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¶ … synoptic problem" and explain how the 2-source theory provides a solution for it.

The synoptic problem refers to the differences and similarities that exist between the synoptic gospels, those being the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. While there are marked similarities between the three books, there are also very significant differences. The differences with John, the one gospel book that is not synoptic, are even starker. Thus, this is why it is not included with the other three gospels that form the synoptic trio. Anyhow, the two-source solution is a way to deal with the differences and similarities that exist between the books. As explained by the Blue Letter Bible website, the two-source theory is one of the more "widely accepted" solutions to conflicts that arise. They state that "it settles the problems that arise with Matthean priority, while confronting the difficulty of double tradition. The Blue Letter website states that the two-source theory uses Mark as the book of primacy. They state that both Matthew and Luke separately used Mark as a source. Further, Matthew reproduces a vast majority of the book of Mark and Luke does about half (BLB).

2. Explain the "messianic secret" in Marks's Gospel and what it serves for Marks's Christology.

The Oxford Biblical Studies Online website explains that the "Messianic secret" was a pattern of thought coined by William Wrede in 1901. It was noted by Wrede that Mark is quite unique as compared to the other gospels in that it there is some clarify about Jesus' self-realization about his status as a supreme being. Wrede noted that Mark reveals that Jesus told multiple


Some of them obeyed but some did not. In terms of what this all means and reveals about Mark, it is noted by Oxford that Mark is less a historical account of Jesus and more about theological interpretation (Oxford).

3. Compare and contrast the infancy narratives in Matthew and Luke in relation to each author's theology.

Also from an account on the Oxford website, the first two chapters of Matthew and Luke are in alignment. However, there are significant differences aside from that. Matthew makes mentioned of the Magi visit, the journey into Egypt, the great slaughter of the infants by Herod and all of that is told from Joseph's point-of-view. Luke, on the contrary, has accounts of the birth of John the Baptist, an angelic message delivered to Mary, the visit from the Shepherds, the circumcision of Jesus, the presentation in the Temple and a record of Jesus' conversation at the temple when he was a mere twelve years old (Oxford).

4. What theological insights do you discern in Matt 25:31-46

Of course, the relevant passage is about the Final Judgment. The NIV version talks about dividing people on the left and the right. The people, rather than being referred to people, are referred to as goats and sheep. The goats are those that are not of God and the sheep are the ones that are with God. There are two major insights that can be gleaned from these verses. First of all, it is an overall summary of what shall happen when final judgment comes to pass for all of us. Either we will be among the sheep and we will enter Christ's kingdom or we will be among the goats and we will instead be condemned to…

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