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At& t's Compensation and Benefits AT& T
Words: 1315 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 71267733
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In the case of retirees of 65 and over, it decreased from 7.5% in 2007 to 6.36% in 2008. The rate to which the cost trend is assumed to decline was maintained at a constant level of 5% in 2007 and 2008.

Given the company's financial situation and the current global economic conditions, it is estimated that the compensation and benefit costs will decrease in the following years. The company estimated the following evolution:

Pension benefits: $4,964 in 2008, $4,841 in 2009, $4,864 in 2010

Postretirement benefits: $2,520 in 2008, $2,636 in 2009, $2,733 in 2010

Medicare subsidy receipts: $120 in 2008, $130 in 2009, $140 in 2010

The company is very active in the stock-based compensation plan. This type of compensation is encouraged by the company's board of directors. The compensation cost in 2005 reached $143, in 2006 it reached $301, and in 2007 it reached $720.

Advantages and…

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AT& T Cost and Price Cost and Price
Words: 1128 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6613715
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AT&T Cost and Price

Cost and Price Analysis -- AT&T

Company Overview

The AT&T Government Solutions business is currently headquartered in Oakton, VA and is composed of over four thousand scientists, engineers, and analysts; many of which have already obtained the needed security clearance to work more sensitive projects (AT&T Government, 2012). The company's niche is focused on providing a range of IT managed solutions that include network leadership in voice, data, video, and managed services. The company previously operated under the name GRC International which was originally founded in 1961 (Bloomberg Business, 2012). However the name was changed to AT&T Government Solutions, Inc. In March of 2000 and operates as a subsidiary of AT&T Inc.

AT&T Government Solutions received a majority of its work from the defense industry in 2011 which represented close to three hundred eighty million dollars' worth of revenue. By contrast, the civilian sector represented nearly…

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Challenges in the Global Business Environment
Words: 2228 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12819851
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Global Environment


AT&T's code of ethics can be found on its website (2014). The code exists in accordance with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to the company. The code contains nine items: honest and ethical conduct, conflicts of interest, disclosure, compliance, reporting and accountability, corporate opportunities, confidentiality, fair dealing and protection and proper use of company assets. Under each category, the company explains its policies. Under "honest and ethical conduct," AT&T says it will "act with integrity," using a synonym to make a redundant statement. It also says it will "observe both the form and spirit of laws and government rules and regulations," which is the same as line IV, compliance. It will "adhere to a high standard of business ethics," another redundant statement, and without defining "high standard."

The company rather curiously defines "conflict of interest:" as arising when a personal interest interferes…


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AT& T Standards and Business Global Business Environment
Words: 2552 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18562025
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Global business environment is an environment within different sovereign countries and exogenous factors to the home of an organization influence the process of making decisions when it comes to the use of resources and capabilities. These include political, social, economic, legal, cultural, tax, regulatory and technological environments.

Global business environment is an environment within different sovereign countries whereby factors that are exogenous to the home environment of a particular organization have an influence on the process of making decisions when it comes to the use of resources and capabilities. These include political, social, economic, legal, cultural, tax, regulatory and technological environments.

Challenges to global business environment

Unethical business practices,

Failure to embrace technology advancements.

Stiff competition among the businesses.

Unethical business practices exist due to the lack of established ethical code of conduct within an organization

There are serious challenges on the global business environment which…

Telecom Industry the Total Business
Words: 2045 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63354661
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Wireless although the performance of Cingular has been mediocre also. The new Cingular expects that the added network coverage from at & T. Wireless will assist in opposing that belief nearly from the very beginning. (FCC OKs Cingular, at&T Wireless Merger)

The merger is regarding placing two companies in unison that do not have the metrics to go for the optimum services. Whereas there is scanty reservations regarding the amalgamation gives Cingular instruments to perk up customer satisfaction, the company has to proceed very speedily. Since in excess of 170 million subscribers are at present using a mobile phone in the United States, the phenomenal surge in the recent years is sure of slowing down. Meanwhile, the customers of at & T. Wireless has been deserting at the rate of 3.5% per month during 2004 which is worrying given that rivals Verizon and Nextel Comunications Inc. has been losing their…


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Private University Is Selling a Share or
Words: 1077 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28203394
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Private University is selling a share, or something else. At the outset of the Act, "security" is defined as "any note, stock, treasury stock, security future, security-based swap, bond, debenture, evidence of indebtedness, certificate of interest or participation in any profit-sharing agreement, collateral-trust certificate…" and many others are subject to the law. The key is that the security creates a share of income for the holder, whether in the form of debt or equity. Options for later purchase are also included in the definition of security.

The asset in question is a "share" that entitles the bearer to college credits in any school at the future date. A college credit is not a claim to a cash flow, nor it is claim to equity. Therefore, this is not a security. Rather, it is a coupon by which a product can later be acquired. There is no difference between this asset…

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AT& T Is in Basic Terms a Telecommunications
Words: 1498 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55178543
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AT&T is in basic terms a telecommunications services provider with operations not only in the U.S. But also in other parts of the world. In this text, I conduct an analysis of the company. In so doing, I will amongst other things explore its accounting systems and internal controls. Further, I will also conduct a brief review of its financial statements.

Company Overview

In so many ways, AT&T can be regarded an industry leader in the provision of wireless voice communications. The company gives its mission as "to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else" (AT&T, 2013). Some of the main competitors of AT&T in the Telecom Services industry include but they are not limited to Verizon Communications Inc. And Sprint Nextel Corp. Currently, the company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Accounting Systems

Accounting systems include but they are not…


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President Lincoln Abraham Lincoln's Life
Words: 1642 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47183536
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Atzerodt also made a statement claiming knowledge of a Confederate plot to bomb the White House. The Union's failed raid on Richmond was also approved by Lincoln, and it was later believed that he ordered the death of Jeff Davis in a strategy to end the war. Such speculations were extremely damaging for the strength of the government, and similar conspiracy theories fascinate historians to this day. In this, at least one part of ooth's ideal was realized: government weakness. This however did not result in a revival for the South, which was in fact the ultimate aim.

In conclusion, Lincoln's death meant that his attempts at countrywide reform were immediately nullified. Without his leadership, and in concomitance with the many conspiracy theories at the time, the government was unable to carry further such work. The country was not nearly strong enough to benefit from the good work done by…


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Financial Health of AT& T With American Telephone
Words: 647 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92971804
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Financial Health of AT&T

With American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) becoming incorporated in 1885, this New York-based subsidiary of the American Bell Telephone Company embarked upon a mission to provide networking as its core service (2011). Shortly after the invention of the phone, AT&T built its network from New York to various eastern seaboard cities, with its major milestone in Chicago, which marked the longest line possible with existing technology. In 1899, AT&T acquired the assets of its parent company, and it soon became known as the Bell Telephone System that primarily served long distance lines and telegraph service. It remained as a monopoly until the 1984 when an agreement was reached with the U.S. Dept of justice to dismantle the system into eight companies (AT&T, 2011). Maintaining a competitive advantage in a dynamic environment become fierce and required continuous innovation, improvement and expansion in the telecommunications industry. In…


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Raising IQ Scores Education
Words: 1459 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41640985
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raising IQ scores/Education. Question: Should the IQ cutoff for mental retardation be raised to 80? Six sources. APA.

Should the IQ Cutoff for Mental Retardation be raised to 80?

The debate regarding IQ tests continues to rage into the new millennium. Every decade has a myriad of new studies supporting or contradicting the last accepted theories and studies. There are new studies which indicate that the IQ scores in the United States has risen by 3 points per decade, "indicating that intelligence is not stable but is flexible with regards to environmental influences." However, after vast research, no one knows just exactly what is causing the rise in IQ scores. Moreover, there is an ongoing debate in regards to raising the IQ cutoff scores for the mental retardation assessment. The American Association of Mental Retardation's definition of mental retardation is "a disability characterized by significant limitations both in intellectual functioning…

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AT& T Company and How Its Pending Merger
Words: 708 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38800456
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AT&T company and how its pending merger with T-Mobile major will affect mission and vision of the company. Also, its goals and objectives will be analyzed and the author will comment on whether or not this merger is in line with the needs of the major stakeholders that involved, that is, the customers, the employees and similar parties. The sources of information will be telecommunication blogs and publications analyzing the potential merger.

On both sides of the divide, there are "winners" and "losers" and a balancing act that is going on between competitive benefits of pricing vs. The stability of industry standards when there is oligopoly competition between only a small number of large corporations. This balancing act is never easy and is the reason for Federal regulation and legislation in an attempt to keep at least a reasonable amount of competition in the markets and yet take advantage of…

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Shareholders Managers and Employees Are
Words: 3799 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11367415
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The main fundamentals behind this growth strategy were favorably exploited by Symantec's CEOs in the recent years. For example, answering the question 'Why is Symantec's strategy to become a full service security company while others in the market are just focusing on single areas for future development, such as antivirus?' Of a journalist, Symantec's chairman and CEO John W. Thompson, answered: 'Look at some of the market leaders from a few years ago which were focused on a single technology. Today they find their businesses stalled. Companies that specialise in firewalls today face low growth and few new customers. If you close your eyes to the emerging threat landscape your ability to service customers is limited. The nature of today's threats means that antivirus technology alone is not enough; you need a combination of tightly integrated technologies operating at each tier of the network'. Another fundamentals behind this strategy can…


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Mobile Sprint Merger Investigating the Possibility of a
Words: 1522 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40314264
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Mobile/Sprint Merger?

Investigating the Possibility of a Sprint and T-Mobile Merger

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger (?)

AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile (?)

Advantages to AT&T

Effects to the Consumer

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the feasibility of a Sprint and T-Mobile merger. The two companies utilize similar technology and it was thought that a merger of the two telecommunications giants would offer a certain synergy that would add value not only to the combined organization but also to consumers. ith the increased competitiveness that would be gained with this merger the new conglomerate would be in a better market position to compete with industry leaders such as AT&T and Verizon. However, the business world moves very quickly and the possibility of a Sprint and T-Mobile merger no longer seems to be a remote possibility.

Instead, the giant telecommunication leader AT&T has recently made a move to purchase T-Mobile…

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Plan and Develop a Training Program Within an Organization
Words: 2249 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53284220
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The purpose of this discussion is to provide a Plan and develop a training program within the organization known as AT&T. Human Resource Development The part of human resource management that specifically deals with training and development of the employees. Human resource development includes training an individual after he/she is first hired, providing opportunities to learn new skills, distributing resources that are beneficial for the employee's tasks, and any other developmental activities (Human Resource Development)."

AT&T is one of the oldest companies in the world. Its inception began in 1876, when Alexander Graham ell invented the telephone. Since this time the company has grown tremendously. The mission of the company is to "connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else (Company Information)." At the current time AT & T. is a leading provider of IP-based communications. The company also has…


"A Brief History: The New AT&T." Available [Online] history5.html' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

History C Programming Language
Words: 957 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50382192
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C++ programming language. Specifically, it will discuss the creation of the language and some of its applications. C++ is one of the most important programming languages in use today. It has revolutionized the computing world, and applications using the language are utilized by millions of people around the world every day.

Bell Labs scientist Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++ Programming Language between 1983 and 1985. Initially, Stroustrup simply added some features to the C. Programming Language, and called it "C with Classes." Stroustrup added more alterations and functions and finally came up with C++, an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language. C++ evolved from a long line of languages that began in the 1960s with languages like FOTAN and Combined Programming Language (CPL) ("History," 2000). CPL eventually evolved into C (which first stood for "Cambridge" where it was developed, and later "Christopher," for Christopher Strachey, the scientist who helped develop it (Lohr, 2001,…


Author not Available. (2000). History of C++. Retrieved from the Web site:  May 2004.

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Urban Its Services and Rnp Parameters
Words: 974 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 7587661
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Urban ITS Services on oad Transport:

Urban public transport services have attracted considerable attention in relation to the interaction between general traffic and public transport modes. These transportation services have been characterized with issues regarding the costs of operations and the quality of service across public transportation modes. Given the need for smooth traffic flow, there have been various initiatives geared towards the improvement of urban public transport services. One of the major initiatives that have been adopted in the recent past is the introduction of new systems or Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) signals. These systems have had tremendous impact on positioning, navigation, and timing for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in urban areas. These systems have been introduced as part of the constant new technology, practices, and research for management of traffic, which is increasingly becoming a complex process and exercise. Intelligent Transport Systems assist in increasing mobility and…


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Organizational Culture of Sony
Words: 5456 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 7930414
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Cultural Analysis of Sony

Defining Organizational Culture:

Organizational culture can be defined in several ways. The definitions that apply to this essay are discussed below. Morgan (1986) defined organizational culture as the development patterns as mirrored by the society's ideology, laws, knowledge system, daily rituals and laws. Schein (1985) says that organizational culture has relations with observed norms, behavioral regularities, policies, philosophies or values, the acceptable behavior and the sense of belonging that an individual has by being part of an organization (p.6,9). An organization's culture is essentially a product of the organization's members. The members are driven to achieve the goals of the organization which in turn has an effect on the organization's life. The data used in this essay has been sourced from secondary electronic and print sources.

The Nature of Sony's Business

Sony is a leading brand in a wide range of electronic products like home entertainment…


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The Future and Safety of Armory and Weapons
Words: 1257 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 50525775
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Global arms trade is an industry that is massive in the global arena as it is built on the foundation of having robust and continuing demand that is arising from the expenditure of military personnel. Moreover, this phenomenon includes new weapons systems procurement and refurbishment. esearch shows that there are governments that spend more on military as compared to their infrastructure, health care, and development projects. Today, the proliferation of cheap weapons in countries like South Korea, Brazil, and Turkey that arms exporters consider as good. The occurrence of such an event sets to place America's dominance of the trade at a greater risk. For America producers, the repercussions will include grave economic situations if such arms exporters infiltrate the trade. Moreover, this will mean that Washington's global sway will encounter negative ramifications.

When the global arms market is flooded with relatively cheap and highly capable machinery systems, it is…


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Population Assessment of the Elderly
Words: 2453 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28794137
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Elderly in Monrovia, CA

The population of people aged 65 years or greater is steadily escalating, as baby boomers come of age. It is estimated that this age bracket accounts for 10% of the total world population, and is statistically increasing. As this sector of the population steadily increases, there are of course, accompanying health care issues: osteoarthritis, cardiac and kidney issues, Alzheimer's or dementia, and an ever-growing problem with depression. For this essay, we will concentrate on several health issues that plague seniors nationally, but will specifically focus on the aging population over 65 in Monrovia, California.

Monrovia is a smallish city located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County. Monrovia was settled in the late 1800s as a central hub for the growing orange grove industry, but has now become more of a bedroom community that supports the urban…


Breathe California of Los Angeles County. (2009). Cited in: 

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Midcourse Review." Executive Summary. Cited in:

Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
Words: 2404 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 29164775
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This method makes effective use of ability of metals to float on surfaces of leachates on their own. Due to the high proven efficiency of this method, it is widely used for removal of heavy metals such as iron and humic acid from leachates in many parts of the world.

emoval of Plastic from Municipal Waste

Plastic is a non-biodegradable waste that has low recycling margin. Unfortunately, plastic is widely used in everyday products is heavily present in the municipal waste. The environmental threat posed by the presence of plastic in municipal waste is another major issue. Major plastic types that are commonly found in UK municipal waste include PET, high density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, low density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and other plastics such as melamine. Major source of these types of plastic are fizzy drink bottles, bottles of detergents and washing liquids, plastic plates cups and spoons, bin bags,…

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Constructivist Theory in Today's Educational
Words: 2438 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3310125
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To ensure that the constructivist approach functions optimally, teachers must therefore ensure that the interactional and social situation within each group is managed effectively as well.

Young (2003) notes that another challenge facing teachers and students is the implementation of technology in the constructivist classroom. The specific challenge here is that, more often than not, computer technology has been subject to the traditionally constructed classroom, where knowledge about and by means of computer technology has been divulged under the assumption of static, learned skills. Young (2003) suggests some important and dynamic changes to implement technology in the classroom.

First, the assumption must be cultivated that computers and knowledge about and by means of computers, just like all other forms of knowledge, are continually in flux. Indeed, this is even more so for information technology than other academic fields. To teach students as if this is not the case is particularly…


Derry, S.J. (1996). Cognitive Schema Theory in the Constructivist Debate. Educational Psychologist, Vol. 31, No. 3/4.

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Predicted About the Year 2012
Words: 2130 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 58042578
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There is even conjecture that ancient civilizations may have, …spotted an orbit that will culminate in a collision with Earth in 2012. This is easily the most predictable disaster for 2012. ith recent discussion of "dark comets," we have become aware of the possibility of our planet being struck with little or no warning." (2012 Possibilities)

Another possibility that has been mentioned by some scientists is the possibility of a Cronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the Sun. A CME is an emanation of energy from the sun which can cause ferocious storms. A solar storm in 1959 has been linked to this form of energy burst. An unsettling fact is that, " In 2009 NASA told us to be wary of solar storms." (2012 Possibilities)

These speculative findings and many other have created an enormous amount of discussion and debate on the Internet. An expert in the field is the…

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External Analysis for Many Companies
Words: 2957 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 27325972
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This could bring a flood of new competitors to the market. Verizon is working with other wireless providers to gain preferential access to new wavelengths. Previous auctions, including the 2007 auction of the 700 MHz spectrum that Verizon won, came with open-access rules. Verizon is battling the FCC with regards to the regulator's desire for openness rules on all bandwidth, something Verizon considers a threat to be actively combated (Singel, 2009). As a whole, the regulatory environment has become less favorable to the wireless industry of late, with the FCC taking a more active role in micromanaging the industry (Corbin, 2009).

Competitive Environment

An analysis of the competitive environment using Porter's Five Forces model reveals that the competitive environment for Verizon is moderately challenging. There is strong buyer power. The main driver of buyer power in wireless is the low switching cost between providers. Buyers are also savvy and have…

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Sony Financial Projections According to
Words: 462 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 61313841
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3.1.1 All reportable segments in fiscal year ended March 31, 2009 are down compared to the proceeding fiscal year with the exception of all other, which is mainly comprised of SME, a global entertainment company. When compared to fiscal years ended March 31, 2007 and March 31, 2008, 2009 results show that electronics, pictures, and financial services are down for two consecutive fiscal years. Even the games sector in 2009 showed only a slight improvement over 2007. the decline in electronics, almost two-thirds of Sony's total business, is attributable to price pressures and the shorter product cycles in a variety of consumer product categories which Sony is having difficulty responding to. the decline in the pictures segment is mainly due to the economic slowdown and the appreciation of the yen. the decline in the financial services segment is mainly due to deterioration in earnings at Sony…


Form 20F. Year Ended Mar. 31, 2009. 

Letter to shareholders: A message from Howard Stringer, CEO.

Leadership and Motivation Leadership Cultural
Words: 3842 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 84901355
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Also, virtue ethics must ensure that the leader acts in the best interest of those who he represents, works with, and works for. However, this does not suffice in order to implement an effective leadership style.

In addition to this, the leader must be surrounded by individuals with similar ethical behavior. This would help the leader to achieve ethical responsibilities. Also, it would make it easier to observe any unethical conduct from the leader.

As mentioned above, there are also different levels of ethics, like mandatory and aspirational ethics. The lowest level of ethics, but not the least important, is represented by mandatory ethics. This type of ethics refers to compliance with the law. In this case, things are clear. All individuals, especially leaders, must respect the law.

Aspirational ethics refer to the effects and influence that leaders' actions have on others. The first people leaders influence are represented by…

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Masons Although a Great Deal
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In 1784, the Grand Lodge in England granted Prince Hall an independent charter and thus, the African Lodge tradition began. Prince Hall freemasonry thrived alongside its white counterparts, offering the black communities of the United States, Canada, and the est Indies opportunities for fraternization and service. The existence of Prince Hall masonry parallels racial disparity and disunity in former European colonies. At the same time, Prince Hall freemasonry also illuminates some of the more clandestine social organizations that bolstered black communities. Therefore, this paper will place Prince Hall freemasonry within its historical and sociological contexts.

This research will also explore and refute anti-Masonic viewpoints such as those espoused by evangelical Christian organizations. Many anti-Masonic perspectives address race relations and target at Prince Hall freemasonry in particular. For example, Ramey suggests that Prince Hall masonry is filled with dangerous and "deadly deceptions" that has contributed to the oppression of African-Americans.


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Strategy Corporate and Competitive Management
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Others feel Five Forces is too cumbersome in its need for data and heavy-duty analysis and does not fit today's rapidly changing, dynamic market.

So where do we go with this thought that some of today's tools may not suffice as the market moves faster and companies need these dynamic, flexible analytical tools to update their strategies?

Where Is the Field of Strategy?

Disruptive Innovation? Four actions framework? Factor conditions? Demand conditions? Preemptive strategies? Five Forces? Ten Schools? Are any of these concepts/theories new and innovative? Do they pave the path toward the future of corporate and competitive strategizing? The answer is probably yes...and no.

It is difficult to find a brand new strategizing tool or model or school that is not just a rehashed version of our current standard, and quite effective, methods to analyze strategies. One innovative strategy to arise out of an existing concept is "lue Ocean."…


Corporate Level Strategy. (2003, January). Retrieved 11-07, 2008, from BNet Business


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N.J.: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Marketing Management and Analysis Marketing
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Business users will be charged $45 a month for data. By giving back the revenue to the carriers, which they may use for subsidies, Apple is hoping to dramatically increase its volume, as well as sell more Macintosh computers to iPhone users" (Markoff 2008).

This tradeoff illustrates an important aspect of marketing any new technology -- not only must the product be affordable, but so must the service itself. Apple is striving to convince consumers that using as well as buying the iPhone is financially feasible and also hopes its attractive pricing strategy for the iPhone will convert more consumers to the use of its other product, like Macs, because of the satisfaction they derive from the iPhone. Additionally, while business users are charged more per month because they use more data services, Apple also has tried to still make the iPhones attractive to businesses, by selling them the phone…

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Technology's Impact and Added Value
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" (Fitzgerald, 2006) Groupware technologies are those of either: (1) 'synchronous' groupware; or (2) 'asynchronous' groupware. Synchronous groupware is used when real-time communication is needed and Asynchronous groupware is used where users access group information at different times. Another groupware technology feature is whether the users are working in the same location or in different locations. For the company that has several various workgroups that, while separate units, are required to work in collaboration with one another, enabling business communications within the organization is key to efficiency and productivity for the company.


In the initiative to implement information technology across the organization it is critically important that a customer support plan be in place to assist customers with any complications or confusion that might arise due to the new processes and methods related to the use of the Information Technology. A customer support plan requires support…


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Leadership Correcting Performance Deficiency There
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This guideline can also be related to that of unifying the followers with a corporate mission. (Phillips, 1996) forth guideline advises the leader to give his followers all the support he can, and act on the presumption that they will do the best they can with what he gives them. (Phillips, 1996) This means that by getting involved in the employees' problems and trying to solve them, the manager will give an example of commitment that will be followed by the employees in regard to solving the company's problems.

The fifth guideline is efficient as it establishes the dominating power of the leader. "Try not to feel insecure or threatened by your followers" (Phillips, 1996) as they will not follow an undetermined person with a weak character.

3. Leadership powers

Leadership in Organizations defines five distinct powers detained by the leader: 1. Reward

2. Coercive

3. Legitimate

4. Expert



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Voice Technologies the Past Standards
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Currently, all the traffic among the different units passes via the novel centers and because of this Grant Thornton was also capable of reducing most of the fixed point-to-point circuits which had linked nearly all of its units. The savings made throughout its 50 units was a phenomenal $300.000 annually for the entire company. Besides, with the complete elimination of the long-distance costs, Grant Thorton was able to make a savings of $30,000 on a monthly basis. (Understanding VoIP: Leveraging Technology for a Competitive Edge)

The importance of Voice Internet Protocol technology is appreciated all over the world throughout huge as well as middle level companies and embracing of Voice Internet Protocol is just an issue of time. A short analysis of the oadmap as well as Heat index data evolved from the Wave 2 of a Networking research has spawned certain exciting findings regarding the technology preferences of the…


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Yellow River of China the
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Another consequence of the exploitative use of water resources is the destruction of mangrove forests and the fragmentation of the habitats of endangered species. The United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna listed 189 endangered species in China among the 740 in the world.

Sand content is quite high in the Yellow iver. In the dry season, sand rises and flies up with the wind and soil desertization becomes severe. In addition, the iver's dri-up directly reduces the quantity of water for farmland irrigation. The supply of ground water decreases while the exploitation quantity of ground water increases. The results would include a deep crescent of ground water, a decrease of land evapo-transpiration, local climate drying, soil desertization, a reduction of biotic population and a simplification of biocommunity structure.

Another serious problem confronted in the Yellow iver is nitrogen contamination. A study found…


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Proceedings number 123. (Agricultural Water Management in China, September 2005). Retrived April 23, 2007 at$file/ACIAProc123WebPart3.pdf

TQM Contemporary Management Philosophy Total
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In fact, the local public library, increasingly threatened by competition from other entertainment sources such as expanded home entertainment systems, deluxe bookstores with cafes, and the Internet, could do well to adopt TQM principles. "A library should focus on providing the best services possible, and be willing to change to serve its customers. To determine if changes need to be made, a library administrator might ask: hat are our niche markets? hat do the customers come in for? How can I look at the efficiency of my library? How do we serve the current customers that exist today? (Masters, 2003, citing Total Quality Management, 1995). In short first learn about the customer, in this case the library patron and then solve the problems with attendance.

A library that alienated customers by being old, poorly lit, and dusty, could improve its customer service by creating more open, airy, and well-lit places…

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Expenditure Plan From the Office
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.governments are created by law and are continuously regulated by legal provisions found in constitutions, statutes, charters, ordinances, administrative regulations, legislative resolutions and judicial interpretation… the accounting system must produce data and information which indicate the extent to which the financial operations carried out by all agencies of the government pursuant to their designated objectives comply with applicable laws and legal requirements. The existence of a vast network of legal provisions and the diverse nature of governmental operations make necessary the utilization of fund account." (Snodgrass, 1993)

The fund accounting system is ostensibly the full gamut of accounting services and compliance protocol. "The general ledger, financial statements, accounts payable, purchase order processing with encumbrances, payroll including payroll projections and encumbrances, grants management and reporting, grants receivable, human resources, fixed assets management, central stores/inventory." (eis, 1996)

The city therefore should increase its capacity to more properly manage the financial and managerial…


CDC Software (2011 Financial Management Software for Government Agencies and NonProfits.

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Disaster Preparedness Plan
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Disaster Preparedness Plan:

Georgia has been an area threatened by some of form of natural disaster that has a huge negative impact on the well-being of its residents and the personnel and financial resources of the emergency response agencies. The most common natural disaster that occurs in this area is tornadoes that have terrorized both the rural and urban areas while making everyone in danger of their perils. In the recent years, Georgia experienced deadly tornadoes that caused harm, damages, and deaths in approximately 15 counties within the state. Give the nature of these tragedies, residents of this state need to be prepared and planned on how to respond to such emergencies.

Tornadoes in Georgia:

Tornadoes are regarded as nature's most violent storms since they can generate wind speeds of over 250 mph and appear from nowhere with little warning ("March Marks Start of Active Tornado," n.d.). These natural disasters…


"Defining the Need." (2002). Georgia Amateur Radio Emergency Service. Retrieved January 31,

2012, from 

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Retrieved from Georgia Emergency Management Agency / Homeland Security website:

13th Amendment Reconstruction and Circumscription
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By enacting the Black Codes, starting in 1865, following the 13th Amendment, however, and by giving birth, in 1866, to the Ku Klux Klan and its reign of terror over the freedmen, the southern states successfully circumvented the actual enjoyment by blacks of most of the freedoms granted them by the 13th Amendment.

Primary ources

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Ed. Harry J. Carman et al. 2nd ed. Vol. 1. New York: Knopf, 1960. 776.

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Black Codes in the Former Confederate States." December 15, 2004. http://www.civilwar>. 5 pages.

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Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
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The author lays more stress on depicting the emotional journey of Farquhar, which results in a subjective treatment of time. From here on there is a slow down of time and the narration at times begins to be fictitious. As Stuart C. Woodruff a literary analyst puts it, " somehow the reader is made to participate in the split between imagination and reason, to feel that the escape is real while he knows it is not" [Peter Stoicheff] It is to be noted that ierce also gives the readers a subtle hint or two about the inconsistence of the account. For example his deliberately introduction of 'distortion of time' and narrational contradiction is obvious when Farquhar looks below and notices the "stream racing madly beneath his feet," while at the same time he seems to observe a slow drifting piece of wood and says 'What a sluggish stream'. For inventing…


1) Peter Stoicheff, "Something Uncanny; The Dream Structure in Ambrose Bierce's 'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge', Studies in Short Fiction, Vol 30 No 3, Summer 1993, pg 349-58.

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3) Project ELLSA, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge; Symbolism,"

Accessed on December 14th 2004,

Marketing Plan Mission and Business Objective Products
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Marketing Plan

Mission and Business Objective

Products and Services

Keys to Success

Macro Environment

Economic Value Added

Cash Value Added

Cash Flow eturn on Investment

This report is a detailed marketing plan for a new financial service company called Online Analyst, Inc. The company is a combination database management company that also specializes in the financial services markets. The company will offer a plethora of information, data and financial-based market services such as online real time market segment analysis, brokerage services and information 'black box' management for the data industries clients. This plan therefore serves as an evaluation and summary of the organization's marketing and business processing options. Online Analyst, Inc. will utilize this foundation document to design, implement and integrate the company's new series of business products and services into a viable consumer and sales blueprint.

On-Line Analyst, Inc. is an organization that takes advantage of existing market analysis…


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Warner Brothers and Sound
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Warner Brothers and Sound

Warner Brothers, name normally pertains to Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc., which is an American motion-picture production company, and was the first to use series of synchronized sound in a silent feature film. Four American brothers namely Harry Morris Warner, Albert Warner, Samuel Lewis Warner, and Jack Leonard Warner were the founders. (Warner Brothers: Encyclopedia Article from Encarta) Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack turned jointly to any commercial activities that came their way till they got into the nickelodeon business. Currently Jack is the only brother who is still regularly recognized with Warner's in its halcyon days. However the studio would have never attained the big position without Harry and Sam's unusual and paired talents. They did it by risking on a new technology: synchronized sound for motion pictures. Harry's cautious but enthused business management made the company in a position to benefit from Sam's big idea.…


Eyman, Scott. The speed of sound: Hollywood and the talkie revolution, 1926-1930. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999. Retrieved from  Accessed on 17 June, 2005

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Why Is Emmitt Smith Important to Our Culture
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Emmitt Smith


I have been a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys and especially Emmitt Smith for many years. For example, one of the most difficult moments in my appreciation of sports occurred when the Dallas Cowboys released Smith and he ended up on a lackluster Arizona Cardinals. This was after he had just surpassed the late great alter Payton to become the number one rushing running back in the history of the National Football League. "They are the two most punitive judgments that can be handed down for a running back: Too small, too slow. And yet that was the harsh assessment of Emmitt Smith, 5-foot-9 and 199 pounds, by the pro-scouts although he was an All-American at Florida. That same Emmitt Smith who skittered and stutter-stepped his way past the NFL rushing record held by his idol, alter Payton, and finished with 18,355 yards." (Schwartz) There are…

Works Cited

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Dynamics the Company General Dynamics
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General Dynamics employed WBS to connect their Integrated Product Teams, known as Design Build Teams -- DBTs having the established design goals. Hence every DBT possess a particular design goal allocated by management. The WBS is planned to wholly describe everything inside the program. A WBS defines the product(s) to be developed or produced and connects the constituents of work to be attained mutually and to the final product. Hence the role of WBS is important in planning and assigning management and technical duties; and evaluating and controlling the progress made and also the position of the engineering endeavors, resource allocations, cost estimates, expenses, and cost & technical performance. (Clark; Littrell, 2002)

Giving a logical framework for mentioning the technical purposes of the program, the WBS initially defines the program on the basis of the hierarchically associated, product-oriented factors and the work processes needed for their accomplishment. Every constituent for…


At a Glance: Key Offerings" Retrieved at . Accessed 25 September, 2005

Author Unknown. (22-28, April 2000) "Doing well by doing good: Is Business ethics an oxymoron? The Economist.

Author Unknown. (17 June, 2004) "General Dynamics Selects Siebel Systems to Support

Command-and-Command Systems for the Department of Defense" Business Wire. pp: 8-11

Communication in Organizations
Words: 2672 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91568116
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Communication in Organizations

Define organizational culture and provide analysis of organizational culture relating to role, power, people and task culture as discussed by Charles B. Handy (1994) "Understanding Organizations"

Organizational culture is many things including the values and behaviors an organization and its members adopt to create the environment in which they work. esearchers have struggled for decades to define organizational culture as one thing or another. They have also worked diligently to define what skills or components are necessary to promote a successful 'culture' within an organization. To understand how organizational culture can benefit any enterprise one must first define organizational culture.

Organizational culture is defined differently depending on who you talk to. There are several consensus opinions however about what organizational culture includes. Organizational culture includes the morals, values, beliefs and strategies a firm and its employees or managers adopt to conduct business successfully (Bonache & Cabrera, 1999).…


Bonache, J., Cabrera, E.F. (1999). "An expert HR system for aligning organizational culture and strategy." Human Resources Planning, 22(1): 51.

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Hansen, D.A. (2005 -- March). "Total Quality Management." Available:

Future of the Internet the
Words: 1110 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97563329
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192). But economic realities, Hiltzik asserts, will eventually win out, as today's telephone customers become more and more used to the new internet telephone technology, and to the much cheaper telephone calling rates that it would allow. Already, Hiltzik adds, telephone companies like ATT are looking ahead by investing in such new internet technology. As all six of the "opposing viewpoint" authors observe, albeit in ways different from one another, internet uses of the future will change communication and commerce practices and individual lives even more than they have done already.

One thing that internet technology (or any technology, for that matter) does not, and cannot change, however is human nature. Human beings (of which corporations like Disney and AOL consist) are inclined to be competitive and monopolistic, and for that reason it is my own opinion that, as McChesney argues, corporate entities that already control so much of the…

Mobile Services Safety Security Usage
Words: 5950 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 56051665
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Many researchers have conducted studies on many aspects of m-commerce and the use of mobile technology by consumers. deuyter, Kleijnen, & Wetzels (2006) stated, "M-commerce has been heralded repeatedly as the new service frontier of the millennium. Present market reality, however, seems to be less optimistic, therefore, the current study explores the factors contributing to the adoption of mobile services in a context of wireless finance" (p. 206).

Organization of the Study

Chapter two will consist of the literature review of published works and research studies on the subject of mobile commerce. There are many points-of-view and definitions of m-commerce and this chapter will attempt to examine the data as it relates to what is also referred to wireless e-commerce.

Chapter three through chapter five will substantiate and provide the details of the research methodology utilized for collecting the data. The collected data will be used to answer the research…


Amin, H., Hamid, M., Lada, S. & Tanakinjal, G. (2006). Undergraduate attitudes and expectations for mobile banking [Electronic Version]. Journal of Internet Banking & Commerce, 11(3), 7-7.

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Strategic Plan for Sony Corporation
Words: 3287 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87340249
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What Sony needs to do is concentrate on creating a mobile Web-enabled series of devices, supporting services, and segmented digital content in both music-based and video content. In short, Sony needs to create an economic ecosystem that rivals the Apple ecosystem as shown in Figure 2, Apple Digital Content Ecosystem:

Figure 2: Apple Digital Content Ecosystem

Source: (Apple Investor elations, 2009)

The most critical objective for the three-year planning horizon for Sony is to emulate the model shown in Figure 2 and apply entirely new series of metrics to how they evaluate integration and cross-model compatibility of their entire product line. The strategic objective for the coming three years has to be centered on creating a scalable ecosystem that can deliver a continual stream of revenues through the licensing of digital music and video content in addition to the introduction of entirely new devices into this ecosystem that have not…


Apple, Investor Relations (2009). Investor Relations. Retrieved May 21, 2009, from Apple Investor Relations and Filings with the SEC Web site: 

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Cox Communications Telecommunications Innovation Status of the
Words: 2748 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83403889
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Cox Communications Telecommunications Innovation

Status of the Sustainability Movement

The telecommunications industry, supported by the United Nations and the International Telecommunications Union, launched a formal cooperative effort to promote sustainable business practices and technology in June 2001. The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) was officially launched on World Environment Day with the vision "to help improve the global environment and to enhance human and economic development, and thereby make a key contribution to a global sustainable future" (Thomsen, 2001).

This industry-wide initiative was significant in that its founders included some of the biggest global players: AT&T, British Telecommunications, Cable and Wireless, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, Marconi, Telcordia Technologies, Telenor as, and the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association. Members implemented various programs to achieve environment-friendly business practices. For example, British Telecommunications calculated that employee use of audio and video conferencing contributed to saving over one million tons of CO2 emissions the…

Reference List

AT&T investments in sustainability yield results in 2010. (2011) Fierce Telecom. Retrieved June 9, 2011 from 

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Bardelline, J. (2011). ULE creates sustainability standard for cell phones. Web site. Retrieved June 7, 2011 from

Products in the Midst of Needing Some
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Products in the midst of needing some major changes to its network architecture. The primary goal of its current routing protocol is to encourage the fastest speed possible within the network. Yet, it is clear that this is no longer happening. Just like many modern businesses, Klamath Paper Products is "Faced with many challenges, including increasing bandwidth demands, market expansion, limited IT staffs and smaller budgets" (AT&T, 2013). Due to an ever-increasing need for faster bandwidth speeds, the network at Klamath Paper Products is proving to become more and more ineffective because of high levels of congestion.

Network design for critical business applications are meant to help increase the productivity of the IT strategies within the organization. As such, the company needs something to facilitate an increase in production within a variety of business operations. A top performing Metro Ethernet service that could be available to Klamath Paper Products is…


AT&T. (2013). Metro Ethernet Service: Expand your existing network. Enterprise. Web.

Employing Strategy in a Competitive Environment
Words: 1485 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 78856702
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Environmental Scan

The environmental scan is focused on identifying and analyzing the threats in the external environment. There are factors outside of the company that can reduce revenue or profits for the future. These can be obstacles, externally-driven changes or just competition (MindTools, 2013). Deltacom faces a number of such threats. The main threats in the external environment are competitors, regulators, and economic threats. Competitors are a significant threat. Deltacom operates in eight southern states, and it competes against other national and regional players. Deltacom has been purchased by Earthlink and renamed Earthlink Business, indicating that it competes for business with corporate customers (, 2013). The competition includes some major companies, like AT&T, Verizon and more, in addition to smaller, more regional players. Competitors will use all manner of enticements to attract competitors, and this can affect the prices or the margins that Deltacom earns. Clearly, Deltacom faced substantial…

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Significant Policy Issue Facing Tennessee in 2002
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tax cuts it the State of Tennessee faced in the year 2002. It uses 3 sources in MLA format.

The issue of income tax has become the most significant for Tennessee in the recent years. After thousands of angry taxpayers upset claims at a plan to implement income tax the government has finally built the courage to address it. Tennessee is one of the only nine states without a state income tax. After the protest last year, there exist a split opinion about the income tax rate and the many varied views how it should be implemented. Tennessee is one of the lowest earning states with the ranking of 44th in employment and earnings among the other states.

A large number of Tennesseans view things very different from the protestors that storm Capitol in Nashville to intimidate legislators and disrupt peace. While the Governor of Tennessee in 1999 was against…


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Influence of Stanislavsky Outside Theatre
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Constantin Stanislavsky is the father of modern acting theory. His theories which he extols in his four books, My Life in Art (1924), An Actor Prepares (1936), uilding a Character (1941), and Creating a Role (1961) have had an unparalleled effect on actors and acting instructors throughout the world. Acting theorists such as Vsevelod Meyerhold, Uta Hagen, and ertold recht have all taken his theories into account while developing their own. Indeed, entire movements in world drama have been in part inspired by the work of Stanislavsky.

ut what of his influence on Russia? During Stanislavsky's life and his career Russia went through many changes. Two major events in Russian history would determine the fate of theatre and as a result Stanislavsky. The first was the failed revolution in 1905. "The great rehearsal," Lenin called it and that's exactly what it was. The second major event was the 1917…


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Systems and Operations
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Management System

To manage and control the development activities for Visa's new system, Visa Commerce, the management system that would perhaps be best applicable is to focus the management and control on the development team that must consist of "just enough" number of members. This includes the team that chiefly handles all the requirements for the new system and the system's IT development team. Since Visa Commerce is a system for global use, it is essential that all development activities for the system must be firmly monitored and controlled. Communication to a team that is not large in number of members, yet enough to complete the system, facilitates this process.

To manage and control the activities for Visa Commerce, an open communication should be available between each member of the development team. If possible, the development team must work as a group in one location. This is important specifically to…


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Biological and Psychological Systems
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standing and intense debate as to whether human personality is determined or influenced biologically or psychologically. Those in the pro-biological (or pro-nature) side contend that a person's genes have a stronger or final say about a person's acts and destiny, while those in the psychological (or pro-nurture) side say it is the way the person is/was raised as a child and his peer interaction that determine the personality system that will evolve. Does the human personality derive from nature or from nurture? Is his learning achievement, social or moral formation, habits and viewpoints ingrained in his genes or established by the way he is brought up?

The pro-nature side holds that learning or knowledge acquisition, in particular, is in itself a kind of genetic information that is pre-determined by natural selection (Csongradi 2004). Some of the knowledge a person gains may come from interactions or functionally, but what is genetically…


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TQM Total Quality Management Practices
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Wal-Mart has implemented the principles of TQM and how well they are actually practicing them.

Assessment of TQM Practices

In today's competitive world of business the most important characteristics of any successful organization are employing people who have the right knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure there organization stays afloat in the industry. For any organization to stay on top it must recognize the different components and behaviors that will in the long-term help the industry grow and become more competitive in the near future.

Today it is believed that the key to organizational success lies in how well the organization is able to completely change the way organizations are managed. For an organization to be competitive it requires a stable workforce that is highly skilled, and posses good knowledge about their job. One of things that have to be changed is the traditional hierarchies, which must be able to…


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Competitive Strategy
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Competitive Strategy

In a free economy, a multitude of firms compete for the business of the same customer segment. Therefore, if a firm is to succeed in attracting and retaining the maximum number of customers from the targeted segment, it must develop and successfully execute a strategy that has a distinct competitive advantage over its rivals. Thus, a competitive strategy is defined as a plan that attempts to define a position for the business, which utilizes the competitive advantages that the business has over its competitors (American Marketing Association, 2004).

Of course, it is important for any competitive strategy to focus on competitive advantages, which can offer customers greater value, either by means of lower prices or by providing a greater benefit or service that justifies a higher price. In other words, it is key that a competitive strategy is consumer centric. Developing a competitive strategy, therefore, involves closely analyzing…

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Organizational Behavior an Employer of Any Number
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Organizational Behavior

An employer of any number of employees must consider it a basic duty to provide a stress free workplace for all his employees. It is a well-known fact that stress at a workplace induces animosity among the employees and creates problems that would not have been present under ordinary circumstances. Stress at the workplace also reduces the productivity of the workers therein and creates tension for the management, which finds itself under a lot of pressure. In a medical sense stress at the workplace actually affects the powers of the brain in such areas as concentration, learning and being able to memorize details that are an important function of the brain. In a legal sense, stress is a factor that leads to a whole lot of litigation when the employees sue the company for bad stress management in the workplace. This in turn results in bad publicity and…


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Effect of Smartphone Apps on Business Models
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Innovations in Smartphone Apps

Wireless technology is one of the fastest-changing phenomena in the world today. No single day passes without the telecommunication industry experiencing some new development that revolutionizes the way information is accessed and used. This technological evolution brings about improved security, increased coverage and greater throughput, and in so doing, impacts on information accessibility. Although this evolution has had an impact on almost all spheres of human life, the world of business stands out. The scale on which businesses can access corporate data today has never been experienced before. With mobile technology for instance, the retrieval of sale-closing or account-servicing information no longer depends on the proximity to the premises' LAN. Companies are, therefore, in a position to conduct business from anywhere, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

It would be prudent to begin by outlining some of the significant mobile technology advancements realized in…


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SLP Apples' Products and Brands
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Marketing esearch: Products and Brands

In previous years, Apple Inc. has progressed from being an abstract participant in the computer market to a major player in the technology market. Through courageous advancement, they have developed items that have totally changed the technology market. As a result, their brand recognition has increased significantly, and they have added remarkably to their legion of dedicated supporters. The Apple Company is about design, their electronic items are fashionable, their advertising is trendy, their hardware and software are stylish, and like all factors fashionable, there is a substantial price tag. However, like all other factors of fashion, consumers are unpredictable and their tastes frequently change with the next big technology improvement. In addition, Apple company still dominates over every aspect of their item lines, this in previous times turned out to be a mistake that directed them to a specialized niche in the PC market.…


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