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The entire look and feel of Kunming was different because of the way factories were developed and houses were built. People had fewer options and opportunities.

In spite of the hardships that communism posed for Chan and her family, she remained strong. She never lost hope that one day she would start a new business. It was years before her dream came true, and it was not easy. The move to the United States was challenging because it made Chan feel "like a baby, starting again." She had no friends and only a few family members to help her. Gradually, though, she put together the financing for the business. She viewed it as a matter of personal pride but also as a way to leave something to her grandchildren. Chan illustrates how women can balance family and career and not succumb to the social pressures that suggest that business is for men only. Gender does play a major role in the life of Chinese people today, even the younger generations. Women and men still serve different roles in the family and community. However, it is up to the individual to decide how much she wants to challenge the social norms in order to fulfill personal goals. Finally, Chan's story shows how a woman can combine progressive with traditional…

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