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Applied Operations Essays (Examples)

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Planning and Control in the Operation Management of Mcdonald's
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Applied Operations

Planning and Control in the Operation Management of McDonald's

"To provide unmatched consistency in operations in support of high product quality. This must be accomplished with adequate speed, low cost, and process innovation to accommodate changes in consumer tastes."

~Operations Strategy of McDonald's

Operations management is a critical aspect of business that helps govern and determine the success and general efficacy of the business itself. Operations management encompasses numerous aspects of business functions and can be divided into several elements such as marketing/sales, corporate strategy, organisational design, and operations & process management. For the purposes of this paper, the organisation of focus will be the international chain of fast food restaurants, famously known as McDonald's. This is a fast food chain that originates from the United States of America. To date, there are over 33,000 McDonald's restaurants in 118 countries on Earth. The author of this paper has…


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Operation Condor Is Considered to
Words: 984 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76747131
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The tragedies of the families involved made the subject of several films. However, one of the most interesting on this theme is Cautiva, a 2004 foreign film which depicts the drama of a young girl whose destiny is affected by the actions of the Condor Operation. However, in fact, the story represents a symbolic image of the way in which Argentine manages to cope with its communist and totalitarian past. The story revolves around a fifteen-year-old teenager who discovers that the persons she has been living with her entire life are her adoptive family. More importantly however is the fact that the government is the element which allows her to discover that, by matching her blood tests with that of her real parents. In real life Argentina, such stories are becoming more and more often due in part to the official desire of the government to restore negative effects of…

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Operations Management a Microbrewery in Colorado Is
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Operations Management

A microbrewery in Colorado is growing rapidly. There is a long lead time for the purchase of new equipment, so management must make a demand forecast for the next couple of years in order to ensure that it has the capacity it needs to continue expansion. There are constraints, however, in particular with respect to access to key inputs. This casts uncertainty on the demand forecasts, such that simple extrapolation of current growth rates is going to be insufficient. A decision tree is used to help with the demand forecasting, taking into account different scenarios with respect to the growth patterns and the growth constraints.

This paper is based on a real world situation. The situation at hand is that of a small microbrewery, operating in Colorado. The microbrewery is five years old and has expanded annually since its inception. The brewery produces five beers regularly, and these…


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Operations & Quality Management Operations
Words: 1570 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63354529
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Operation of Performance Management Systems
Words: 7293 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 93043581
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However, when an employee sees that his or her employer is stepping up and trying to do something that the employee wants or needs, instead of just what is good for the company and not the employees, motivation can result. People need to feel that they matter to their employer. Few people are content with only receiving monetary compensation for the work that they do for their boss. They are all individuals and they have a desire to be recognized. They have goals that do not match up with the goals of the organization for which they work, but they may also have goals which are similar in nature to those of the company by which they are employed. Has anyone asked them what they really want to do with their lives and how the company can help facilitate those dreams? Companies that are concerned about the health and…


Austin, J. & Carr, J.E. (2000). Handbook of applied behavior analysis, New York: Context Press. 2000. Understanding the behavior of individuals in the workplace and in other areas of daily life can be very difficult. However, it is vital that an employer or anyone who is in charge of people focus on learning about the behavior of the individuals of which he or she is in charge. It is not possible to properly motivate people for employment or any other reason without being clearly aware of what motivates those people and what they are focused on in their careers and in the rest of their lives. Gaining information on how to analyze the behavior of those individuals is a way in which leaders can see more success.

Bedeian, A.G. (1993). Business owners (3rd ed.). New York: Dryden Press. Owning a business may sound enjoyable because there is no "boss" to which to answer. However, having a business of one's own is more complicated than most people think. This is especially true in the hiring of employees because there are so many different areas to consider. Reading up on how a business operates and the kind of information which is needed to successfully run a business is something that all leaders should do, even if they are not the head of the business in which they are working. Those who are high up in management are particularly susceptible to not realizing the needs of other people, and that can start them down a slippery slope of not doing what is right by their employees -- and those employees will leave, causing the business to struggle if it cannot quickly find good help.

Bowen, B.E., & Radhakrishna, R.B. (1991). Job satisfaction of agricultural education faculty: A constant phenomena. Journal of Agricultural Education, 32 (2). 16-22. No matter what kind of business a person operates or what kind of career that person has, job satisfaction is a big issue. Some people assume that they are capable of handing any job as long as they are well-paid, but this is often not really the case. People who are paid well but not treated respectfully quickly tire of their jobs. By focusing on one type of job it is possible to see just how diverse a group of workers might be and just how significant it is that these workers all get what they need in order to feel satisfied at their job. There is much more than money involved where the satisfaction with one's career is concerned. Strong businesses are aware of this, and work to make sure their employees are satisfied with what they are doing for the company.

Brethower, D. & Smalley, K. (1998). Performance-based instruction: Linking training to business results. Pfeiffer; Har/Dis edition. 1998. How a person is trained when he or she begins a job can have a large influence on whether that person continues to perform well. Getting a job is not always difficult, but enjoying that job and performing well in it are other areas where employees may not succeed. If an employee is properly trained, he or she will statistically perform better at the job to which he or she has been assigned. One of the best ways to train an employee properly is to make sure that employee learns on the job.

Operation Management Riordan - Supply
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70041773
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It is natural that suppliers forecast their own demand, and where long-term relationships have developed, there is a greater potential for the supplier to make the loan for cost. Furthermore, where Riordan is a major customer for that supplier, there may be a greater willingness to fulfill the order, and put that customer before smaller competing firms in terms of priority. If Riordan are ordering from a firm they do not regularly use, there will not be the same level of forecasting, and a supplier may need to obtain relevant inputs before making a delivery.

The situation of the supply themselves will also be relevant. Smaller organizations are likely to have more cash constraints, and have a lower level of inventory on hand, as inventories tie up capital. This problem may be particularly pertinent where organizations lack financial stability. If the organization is small, the influence of production constraints may…

Operations Management Improving a Process
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63636233
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The second area of waste is seen when the customer is asked if they want help for a new product or an existing product, where there is an exiting product query the costumer is taken to a different member of staff. This occurs despite the fact most of the staff have a very good knowledge f the existing products, undertaken as part of their training. This also increases the complexity and staffing requirements of the scheduling to ensure both sections of the store are staffed. It may create a disjointed feeling for the customers who have a query on an existing product; it also increases the costs due to the staff arrangements and lack of inter-changeability when the staff are working.

The last area of inefficiency is seen when a sale is made. If the customer wants a printed receipt it is sent wireless from the hand held sales unit…

Slide 4

In the improved process each of the inefficiencies are improved. The smallest change is with the first weakness, where customers are left alone. A simple change here will be with the sales staff simply informing the customer that if they need help just to let them know; a simple, but small change.

The second change is the biggest change. In the new process once a customer is asked of they would like some help and they tell the sales person what help they need, they are then able to help the customer regardless of whether it is for a sale or for support on an existing product. In the majority of cases the sales people can help, this will reduce the need to differentiate the staff on each shift between sales and support, as they have had the same training. The empowerment of the staff in this way may also increase motivation, as they are able to do more (Mathis and Jackson, 2010). It may also reduce the wasted labor needed to staff

Operations Management Process Improvement at
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14062143
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The areas where there is a divergence from the desired outcomes can then be examined to identify why there is a divergence and assess how that divergence may be decreased (Breygogle et al., 2001).

Different approaches to implementation of 6 Sigma exist, DMIAC is one of these, with the different stages being define, measure, analyze, design and verify.

Slide 4

The definition of the issue for Riordan is how to improve the supply chain. It is a key aspect of the firms' ability to manufacture fans, if there are delays in the supply of goods there will be delis in manufacturing. As the firm has a level supply strategy for the majorly of the products, and goods are supplied out of stock when they are ordered, a delay due to supply chain issues may create delays in supplying customers,. Furthermore, to overcome this, the firm may need to invest more…

Operation Fast and Furious The
Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94497211
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This course has enabled me to understand the actual description and meaning of public policy and its significant concepts. Generally, public policy is an action taken by the government through its executive branches in response to a specific public issue. Government agencies and organizations develop and implement public policy with the intention of protecting the society and providing benefits to the populations. Notably, such actions are taken based on the provisions in the Constitution and institutional traditions.

The most significant concepts learned in this course are the instrumentation, tools, and modes of operation of public policy. The significance of public policy instrumentation has been emphasized throughout the course because it shows the theoretical relationship between governing and the population. Secondly, knowledge regarding the tools and modes of operation of public policy has provided information on how every instrument comprise of strong knowledge regarding social control and various ways of implementing…


Kimery, A. (2012, July 12). 'Fast and Furious' Ignored Pleas to Track Guns with Technology,

Some Insiders Say. Retrieved August 7, 2013, from 

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through Its Instruments -- From the Nature of Instruments to the Sociology of Public Policy Instrumentation. Governance: An International Journal of Policy, Administration, and Institutions, 20(1), 1-21. Retrieved from

Operations Management M4S
Words: 648 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49530778
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Project Management

The author of this short response report is asked to answer two primary questions as they relate to project management. The first question asks the author how project management influences other departments such as marketing, finance, accounting, human resources and others. The second question asks what difficulties and/or limitations exist as they pertain to PERT and CRM in an organization. The author of this response shall endeavor to address and answer both questions.

Questions Answered

As for how project management affects, influences and guides departments like human resources and accounting, the answer to this question is quite clear for anyone well-versed on what project management is and what it can do for an organization when done correctly. It can also be a train wreck waiting to happen for a company that does it poorly. In short, projects are any short-lived changeover process or shift in how a process…

Applied Theory to Application With Teachers
Words: 1102 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8502367
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Human Development and Education Theory

Behavioral psychologists and developmental theorists have traditionally categorized various periods of childhood and adolescence that correspond to VEY specific stages of cognitive and emotional development. While various experts differ widely in their characterization and analyses of the human developmental stages, modern educators recognize the importance of certain elements of behavioral and emotional development as equally important to early education as age-related cognitive stages of purely intellectual growth.

Traditional primary and secondary education programs are based on teaching methods and concepts designed in the nineteenth century and earlier. While the academic curricula expanded considerably during the course of the last hundred years' of American education, many of the methods still relied upon by modern educators mirror the principles designed primarily just to teach elementary reading and writing skills, which was the main (if not the sole) focus of the early education even well into the twentieth…


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The Encyclopedia of Informal Education, Accessed July 6, 2004 at .(Last updated: 2/14/04)

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Allyn & Bacon, New Jersey

Flight Operations and Scheduling in
Words: 1814 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98841339
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, 2008, p. 83). In addition, softwae enginees have also ceated a new flight scheduling model fo Delta Ailines and U.S. Aiways and othe eseaches ae examining ways to use existing aispace moe efficiently though othe softwae solutions (Hasan & Hammad, 2010).


Flight scheduled was shown to be faught with oppotunities fo delays, including aivals and depatues, en oute congestion, en oute sevee weathe, and aipot weathe, and unexpected eventualities in any of these aeas can ceate significant delays and flight cancellations. The eseach was absolutely consistent in showing that such flight delays ae costly to both passenges and ai caies alike, but the eseach also showed that even the most sophisticated softwae solutions cannot ovecome aipot congestion caused by ai caies scheduling thei flights without egad fo the impact of these decisions on thei domestic and intenational competition. In the final analysis, all types of tavel have thei…

references: An axiomatic approach. Southern Economic Journal, 77(3), 543-545.

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Company to maximize profit and yield additional revenue. Journal of Service Science

1950s Police Operations in the
Words: 1057 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10949491
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S. Supreme Court's decisions in Escobedo v. Illinois (Escobedo v. Illinois, 1964) and Miranda v. Arizona (Miranda v. Arizona, 1966). These two cases dramatically altered how police treated criminal defendants subsequent to their arrests and forced police agencies throughout the United States to develop new procedures. The reading of what have become to be popularly known as Miranda rights has become a routine part of every arrest. Like it has in many areas of criminal procedure, the U.S. Supreme Court has narrowed the application of Miranda and gradually chipped away at the rights originally granted by the Court that decided the case. Two of the more significant cases were decided in 1984 when the Court allowed an exception to Miranda in the case of New York v. Quarles (New York v. Quarles, 1984) so that police can use Miranda statements in situations involving public safety. Additionally, in a companion case…


Escobedo v. Illinois, 378 U.S. 478 (U.S. Supreme Court 1964).

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Role of Operations Manager in Business the
Words: 1003 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53975731
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Role of Operations Manager in Business

The Operation Management's Role in Business Today

The role of an operations manager is an important one in any business no matter how big or small the business is. According to the Houston Chronicle, the operations manager needs a "wide range" of interpersonal and professional skills in order to do the job (Farnen, 2010). The operations manager handles the management of raw materials and personnel, and -- in many cases -- the operations manager conducts the interviewing and hiring of employees and oversees the actual assigning of employees to specific tasks (Farnen, p. 1).

Operations managers also play an important part in the budgeting process, and it other aspects of a company's finances, Farnen continues. Also, operations managers are part of the goal-setting process in a business, and operations managers cooperate with other department managers to coordinate sales promotions and they typically help resolve…

Works Cited

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13, 2013, from .

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IT Operations Agree or Disagree Standard Financial
Words: 1231 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51002319
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IT Operations

Agree or disagree: Standard financial investment information and criteria are all that is needed to effectively evaluate IT outsourcing decisions.

Over the last several decades, outsourcing has become an effective tool for many companies to reduce their costs and increase their profit margins. As time went by the reduction in trade barriers and availability of highly skilled workers (in select locations) made these practices more acceptable. This has resulted in an increasing number of jobs being outsourced to different countries (i.e. China and India). (Buck, 2011)

Evidence of this can be seen with data provided by Statistics Brain. They found that in 2011 there were a total of 2.27 million American jobs outsourced to these locations. There are a number of different reasons as to why this is occurring. The below table is highlighting the most common factors influencing the decision to outsource various services. ("Job Outsourcing Statistics,"…


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Capital Budgeting and Applied Technologies
Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17290104
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ith a strong customer and employee basis, the company envisions taking early leadership of the global market. This is also to be based upon management excellence on a local scale. The management team is envisioned to be capable of translating vision into performance on both a local and global scale, while also investing strategically to maximize profitability and performance.

d. In terms of Research and Development, Applied Materials has increased its investments despite economic downturns. The purpose of this was to increase its potential future profitability by providing advanced manufacturing systems for its customers worldwide. This proved to be a good strategy, as the company had build a broad product line that catered for nearly every chip manufacturing stage. In order to reach the next step; integrating systems to perform a specific process sequence, a new facility was needed, and 1997 saw the beginning of construction on the Equipment and…

With a strong customer and employee basis, the company envisions taking early leadership of the global market. This is also to be based upon management excellence on a local scale. The management team is envisioned to be capable of translating vision into performance on both a local and global scale, while also investing strategically to maximize profitability and performance.

d. In terms of Research and Development, Applied Materials has increased its investments despite economic downturns. The purpose of this was to increase its potential future profitability by providing advanced manufacturing systems for its customers worldwide. This proved to be a good strategy, as the company had build a broad product line that catered for nearly every chip manufacturing stage. In order to reach the next step; integrating systems to perform a specific process sequence, a new facility was needed, and 1997 saw the beginning of construction on the Equipment and Process Integration Center (EPIC).

EPIC represents the first facility of its kind in the semiconductor industry, in its capacity as a dedicated 200mm pilot line integration facility. Specifically, the Center enables the company's customers to make their technology transitions with greater speed and ease. To do this, the Center enables them to evaluate and integrate new manufacturing systems in advance of installing these. This provides the company with an important leading edge in the global marketplace. To accomplish this was a challenge on multiple levels that did not end with the Center opening its doors in 1998. Indeed, in order to adhere to its central aims, engineers for the center had to effectively implement systems by which they could set up their systems as often as once per month and make quick modifications according to differing requirements.

Hotel Motel Management Operations Hotel
Words: 3702 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95727463
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One of the most important decisions that need to be taken is regarding the number of cleaning employees that are required and the frequency at which the cleaning will be conducted. These are all about the public areas where the house keeping has to be active. They also have to look after the guest room areas. The area near the guest rooms consist of the elevators through which the guests will be traveling, the corridors which they will use to reach their rooms, the stairwells through which also the guests may go and finally the guest rooms themselves. (Housekeeping)

Well one can say that the other areas are semi-public while the rooms are absolutely private, and in those the cleaning has to be done in agreement with the guest or in their absence. After cleaning, it has to be realized that the housekeeping staff are the only persons from the…


Facility Engineering and Maintenance. Retrieved from . Accessed 30 August, 2005

Food and Beverage. Retrieved at

Organizational Behavior Psychology Applied Comprehension
Words: 4268 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87584890
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With this approach, consultation psychology focuses on the issues of the group as a whole and therefore typically uses group discussions, interviews and observations as opposed to singling out specific individuals. The result is that, by using consultation psychology in the field of industrial and organizational psychology, the focus is on the group and the roles the individuals who make up the group play. With this focus, industrial and organizational psychology is better able to meet its goals of increasing organizational productivity, well-being and success.

Case Example

In the case sample cited in the introduction of this paper, the issue was how consultation psychology could be utilized as a method for providing industrial and organizational psychological services to a mental health related organization. From the overview provided in the previous section, it can be seen that utilizing consultation psychology, as opposed to clinical psychology, will be the best method of…


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Lean Operations the Theory of
Words: 2719 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70636783
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Some also wonder where the six sigma term that is used so often in lean manufacturing came from. The sigma is a Greek letter which is used to represent the standard deviation of a targeted population (Gupta, 2003). The six sigma term therefore comes from the idea that, if one has six standard deviations that come between the mean result of any process and the nearest limit for specification, than one will create virtually no items that actually exceed those specifications (Gupta, 2003). This idea is the main basis for what is called the process capability study, which is generally used by quality professionals, and the six sigma term has roots within that particular tool.

In summary, all management theories are very important when it comes to what is appropriate for businesses (Achanga, et al., 2006). The theory of constraints is discussed first because it is the theory that goes…


Achanga, Pius, Shehab, Esam, Roy, Rajkumar, & Nelder, Geoff. (2006). Critical success factors for lean implementation within SMEs. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 17(4).

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Qnt 561 - Applied Business Research & Statistics
Words: 921 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24344115
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QNT/561 - APPLIED Business ESEACH & STATISTICS Assignments 3. Individual Assignment: A Decision Uncertainty. ead Week 3 Student oad Map scenario complete assignment. I work law enforcement, legal area.

Applied business research and statistics

Wal-Mart, the retail monolith of the United States, ended fiscal year 2010 on profits, but the stability of the profits was not primarily attributed to organizational improvements and strategic endeavors, but mostly to a general climate in which people focus on the lowest price -- Wal-Mart's core principle. As the economy revives however -- or at least shows the first signs of overcoming the recession -- easy and quick gains are no longer sustainable.

In this context, a decision would have to be made regarding the future strategic direction of the firm. In other words, the company has to decide on the best course of action to develop and implement in order to sustain its gains…


2011, Financial results WMT, Money Central MSN,  last accessed on January 31, 2011

2011, The world factbook, Central Intelligence Agency,  / last accessed on January 31, 2011

2011, Wal-Mart Stores,  / last accessed on January 31, 2011

2011, Wal-Mart Watch,  / last accessed on January 31, 2011

Risk Resillience Concepts Operations Process Management Examine
Words: 1192 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 21925460
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isk esillience" concepts Operations Process Management examine statement: Preventive maintenance viewed process maintaining "health" a machine. Using health care analogy, explain differences tradeoffs breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance total productive maintenance, detailed case study required apply theory model concept.

Operations management

The importance of preventive maintenance

The emergent challenges facing economic agents have created a context in which the machineries and the equipments are no longer perceived as the primary source of income, nor as the operational focus of the economic agents. Today, entrepreneurs strive to attain their organizational goals through the satisfaction of the customer needs, through the motivation of the employees, through the pleasing of the community or through the creation of value for the shareowners.

In such a context, the emphasis placed on the purchase, replacement and functioning of the organizational machineries has decreased. But much like a paradox, despite the decreased investments in machineries, the company and…


Roberts, J., 1997, Total productive maintenance, New Mexico State University,  last accessed on May 11, 2011

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Preventive maintenance, Reliability Engineering Resources,  last accessed on May 11, 2011

Ross Dress for Less Applied Management Applied
Words: 2699 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17999828
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Ross Dress for Less: Applied Management

Applied Management Analysis of Ross Dress for Dress

Understanding how an organization works means understanding what truly motivates people. There are certain fundamental consistencies that form the foundation for the behavior of all individuals that can be identified and then modified to reflect individual differences (Robbins, 2001). In this regard, the management at Ross has set a clear course for the company, one that is focused on providing its customers with a sense of value in their overall shopping experience.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is "a corporate philosophy because it is a fundamental approach to doing business. That approach is to be customer-focused and customer-driven, running all aspects of your business to satisfy your customers by addressing their requirements for products and by providing high-quality, responsive service" (Seybold, 2002, p. 3). The objectives of CRM are fairly straightforward (Seybold, 2002, p. 4), to acquire…

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Mediator & Moderator Effects Applied Statistics There
Words: 811 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 44595515
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Applied Statistics

There are several goals of the article "Testing Moderator and Mediator Effects in Counseling Psychology Research." (Frazier et al., 2004) One of the primary goals of the piece is clear delineation of each term and clear explanation of the differences (and similarities) between the two. Another goal of the authors' research is to reveal to researchers and professionals the potential depth and precision their research could achieve with knowledge and application of mediators and moderators in their studies. ith awareness and tracking of mediators and moderators, researchers can make more precise predictions, compile richer data, and provide more insightful analyses & conclusions after the study.

Interaction effects are not only important for intervention studies, however. There are many other instances in which researchers are interested in whether relations between predictor and outcome variables are stronger for some people than for others. The identification of…

We focus particularly on the differential implications for choice of experimental design, research operations, and plan of statistical analysis. We also claim that there are conceptual implications of the failure to appreciate the moderator-mediator distinction. Among the issues we will discuss in this regard are missed opportunities to probe more deeply into the nature of causal mechanisms and integrate seemingly irreconcilable theoretical positions. For example, it is possible that in some problem areas disagreements about mediators can be resolved by treating certain variable as moderators. (Baron & Kenny, The Moderator-Mediator Distinction, 1986)

There task for such distinction is still incomplete as the Frazier piece is written eighteen years later and the distinction still has not been made -- and they introduce considering these terms on three levels: conceptual, strategic, and statistical. (2004) Considering mediators and moderators in the ways proposed by Frazier et al. (2004) on the levels proposed by Baron and Kenny (1986) marks the intersection among mediators, moderators, and applications in management. This is yet another way the article by Frazier et al. demonstrates value to readers and researchers.

It is possible for an effect size to be fairly small in order for us to find it interesting. Frazier et al. remind the readers more than once that research into the distinctions between and the subsequent implications for those differences has not been researched a great deal. They mention in their conclusion how their study provides only a model and further implementation is necessary before commenting on a larger body of data. That larger body of data relevant specifically to mediator and moderator effects has not been made, as evidenced for example, by the eighteen year gap in two of the articles, yet their intention is nearly the exact same. Therefore, it is the opinion of the author that effect size need not be the primary issue, though effect sizes should be taken into consideration. The attention and tracking of mediators and moderators during the study is more relevant than the effect size because there is no great body of work to compare against. When there are more studies with many different effect sizes, then that question will be more significant and there is a greater possibility of a relevant, insightful answer. Both moderators and mediators contribute to effect size as they in essence represent the "when" & "for whom" and the "why" & "how" respectively. (Frazier et al., 2004) When a mediation occurs and why a moderation occurs both influence effect size. Their influence is different, but still quantifiable and qualifiable.

IT Outsourcing The Outsourcing of it Operations
Words: 919 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50084957
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IT Outsourcing:

The outsourcing of It operations can be described as the process of sub-contracting responsibility of each or all parts of an IT function to a third-party service provider that handle the work. This practice has been present for several years since the commencement of business computing as many firms use it for functions that range from infrastructure to software development as well as support and maintenance. One of the major reasons for the widespread use of IT outsourcing is the fact that it's perceived as a means of lessening costs, enhancing operational flexibility, minimizing management overhead, and increasing levels of service. The other reason attributed to this practice is because IT is not considered as the core competence of the firm and the possibility of third-party companies to provide better and cheaper jobs. However, the company's financial manager should evaluate investment in technology, especially from the shareholders' perspective.…


Jones, W. (2001, March 1). Planning for an Outsourcing Evaluation. Retrieved July 5,

2012, from 

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Kowalczyk, S. (2009, March 8). Government Funding, Outsourcing, and Financial Decisions.

Statistics Applied in Today's Businees
Words: 2935 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 83786453
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Take for instance ed Hat, a leading provider of open source software applications. Its annual report for 2009 reveals an increase in its training and services revenues from $45 million in 2005 to $47 million in 2006, to $59 million in 2007, to $73 million in 2008 to $111 million in 2009. From this assessment, the leaders of the organization could come to the conclusion that it would be wise to further invest in the business division of training and services offered to customers.

The second most important means in which statistical information is useful to financial analysis reveals the assessment of a company's financial ratios in light of the ratios of its competitors, or the average ratios of the industry. Statistics helps organizational leaders compute financial ratios such as earnings per share, gross margin, current ratio or others. Following the previous example, ed Hat's current ratio is of 1.90…


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Larson, R., Farber, E., 2004, Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World, 2nd Edition,

Management in Business Operations and Performance
Words: 12446 Length: 45 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41162745
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Integrating Total Quality Environmental Management Systems - a Critical Study of TQEM

Relevance of TQM to Environmental Management

Scope of Dissertation

Moving from Reactive to Proactive Management

Understanding TQM in Relation to TQEM

History of TQM

Operation of TQM

Quality and Environmental Management Standards

Environmental Management Systems

Weaknesses of EMS Standards

Total Quality Environmental Management

Comparing ISO 9000 and ISO 14000

Integrating the ISO 14000 Environmental Management System


Impact of certification on economic and ecological performances

Research Design and Nature

Integrating a Sustainable EMS with TQM

Steps to Implementing an Effective TQEM Strategy

Final Word




ackground and Overview of Study

For decades economic growth has been considered the main indicator of a healthy society (Oliver, 1996). However, only recently has society begun to recognize the environmental cost of this growth. As a result, there is now an…

Bibliography working paper. Winnipeg, MB: International Institute for Sustainable Development, 1996. 58

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Clark, D. (1999), What Drives Companies to Seek ISO 14000 Certification, Pollution Engineering, Summer, pp. 14.

Expanding a One Store Operation to a Two Store Operation
Words: 4413 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 85104149
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Integrated Business Plan

Brief Outline of the Business Venture

Organizational Issues and Expansion

Legal Issues and Expansion

Business Strategy


Financial Competitiveness and Expansion

Allocation of Funds

Pro-forma Cash Flow

Net Present Value

Internal ate of eturn (I)

Profitability Index (PI)

Payback Analysis

Marketing/Sales and Expansion

Marketing Mix Analysis and Expansion

Mediums of Marketing

An Integrated Business Plan

Management is basically a synergy of four elements i.e., planning, organizing, leading and controlling (Chris & Alan, 1999). The essence of management and its particulars are very important from the perspective of an organization. Businesses and business organizations are the heart of an economy as they have a direct relationship with the long-term fragility of an economy (Chris & Alan, 1999). The basic purpose of company is to earn money and increase profit with the help of different provisions. The ratio of profit for the company is based on the level of…


Cinnamon, R & Larsen, B.H (2006), How to understand Business Finance, British Library Publications

Cinnamon, R & Larsen, B.H (2008), How to understand Business Finance, British Library Publications

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Consumer Behavior Toward E-Banking Applied
Words: 5831 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 27766882
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" (Al-Ghaith, Sanzogni, and Sandhu, 2010)

With a focus on Saudi Arabia it is reported that there is "no reliable local production in the fields of software or the hardware. The increased demand for ICTs is met by acquiring overseas technologies.

The trend towards increased reliance on ICTs by the Saudi people, in particular computers and internet services, is one of the highest when compared with other developing countries; however it is still far below the ownership rate in developed countries. Table 1 illustrates the ownership rate of equipment such as fixed-line telephones, cellular phone and personal computers. The ownership rate was calculated per 1000 persons in variant countries over the world." (Al-Ghaith, Sanzogni, and Sandhu, 2010) the goal of the study reported in the work of Al-Ghaith, Sanzogni, and Sandhu (2010) is to enhancing the understanding of factors that influence adoption and usage of online services in Saudi Arabia.…


Molina, Alfonsa, Ben-Jadeed, Mohammed (2004) the Emergence and Evolution of e-Banking in Saudi Arabia: The Case of Samba Financial Group. Frontiers of E-Business Research 2004

Jasimuddin, Sajjad, M. (nd) Saudi Arabian Banks on the Web. Online available at:

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Ahmed, a.M., Zairi, M. And Alwabel, S.A. (2006). Global benchmarking for internet and e-commerce applications, Benchmarking: An International Journal 13(1/2), 68-80.

Total Quality Management Continuous Improvement Properly Applied
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Total Quality Management Continuous Improvement, properly applied, render BP (Business Process eengineering) unnecessary.' Discuss.

Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement, when properly applied, render Business Process eengineering unnecessary

The internationalized economic crisis constituted the number one challenge for economic agents across the world, who suddenly found themselves faced with resource constraints, decreasing purchasing power of customers as well as other somber predicaments. While the topic of the crisis is extremely complex and has yet to be exhaustivated, at this level, only one specific feature of the crisis would be addressed -- the fact that it reminded economic agents of the need to remain alert, flexible and to continually develop and improve in order to increase their organizational capabilities.

The specialized literature and the business community have for years communicated the importance of continuous development for business success. Some reasons as to the importance of this lesson include the employees who…


Carter, P., Business Process Reengineering -- an introductory guide, Team Technology,  last accessed on January 28, 2011

Radhakrishnan, Business Process Reengineering: text and cases, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., ISBN 8120335678

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Smylie, M.A., 2009, Continuous school improvement, Corwin Press, ISBN 1412936896

Critical Thinking Applied
Words: 779 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3523663
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sphere of life, there needs to be thought process that precedes any action or decision, otherwise things would be done in erratic and haphazard manner and end up in absolute chaos and disorder. However, for better results and accurate outcomes as always envisioned and required, there is need for critical thinking. This is a step higher than merely thinking as an individual or sitting down to participate in a brainstorming session.

Critical thinking is therefore the dissection of a claim to determine whether the assertion is true, false or partially true or partially false. The ratio of partiality in the truth in an assertion can also be determined in a critical thinking process. This process hence leads to acquisition of skills or standpoints that can be mastered by the relevant persons or learned and used for better results in a process. Critical thinking is a type of reasoning and is…


Foundation for Critical Thinking, (2013). Defining Critical Thinking. Retrieved March 27, 2014 from 

Moira Wilson, (2009). Critical thinking: What is this critical thinking and how do you do it? Retrieved March 27, 2014 from

Ics and Eoc Principles as it Applied to WMD
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ICS Procedures during a Chemical Attack

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a an approach to all-hazards incident management that is standardized and on-scene, and can be used for incidents of any scope, type, or complexity. This system allows for the integration of personnel, equipment, facilities, communications, and procedures that operate within a common organizational structure. When established, the ICS will coordinate responses from among various public and private jurisdictions and agencies, establishing a common system for planning and managing resources. ("Incident Command System") ICS is usually structured into five areas: Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Administration, with a sixth area: Intelligence/Investigation being an option that can be used when appropriate. ("Incident Command System")

The system makes use of what are known as Incident Management Teams (IMTs) which are described as a "comprehensive resource to either augment ongoing operations,… or to include all components/functions of a Command…


"Chemical Threats." FEMA. Retrieved from 

"Emergency Operations Center." FEMA. Retrieved from 

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"Incident Command System." FEMA. Retrieved from


Supply chain management and logistics

Project Management Plan

the topic is a comparative study of logistic operation in the Military Vs commercial organization

Company Name

Project Purpose/Justification

Business Need/Case

Business Objectives



Summary Budget

Project Approval equirements

Project Manager

Many experts believe that there is not much of a parallel when it comes to the logistic operations in the Military and commercial organization. This proposal will show rather or not U.S. military logistics have no parallel in the commercial world -- from its scope and size to the lethal position of the term "mission-critical" throughout the course of wars. In this world, the soldier is the client waiting for products like bullets, food, water, medication and fuel for tanks and other war vehicles.

The purpose of the proposal is to gain a better understanding of the comparisons and differences among the two, with an end-state of affecting whether…


Chrlstgau, R. (2008, March 5). "Military PersoniK. I '.VilJ Not Parti- cipate In Any Activity Havin to do With (reatlnp. a Union for unlisted Men,." Retrieved from Ksouire: ***


Global Focus. (2015, February 13). Managing Supply Chains: What the Military Can Teach Business (and Vice Versa). Retrieved from 


Management Styles Fool-Proofing a Service Operation In
Words: 4150 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92882379
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Management Styles

Fool-proofing a service operation.

In the banking industry, a significant service industry in any country, optimized operations are essential to ensure that the public has maximum confidence in the operators of this industry. ank of America and its operations have been selected for discussion in this study. The bank has grown tremendously in the past few years. CEO, Ken Lewis realized that the bank could gain a wider market share and customer base if it was able to streamline its operations and the level of service. Incorporating concepts of process management was considered essential to the improvement process. (Cox and ossert, 2005) Some of the tools such as six-sigma were used to ensure that a high level of quality was maintained in the service that the provided to the customer.

ank of America recognized that customer satisfaction was paramount in ensuring that the customer was loyal and would…


Anonymous. "Starbucks - Taking on the World." Strategic Direction 20.7 (2004): 13-15. Starbucks and Transfair USA Enter into Breakthrough Alliance to Promote Fair Trade Certified Coffee. 2000. August 5, 2005.

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How ICE and Rain Affect Normal Operations Focusing on Icing
Words: 3763 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15663040
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ice and rain affect normal operations-Emphasis on Icing

There is a clear inter-relation between safe and satisfactory travel by air and weather. Most of the accidents in airplanes occur due to adverse weather, and it is one among the different causes improving towards the occurrence of the accident. It can be blamed as the reason for most of the flight delays also. All flight operations are affected by unfavorable weather. This may prevent the handling of flight totally or sometimes partially. The expenses incurred due to delays and change in route due to such weather conditions is very high. oth the passenger and the aviation industry has to bear the brunt of these situations, due to the loss of time for the passenger, the hefty hotel charges, increase in fuel consumption, and additional spending on servicing, equipment and change in crew, as also they make flying more expensive beyond plans…


Bernstein, B.C., Omeron, T.A. McDonough, F. And Politovich, M.K. 1997: The relationship between aircraft icing and synoptic-scale weather conditions. Weather & Forecasting, 12, 742-762.

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Sand, W.R., Cooper, W.A. Politovich, M. K and Veal, D.L. 1984: Icing conditions encountered by a research aircraft. Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology, 23, 1427-1440.

ICT Use Is Applied to the Tourism
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ICT Use is Applied to the Tourism and Hospitality Industries

This work in writing conducts a critical evaluation of how use of ICT is applied to the tourism and hospitality industries. This work in writing will evaluate the Disney hospitality and tourism website located at

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development reports that the tourism industry has undergone a transformation by the information and communication technologies (ICT) and that the Internet has "dramatically changed the way in which consumers plan and buy their holidays. It has also affected how tourism providers promote and sell their products and services." (2002) The market for tourism is reported to be highly reliant on information and stated as an example is "A consumer in Canada wanting to stay in a remote hotel on a Thai island needs up-to-date information about boat connections, activities on offer, and even recommendations from other travelers.…


Cantoni, L.; Kalbaska, N.; and Inversini, A. (2009) E-Learning in Tourism and Hospitality: A Map. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education. Retrieved from: 

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O'Connor, Peter and Murphy, Jamie (nd) A Review of Research on Information Technology in the Hospitality Industry. Retrieved from:

Counterintelligence Primarily Counterintelligence Operations Entail
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After all, although the polygraph cannot be considered to be definitive proof -- it cannot be used as evidence in the court of law, for example -- it is a cheap way to identify and eliminate major threats to security.

Nevertheless, the notorious instances in which the polygraph provided counterintelligence operations with unreliable information seem to loom over the head of much of the information that is gathered through them. Very routinely, the process of determining the reliability of informants in foreign agencies becomes paralyzed even after a polygraph has been administered. Typically, this has occurred within the CIA following apparent breaches of security, or instances in which it was never clearly determined whether an informant was providing legitimate information: "In the case of Vitaly Yurchenko, the CIA Counterintelligence Staff was faced with assessing whether he was a legitimate defector who changed his mind or a planet who intended to…

Works Cited

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Managing Operations Across the Supply
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In addition to this, planning the menu is important in order to determine the types of foods that are necessary in this case.

d) the efficiency of the project can be increased by crashing other activities in addition to creating the guest list and purchasing the food. Annie can crash activities like buying decorations and planning the menu. By crashing the buying of decoration Annie reduces the costs of the project by $70 and its duration by 2 hours. It is also recommended to crash this activity because it does not depend on the number of guests and it does not influence other activities. By crashing of the planning of the menu activity, Annie reduces the cost of the project by $60 and its duration by one hour. This activity influences activities like purchasing of food, and preparing it. Therefore, the reduction of planning the menu can help increase the…

Reference list:

1.Meyer, B. (2002). Project Costs and Crashing. Management of Operations. Retrieved February 11, 2012.

Install exterior siding

Install wiring

Install roof

Macroeconomic Impact on Business Operations
Words: 1551 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6500187
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Macroeconomic Impact on Business Operations

Monetary and fiscal tools are used by the government to control economic conditions in the country. Monetary policy usually targets money supply in the market in order to control inflation. In some countries such as ussia and Brazil, governments may often force the mints to print extra currency to meet various expenses. This results in higher flow of money in the market which is unsubstantiated by gold reserves of that country. That leads to inflation and causes several problems due to macroeconomic instability.

However when inflation is kept in check, prices stay within consumer's reach, money market remains stable and other areas such as employment, interest rates etc. However while monetary policy is more dependent on market forces and consumer behavior, fiscal policies include governmental spending, taxation and interest rates. We must understand that fiscal measures are normally utilized in capitalist countries when economic conditions…


1) Brock, James (2000) "Industry Update: Airlines," Review of Industrial Organization, 16: 41-51.

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4) U.S. Vs. AMR Corporation, Case number 99-1180-JTM, U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas.

Mass Casualty Decontamination Special Operations in Emergency Medical Services
Words: 2136 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75005173
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Mass Casuality Decontamination

Mass Causality Decontamination

Throughout the past era, worries about possible terrorist acts concerning weapons of mass destruction (WMD) directed Congress and the President to obtain a complete counteract terrorism strategy that was aimed at stopping a chemical, biological, or nuclear attack and improving domestic attentiveness. The organization of choice for national significance management has been the Department of Defense. Of the $1.2 billion taken in the FY 2000 business plan purposely for WMD reply, most of it went to DOW Overreliance on the military for domestic (Wynd, C. 2006) WMD defense, nevertheless, may reduce the military's war combating capacity and holds the potential for breach of individual rights. Given that these attacks are confronting to avoid and may take place anywhere and at any time, mass decontamination is one of the significant factors to controlling the distresses of such an occurrence, saving lives, and limiting the number…


10th european congress of trauma and emergency surgery. (2010). European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 35, 1-1-188. doi:10.1007/s00068-009-8001-z

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Disaster Response: Principles of Preparation and Coordination. (1989). St. Louis: Center of Excellence and Disaster Management.

Oxford Brookes University Bsc Hons in Applied
Words: 7607 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73474891
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Oxford Brookes University BSc (Hons) in Applied

Accounting esearch and Analysis Project

An Analysis of the Business and Financial Performance of StarHub Group from 2008 to 2010

Topic chosen and for the reason

For the basis of my Oxford Brookes University degree research and analysis project (AP) is project, the topic selected was number 8, "The business and financial performance of organisation over the three years period." This selection is due in large part to my ultimate dream job of being a professional financial analyst and the environment in which the Singaporean telecommunications industry is developing. For instance, Chong and Chow emphasize that, "Asia's telecommunications market has long been viewed as lucrative and fast growing. The value of the Asian market is estimated at $180 billion, while a recent study shows that the "Asia-Pacific excluding Japan has been the fastest growing information and communications technology market, moving at a compound…


Anderson, M. (2010, August) 'Gearing.' ACCA Student Accountant.

Bragg, S.M. (2007) Business Ratio and Formulas, 2nd Ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Chong, R. & Chow W. (1999) 'Financing Telecommunications Projects in Asia: A Promising

Regulatory Perspective.' Federal Communications Law Journal, vol. 52, no. 1, p. 1.

E-Banking Operations
Words: 1857 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54806596
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new era of information technology brought about a new speed in business and operations and a new meaning of everything from obtaining and passing on information to evaluating one's options in the field and to taking responsible decisions based on the information received. Corroborated with the global business environment which characterizes the end of the 20th century and the 21st century, and with the necessity to be able to act and react to factors occurring geographically in different places, technology became a must. In terms of speed, availability, operational ease or time saving, e-banking has become one of the most revelatory experiences in the way information technology was applied. We will further investigate the separate benefits and advantages that e-banking brought, both for the customers and for the banks where the service is available.


Any enumeration of the advantages and benefits of e-banking should perhaps first start with a…


1. E-Banking delivery channels. The Financial Gazette. November 2004. On the Internet at

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4. lId=2

Naval Operations in the Twentieth Century
Words: 974 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 68281891
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Admiral's Advantage -- U.S. Navy Operational Intelligence in World War II and the Cold War

The Admirals Advantage

The Admirals Advantage is a book that is based on an Operational Intelligence (OPINTEL) 'Lessons Learnt' symposium that was held in 1998 at the National Maritime Intelligence Centre. It also borrows from studies conducted by the reserve units of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) that were conducted in the period between 1994 and 2004. The book is written by Christopher Ford and David Rosenberg, who received assistance from Randy alano. Christopher Ford served as the Republican Chief Counsel to the U.S. committee on appropriations and among other previous roles; he had served as U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence's general counsel[footnoteRef:1]. He is also a graduate from Yale and Harvard. At the time the book was being written, David Rosenberg worked in the Institute for Defense Analyses as a professional staff…


Ford, Christopher and David Rosenberg, The Admirals Advantage: U.S. Navy Operational Intelligence in World War II and the Cold War Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2014

Drive Theory Woodworth's Drive Theory Applied One
Words: 833 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 562764
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Drive Theory

Woodworth's Drive Theory Applied

One of the theories of human motivation that was developed in the first half of the twentieth century by psychologist obert Woodworth is the drive theory, or more specifically the drive theory based on an assumption of basic homeostasis and the biological desire to maintain this homeostasis (Halvers 2011; Eysenck 2000). Simply put, this theory asserts that humans are driven to satisfy their biological needs and maintain homeostasis by taking care of basic needs like hunger, thirst, and other physical and physiological needs (Vigori 2011). According to this theory, when these needs are not being met the lack of homeostasis triggers a response that creates a conscious impulse or motivation on the part of the individual, leading to conscious actions that attempt to satisfy the conscious desire and thus the subconscious need by restoring homeostasis (Halvers 2011).

One situation in which this theory of…


Eysenck, M. (2000). Psychology: A Student's Handbook. New York: Taylor & Francis.

Halvers, R. (2011). Motivation. Accessed 18 April 2011. 

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Terrorism in the contemporary society - UK

Terrorism is a serious issue in the contemporary society and the international public is actively involved in fighting it through a wide range of channels, both organized and improvised. hile terrorism was previously regarded as being a concept with a lesser felt presence in the est, recent decades have proved otherwise and have made it possible for the masses to understand that they are exposed. The September 11, 2001, events in particular changed the way that the masses looked at terrorism in general. People understood that it was a real problem and that they were no longer as safe as they previously thought they were.

The September 11 events made the whole world turn its attention toward the U.S. It seemed that terrorism had chosen the country as a main target and that the American authorities needed to provide a rapid and effective…

Works cited:

Anderson, D. "The Terrorism Acts in 2012: report of the Independent Reviewer on the operation of the Terrorism Act 2000 and of part 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006." (IDRC, 17 Jul 2013)

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Locational Factors of a Garage
Words: 646 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12193110
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Operations Management

The process of deciding on the location of the new garage will entail a consideration of various factors that influence its suitability. Based on the four locations, location B. is the most suitable location for constructing the new garage to accommodate the increasing cars from the increasing student population. Case analysis shows that of the four sites, engineering section will hold most of the cars (40%) making it the most suitable location for the garage. Proximity to the main street should also be a factor to be considered when making site B. The new garage location. It is expected that noise pollution will come from the main road passing close to the college. As such, since location B. is close to the main road, the effect of noise will be minimized due to its close proximity to the main road, thereby, its suitability.

In addition, the management of…


Anderson, D.L., Bhatti, M.A., Foley, C.M., & Charney, F.A. (2008). Crossing borders Structures 2008, April 24-26, 2008, Vancouver, BC, Canada.. Reston, Va.: American Society of Civil Engineers.

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Quality Improvement in Offset Printing
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Operations anagement

This a asters Business Administration (BA) Paper Operations anagement There a paper required, due parts. Each part a maximum 4 pages long , counting text exhibits, excluding bibliography references.

Current state

Offset and digital printing often faces quality issues related to several factors. The differences and similarities that exist between offset and digital print in the quality assurance process though the two methods share common demerits. Offset printing, which is applicable to a wide range of materials, produces more frequent quality issues than digital print, which has been referred to by White (1975) as sharper and suffering from less technical constraints such as resolution. However, for digital print, resolution also serves as an issue because where a lower-resolution design is used, the print quality suffers as well. oreover, digital printers suffer from lack of digital printing standards which means providers who use digital print have few tools and…

Materazzi, A.R., & Meade, C.B. (1977). GPO's Quality Assurance Through Attributes Program.: TAGA Proceedings.

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White, I.C. (1975). The Print Quality Index - A Management Tool (pp. 259-269): TAGA Proceedings.

Park Plaza Hospital Case Study Analysis
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Operations Management

Hospital Operations Management

The Park Plaza Hospital is a privately owned facility that contains a surgical suite of nine operating rooms. These are booked in advance by the physicians with surgery privileges at the hospital. Therefore, the comprehensive schedule of the next seven days is known with some certainty. The process is significant because it permits the assignment of staff as well as the preparation of the relevant supplies and equipment for the process. The purpose of this study is to analyze the Park Plaza Hospital case study. The comparison between the elements of this resource planning system and traditional manufacturing resource planning system are well discussed (Phillips & Kohn 2004).

Manufacturing resource planning developed from the initial materials requirement planning, by involving the integration of additional data. The Park Plaza implements this form of resource planning. It is pertinent to identify the existence of analogies between the…


Caramia, M., & Olmo, P. (2006). Effective resource management in manufacturing systems optimization algorithms for production planning. London: Springer.

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Leading and Staffing in the Military
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Operations in the Military and the Navy

Planning in Military and Navy

Leading and Organizing in Military and Navy

Staffing in Military and navy


Every organization needs proper planning, leading, organizing, staffing, and controlling are aspects that are critical for the success of any organization. The aspects and principles of management are applicable to every organization. Proper planning is the first step to accomplishing any objective and as the saying goes "a project properly planned is half done." Therefore the aspect of planning is very important. Following the planning, the peripheral activities like organizing, leading, controlling and staffing are done. However these are done with respect to the master plan so that the aims and objectives of the organization for which the plan is made is achieved (Hartmann, 2012).

In this aspect in this paper we would try and understand how the managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading, controlling…


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Effect of Brain Injuries on Cognitive Functioning
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Applied Behavioral Analysis on How Brain Injuries Impact One's Cognitive Ability Levels

How Brain Injuries Impact One's Cognitive Ability Levels

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) has considerable impacts on the normal functioning or operation of the brain. In most cases, brain injuries damage nerve cells to an extent that these cells no longer transmit information to each other in the ordinary manner. Brain injuries are usually divided into three major categories i.e. mild, moderate and severe depending on the extent of neurological damage that takes place. Given their impact on neurological functioning, brain injuries have impact on one's cognitive ability levels. Some of these impacts include cognitive disabilities, depressive symptoms, life satisfaction, and effect on life roles at different development stages and ages. Therefore, the extent with which brain injuries affect a person's cognitive ability levels is an important topic of study. Is there a direct link between brain injuries…


Juengst, S.B., Adams, L. M., Bogner, J.A., Arenth, P.M., O'Neil-Pirozzi, T.M., Dreer, L.E., & Wagner, A.K. (2015, November). Trajectories of Life Satisfaction after Traumatic Brain Injury: Influence of Life Roles, Age, Cognitive Disability, and Depressive Symptoms. Rehabilitation Psychology, 60(4), 353-364. Doi: 10.1037/rep0000056

Massy. J. S., Meares, S., Batchelor, J., & Bryant, R.A. (2015, July). An Exploratory Study of the Association of Acute Posttraumatic Stress, Depression and Pain to Cognitive Functioning in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Neuropsychology, 29(4), 530-542. Doi: 10.1037/meu000192

McDonald, S., Gowland, A., Randall, R., Fisher, A., Osborne-Crowley, K., & Honan, C. (2014, September). Cognitive Factors Underpinning Poor Expressive Communication Skills after Traumatic Brain Injury: Theory of Mind or Execution Function? Neuropsychology, 28(5), 801-811. Doi: 10.1037/neu0000089

Meyers. N. M., Chapman, J.C., Gunthert, K.C., & Weissbrod, C.S. (2016, January). The Effect of Masculinity on Community Reintegration Following TBI in Military Veterans. Military Psychology, 28(1), 14-24. Doi:10.1037/mil0000097

Aviation Much Is Being Said
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Egozi (2012) points out that Israeli ground crew systems in ATC and related to UAS operations are working together to create mutually beneficial solutions. Therefore, the FAA needs to take the cue from emerging technology sectors that can help guide the way to regulations related to integrating both hardware and software systems on the ground for both unmanned and manned vehicles. As the Joint Planning and Development Office (2011) points out, there has yet to emerge a standard interface design for use in any category or type of vehicle, let alone between ATC and UAS operators and pilots. This must change if UAS are to become not just more prolific but also safer and more integrated into mixed-use aircraft facilities. The Joint Planning and Development Office (2011) also suggests that there may be, especially in larger airports, a separate ground control and ATC area for unmanned aircraft. However, it is…


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Applying Statistical Process Control Pharmaceutical Manufacturing the
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Applying Statistical Process Control Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The use of applied statistics in studying a pharmaceutical manufacturing process is examined in the work of Tiani (2004) reports that health care quality is critically important in society and the quality of health care is important to all individuals. It is important that treatment is given in an accurate manner and this is particularly true of medications given to patients as it is expected that "the bottle of medicine has the specified number of tablets and that each tablet contains the specified quantity of the correct drug." (Tiani, 2004)

Legal and Regulatory Framework

There are legal and regulatory requirements set out in the law of the United States that the quality of medications be controlled in the pharmaceutical industry. The regulations are contained in federal statutes and outline "a quality control functions that emphasizes inspection and defect detection, and pharmaceutical quality control technology."…


Shanley, Agnes (2011) No Time for Process Control? PharmaManufacturing Magazine. Retrieved from: 

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Johnson & Johnson Business Description
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As with many pharmaceutical products manufacturers, the extent of supply chain and quality performance has a direct effect on distribution, profitability and services performance as well (tevenson, 2012).

Beginning with supply chain management, J&J has an intensively level of supplier audits they expect each supplier to pass and also randomly be able to manage as they provide materials, components and subassemblies to the company (Wechsler, 2011). upplier audits form the interlinking process to Quality Management, another strategic operations management initiative in the comp[any as well. J&J also uses these supplier audits to ensure alignment to the Collaborative, Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment (CPFR) processes which are critical to their success in anticipating global demand for products by business unit (Weill, Ross, 2005). upply chain management is the unifying operations management strategy that keeping the entire value chain and quality levels of J&J aligned to corporate objectives and standards (Weill, Ross, 2005)…

Sources: (Connolly, 2007) (Hook, 2010) (SAP Practice on Life Sciences Supply Chains) (J&J Investor Relations, 2012)


J&J has a strong focus on operations management strategies, techniques and frameworks as the company is heavily reliant on them to continually meet federal and international compliance requirements for their products (Wechsler, 2011). The focus on supply chain integration to quality management is critical for any business' supply chain to execute the many processes and transactions necessary to grow a business (Stevenson, 2012). For J&J the highly regulated nature of the product quality levels for their products make the integration of these two areas essential for their continued profitability and growth.


Christine Connolly. (2007). Sensor trends in processing and packaging of foods and pharmaceuticals. Sensor Review, 27(2), 103.

Avon Calls Foreign Markets Question Why Avon
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Avon Calls Foreign Markets." Question: Why Avon dependent foreign operations home (U.S.) operations? Please provide a couple reasons relate case.

Avon Calls on Foreign Markets

Avon is one of the oldest and largest cosmetics manufacturing and retailing organization. The company has penetrated the industry through a specific model of direct sales through Avon consultants and representatives. The Avon products are as such not available in traditional stores and can only be accessed directly from company representatives. Aside from the retailing model, this feature is also important as it added a business dimension to the company. Namely, women across the country became Avon representatives and strived to promote and sell the items for their own gain.

Today, Avon makes intense efforts to increase its presence within the global community and to become more competitive internationally. In this setting, a question is being posed relative to the reasons which promoted Avon to…


Avon Calls on Foreign Markets case study

Management and Decision Sciences From
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76). As automation increasingly assumes the more mundane and routine aspects of work of all types, Drucker was visionary in his assessment of how decisions would be made in the years to come. "In the future," said Drucker, "it was possible that all employment would be managerial in nature, and we would then have progressed from a society of labor to a society of management" (Witzel, p. 76). The first tasks of the manager, then, are to coordinate an organization's resources and provide a viable framework in which they can be used to produce goods and services effectively and efficiently. The second set of tasks concern guidance and control. In Drucker's view, this role is almost entirely proactive: "Economic forces set limits to what a manager can do. They create opportunities for management's action. But they do not by themselves dictate what a business is or what it does" (Drucker,…

Oil and Gas Industry in
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A large body of literature has treated many different aspects of these influences on Asia, Europe and the United States (Busser & Sadoi, 2003). The importance of the study relates to the current trends taking place in Libya where aggressive steps have been taken in recent years to normalize relations with the international community. For example, Libya opened up its programs to develop weapons of mass destruction to international scrutiny and renounced terrorism as a political tool (Libya, 2010). Moreover, the country's political leadership has been equally forthcoming in its efforts to normalize their relations with Western nations since 2003 (Libya, 2010). More recently, Libya has been removed from the U.S. State Department's list of states that sponsor terrorism in 2006 and in 2008, Libya joined the United Nations as a nonpermanent member on the UN Security Council during the 2008-2009 term (Libya, 2010).

Other signs that clearly point to…


About us. (2010). Mobil. Retrieved from .

Al-Waha Oil Company overview. (2010). Al-Waha Oil Company. Retrieved from http://www.

Announcement of oil discovery. (2010, July). National Oil Corporation. Retrieved from ;

Rock Cafe Case Study Since
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Local non-profits are thrilled to have help, and this spreads goodwill throughout the community. This empowers each of the employees to "Pay it Forward" and understand the benefits of empathy and community service…. The perception is that this is a branded company name that puts its money where its motto is. In turn this inspires other businesses and corporations while retaining their greatest asset -- their employees: they will not need to reinvest in the time or expense of interviewing, hiring, and training new employees -- operationally a real coup (Crow, 2010, 44).

Part 11 - There are several reasons and techniques designed specifically to measure performance, in this case, with the kitchen and wait staff at the Hard ock Cafes. Primarily, we measure for:

Program effectiveness

Decision making

Setting goals and objectives

ecognize good or great performance

Interceed in time with poor or negligible performance

To inform stakeholders



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New York: Wiley.

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Cameron Balloons' Business Process Is
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Once the company has an order, it takes time before the balloon can be constructed. A dedicated team of designers must draw up plans and create a computer model. This can take a considerable amount of time, so the production team must be able to work fast to complete the project on time. The sewers cannot even begin until templates are made and cloth is cut. The cloth is even carefully inspected for defects before the cut panels make their way to the sewers. The artwork can be applied in various ways. Sometimes, the designs are dyed into the fabric and other times it is airbrushed or stuck on with adhesive. During this time, the basket, rigging, and burners are constructed in separate process, and then the final balloon comes together with the help of the Engineering Department. None of this would be possible without the Purchasing Department who coordinates…

20th Century History Quiz
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Lenin's form of Marxism/Communism as applied to the Russian economy backfired. Why? What happened? What went wrong that he and other Marxists/Communists did not anticipate?

Of course, Lenin wanted to improve productivity and use this improvement as a means to create and uphold operations of Lenin's version of a Marxist economy. Lenin attempted to take classes of people and improve the economy even though the first World War was causing problems. They tried the War Communism approach. owever, it did not go well because Lenin did not accurately guage the level of Russia's economic problems. In addition, Lenin pushed too hard and two soon into full-fledged Communism and the country was simply not ready for that yet. e also tried the NEP, confiscation of a portion of business products and so forth and that equally failed.

Lenin coined the phrase, "Commanding eights" to describe the system that managed the economy…

Hitler was part genius, part opportunist. The Germany economy was in the gutter in large part because of the American collapse that caused the Depression in the late 1920's. Unemployment in Germany was literally in the millions. Hitler was able to rise to his position through him being a great speaker, he less extreme political forces refused to get alone, he was able to propagate a masterful propaganda campaign and Hitler promised the people he would override and tear away the Treaty of Versailles. These promises gave him the support and funds he needed to execute his master plan.

6) Democracy and capitalism are intertwined. When Hitler came to power in the 1930s, democracy and democratic freedoms were cast aside. What happened? Did the people support this change? Why or why not?

The people were desparate and they were willing to give up freedoms so that Germany would escape from the mire and muck of economic destitution. It could be compared fairly easily to the Patriot Act in the United States post-9/11. There is little to no chance that such a law would have been passed Congress in 2000. Much the same thing would be true in pre-Hitler Germany before the Depression struck the United States. Hitler was basically in the right place at the right time. If Germany had had a good economy circa 1929, Hitler probably wouldn't have gotten remotely as far as he did.

Military Theory
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Military Theory: Jomini on Napoleon

The objective of this study is to use the Campaign of 1813 culminating in the battle of Leipzig and to identify and analyze both the critical points and decisive points that Antoine-Henri Jomini in his 'Principles of War' would have listed in relation to proper time and sufficient force and identify how many would be applied both positively and negatively to Napoleon's maneuvering and engaging.

Napoleon's Focus

The focus of Napoleon in the Campaign of 1813 was to launch such a mass attack on the enemy that they would be overcome and decimated. However, as this study will demonstrate, Napoleon missed chances to do just that and his poor planning and improper timing resulted in the losses of many thousands of lives that did not have to be lost. According to Jomini, the art of war is comprised by six specific parts including: (1) statesmanship…


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