and employees have found themselves at crossroads over what they post as individuals on their own behalf and how people interpret such posting over the internet and its effect on the image of the organization. Several employees have had to retract their postings and even some sacked from their organizations over the post they make.

The resources to be utilized herein are:

Weiss J,. (2014). A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach by Joseph Weiss. Retrieved August 24,2018 from

This is the full version of the book hosted on an academic website hence instrumental in researching about the unethical business practices and employees. The author was researched and found to have written a series of other academic material and there are peer reviews on these articles and books hence proven to be academically useful in the research.

Macdonald S., (2018). Data Privacy and Security Questions Answered with Scott Macdonald. Retrieved August 24, 2018 from


Indeed it is an excerpt from an interview that was conducted with the vice president of information security and platform operations. It gives a technical and real life experience of the world of internet security, hence useful in this research.
Ayala D., (2017). Dealing with the Loss of Internet Privacy. Retrieved August 24, 2018 from

This is an article from ProQuest written by a contributor who is an authority figure in the internet world since he is the ProQuest Director of global information security. With this exposure he systematically analyses what internet privacy is and its significance to organizations, how it can be achieved and what precautions need to be observed to avoid breach of internet security. This is an article that significantly contributes to the research.

Aleisa N. & Renaud K., (2018). Privacy of the Internet of Things: A Systematic

Literature Review (Extended Discussion). Retrieved August 24, 2018 from

This is an important resource found through internet search. It highlights the various discussions that have been put forth on the issue of privacy and puts forth arguments by…

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