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Having trouble with a title for my essay on Autism?

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Below are some recommendations for essay titles on Autism.

  1. What Has Led to the Dramatic Rise of Autism Cases in the US in Recent Decades?
  2. Educational Techniques for Helping Autistic Learners
  3. The Effects of Peer Tutoring on Autistic Students in College
  4. Link between Autism and Vaccinations:  Anecdotal Evidence and Why No Gold Star Study on the Association Will Ever be Performed
  5. How Raising Autistic Children Impacts Families and Parents
  6. The True Cost of Autism as Measured by the Social, Emotional and Economic Tolls
  7. How Autism is Depicted in Popular Media and the Way This Shapes Public Perception of the Disorder
  8. Ways to Diagnose Autism in Children and How They Have Changed Since the 1950s
  9. Tips for Parents Struggling to Cope with Raising an Autistic Child
  10. What Parents and Siblings Need to Know When There is an Autistic Member in the Family

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