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Economics of the Business of

Words: 881 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 490063


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EMC Corp. (MA)




Microsoft Corporation




Oracle Corp.




Fixed and Variable Cost Analysis

The following table defines the fixed and variable costs associated with the new venture. At a minimum to create an enterprise-wide content management system that has the ability to manage per-content transactions, it costs approximately $1.5M. SG&A at $200K and Marketing at $120K are all fixed as this is needed to launch the company. Variable costs are all defined on a per customer engagement model.

Next, benchmarks comparing the dominant competitors in the web content management arena who could easily move into the monetization market are analyzed in Table 2.

Table 2:

Financial Analysis of Enterprise Content Management Systems Competitors -- Industry benchmarks

Company Name

Operating Income - 2008

Net Income - 2008

Gross Margin % - 2008

Inventory Turnover - 2008…… [Read More]


Hall, E.. (2010, March). Lessons for U.S. media from European paid-content plays. Advertising Age, 81(9), 10.

Ives, N.. (2009, August). Before you base your business plan on paid content, read this. Advertising Age, 80(27), 1,20.

Peter Kafka. (2002, April). Partial Pay Dirt. Forbes, 169(10), 090-091.

William H. Manz. (2000). Floating "free" in cyberspace: Law reviews in the Internet era. St. John's Law Review, 74(4), 1069-1086.
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Web Content Monetization Software Operations

Words: 865 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 43109952

D. Facilities, Equipment and Improvements

For the proposed venture all that is needed is an office with high speed Internet, meeting rooms and proximity to the primary customer base. Programming, professional services, marketing, sales and service can be run out of a standard office building. The requirements for the data center hosting the Web content monetization suite of applications include security, SLA compliance and uptime guarantees and support for multitenant-based delivery of the application (Lager, 2008). In addition there must be shared risk for SLA performance so the data centers have ownership of their performance to the customer level (Katzan, Dowling, 2010).

E. Capacity Levels and Inventory Management

There is no inventory as the proposed venture is leasing yearly access to a Web content monetization suite of applications. Capacity levels therefore are more determined by the capacity of data from customers, specifically from their enterprise content management, digital asset management…… [Read More]


Creeger, M.. (2009). CTO Roundtable: Cloud Computing. Association for Computing Machinery. Communications of the ACM, 52(8), 50.

Ghalimi, I. (2008). SaaS 2.0 onward! Business process management as an on-demand capability -- Interview with Ismael Ghalimi of Intalio. Journal of Digital Asset Management, 4(5), 252-259.

Steve Hoberman. (2010). Data Modeling in the Cloud: Will the cloud make our data management jobs easier or harder?. Information Management, 20(2), 32.

Katzan, H., & Dowling, W.. (2010). Software-As-A-Service Economics. The Review of Business Information Systems, 14(1), 27-37.
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Business-To-Business Marketing Environment and Critically Analyse Them

Words: 2643 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89989947

business-to-Business marketing environment and critically analyse them, with special reference the UK market in Europe

Identify the major trends in the business-to-business marketing environment and critically analyse them,

With special reference the UK market in Europe

Of the many trends in Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing, the most significant are social media, the continual growth of globalization, supply chains, outsourcing, green marketing and data driven marketing. Taken together these trends are completely redefining the platforms, programs and strategies of B2B marketers throughout the UK and Europe. The intent of this analysis is to provide insights into each of these trends and illustrate how B2B marketers can make the most of the opportunities they provide.

Social Media's apid Ascension and Its Impact on B2B Marketing

Social networks are redefining B2B marketing strategies faster than any other trend included in this analysis, as the collection of these applications are defining customer relationships. Instead of…… [Read More]


R. Anbanandam, D.K. Banwet, and Ravi Shankar. 2011. Evaluation of supply chain collaboration: a case of apparel retail industry in India. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management 60, no. 2, (February 15): 82-98.

Bernoff, J., and C. Li. 2008. Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. MIT Sloan Management Review 49, no. 3, (April 1): 36-42.

Bughin, J., M. Chui, and J. Manyika. 2010. Clouds, big data, and smart assets: Ten tech-enabled business trends to watch. The McKinsey Quarterly no. 4, (October 1): 26.

Chapple, K., C. Kroll, T. Lester, and S. Montero. 2011. Innovation in the Green Economy: An Extension of the Regional Innovation System Model? Economic Development Quarterly 25, no. 1, (February 1): 5.
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Buying Behavior of Organizations the

Words: 2885 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 42349934

The orchestration of all aspects of B2B marketing is significantly more complex and challenging as well, a point shown in the discussions. The researchers did find enough causality to create a model of value-driven marketing, and it does show that only through a continual focus and auditing of customer needs will B2B marketing reach the levels of performance in B2 markets (Leek, hristodoulides, 2012). There are also many limitations of this study, including the lack of an empirically sounds research methodology, more effective sampling frame, and the inclusion of more diverse respondents to better represent the markets of interest. The model has also created a model of causality based on limited data and the transformation of brand value to relationships strength, initially proven with the sample, is tenuous when evaluated from the context of am empirical study. Due to these factors the research needs to be considered anecdotal at best,…… [Read More]

Chang, S., Wang, K., Chih, W., & Tsai, W. (2012). Building customer commitment in business-to-business markets. Industrial Marketing Management, 41(6), 940.

Leek, S., & Christodoulides, G. (2012). A framework of brand value in B2B markets: The contributing role of functional and emotional components. Industrial Marketing Management, 41(1), 106.

Singh, R., & Koshy, A. (2011). Does salesperson's customer orientation create value in B2B relationships? empirical evidence from India. Industrial Marketing Management, 40(1), 78.
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Business Scenario Type the Document

Words: 17664 Length: 45 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 991985

This means that you must continually monitor and communicate about possible changes, pertaining to the overall scope of the threat. Once this occurs, is when an entity will have an effective security procedure that will adapt to the various changes that are taking place.

This is significant, because this information can be used to corroborate the overall nature of security threats that could be faced by the SME. Where, this information is useful in helping to identify and address possible operational considerations that must be taken into account. As a result, this will help to provide not only a glimpse of possible security challenges that will be faced, but it will also help to establish an effective IT security protocol.

When you compare this with the previous source, this information can be used to highlight specific security threats that the company we are examining could face. Where, it discusses the…… [Read More]


E Commerce Growth. (2010). Strategic E-Commerce Solutions. Retrieved from: 

Internet Usage Statistics. (2010). Internet World Stats. Retrieved from: 

PEW Wireless Internet Usage Rising. (2010). Wireless Week. Retrieved from:

Reflective Writing. (2010). UNSW. Retrieved from
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E-commerce Marketing E-Business Implies Alteration of

Words: 2048 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30191242

B2B might also apply some of those stated for B2C and vice versa. The objective of all marketing program for any one is to look for the optimum combination of integrated online and offline instruments which generates highest sales, costs and net profits, and in that is stored the challenge to management. (Marketing Profs: B2B vs. B2C Marketing)

Significant divergence between the B2B and B2C marketplace are there which is required to be taken into account while planning and implementing a promotional campaign. The campaigns for B2B as well as B2C markets are those which are excessively targeted at individuals are thriving. This can be accomplished through the knowledge of who figures in the list first of all. In case of either of the markets the list prepared in-house gives the best results. These lists will frequently be present in some shape and present a flood of information for the…… [Read More]


B2B V B2C Email Marketing, Spot the Difference?" Retrieved at  on 28 April, 2004

B2C Commerce" Retrieved at on 28 April, 2004

Business-to-Business Ecommerce" Retrieved at Accessed on 28 April, 2004

Business-to-consumer E-Commerce" Retrieved at Accessed on 28 April, 2004
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Ecommerce Marketing Any Type of Computer

Words: 2172 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70752495

(Marketing Pros: B2B vs. B2C Marketing) At present in excess of 700 B2B markets are either carrying their business or in the pipeline. Even though B2Bs are positively anticipated to clock sales of $5 trillion by 2004, the latest slowdown in the online business-to-consumer market has put some doubts into a sector which on other fronts is a promising sector. (Harbour, 2001)

In the thinking pattern of individuals performing the selling, a difference exists between selling Business-to-Business and Business-to-Business customers. However, it could be stated that no difference exists between selling to Business-to-Business and Business-to-Business customers as the rules for selling are identical for the two categories. Moreover, the reality that business-to-business customers purchase the identical products at reduced prices compared to business-to-consumer customers, there is truly a single point of difference. Business-to-Business buyers are on the hunt for a choice to fill a vacant space or their customer's requirement;…… [Read More]


"Ebusiness" Retrieved from  Accessed on 22 April, 2004

"Electronic Commerce Security: An introduction for everyone" Retrieved from Accessed on 22 April, 2004

Harbour, Pamela Jones. (May 7-8, 2001) "B2B Basics and Antitrust Issues" Federal Trade Commission Workshop on Emerging Issues for Competition Policy in the E-Commerce Environment. Retrieved from  Accessed on 22 April, 2004

"Marketing Pros: B2B vs. B2C Marketing" Retrieved from ttp:// Accessed on 22 April, 2004
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Supply Chain Is a Network

Words: 988 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88009649

If the ethical issues are sidelined and not safeguarded there is strong possibility that the trade secrets and intellectual property might get revealed and public.


B2C emphasizes on customer transactions, where as B2B focuses on businesses as consumer. The difference of approach creates the needs for the adoption of different applications in both the types.

B2C concerns itself with selling to the end user, where as B2B site deals primarily with other local, junior or small businesses, not the general public.

The type of order is another difference, repeat and standing orders are common requirement of B2B. In case of B2B the customers are likely to order significant numbers of parts, and their requirement is much expected and periodic and in some of the cases continuous. In case of B2C the product is much time and trend dependent, the expectations and results are the factors of need,…… [Read More]


Differences between B2B and B2C referred from, 

Types of E-Business, info gathered from, 

United States Census Bureau Report.

James A. Warholic, Advertising And Marketing On The Internet
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Marketing Business to Business Marketing

Words: 1127 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53994334

In the case of industrial products, as is the example with AANX, the contract between the purchaser and the seller will need to include elements such as the seller's capacity to deliver a certain amount of the supplied parts over a period of time, as well as quality limits for these.

The case of AANX had an additional requirement, because of the restricted access to the e-marketplace and many other industries most likely practice this approach as well, so as to protect data and information: the need for privacy. This was provided by the fact that the e-market was a private one, with access given only to members of the Australian automotive industry and the suppliers part of the production process.

The figure above presents the different e-marketplace situations that can occur, depending on the total number of buyers and sellers participating in the process. The marketplace model, present as…… [Read More]


1. Contemporary Developments in B2B E-Commerce. Australian Government. On the Internet at modified on April 11, 2007. Last retrieved on October 13, 2007

2. ITOL Case Study: Australian Automotive Network eXchange. Australian Government. On the Internet at modified on November 8, 2006. Last retrieved on October 13, 2007

3. Singh, Mohini, Thomson, Doug. eProcurement Model for B2B Exchanges: An Australian Example. 15th Bled Electronic Commerce Conference Reality: Constructing the eEconomy. June 2002. On the Internet at$File/singh.pdf.Last  retrieved on October 13, 2007

4  retrieved on October 13, 2007
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Private Exchange Technology and Specifically the Internet

Words: 425 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95185105

Private Exchange

Technology, and specifically the internet and the vast amount of connect ability it provides, has stirred things up in the business world as well. This essay will discuss the effect of business to business (B2B) private exchange systems that certainly take advantage of the automation and computer technology that is available today to improve business and create more of a competitive advantage.

Automation is the key to lightening the labor loads and producing fast and efficient products or services. The mechanization of today's industries, and specifically the B2B industry, has demonstrated that new markets and exchange techniques have a valid place within this new type of operation. B2B type companies that employ logistics, procurement and inventory control can stand to benefit greatly from automation.

There are several ways to begin this process and infuse automation into a private exchange. One method attempts to integrate the B2B exchange to…… [Read More]


Kenjale, K. & Phatak, A. (2002). The Benefits of B2B Exchanges. CRM, December 2002. Retrieved from 

Rabbitte, S. (2000). Private exchanges muscle in on B2B markets. ZDnet, 4 Dec 2000. Retrieved from
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Web Marketing Web Content Monetized

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 60915224

B2B content creators including D&B, homas Register and many others primarily sell to the VPs of Finance, Operations, Sales and Service as their content is actively used in strategies. he primary differentiator of B2B content is its use for initiating and completing strategies within and outside the organizations' four walls while B2C content is primary used for entertainment (Ying, Korneliussen, Gronhaug, 2009). B2B content therefore has a more value-based pricing and evaluation aspect to it relative to its B2C counterpart (Ghose, Yang, 2009). Implicit in the selling of Web content monetization solutions is also the need to be a trusted advisor to the senior management team members of any organization. his concept of the trusted advisor as it relates to content monetization is critically important as the valuation of an intangible good makes for wide interpretation of pricing and value defined (Liebermann,

Stashevsky, 2009).

In the case of Web content…… [Read More]

The balkanization of Web content providers is leading to an increasingly fragmented and highly segmented content arena in B2B (Cheng, Blankson, Wang, Chen, 2009). From the many business models created by portal providers that range from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) to Thomas Register to many variants in between, B2B Web content has found a dominant role in supply chain, strategic sourcing, B2B marketing, selling and service processes (Evans, 2009) . B2B content creators including D&B, Thomas Register and many others primarily sell to the VPs of Finance, Operations, Sales and Service as their content is actively used in strategies. The primary differentiator of B2B content is its use for initiating and completing strategies within and outside the organizations' four walls while B2C content is primary used for entertainment (Ying, Korneliussen, Gronhaug, 2009). B2B content therefore has a more value-based pricing and evaluation aspect to it relative to its B2C counterpart (Ghose, Yang, 2009). Implicit in the selling of Web content monetization solutions is also the need to be a trusted advisor to the senior management team members of any organization. This concept of the trusted advisor as it relates to content monetization is critically important as the valuation of an intangible good makes for wide interpretation of pricing and value defined (Liebermann,

Stashevsky, 2009).

In the case of Web content monetization software that takes into account consumer-based media including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and present and potential Rupert Murdoch-owned properties (Kirby, Englemart, 2010) the challenges of system integration (Lopes, Galletta, 2006) are small compared to resistance on the part of consumers (Pauwels, Weiss, 2008). Defining the pricing elasticity by the latency or age of the content, developing strategies for reaching specific audiences of interest, and creating marketing programs that can underscore the innate value of the content are all critical. The use of web content monetization software will also be segment and audience-specific. The development and continual improvement of marketing strategies for reselling content also requires these Web content monetization systems have analytics as well.
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E-Business and E-Commerce Identify and

Words: 1851 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 25504563

The signal-jumping algorithm necessary for the being able to deliver the signals to specific mobile devices as they move through an entire network is also critical.

In summary, location-based wireless services would provide the necessary means to stay continually informed as a mobile device travels through a network of servers (Junglas, Watson, 2008). The more critical question however is how the data is tracked of a person's movements, and if their privacy is being too compromised for the sake of convenience. Location-based services will eventually become more pervasive, underwritten initially by advertising models and later by services content models, yet the security and privacy issues must be dealt with for this mobile technology and its application to deliver on the promise of more accentuated location-based intelligence.


ajiv Chakravorty, Sulabh Agarwal, Suman Banerjee, Ian Pratt. 2007. A mobile bazaar for wide-area wireless services. Wireless Networks 13, no. 6

December 1):…… [Read More]


Rajiv Chakravorty, Sulabh Agarwal, Suman Banerjee, Ian Pratt. 2007. A mobile bazaar for wide-area wireless services. Wireless Networks 13, no. 6

December 1): 757-777.  (Accessed February 11, 2009).

Cristian Chelariu, Vinita Sangtani. 2009. Relational governance in B2B electronic marketplaces: an updated typology. The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 24, no. 2 (February 13): 108-118.
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Hub Spot Case Study Hubspot

Words: 1195 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 57082325

Starting at the persona level, HubSpot needs to realize that Owner Ollie and Marketer Marys are just one of several people involved in the buying process of their services. HubSpot needs to understand who the other people are in the buying process in each of these segment, including the influencers of Owner Ollie and Marketer Mary, and how their influence impacts how each of these personas achieve their marketing and sales objectives or not. The persona research also needs to include pricing elasticity by service and the overall pricing elasticity for marketing services in general. HubSpot today has not gone to this level of analysis with any customer base yet. Given their strong analytics background and core base of engineering talent from MIT, this will be achievable. Knowing each member of the buying process for Owner Ollie and Marketer Mary will also allow HubSpot to understand the demand curve for…… [Read More]

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Ebay Analysis the Rapid Growth

Words: 584 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72619144

The result was a completely redesigned B2B site from the process workflow layer up, including distributed order management systems that provided for businesses to treat eBay as part of their procurement and supply chain partners (Katok, and Alvin E. oth, 1061, 1062).

In addition to the lessons learned by eBay with regard to segmenting their customer bases based on e-business categories, the company also learned how to differentiate the customer experiences by category as well (Kostandini, Mykerezi, Tanellari, Dib, 253). An example of this is how eBay Auto began to rapidly grow once the online catalog, buyer validation, and reputation systems were all designed to more precisely align with B2C and C2C selling needs. Another example is the breadth of auctions that eBay supports today as part of its B2B selling and brokering efforts (Katok, and Alvin E. oth, 1060). The development of automated purchasing and credit management systems, including…… [Read More]


Elena Katok, and Alvin E. Roth. "Auctions of Homogeneous Goods with Increasing Returns: Experimental Comparison of Alternative "Dutch" Auctions. " Management Science 50.8 (2004): 1044-1063.

Kostandini, G., E. Mykerezi, E. Tanellari, and N. Dib. "Does Buyer Experience Pay Off? Evidence from eBay. " Review of Industrial Organization 39.3 (2011): 253.

Wu, F., H. Li, and Y. Kuo. "Reputation evaluation for choosing a trustworthy counterparty in C2C e-commerce. " Electronic Commerce Research and Applications 10.4 (2011): 428.
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How Can the Principles of Direct Marketing Help Companies Deliver Their Objectives

Words: 2902 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 5269313

direct marketing help companies deliver their objectives?

The principles of direct marketing help companies deliver their objectives

Times are changing, the economies, laws and rules are also changing, however, the principles of marketing remain the basic driving factor of success for any business. The marketing strategies are changing, from manual to digital. Nonetheless, the challenge in understanding and executing the principles of direct marketing remains with the business enterprises. Marketing strategy becomes incoherent when the target audience changes from customer to another business; what represents the Business to Business, and Business to Consumer marketing (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011, p. 13).

Literature review

Direct marketing entails getting to the basics and drilling on the fundamentals of marketing to ensure that the business meets its objectives. There are many proclaimed principles to implement in direct marketing. However, the essential principles of direct marketing entail the following practices. The first principle to have…… [Read More]


Blattberg, R.C., & Allenby, G.M. (2010). Perspectives on promotion and database marketing: the collected works of Robert C. Blattberg. Singapore, World Scientific.

Charlesworth, A. (2009). Internet marketing: a practical approach. Amsterdam, Butterworth-Heinemann.

Evans, D., & Mckee, J. (2010). Social media marketing: the next generation of business engagement. Indianapolis, Ind, Wiley Pub.

Ferrell, O.C., & Hartline, M.D. (2011). Marketing strategy. Australia, South-Western Cengage Learning.
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E-Business Model

Words: 1261 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15020549

ecommerce business models

With the advent of Internet, we have seen a lot of changes in the communications arena and business practices are no exception. E-commerce has taken business from closed doors of offices and retail shops to the information superhighway, where literally millions of people trade daily. The online business model can be viewed in terms of B2B, B2C and C2C models (business to business, business to consumer and consumer to consumer respectively).

To get an insight into the working of these models, the ways they are similar and different from each other, we take a look at one site representing each of the above-discussed models. For B2B, we have Intel's site - the leading microprocessor manufacturing company. Eddie Bauer, an online shopping store having everyday-use items stands for B2C and lastly, eBay for C2C model as on this site, an ordinary surfer can assume role of both -…… [Read More]


Intel official site: 

Ebay official site:

Eddie Bauer official site:
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Sift Analytics Group

Words: 1291 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6466132

Sift Analytics Group Pte Ltd. is a company headquartered in Singapore and is the leading provider of enterprise software solutions in this country since 1999. The growth and size of the company is evident in its current numbers of customers given that it has more than 500 corporate customers in Singapore alone. Throughout the years, Sift Analytics Group Pte Ltd. has remained successful and profitable because of the numerous advantages associated with its products and solutions. The company's growth is also attributed to its ability to attract, retain, and grow its customer base. As a business to business supplier organization, Sift Analytics Group utilizes effective business marketing mix components to market its products and solutions to customers. The growth and profitability of this company can be understood through an Analytics of its supply chain and marketing channels, marketing strategy, and value proposition.

Brief Background of the Company

Sift Analytics Group…… [Read More]


Sift Analytics Group Pte Ltd. n.d., About Us, Sift Analytics Group Pte Ltd., viewed 16 September


Sift Analytics Group Pte Ltd. n.d., Supply Chain Analysis. Sift Analytics Group Pte Ltd., viewed

16 September 2014,
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Webmd Web Portals Like Webmd

Words: 1255 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56327208

Jurisdiction issues may also affect the insurance and the coverage provided by the agency as insurance coverage is also restricted to certain regions and not outside those jurisdictions.

Identity Theft: Another issue or the problem is that of identity theft, which is considered to be the fastest growing crime in America as millions of victims have been reported over a period of last couple of years. Giving out information on website whether it is email or other security or personal details requires care & caution on part of both consumers as well as WebMD management.

Jargons: The information available for the consumers at times can be in a technical language. Jargons may create confusion among the consumers and may misguide them. Most information is available in easy to understand language but the provision of glossary of terms may help the consumers in understanding the true meaning of the content available…… [Read More]


Phillips, B. (March 2000). Ecommerce Management -- a Matter of Breadth and Depth. Business Communications Review. 30(3): 14.

Leaffer, T. (2006). The Digital Health-Care Revolution: Empowering Health Consumers; Anywhere and Anytime Access to a World of Medical Information Is Helping Consumers to Take Better Charge of Their Health. The Futurist. 40(3): 53+.

Promoting Patient Safety: An Ethical Basis for Policy Deliberation. The Hastings Center Report. 33(5): 1+.
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E-Business Business to Customer E-Commerce

Words: 1555 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8055787

(Cho, 2005)

To conclude, although the basis of the B2C and the B2C sites may be the same, it must be stated that if many more such contracts and regulatory laws and rules were to be passed, which would effectively keep a hold on the ethics and the legal issues of e-commerce, especially in relation to the B. 2 C. And the B. 2 B. sites, and also despite the intrinsic differences between them, then the Internet and the world wide web would be an infinitely safer place for e shoppers and for business people desirous of buying products or services through the Internet.


Cho, George. (2005) "Geographic Information Science, mastering the legal issues"

John Wiley and Sons.

Internet Ethics, oxymoron or orthodoxy?" etrieved at Accessed 11 November, 2005

Kalakota, avi; obinson, Marcia. (2000) "E-Business 2.0, oadmap for success"

Addison-Wesley Professional

Nanyan, Zamri. "Online Business and Integrity" etrieved…… [Read More]


Cho, George. (2005) "Geographic Information Science, mastering the legal issues"

John Wiley and Sons.

Internet Ethics, oxymoron or orthodoxy?" Retrieved at . Accessed 11 November, 2005

Kalakota, Ravi; Robinson, Marcia. (2000) "E-Business 2.0, Roadmap for success"
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Organization Work Familiar The Expected Word

Words: 3460 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42084868

organization work, familiar . The expected word count assignment 3300 words length.

According to Baines (2011)

relationship marketing is a marketing style that emphasizes customer satisfaction and retention, rather than focusing dominantly on sales transactions. It focuses mainly on continuous nurturing of customer relationships, instead of focusing mainly on them for one-time purchases. The idea behind relationship marketing is for a company to develop emotionally strong connections with their existing customers, and convert them to be the company's loyal advocates. This is not only fun, but it is more profitable. One will require fewer resources to sell to someone who trusts, likes, and knows your company products than selling to a stranger. elationship marketing recognizes a customer's long-term value to the company and offers communication that goes beyond sales promotional messages and intrusive advertising.

Apple Inc. is a Multinational Corporation based in Cupertino, California. The company deals with consumer electronics,…… [Read More]


Baines, P., Fill, C. And Page, K. (2011). Marketing (2nd ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Gronroos, C. (1994). From marketing mix to relationship marketing: towards a paradigm shift in marketing. Management Decision, Vol. 32(No. 2), 4-20.

Harker, M.J. a. E., J. (2006). The past, present and future of relationship marketing. Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 22, 215-242.

Kumar, V. a. S., D. (2004). Building and sustaining customer loyalty for the 21st century. Journal of Retailing, Vol. 80(No. 4), 317-330.
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Marketing Spin to Match My Background Must

Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15183267

marketing spin to match my background. Must answer the questions below in the custom area

What do you expect to accomplish through this executive program? What learning experiences do you expect, and how would you apply them? What specific benefits do you anticipate?

I am a marketing professional with over twenty years' experience working for advertising agencies and for some of the world's most profitable and highly-respected companies, including AT&T, Lucent, and McDonalds. My expertise includes both traditional and e-commerce marketing. From my personal, practical experience in the field I have honed my natural instincts regarding what makes a good marketing campaign. I pride myself on my ability to learn. However, my desire to expand my capabilities and personal marketability has led me back to school, to gain more technical knowledge of the ever-changing field of marketing.

An executive MBA is an ideal match for my aspirations. I would be…… [Read More]

Q2. What are the contributions you will make to the program and how will your experience and expectations benefit classmates and the EMBA program?

My unique perspective would enable me to contribute a multifaceted cultural and historical perspective to the history and practice of business. My formal marketing career began in 1989 so I have witnessed firsthand the dramatic historical shift that occurred with the transition from pre-Internet to post-Internet marketing. This has made me uniquely aware of the differences between marketing in the 20th century and marketing in the 21st century. I pride myself in being forward-thinking and while I have worked to promote products via more traditional marketing channels, I am acutely aware of the shift that has occurred in marketing in terms of how products and services are showcased and how consumers relate to those services and products. Branding and brand definitions have changed and become more interactive and relationship-based. However, the human elements of managing workers and clients through cross-functional teams and in B2B and B2C relationships still are based upon timeless principles of customer segmentation and demonstrated value.

I have also worked in a variety of high-pressured settings, both for advertising agencies and for corporate clients in fields spanning from telecommunications to the food industry. I would be an invaluable resource for my student colleagues who were interested about exploring new career paths and help them understand the similarities and differences between different occupational settings in the field of marketing. Also, on a personal level, marketing requires the ability to be both 'left brained' in terms of keeping an eye on technical specifications and the bottom line but also to be 'right brained' enough to see the world from a completely different perspective. I believe I exhibit both of these qualities in my skill set and character profile and hope to use my organizational and communication skills to be an asset in the classroom.
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Business Plan for Ivy Discover

Words: 4333 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86747731

The market analysis is provided in Table 2.

Table 2: Market Analysis






Potential Customers



Home Office








Small Office








































The company will also use different market strategy to achieve its business goals. Ivy Discover will run a very attractive advertising banner on different websites, which are constantly being visited by target customers, and the business will use several different form of promotion to attract potential customers. The promotion strategy will include discounted package deal. The sale process will include several criteria such as product presentation, relationship building, customer requirements, or needs. The company will build technical products that…… [Read More]


Chaffey, D. (2002) E-business and e-commerce management. Financial Times/Prentice Hall. Harlow, UK.

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E-Business Operations From the Perspective

Words: 768 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54727425

The main problem facing business to business transactions online is in the back end of Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment applications. Invoicing, review, approval and payment authorization and instructions take place over the Internet. Settlement is then accomplished through clearing houses, initiating payments of $2.750 trillion in 2006. The anonymity of the Internet and lack of the cardholder being present with a required signature create susceptibility to fraud and having the bank issue a chargeback. Businesses disputing chargebacks find the process discouraging, so paperwork is necessary. Documentation must be obtained, retained and required for every stage of the sale. Human intervention is necessary at times, such as with international orders, P.O. box orders and orders over a certain amount and suspicious orders. Shippers with proof of delivery signatures can be used for safety, and seller fraud protection may be provided by payment processors.

From the perspective of advertising products and…… [Read More]

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Ahmad Tea Assessment Briefing Document 2012 2013 History

Words: 812 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3823837

Ahmad Tea Assessment riefing Document 2012/2013 History Company: Ahmad Tea a UK-based family business, drawing generations tea blending tasting experience. Applying knowledge accumulated generations, UK produced Ahmad Tea appeared market 1986.

Ahmad Tea Assessment: riefing Document 2012/2013

Ahmad Tea is positioned as a midmarket tea in the ritish tea-drinking market. It is not a 'budget' tea. The target consumer cares about the quality of the tea, its taste, and blending although it is not a loose tea or an 'upmarket' tea out of the reach of the average consumer. The company offers a wide range of different flavors, teas with different origins, and teas for different purposes (soothing vs. stimulating). The ritish coffee market, thanks to the rise in popularity of Starbucks has been growing. Ahmad markets tea as a beverage worthy of equal consideration as coffee. Ahmad is concerned that while 88% of the over-65 ritish population takes tea,…… [Read More]


Ahmad Tea. 2012. Website. Available:  / [14 Jan 2013]

How medical research on tea can shape your target audience. 2012. Tea Trends.

Available:  [14 Jan 2013]
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Marketing What Is the Best

Words: 977 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23518261

Remember, price is the one 'P' that generates revenue, while the other three 'P's incur costs. [This is why] Effective pricing is important to the success of your business" (Ehmke, Fulton, & Lusk, 2007). Pricing also includes how the customer pays, whether by installments or upfront, as methods of payment can affect the long-term solvency of the business.

Place" refers to the distribution channels used to get a product to customers. "hat your product is will greatly influence how you distribute it...Businesses that create or assemble a product will have two options: selling directly to consumers or selling to a vendor," and even exclusively B2B enterprises must select what type of vendor, whether small or large (Ehmke, Fulton, & Lusk, 2007). Promotion refers to the advertising and selling part of marketing, to individual consumers or businesses. "To be effective, your promotional efforts should contain a clear message targeted to a…… [Read More]

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Virgin Airline Company

Words: 1159 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 76135964

Virgin Airlines -- Financial and Strategic Assessment

Financial Assessment

Virgin America has quickly established itself as one of the premier airlines operating throughout North America, generating $760M in Operating evenues as of the close of its latest fiscal period reporting a Net Loss of $19M and operating margin of -1.6%. As Virgin competes in a very price-driven and capital-intensive industry, their latest financial results the exceptionally high pressure on new entrants into commercial aviation. Their latest financial results are shown in Appendix A: Virgin America Consolidated Statement of Operations and Appendix B: Comparative Operating Statistics, both obtained from the company's website.

Analyzing their financial condition indicates just how challenging the launch and successful operation of an airline is. Their fuel costs increased 66.9% for the nine months between September 30, 2010 to September 30, 20112, and Aircraft Maintenance increased 51.5% in the same period. Both of these figures are shown…… [Read More]


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What Are the Billings

Words: 3185 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34312458

advertising agencies namely Fletcher-Martin-Ewing (FME) Grey Worldwide and Kilgannon Mc eynolds.

Agency: Fletcher-Martin-Ewing (FME)

Fletcher-Martin-Ewing - FME functions as an integrated agency from Atlanta, with a wide range of activities on the advertisement and marketing spectrum. They cultivate the appreciation that brands reach their audiences through a lot of channels apart from advertisement in the present era of proliferation of communication channels. The integrated approach of FME assures consistency of message delivery in every area of communication.

Core Competence:

Branding and Advertisement: FME assists the clients in discovering their brand by finding out the contribution they make in the lives of their target audience. This approach is spearheaded by the Account Planners who devote their total time observing and talking with consumers, influencers, customers and personnel. The Planners at FME represent the audience viewpoint right through the strategic planning and creative process. The workforce handling the creative work is focused…… [Read More]


Ayling, Stuart. "9 ways to keep your clients coming back for more" ; id=1980 Accessed on 22 March 2005

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"Atlanta Advertising Agencies: Fletcher Martin Client List" Retrieved from Accessed on 22 March 2005

"Atlanta Advertising Agencies: Fletcher Martin People" Retrieved from Accessed on 22 March 2005
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Major Strategic Issues of Facebook

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Identify the major strategic issues of Facebook

Facebook strategically aimed creating a platform for social interactivity in the internet. The team used the existing website technology to facilitate this interaction. In order to expand into new markets without losing what originally made it popular, Facebook must ensure that the new products are connected to its original idea in one way or the other. For instance, as an advertising tool, Facebook should make sure that corporate and businesspersons who need marketing own Facebook accounts where people connect with them.

Major Characteristics of Web 2.0

Allows web-based applications to be accessed from any place

Simple applications are used to solve specified problems

Its value is more anchored on the content rather than the software used to display the same content.

Sharing of data is straightforward.

Is uses a bottom-up distribution pattern rather than top-down.

User friendly…… [Read More]

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E-Commerce E-Business Has Greatly Expanded

Words: 686 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72832175

Sites that are not constructed properly make it difficult for the customer to get accurate ordering information, see large enough photos of the products (or any photographs), and find product costs. Shipping costs can add significant costs that consumers do not want to pay.

B2B electronic transactions have saved companies significant amounts of money over the traditional manual approach. Yet there are wrinkles with this as well. For example, it is problematic for manufacturers to introduce new products or have promotions -- variability in electronic chain management is difficult. Depending on the system, it can be difficult to track down the status of a product order. Sometimes it is problematic to cancel an order once it is in the electronic process. Also, when ordering large quantities of a product or when unsure exactly what is needed, customers still want to talk to a "live" person rather than order electronically. Further,…… [Read More]

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Ecommerce Blogging -- Blogging Is an Internet

Words: 1139 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 39723689


Blogging -- Blogging is an Internet term that is a combination of the words web and log. It is part of a website or a stand-alone application that is maintained to give commentary, descriptions of events, graphics, video, and in recent times, adding to social networking and/or marketing. Most blogs, in fact, are interactive. This allows users and visitors either to make comments, leave information, or begin a thread of information/conversation. This tends to distinguish blogs from other static websites. Indeed, most blogs are specific and dedicated to a particular subject or interest area; although some serve as online diaries or catalogs of a particular event. Most blogs, too, are textural, although it is possible to add and use them for video, music, or podcasting. Blogs are extremely popular, and by early 2011 there were almost 160 million public blogs (Blood, 2000; BlogPulse, 2011).

There are several considerations necessary…… [Read More]


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Industrial and Consumer Marketing

Words: 2018 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5364846

Fern and Brown (1984) claimed that the distinction between industrial and consumer marketing lacked any clear foundation, while more recently Vargo and Lusch (2011) argued that business-business markets underpin the most recent developments in marketing theory overall. In your opinion, is business- to-business marketing distinct from or, the same as consumer marketing?

Industrial and Consumer Marketing Distinctions

The issue regarding a distinction between business to business and consumer marketing is an important aspect that marketing specialists have tried to clear in the attempt of developing more efficient marketing theories. The importance of determining whether or not there is a distinction between these types of marketing relies on the fact that this information would contribute to developing efficient strategies for companies to use when addressing different markets. In order to develop efficient marketing strategies, companies must identify the principles that rule their type of industry. Therefore, it is important to understand…… [Read More]

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Business to Business Major Trends

Words: 2039 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27139624

Specialists in the field have also identified other trends that they consider will affect the B2B market (Focus, 2010). Such trends refer to the fact that marketing is likely to be considered responsible for revenue objectives, B2B markets are likely to become more similar with consumer markets, the B2B sector will be characterized by a social media crisis, more attention granted to return on investments, the increased of automation, increased importance of Internet supported buying cycles, information overload, focus on lead quality, focus on branding and awareness, and others.

The following chart reveals B2B companies' interest in investments regarding several channels. Most of these companies intend to significantly increase investments in website design, social media, virtual events, search engines, email marketing, and paid search. The attention these companies pay to Public elations and telemarketing seems to remain constant. B2B companies estimate they will reduce investments in direct mail, trade shows,…… [Read More]

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