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Describe how the continuum of Healthcare can help providers to avoid duplication?

Keyword(s) :    #apa format if cited


I am working on a paper "Describe how the continuum of Healthcare can help providers to avoid duplication". Please provide me assistance as to where I can locate sources and example papers on this topic.


Answered by Professional Tutor: Mary

PubMed is a great place to search for sources on healthcare. Other good choices include sites for Universities that have medical programs and sites for state governments. IntelligentHospitalToday.com has healthcare articles, as well. Also consider WorkcareGroup.com, as they have healthcare articles, too. Journals and textbooks can be excellent choices for information on the continuum of healthcare. If you have access to a large library, you can find information that shows how the continuum has evolved over time, and how that helps providers avoid duplication. Example papers will be more difficult to find than sources, but you can order an example paper that will be tailored to your specifications. That can help you see exactly how the paper should be written.

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