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.....confusion over what a literature review should look or sound like. In some cases, a literature review may read like a summary of the articles reviewed. This often results in a poor-quality literature review. A good literature review should be a synthesis of the articles reviewed, not a summary (Ingram et al., 2006). Indeed, whereas summarizing and synthesizing are both useful reading and research strategies, it is important to note that there is a significant difference between the two. Each has its own purpose, process, and outcome.

Generally, summarizing is a basic reading strategy whose aim is to compile information to bring to light the key points (Ohio State University, n.d.). Focusing on each source of information at a time, attention is paid to reiterating the information, providing a quick overview, and articulating the general meaning. Synthesizing, on the other hand, is an advanced reading strategy whose aim is to not only accumulate information from various sources, but also make one's own inferences (Ingram et al., 2006). Rather than reiterating the information, the reader contrasts arguments from various sources to provide both a quick synopsis of the main idea as well as a critique of the idea. Dissimilar to a summary, a synthesis does not consider each source of information distinctively; it merges different elements from different sources to form a unified entity.

Therefore, employing the skill of synthesis serves the purpose of improving the quality of the literature review. Synthesizing takes summarizing one step further (Ohio State University, n.d.). It makes the literature review more interesting to read as it offers a reflection of the reviewed literature and fresh perspectives. In essence, it sums up information from different sources in a new, more fascinating way. This is important for arousing the reader's interest. In fact, without the element of synthesis, a literature review may be quite boring to read.

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The three items retrieved from the junk drawer included a nail clipper, earphones, and a roll of cellotape. A nail clipper is a handheld tool used in trimming or cutting fingernails and toenails (Oxford Dictionary, n.d.). The device, which is often made of stainless steel material, usually comes with a file for manicuring nails as well as an apparatus for removing dirt underneath nails. Some clippers, like the one retrieved from the drawer, also include a pocket knife. A major feature of the tool is its portability. It can be carried in the pocket, a handbag, a purse, back bag, and even in the car. Literally, one can use it whenever they want. A nail clipper is a rather small device, but quite useful. Nails can be somewhat bothersome, especially for people who like them short and clean. With a clipper,…

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