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¶ … university experience is becoming more dynamic due to many influences around the world. Globalization has caused competition between international institutions in regards to the overall student enrollment. Technology such as the internet has created opportunities for students who need a flexible alternative to learning. Even microeconomic conditions have required individuals to attend universities to advance their overall training and aptitude. All of these influences create tailwinds for institutions of higher learning. With these trends, courses must therefore be catered to a more diverse student population. The syllabus is tool that can aid within this process. Through the use of the syllabus, students can better plan their study time. They can better ascertain the workload and time commitments needed for a particular class. In addition, the syllabus provides a road map for students to know exactly what they will learn within a particular week. With all of these benefits, many syllabi are simply ignored and...


As such, there overall benefit to student is eroded through lack of proper preparation of the syllabus. The syllabus critiques below outline 5 recommendations that will enhance the overall value proposition of a syllabus. Many of these recommendations are simple to implement but will have lasting impacts on the student as it relates to organization. The document concludes with an estimate that incorporates many of the suggestions mentioned throughout this document (Rodgers, 1985).

To being, when examining the sample syllabus, many due dates for assignments are omitted. Dates allow students to better plan their overall workload throughout the semester. By omitting dates of many of the larger work assignments, the syllabus does not provide transparency. In particular, the sample syllabus mentions that discussion forums account for 60% of the overall course evaluation, however the syllabus does not mention when these assignments are due. As the assignments account for 60% of the total available points within the course, it can be assumed that they will have a larger workload requirement than other assignments. It is therefore prudent to include the dates and overall specifications of the actual discussion forums. The point distribution also seems to be heavily weighted towards only four assignments. With such heavy distribution, more information will be needed. Otherwise, the instructor could lower the weighting of the discussion forums (Schlesinger, 1987).

Second, the text book readings section should include the topics being discussed during the weeks. The overall comprehensiveness…

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A method is which to effectively accomplish this task is to state the nature and format of the assignments through practical application components. Aspects such as the expected length of readings, and their deadlines should be included as well. This information although very simple, can provide students with valuable insights into the course, ultimately preparing them for success. Questions such as how the reading assignments relate to the learning objectives for the course also provide clarity.

Thirdly, learning outcomes should be included in the text book readings. Students should be able to understand what they will be better able to do after completing a particular reading assignment or discussion forum. Much like the first two critiques mentioned above, this critique provides more transparency and reduces uncertainty within the course. This two aspects of transparency and uncertainty are particular important in today's educational environment. As mentioned in the introduction, many students are now looking for more specialized knowledge to better compete in the job market. By knowing exactly what they will learn students are better able to retain valuable information (Shea, 1990). These learning outcomes will also hope students hone core competencies and skill sets that are demanded in the work environment. For example, within the finance field, NPV, IRR, and time value of money calculations are critical. Therefore, an individual attempting to enter the field, will want to perfect these learning outcomes. By placing these learning outcomes directly on the syllabus, students can better prepare for the coming material (Rubin, 1985).

Fourth and arguable the simplest solution is to list the instructors name, office address, office phone number, email address, fax number, and office hours on the syllabus. This information was completed omitted within the sample syllabus. This is vital in regards to the success of students. Students who will need further instruction, or have concerns, should be able to discuss these needs with the instructor. In many instances, students select

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