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Can you help me come up with some essay topics regarding topics for toulmin argument?

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1. Should social media platforms be held responsible for monitoring and removing hate speech?
2. Is the death penalty an effective deterrent for violent crime?
3. Should college athletes be paid for their performance?
4. Are stricter gun control laws necessary to reduce gun violence?
5. Should the government provide free healthcare for all citizens?
6. Is climate change a result of human activity?
7. Should the minimum wage be increased to a livable wage?
8. Is affirmative action still necessary in today's society?
9. Should standardized testing be the primary measure of student achievement?
10. Is privacy in the digital age a fundamental human right?
11. Should the use of animals in scientific research be allowed?
12. Is genetically modified food safe for consumption?
13. Should individuals be allowed to own exotic pets?
14. Is online education as effective as traditional classroom learning?
15. Should the government regulate the use of artificial intelligence?
16. Is it ethical to use drones for military purposes?
17. Should the government take action to address income inequality?
18. Is social media beneficial or harmful to society?
19. Should recycling be mandatory for all citizens?
20. Is it ethical to use animals for entertainment purposes, such as in circuses and zoos?

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