The Gospel of Mark and the Suffering of Christ Essay

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As with the Gospel of Mark’s theme of impending darkness and suffering, what is the Good News? Is there a message of joy here? How do you talk to your parishioners about embracing the cross, even as we approach life with joy and hope?

Darkness and suffering are recurrent themes throughout the Bible. God’s love is offered as a resolution to the suffering endemic to human existence. The Gospel of Mark’s unique apocalyptic vision simultaneously presents the Good News to teach the truth about Jesus as the Son of Man. Depending on how the text is read and interpreted, there is certainly a message of joy embedded within the Gospel of Mark. I would therefore communicate the key themes related to the Son of Man, the identity of Jesus, and the means to salvation while disseminating the Good News to parishioners.

The beauty of the Gospel lies in its fantastic contradictions and juxtapositions of darkness and light, suffering and salvation. Likewise, we learn through the Gospel of Mark that the seeming dichotomies of Jesus are instantly resolved through faith. For instance, in the Gospel of John, we learn the Son of Man “walks on earth” even though “his true home is in heaven,” (Ashton, 1991, p. 372). The Gospel of Mark expands on this theme, offering hope and even a message of joy in spite of the fearsome imagery and messages that occur throughout the text.

It is important to advise and counsel parishioners as to the meaning of the apocalyptic and doom-filled vision Mark communicates. Inculcating fear is important because it reminds us of the power of God and the importance of placing full faith in Christ for salvation. When we read, “those will be days of distress unequaled from the beginning,” we are meant to feel small so that the enormity of God’s love can be made manifest on earth (Mark 13:19). We are also warned against false prophets and to remain continually vigilant against them: a key passage in the Gospel of Mark. “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect,” (Mark 13:22). During times of distress, crisis, and trauma, we are rendered weak and most susceptible to illusion, temptation, sin, and lies. There is no life without suffering, which is why this gospel provides the crucial instructions…

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