Springtime Think Spring Is My Favorite Season Essay

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SPRINGTIME think spring is my favorite season because the cold and gray of winter is ending, and everything turns green and new. I love how the buds on the trees pop out, and the springtime bulbs show their faces to the sun. The colorful daffodils and tulips remind me of sunny days and happy times - spring leads into summer, and summertime is the time for fun and friends. The colors of spring are so fresh and clean, they look


They haven't had time to get dirty from the grime and grit of the city, they are clean, just like I wish my house was....no spring cleaning for me, I'd rather enjoy the buds and blooms!

A wonder who invented spring-cleaning, anyway? Spring is certainly a time of new beginnings, but who wants to clean when the weather is finally nice, and warm enough to enjoy? That's certainly the last thing I want to do. Washing windows and cleaning up cobwebs is a valiant pursuit, but not today. No thank you. This time of year I feel cooped up and ready to explode,…

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