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Shortest Path Using Antnet Routing
Words: 2742 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36568755
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An agent-based state engine also alleviates the need for frequent database queries and the use of time-consuming pointers that drastically drag down ms access times and erase any optimization gains from first defining the network. The antnet agent-based engine only on exception writes back to a database and instead keeps its own table-based approach to mapping the network while synchronizing the key elements suggested for inclusion to antnet agents within this section.

Taxonomy creation algorithms and shared intelligence approaches to ensuring all ants have perfect knowledge of the network's structure (taxonomy). This is critical as antnet routing needs to include the ability not just map, but learn specific networks' characteristics and either equate the network structure and behavior to previously-learned models, or quickly create one through a series of network definition routines that scope, classify and optimize the network structure.

Support for Directed Diffusion data elements. Included within an antnet…

Wide Web Is Available Around
Words: 14250 Length: 52 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14951486
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The reward for the effort of learning is access to a vocabulary that is shared by a very large population across all industries globally" (p. 214). Moreover, according to Bell, because UML is a language rather than a methodology, practitioners who are familiar with UML can join a project at any point from anywhere in the world and become productive right away. Therefore, Web applications that are built using UML provide a useful approach to helping professionals gain access to the information they need when they need it.

Overview of the Study

This paper used a five-chapter format to achieve the above-stated research purpose. Chapter one of the study was used to introduce the topic under consideration, provide a statement of the problem, the purpose of the study and its importance of the study. Chapter two of the study provides a review of the related peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning…


Domain Specifications

Specification Name:

Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM)


Saving Energy in Ad Hoc
Words: 1706 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 22570417
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The strategy is to partition the network and distribute the routing of the entire group of node instead of only one node having full energy burden task.

Similar to the previous paper reviewed, Xu et al. (2000) in their paper titled "Adaptive Energy-Conserving Routing for Multihop Ad Hoc Networks" also develop two algorithms for routing energy saving devices. hile other papers develop energy saving devices such as GAF and Span, Xu et al. (2000) develop AODV and DSR, which are the algorithms to reduce energy consumption in the application- level development. Similar to GAF that consume between 40% and 60% of less energy consumption, and Span, AODV and DSR have ability to consume as little as 50% of the energy in the ad-hoc routing protocol, which assist in increasing the network lifetime four-fold.


Geographical adaptive fidelity: The energy saving algorithms developed by Xu et al. (2001)

Adaptive Energy Conserving…

Works Cited

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Xu, Y. Heidemann, J. & Estrin, D. "Adaptive Energy for Routing Conserving for Multihop Ad Hoc Networks." USC/ISI Research Report 527. .2000.

Schools of Evolutionary Computation Evolutionary
Words: 1383 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 70862788
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Then, each program is measured in terms of how well it can perform in a given environment. Based on this test called the fitness measure, the fit programs are selected for the next generation of reproduction. This process is continued until the best solution is determined. (Koza, 1992).

The advantages of genetic programming is that it is an evolving process based on the tested process of natural selection and evolution. This also uses parallel processing and so it can produce more accurate results within a short period of time. Due to these advantages, it is used in many real-world applications.

It plays a profound role in data mining and virtual reality, in every field ranging from finance to gaming. Specialized computer programs can retrieve data from large databases with a lot of precision and speed. These programs can also be used to identify relationships among this data and express them…


Yao, Xin. (1999). Evolutionary Computation: Theory and Applications. Publisher: World Scientific.

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Recognition Using PCA Face Recognition
Words: 2815 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 57329826
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127, 2005).

An Eigenface representation (Carts-Power, pg. 127, 2005) created using primary "components" (Carts-Power, pg. 127, 2005) of the covariance matrix of a training set of facial images (Carts-Power, pg. 127, 2005). his method converts the facial data into eigenvectors projected into Eigenspace (a subspace), (Carts-Power, pg. 127, 2005) allowing copious "data compression because surprisingly few Eigenvector terms are needed to give a fair likeness of most faces. he method of catches the imagination because the vectors form images that look like strange, bland human faces. he projections into Eigenspace are compared and the nearest neighbors are assumed to be matches." (Carts-Power, pg. 127, 2005)

he differences in the algorithms are reflective in the output of the resulting match or non-match of real facial features against the biometric database or artificial intelligence generated via algorithm. he variances generated by either the Eigenspace or the PCA will vary according to the…

Thus, finding a principal subspace where the data exist reduces the noise. Besides, when the number of parameters is larger, as compared to the number of data pints, the estimation of those parameters becomes very difficult and often leads to over-learning. Over learning ICA typically produces estimates of the independent components that have a single spike or bump and are practically zero everywhere else

. This is because in the space of source signals of unit variance, nongaussianity is more or less maximized by such spike/bump signals." (Acharya, Panda, 2008)

The use of differing algorithms can provide

Network Management Define Network Management
Words: 909 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 58042983
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Another aspect of the security management area of a network management system is the development of policy-based auditing and alerts by role in the organization

(Merilainen, Lemmetyinen, 2011). This is one of the areas of knowledge-enabled security management, specifically in the area of role-based access and advanced auditing and reporting.

Fault management is also an area that no single suite of network management systems can completely meet per the ISO standards today. This requires the CIO and network managers to define specific goals in this area including the extent of fail-over support and use of advanced fault tolerance technologies (Netak, Kiwelekar, 2006). Accounting management baseline performance includes the ability to generate logs of performance and also define benchmarks for performance. This is the minimal level of functionality a CIO and network manager need to consider when selecting a network management system. Configuration management systems requirements range from the relatively simplistic…


Gupta, A. (2006). Network Management: Current trends and future perspectives. Journal of Network and Systems Management, 14(4), 483-491.

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Processors First-Come -First -- Served Fcfs This
Words: 1827 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64393819
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First-come -first -- served (FCF)

This system is also called other names such as run-to-completion and run-until-done. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include the facts that it is the simplest scheduling algorithm with processes dispatched according to their arrival time on the queue and that once a process has a CPU it fulfills its task to completion. It is also simple to understand and write. In short, the FC scheduling is fair and predictable.

Disadvantages, on the other hand, include the potential lengthiness of the tasks with some important jobs take secondary place to less important ones and longer jobs taking up an inordinate amount of time making shorter tasks wait.

I would not use FCF in scheduling interactive users since it does not guarantee good response time and average time is often quite long. I would not use it in a modern operating system; it can,…


Hot Recruiter; CPU Scheduling 

Horowitz, M, "Linux vs. Windows (a comparison)." 20 April, 2007. Web. Retrieved 12/18/2011 from: .

Managing Contention for Shared Resources on Multicore Processors
Words: 878 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 10952543
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Managing Contention

"Contention for shared resources significantly impedes the efficient operation of multicore processors" (Fedorova, 2009). The authors of "Managing Contention for Shared Resources on Multicore Processors" (Fedorova, 2009) found that shared cache contention as well as prefetching hardware and memory interconnects were all responsible for performance degradation. After implementing a pain, sensitivity and intensity, model to test applications, the authors discovered that high miss rate applications must be kept apart and not co-scheduled on the same domain (memory). Therefore, the management of how the applications were scheduled by the scheduler would mitigate the performance degradation of the cache lines and the applications on the processors.

The authors built a prototype scheduler, called Distributed Intensity Online (DIO) that distributes intensive (high latest level cache (LLC) miss rates) after measuring online miss rates of the application. With the execution of eight different workloads for testing, the DIO improved workload performance by…


Arteaga, D. e. (n.d.). Cooperative Virtual Machine Scheduling on Multi-core Multi-threading Systems -- A Feasibility Study. Retrieved from Florida International University:

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IAS and DF
Words: 9242 Length: 33 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 56431796
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Assurance and Security (IAS) Digital forensics (DF)

In this work, we take a look at three laboratory-based training structures that afford practical and basic knowledge needed for forensic evaluation making use of the latest digital devices, software, hardware and firmware. Each lesson has three parts. The duration of the first section of the three labs will be one month. These labs would be the largest labs. The Second section would consist of smaller labs. The training period duration in these labs would also generally be one month. The third section would consist of smallest labs. The duration of training period in these labs would be one week. The training will be provided in the field of software, programming concepts, flowcharting and algorithms and logical reasoning- both linear and iterative.

Part 1 Larger Labs:

Lab 1(Timeline Analysis)

Purposes and goals of the Lab (Lab VI):

Use MAC (Media Access Control, internet…


[1] Lab VI: Timeline Analysis. Available at

[2] LAB IV: File Recovery: Meta Data Layer. Available at

[3] Lab V: File Recovery: Data Layer Revisited. Available at

[4] Windows Client Configuration. Available at

Google and the Mind
Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39631961
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Google and the Mind: Notes

There are about fifty billion webpages indexed by Google. One may, in a number of ways, perceive the above fifty billion pages as signifying, from some standpoint, the joint experiences felt by a substantial share of humans -- a kind of "universal memory".

The algorithm of page rank is extremely effective as it classifies pages to make natural sense to the people who search for anything on search engines. PageRank by Google seems to be miraculously capable of prioritizing individual pages such that a person will be capable of easily relating to them. PageRank has been transforming the way web users browse the Internet. With regard to researching the universal shared memory signified by the Internet, the algorithm of PageRank appears to work effectively for users, nearly as proficiently as if they were seeking coveted information stored within their own brain (20).

Search engines have…

Bayesian Method Refers to Methods
Words: 1735 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81440180
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Bayesian networks also can only be used in a case of incomplete knowledge as is pertinent with genes. Although limitations exist, current research is making headway all the time and providing future research directions as it does so.


Berger, James O (1985). Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis. Springer Series in Statistics (Second ed.). Springer-Verlag.

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IT Professional Must Become the 'Renaissance Person'
Words: 1485 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55348617
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IT professional must become the 'Renaissance Person' of the 21st century workplace: a brief essay describing how each of the 16 reference disciplines provides support for and inform IS/IT practice

Once upon a time, Informational Science and Informational Technology were thought of as enclosed, rarified disciplines. These disciplines were thought to be the provenance only of the technically astute. Thus, IS and IT personnel were usually relegated to their own, specific areas of most organizational hierarchies. Specialists in IS/IT practice were sometimes known as mere 'techie geeks,' with necessary and specific skills, but ones with little application outside the field. Thus was partly because the educations of IS/IT personnel, fairly or unfairly, were assumed to consist of matters specific only to the discipline of technology, rather than comprising any aspect of the humanities, social and natural sciences, or even the more theoretical aspects of technology such as Artificial Intelligence.


Work Cited

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Collett Stacy Cracking Google's 'Secret
Words: 485 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17608628
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elly, C.J. "Buried Alive by Work, Getting Little Done." ComputerWorld. April 16, 2007. Retrieved April 21, 2007 at a) elly writes about his workplace frustrations. A government employee, elly claims that his office is understaffed and he therefore spends more time working through thorny personnel problems than he does on his security systems management work. The author also points out the problems with using outmoded, demoralizing hourly time cards at work and the correspondingly useless rules about break times. These, elly states, interfere with productivity and job satisfaction and can cause depression.

A b) elly's solution is simple: close the door and ignore the staff. Initially seeming silly, this solution is not only sound but effective. As elly explains, his staff assumed more responsibility when on their own and as a result the whole office operated more efficiently. His productivity and his morale increased, and his depression waned.


Kelly, C.J. "Buried Alive by Work, Getting Little Done." ComputerWorld. April 16, 2007. Retrieved April 21, 2007 at  a) Kelly writes about his workplace frustrations. A government employee, Kelly claims that his office is understaffed and he therefore spends more time working through thorny personnel problems than he does on his security systems management work. The author also points out the problems with using outmoded, demoralizing hourly time cards at work and the correspondingly useless rules about break times. These, Kelly states, interfere with productivity and job satisfaction and can cause depression.

A b) Kelly's solution is simple: close the door and ignore the staff. Initially seeming silly, this solution is not only sound but effective. As Kelly explains, his staff assumed more responsibility when on their own and as a result the whole office operated more efficiently. His productivity and his morale increased, and his depression waned.

A c) Kelly's article raises an important question about workplace morale and job satisfaction. When employees are told when to work and when to take a break instead of passionately focusing on the projects they need to complete, the workplace environment becomes a depressing place. Employees need to be treated with more respect, allowed more opportunities for creativity and therefore, productivity.

Conway Game of Life the
Words: 1479 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49214493
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This leads to problems when the active area encroaches on the border of the array. Programmers have used several strategies to address these problems. The simplest strategy is simply to assume that every cell outside the array is dead. This is easy to program, but leads to inaccurate results when the active area crosses the boundary. A more sophisticated trick is to consider the left and right edges of the field to be stitched together and the top and bottom edges also. The result is that active areas that move across a field edge reappear at the opposite edge. Inaccuracy can still result if the pattern grows too large, but at least there are no pathological edge effects. Techniques of dynamic storage allocation may also be used, creating ever-larger arrays to hold growing patterns. Alternatively, the programmer may abandon the notion of representing the Life field with a two-dimensional array,…


Bosch, R. (n.d). Constraint Programming and Hybrid Formulations for Three Life Designs. Retrieved July 5, 2005, from Web site: 

Gardner, M. (2002). Mathematical Games. Retrieved July 5, 2005, from Web site: 

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Web site:

Topology Current Research in Topology
Words: 2000 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29061550
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(2011) move to an application of the general theoretical principles and certain of their conclusions to the real-world issues facing high-rise structures (buildings), discussing windshear and the typical stress trajectories that these buildings face and certain basic calculations that provide the basic structures used to structure buildings in a way that addresses these stress issues. he section that directly roots the author's theoretical model in the concrete world of high-rise buildings is brief and their invocation of their own theory significantly limited, however this section does provide useful background information that helps to frame the understanding of the element mapping and topological optimization calculations and considerations that must be taken into account. An illustration of the pattern gradation, topological optimization, and a real-world analog in the form of a photograph of an existing building illustrate quite clearly and directly the link between the authors' model and the real-world construction of…

The fifth section and final body section of Stromberg et al.'s (2011) published article extends the concrete discussion of high-rise buildings and combines it with numerical data from computations based on the modeling and mapping techniques in a discussion of potential building deisgns and methods of resisting windshear, and of how the underlying structural elements would be designed through various topological optimization techniques. A two-dimensional beam and a three-dimensional tapered building are both numerically modeled (and the latter visually modeled) to provide an understanding of the practical applications for the authors' methodology, with an accompanying photograph of another real high-rise structure after which the three-dimensional structure demonstrated by the authors is modeled. Clear difference in structural design are provided in another visual, with the pattern gradation clearly visible though the resource differences and construction easement initially promoted by the authors less apparent in this application. The increased flexibility and variability of pattern gradation's effect on topology optimization is made readily apparent, however, and Stromberg et al. (2011) succeed in making their case for the methodology they developed in this research.


Stromberg et al. (2011) made relatively minor changes to and combinations of pre-existing models and methodologies to achieve the pattern gradation effects that they sought in their constructing of this research. The results of these changes have a significant impact not only on the current state of research but in practical approaches to problem solution in building design and the structural engineering of buildings and especially high-rises. It is often through these connection and slow building of these minute adjustments and incorporations that significant steps forward are made, and while this research will not revolutionize structural engineering it doe provide a useful new problem solving tool and a direction for further investigations and efforts.

Stellar Number Is Defined as a Figurate
Words: 2598 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33457409
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Stellar number is defined as a figurate number that is based on either the prevailing number of dots or units. It is normally fit within either a centered hexagon or star shape.

The completion of the prevailing triangular numbers of sequence possessing three more terms follows the trends below

Sn= 1-2 3-4

Through application of the graimabica rule

The general statement pertaining to the sequence of the 1,3,6,10,15,21,28,36 which are normally computed via application of the following formula Sn = n2 + n/2

1= 1 x 2 /

= 2 x 3 /

= 4 x 5 /

An nth term will be equivalent to ? n (n + 1) / 2 and it is normally the pattern recognition.

However, there exist complicated algorithm in the place of finding the difference amidst terms and if the corresponding first difference are constant. The cases that pertain to the first term being…

Machine Translation and the Future
Words: 919 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Seminar Paper Paper #: 92094686
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Machine Translation and Horizons of the Future

Almost everyone is familiar with the nifty Google feature which allows for instantaneous translation of foreign words. This automated or 'machine' translation is a convenient way to read websites in different languages. No longer does the reader need to know someone who speaks the foreign language or to hire a translator. The translation is provided quickly and easily, via 'machine.' However, for many professional translators, there is a fear that this mechanized process will render their profession obsolete. The article "The perspective of machine translation and horizons of the future" argues that such fears are unfounded. There a useful function that can be performed by machine translation that will enhance current translation capabilities for businesses, individuals, and other organizations, even if it is not a perfect replacement for human intelligence.

The article begins by noting the vital need for translation today, given the…

Macroeconomic Issues That Determine the
Words: 1748 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33645277
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Both saving on a microeconomic sense and saving on a macroeconomic sense entail taking he long-term view into perspective for it means surrendering immediate gratification for achieving long-term goals, sometimes -- as in the microeconomic context -- for individuals not rated to us and for the greater good as well as for generations to come.

As Keynesian model shows, the nation can benefit more by placing its focus on domestic activities than on borrowing from foreign countries. By producing government bonds that have high interest rates and, subsequently, by encouraging citizens to invest in the nation's benefit, the nation only helps itself by providing more technology and more opportunity that opens up more room for employment and hence opportunity to slip out of its recession when times are difficult economically. Capital and labor are the basic inputs for goods and services, and the resources for capital and labor comes from…


GAO. National Saving, 2001 

Romer, D. (2011) Advanced macroeconomics (3rd ed.), McGraw Hill: U.K.

Nominal Interest rate (I)

Head Injuries in Rural Areas the Canadian CT Rule and New Orleans Criteria
Words: 573 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Conclusion Chapter Paper #: 31438559
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The complex issue of providing adequate care and preventative testing to a population that is increasingly unable to afford the rising expenses associated with such care remains a substantial problem in the United States, and directly impacts care provided for cases of head traumas in rural areas. The Canadian CT Head Rule (CCHR) and the New Orleans Criteria (NOC) are two clinical decision making methods for determining when the expense of a CT scan is warranted following a head trauma, though indications for the use of either testing procedure differ. Despite widespread and successful use elsewhere, the CCHR is not widely used in the United States and is especially under-utilized in rural areas, leading to rising expenses and the mistreatment of traumatic head injuries. Equipment shortages and other facility limitations in rural hospitals and clinics further complicates treatment for head injuries, and sheer geographic distance to facilities means that…

Predictive Policing Is a Trend That Uses
Words: 1381 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45992088
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Predictive policing is a trend that uses technology to predict hot crime spots and send police to the area before a crime is committed. By using data mining and crime mapping, police are deployed to areas based on statistical probability and geospatial predictions. This technology is based on the same technology used by businesses to predict sales trends and customer behavior patterns. Now, police departments can use the same technology to predict crime patterns and work to reduce crime in their area.

Predictive policing is putting officers where crimes are more likely to occur. "…it generates projections about which areas and windows of time are at highest risk for future crimes by analyzing and detecting patterns in years of past crime data." (Goode) The data mining generates projections using past crime data to analyze which areas and the time of the day, week, or month, etc. that crime is likely…

Works Cited (n.d.). Compstate (Fort Worth, Texas). Retrieved from 

Goode, E. (n.d.). Sending the Police Before There's a Crime. Retrieved from The New York Times:

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Shurkin, J.N. (2011, Sept 13). Santa Cruz cops experiment with predictive policing. Retrieved from TPM Idea Lab:

Compstat -- Crime Fighting Information
Words: 941 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 60382414
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For example, using predictive policing will likely be at odds with many of the organizational cultures found in traditional police forces in many cities. Furthermore, different objectives may also take precedence over the use of COMPSTAT systems such as political goals as well as the ability for policing organizations to provide the needed resources to take advantage of a COMPSTAT system.

The various COMPSTAT systems can take various inputs, such as historical data, weather, or political events, and process these inputs to generate various sets of "hotspots." These hotspots can be updated daily and reflect the most likely time and space estimates of where crime is more likely to occur given the various factors that are presented to the algorithm. The outputs may represent a location and a time in which police officers should patrol given the likelihood of a crime occurring at this output. The system then can keep…

Works Cited

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Teaching Strengths for the Content Area Secondary
Words: 2132 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Interview Paper #: 92864566
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teaching strengths for the content area (secondary school mathematics or science) you plan to teach.

I have decided that I will teach mathematics at the secondary school level which is a subject I performed well at when I was in high school myself. I was always at the top of my classes when it came to math and I enjoyed all of the classes that I took in the subject. So, I think it has to be the right area in which I should pursue a teaching degree.

I can think of two strengths that I have, with regard to this subject, apart from the facts that I enjoy the study and was able to perform well at the secondary level. First, on a personal level, I do not try to act like I know more than other people, even though I may have a more perfect knowledge of the…


Fontana, J.L., Scruggs, T., & Mastropieri, M.A. (2007). Mnemonic strategy instruction in inclusive secondary social studies classes. Remedial and Special Education, 28. 345-355.

Plummer, J.E., & Peterson, B.E. (2009). A preservice secondary teacher's moves to protect her view of herself as a mathematics expert. School Science and Mathematics,109(5). 247-257.

Scott, T.M., Park, K.L., Swain-Bradway, J., & Landers, E. (2007). Positive behavior support in the classroom: Facilitating behaviorally inclusive learning environments. The International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy, 3(2). 223-235.

Stiggins, R.J. (1999, October). Assessment, student confidence and school success. Phi Delta Kappan. 191-198.

Extant Literature Has Been Dedicated
Words: 3092 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 48082818
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, 2001)

The use of support vector machine learning is widely supported to be used to notice micro calcification clusters in the digital mammograms. It is indeed a learning tool that originated from modern statistical theory of learning. (Vapnik, 1998). In the recent past years, SVM learning has got a large range of real life applications. This includes handwritten digit detection (Scholkopf et al., 1997), recognition of object, (Pontil&Verri, 1998), identification of speaker (Wan&Campbell, 2000) and detection of face in images,(Osuna et al.,1997) . Categorization of text is done by SVM. (Joachims,1999). SVM learning formulation has its basis on structural risk minimization principle. It does not minimize an object function on the basis of training examples but on the contrary, SVM tries to minimize leap on generalization error. This is usually the error that is done by the learning machine on the test data that is not used while undertaking…


Abraham, a., Nath, B., and Mahanti, P.K. (2001). Hybrid intelligent systems for stock market analysis. Computational Science, pages 337 -- 345.

Aliferis, C., Tsamardinos, I., and Statnikov, a. (2003). Hiton, a novel markov blanket algorithm for optimal variable selection.

Berger a., a Brief Maximum Entropy Tutorial

Chickering, D.M. (2002). Learning equivalence classes of bayesian-network structures. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 3:507 -- 554.

Co-Creation Does Not Exist in
Words: 4824 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85472649
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As these preferences are determined, the algorithm then determines the best invitations to treat to present to the consumers. Today, these processes are powerful and can drive business at these websites, but they do not yet constitute bona fide interaction between the travel provider, the agent (website) and the consumer. Rather, the algorithms merely produce smarter sales pitches. At such a point when algorithms can literally cater to consumers' needs based upon the consumers' interactions the travel industry will be on the cusp of experiencing genuine co-creation. Co-creation at this point, however, is not an automated process. It must be conducted by humans. Given that more people are purchasing travel online than ever before, this would point to a decline in co-creation. It may be, however, that this technology will emerge in the next few years and truly transform the travel industry into one where co-creation is the norm.


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Simulation Systems for the Vehicle
Words: 1244 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 19134461
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" (ramel and Simchi-Levi, 1993)

The work of Wolsey (2006) reports a study of two lot-sizing problems and that each of these have time windows that have been recently proposed. It is stated that for the case of production time windows, both of which the client's specific order is required to have reached the end of production in a specified time period and it is reported by Wolsey that derived is "tight extended formulations for both the constant capacity and uncapacitated problems to the problem in which the time windows can be ordered by time." p.471

According to Wolsey, also demonstrated is "equivalence to the basic lot-sizing problem with upper bounds on the stocks. It is related that here derived is "polynomial time dynamic programming algorithms and tight extended formulation for the uncapacitated and constant capacity problems with general costs." (Wolsey, 2006, p.471) a similar approach is used to derive…


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Forecasting Return and Spillover with GARCH's
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Spillover Effect on the Stock Market and Bond Prices in Relation with GARCH
This study examines the spillover effect between bond and stock markets in the U.S. using GARCH. The finding of a unidirectional spillover flow from bonds to stocks in the U.S. is discussed in the light of new marketplace variables that have been introduced into the markets in the previous decade. These variables include the rise of HFT, algorithm-driven trading, and central banking interventionism via unconventional monetary policy. The effect on forecasting volatility, price and return of asset classes, studied through the lens of other commodity price movement and volatility—such as oil and gold markets—creates a compelling picture for why GARCH models may need to be reworked to incorporate new data regarding the new ways in which the 21st century marketplace is using technology and central bank interventionism to shape market movements and market outcomes.

Memory Management There Are Many Important Basic
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Memory Management

There are many important basic functions that a modern computer must carry out in order to effectively and efficiently serve its user and conduct processes in a proper timeframe. One of these basic functions is memory management, which essentially refers to the manner in which the computer accesses and information from storage and presents it in a usable manner to the user or to the functional running processes currently in operation. As the capacity for such access and utilization is inherently limited, the manner in which this access is managed is of key importance in determining the speed with which the computer can operate, the number of tasks and processes that can be in operation at any time, and ultimately the functionality of the computer as a whole. It is for this reason that the methods and algorithms used for memory management in a particular setting are of…


Blunden, B. (2002). Memory Management. New York: Wordware.

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In addition electronic purses can be reloaded using ATM machines or traditional tellers (if the card is connected to a banking account).

Additionally, electronic purses are usually based on smart card technology and necessitate a card reader to fulfill a transaction. Equipment including point of sale (POS) terminals, ATMs, and smart card kiosks can be outfitted with card readers (Misra et al., 2004). Every time the user utilizes the card reader to complete a transaction; the card reader will debit or credit the transaction value from or to the card.

The author further asserts that Smart cards can be utilized for various purposes.

In most cases they are used as stored value cards (Misra et al., 2004). Stored value cards can be utilized at the time of purchase and are preloaded with a certain amount of money. These cards can be discarded after they have been used; however, most stored…


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Consumption Problem Introduction to the
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To provide the number of constraints and variables, the paper provides the study of Amtrak rail system between Delaware, and New Jersey. The entire datasets held with the 99 trains are 42 tracks and 43 nodes. The datasets gives a problem of 220,000 variables and 380,000 constraints. ith available constraints and variables, the paper uses all possibilities to solve the problems using the algorithms.

To arrive at the solution to the problem, the study uses the new traffic management concepts and other potential solving methods.

3-Part: Structure of the Model;

The paper uses the Ilog Cplex tool to solve the problem. The linear programming as follows:

The algorithms check all constraints and simplify the problem as much as possible using the mathematical point-of-view. Using the system, the study attempts to find the first solution and refine it in order to find the best solution as being revealed in Fig 1.…

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First Solution

Artificial Intelligence and the Human Brain
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Artificial intelligence has been at the center of many science fiction stories in the last fifty years. Some have become obsessed with proving or disproving the idea that computers can possess real minds, real consciousness. The latest take on this has been HBO's Westworld, a show about androids achieving consciousness. However, realistically many say this is an impossibility. While true artificial intelligence seems, unrealistic many have tried to actualize such a dream through AI projects and development of new, robotic technologies. However, will the goal of real consciousness derived from artificial intelligence be achieved in the future? Will humanity ever possess the technology and understanding to cultivate life from machine?

In "The Library of Toshiba" the chapter opens up with a quote from John Maynard Smith. He shares the notion that humans are just programmed robots designed to keep their genes going through copulation and breeding. Humans are after all,…

Finance - Automated Trading Systems
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The algorithm can be your market eyes. it's effectively a trading assistant - a very diligent trading assistant... The downside is that it is also a very obedient trading assistant, so if you tell it to do something it might not have the intuition or the ability to veto you... obviously there are checks and balances to prevent anything bad from happening, but you do hear stories about people putting an order in with the wrong instruction, it moved the stock 10 per cent and then you get a call from the regulator" (Dey, 2006) in 2007, the Economist attributed a financially significant "wobble" suffered by the New York Stock Exchange on February 27, 2007 to the ad hoc combination of increasing capacity by adding more scalable hardware to a system that still relies substantially on floor-based trading, yielding a "hybrid" system with significant vulnerabilities. According to that journal, the…


Curran, R. (2008). Watch Out for Sharks in Dark Pools: Anonymity on Alternative Electronic Stock Exchanges Can Provide Cover to 'Gamers' Hunting for Big Prey

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Business - Information Systems Network
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Brix can use NTP, but in our testing its active Verifiers employed small Code Division Multiple Access receivers, which receive timing signals similar to what is used for cellular telephony. Most vendors also support an option for satellite-based global positioning system (GPS) receivers" (22).


The research showed that Network Time Protocol is a longstanding Internet protocol that is used to ensure the accurate synchronization to the millisecond of computer clock times in a network of computers. The research also showed that in spite of its workhouse history, earlier versions of NTP are no longer adequate and improvements are in the works. hile NTP is widely used, some vendors have elected for alternative approaches that accomplish the same thing in a different manner, but even here, NTP was shown to be on the cutting edge by recognizing these constraints and taking steps to address them. In the final analysis, NTP…

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Use of Content Filters on Internet in High School
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Internet has grown exponentially since its first introduction to the public. The precursor to the Internet was the ARPANET. The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the Department of Defense (Carlitz and Zinga, 1997) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) were the primary creators of the ARPANET. Subsequently however, efforts from private entities and universities have helped develop the network infrastructure, as it exists today. "The goals of ARPA's 'Resource Sharing Computer Network' project were to develop the technology for and demonstrate the feasibility of a computer network while improving communication and collaboration between research centers with grants from ARPA's Information Processing Techniques Office (IPTO)." (Press, 1996) J.C.R. Licklider of MIT undertook groundbreaking work in developing computer interactivity. Later, he implemented his vision though time-sharing systems-affordable interactive computing. The effort of the NSF also helped to distribute the features of this new networking capability to all major universities and research…


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Comprehensive Study of Cryptographic Methods in Practice Today
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Internet Encryption

he growing sophistication of internet, along with advancing abilities of individuals to hack into electronic systems is creating a growing need for improved encryption technology. he internet is becoming a domain all to itself, with its own rules, and requirements. he internet is creating new opportunities for the business and communication industries. It is also creating new demands. he internet is now facing a period in its evolution similar to the period of our country's history of westward expansion, and settlement

Wild Wild West years of the internet have passed with the bursting of the ech bubble in the early 21st century. Now business is building entire enterprises on the net. As hundreds of thousands of dollars change hands based on digital bleeps, the needs for government, business, and individuals to protect their data is becoming of paramount importance. Who will be the exas Ranger's of the internet,…

The Promotion of Commerce Online in the Digital Era Act of 1996, or "Pro-Code" Act: (1997) Hearing on S. 1726 Before the Senate Comm. On Commerce, Science, and Transportation, 104th Cong. 13.

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Application of Predictive Analytics
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Predictive analytics is a statistical technique used to analyze current and historical data in order to make a reasonable prediction about future. In a business environment, organizations employ predictive analytics model to identify market trends, opportunities and risks. Using the predictive analytics, organizations are able to assess potential risks and opportunities to achieve competitive market advantages. In other word, predictive analytics is part of data mining focusing on extracting information from historical data and used the data to predict behavioral patterns and trends. Typically, predictive analytics can be applied to any type of unknown events in order to predict the presents and future events. Banks are the early adopters of predictive analytics model. For example, banks use the data collected from credit scores to determine the likelihood of an individual to qualify for a bank loan. The technique has assisted banks to minimize the risks by detecting applicants likely to…


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Categories of Software and Their Relationships Enterprise
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Categories of Software and Their Relationships

Enterprise software -- Used in large-scale businesses, enterprise software is commonplace throughout many of the world's largest companies. This class of software is used for orchestrating complex business processes that require tight integration to ERP, CRM, SCM and pricing systems.

Personal productivity software -- Software including Microsoft Office, Outlook and personal productivity applications. Personal pro0ductivty applications are often used for accessing and analyzing the large-scale databases in enterprise software systems.

Cloud-based software -- Software that resides on servers at diverse, remote locations that are used for managing a wide variety of personal productivity and collaborative tasks. These applications are typically relied on in companies that have diverse working relationships and need to have access to data in nearly real-time.

Explain the relationship of algorithms to software

Algorithms are the foundations of software applications as they orchestrate diverse areas of a program's code that runs…

Social Media Essay
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Social media is a big boom when it comes to business, entertainment, and media. It has crossed over from something the youth use to something everyone uses. Many people do not understand how much of an impact social media has on people from their employability to how the public views them. This example essay will show social media’s influence and how it has come to be what it is today.
Social Media: Then and Now Social Media and it’s Impact on Business Social Media as a Social Movement Social Media and it’s influence on our Lives Social Media: Changing the Way People Communicate

Social Media Platforms The Impact of Twitter and Facebook on Business The Rise of YouTube Difference Between Social Media Platforms How Social Media is used to Communicate Social Media Effects on Society

I.  Introduction

a.  Social media has transformed the ways people communicate and…

Mobile Security
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Mobile Device Security

Analysis of Routing Optimization Security for Mobile IPv6 Networks

Defining and Implementing Mobility Security Architectures

Approaches to defining, implementing and auditing security for mobility devices have become diverse in approach, spanning from protocol definition and development including IPv6 through the creation of secure mobile grid systems. The wide variation in approaches to defining security for mobility devices has also shown the critical need for algorithms and constraint-based technologies that can use constraint-based logic to isolate and thwart threats to the device and the network it is part of. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the recent developments in constraint-based modeling and network logic as represented by mobile IPv6 protocols and the role trust management networks (Lin, Varadharajan, 2010). These networks are predicated on algorithms that are used authenticating the identity of specific account holders, in addition to defining a taxonomy of the factors that most…


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Healthcare System and Practice Guideline
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Healthcare System Practice Guideline
Introduce an overview of one healthcare system practice guideline
There are numerous areas within health care that demand change in everyday healthcare practice. More often than not, irrespective of the healthcare setting, an inventive group is required to conduct research and facilitate change. There are numerous practices that require change or upgrading. This is facilitated through the establishment and advancement of clinical practice guidelines. The selected healthcare system practice guideline is Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Primary Care (2017). This particular guideline delineates the important decision points in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and provides well-outlines and wide-ranging evidence based recommendations assimilating prevailing information and practices for practitioners throughout Department of Defense (DoD) and Veretan Affairs (VA) Health Care Systems. Diabetes mellitus is an illness that is caused either by an absolute or relative deficiency in insulin giving rise to hyperglycemia. Type 1 DM (T1DM)…

Extracting Information Sentiment From Blogs
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4. Transparency, authenticity, and focus are good. Bland is bad. Many people are looking for someone who is in authority to share their ideas, experiences, or suggestions (Bielski, 2007, p. 9).

Moreover, just as content analysis of other written and symbolic forms has provided new insights that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, the analysis of blog content may reveal some unexpected findings concerning hot topics and significant social trends that are shaping the users of this information. For example, a data infrastructure engineering team intern working at Facebook recently generated an eerily accurate global map based on Facebook friendship links. According to the developer, "I was interested in seeing how geography and political borders affected where people lived relative to their friends. I wanted a visualization that would show which cities had a lot of friendships between them" (Butler, 2010, para. 3). While Butler had some vague ideas about the…


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Quarterly, 83, 329-333.

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Evolution Over Time of Network
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In actual fact, because of STCP's option of multiplicative amplify, STCP have to in stable state persuade congestion actions approximately all 13.4 round trip times, in spite of the connection speed. HSTCP encourages packet losses at a slower speed than STCP, but still much quicker than CP-eno.

3. Problems of the Existing Delay-based TCP Versions

In contrast, TCP Vegas, Enhanced TCP Vegas and FAST TCP are delay-based protocols. By relying upon changes in queuing delay measurements to detect changes in available bandwidth, these delay-based protocols achieve higher average throughout with good intra-protocol TT fairness (Cajon, 2004). However, they have more than a few deficiencies. For instance, both Vegas and FAST suffer from the overturn path congestion difficulty, in which simultaneous onward and overturn path traffic on a simple bidirectional blockage connection cannot attain full link operation. In addition, both Vegas and Enhanced Vegas employ a conservative window increase strategy of…


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Worth 2 Points Each Problem
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It also has only printable characters


The character is unsuitable since it contains more than 8 characters. It can be guessed by dictionary attack since it is a common name


The password is unsuitable since it has more than 8 characters. Can be guessed by a dictionary attack since it is a common name


The password is suitable since the character length does not exceed eight characters and it contains printable characters


The password is too obvious so it is unsuitable


The password is suitable since it does not contain more than 8 characters. It also contains printable characters.

Problem 3.6

95*95*95*95*95*95*95*95*95*95 + 6.4 million

=95^10/6.4 million

Chapter 4

Question 4.1

DAC is used to define the basic access control policies to various objects. These are set according to the needs of the object owners. The MAC are access control policies that are system-controlled. The…

Conceiving Optimal Facility Layout for
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a) it generates set of good layout alternatives, which are presented to the decision maker; B) it uses the decision maker's preference further to generate another best alternative, and C) generates the best layout alternatives using an interactive method (Jannat, S. 2010).


Optimal facility layout is a culmination of data process production and operation in a manufacturing or service layout. A good layout can work wonders in terms of single line flow of materials and work-in-progress items, leading to substantial cost reduction, which when passed on to the consumer, will relate to a very successful balance sheet. In addition, it contributes to employee efficiency and health, and the principle can be applied to the service sector as well as several sectors unconnected with manufacturing or service.


Chakraborty S. And Banik B (2007), "An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Based Approach for Optimal Facility Layout Design," Journal of the Institution…


Chakraborty S. And Banik B (2007), "An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Based Approach for Optimal Facility Layout Design," Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Part PR: Production Engineering Division, Vol. 88, pp. 12-18.

Heizer and Render, (2001), Operations Management (power point), Prentice Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, N.J. 07458.

Jannat, S.; Khaled, a.A.; & Sanjoy K.Paul. (2010), Optimal Solution for Multi-Objective Facility Layout Problem Using Genetic Algorithm, International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2010.

Khoshnevisan, M.; Sukanto, B.; and Florentin, S. (2003), Optimal Plant Layout Design for Process-focused Systems.

Database Systems in Describe Theoretically
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To implement this algorithm, it is essential to simulate locking of what the books mentions as an item X that has been transcribed by transaction T

until T

is either committed or aborted. This algorithm is not what would turn into deadlock, for the reason that T. waits for T

only if TS (T) > TS (T

) (Elmasri, 2011).

According to the book, strict timestamp ordering differs from basic timestamp ordering because basic timestamp ordering is utilized whenever some transaction T. attempts to subject a read item (X) or a write item (X) operation, the basic to algorithm is the one that compares the timestamp of T. with read_TS (X) and write_TS (X) to ensure that the timestamp where as the strict timestamp does not. Another difference is the fact that the basic lets us know that if the proper order is violated, then transaction T. is the one…

Works Cited

Elmasri, R. & . (2011). Fundamentals of database systems (6th ed). Boston, MA:.: Addison-Wesley.

Image Enhancement
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Image Enhancement Techniques

Research shows that out of the five senses which are hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste -- which humans utilize to observe their environment, sight is the most influential (Jeong, 2011). Analyzing images and getting them really does form a huge part of the unchanging cerebral activity of human beings during the course of their lives. Actually, beyond 98% of the activity of the human brain is included in managing images from the visual cortex (Guruvareddy & Giri Prasad, 2011). In today's communications system it is vital to recognize that the multimedia is an area that is continually increasing.

Basically, it is a field that is growing more and more each day. Many are starting to see the various avenues that a person can go into when it comes to image enhancement techniques. There used to be an era when the options were very limited, but now…

Work Cited

Botser, I.B., M.D., Herman, A., Nathaniel, R., Rappaport, D., & Chechik, A. (2009). Digital image enhancement improves diagnosis of nondisplaced proximal femur fractures. Clinical Orthopaedic and Related Research, 467(1), 246-53.

Gorgel, P., Sertbas, A., & Ucan, O.N. (2010). A wavelet-based mammographic image denoising and enhancement with homomorphic filtering. Journal of Medical Systems, 34(6), 993-1002.

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Jeong, C.B., Kim, K.G., Kim, T.S., & Kim, S.K. (2011). Comparison of image enhancement methods for the effective diagnosis in successive whole-body bone scans. Journal of Digital Imaging, 24(3), 424-36.

Trading Strategy of Cryptocurrencies
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Clustering Cryptocurrencies
1. Introduction
Why is clustering interesting? How to value cryptocurrencies has been a major question ever since so many began finding their way to market. As Qunitero (2018) points out, “having a clear and unbiased benchmark while evaluating new decentralized projects in the crypto economy” could help to answer the question of valuation. Clustering commonly occurs around token type: thus, one routinely sees the clustering of currency tokens, platform tokens, utility tokens, brand tokens, and security tokens. Yet these are not the only clusters that may appear, the more closely one looks at the space. As clustering shows which cryptocurrencies move in tandem at the top of the market cap, it is useful to examine clustering cryptocurrencies to see what similarities in movement might tell us.
Are fundamental similarities backed by market metrics? That is the main question to be asked and an important one because clusters can…

Information Technology Cryptography a Public-Key
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Certificates can be personal or set up by the users for certain trusted authorities. Once an SSL connection is recognized, the server certificate in use can usually be scrutinized by looking at the assets of the page conveyed over the SSL connection. Certificates and keys are normally stored on the hard disk of the computer. Additionally to needing a password when the private key is used, it is typically also required to import or export keys and certificates. Some browsers also hold key and certificate storage on a secure external device (Using PKI, 2004).

Certificates given to web servers and individuals are signed by a Certificate Authority. The signature on a certificate recognizes the particular Certificate Authority that issued a certificate. The Certificate Authority in turn has a certificate that connects its identity to its public key, so you can verify its uniqueness. A certificate authority issues a policy defining…


Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography. (1998). Retrieved April 8, 2010, from Web site: 

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