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Bankruptcy Essays (Examples)

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Automatics Stays for Chapter 7 Bankruptcies
Words: 715 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23610926
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A woman by the name of Ann Elk is filing bankruptcy. She ostensibly owes about $5,000 to a creditor by the name of Orbit Bank. Orbit Bank has contracted with InMotion Debt Collectors to retrieve that debt. Concurrent to this, Ann starts to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. An automatic stay, thus, is then issued to help keep the creditors at bay and regulate what they are allowed to do. Despite this, InMotion initially demands that she pay $1,000, which Ann does. Subsequent to this, InMotion files a lawsuit demanding the entire amount due. While InMotion is being aggressive, Ann’s lawyer is wise to tell her to disregard the lawsuit.
Ann’s rights under the bankruptcy code are certainly being trampled on by InMotion. The question of just how much of this is going on would depend on what the automatic stay relating to the Chapter 7 motion went into…

Business Ethics Recent High Profile Bankruptcies in
Words: 742 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58761745
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Business Ethics

ecent high profile bankruptcies in the U.S. corporate sector such as the ones filed by Enron, WorldCom, and Global Crossing in 2001 have highlighted the importance of financial ethics in business since lack of ethical practices were identified as the main cause of their failures. The business scandals underlined the importance of stricter regulation of the corporate sector and forced the U.S. legislature to pass the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 that contains a number of important provisions relating to business ethics. This paper about business ethics focuses on the impact of financial ethics in business.

Greed and an over-riding focus on increasing the profits and "share-holder value" usually leads managers and business leaders to disregard financial ethics in business. Although the impact of such "over sight" may be beneficial in the short run, it is invariably disastrous in the long run -- both at the individual as well…


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Title IX of the White Collar Crime Penalty Enhancement (WCCPA) Act, which is part of Sarbanes-Oxley provides for penalties of $5,000,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 20 years for willful and knowing violations. ("Summary of ... " 2005)

Worldcom Case Took the Entire
Words: 1093 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76253551
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Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BLMIS) committed one of the greatest financial frauds in U.S. history. Investigations revealed that Mr. Madoff operated an elaborate "Ponzi Scheme" that started operating in 1980s.Even though Madoff was initially supposed to invest all of his clients' money in the securities markets, he never did so. Instead, he deposited the whole amount in a certain bank account that he held with the Chase Manhattan Bank. He therefore fulfilled his client's redemption requests using his own money. The fraud value was estimated at $50 billion and became a matter of public knowledge only after Madoff confessed to the crime. It can be regarded as the biggest financial fraud in U.S.'s history and it affected a large number of investors.The financial industry blamed the investors as well as regulators for neglecting the various warning signals that enabled Maddoff to continue with the fraud for several decades.

The Board…


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Escalating Commitment as the Reason for Polaroid's Failure
Words: 807 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15994668
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Business Studies

What Caused Polaroid's Bankruptcy in 2001?

In 2001 Polaroid filed for bankruptcy. The circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy indicate several potential reasons, including poor management decision making and escalating commitment. The financial management of the firm appears to have been questionable in the year before the filing; a special bonus of $1.4 million was paid to the CEO Gary DiCamillo, and other board members received payments f between $63,000 and $272,000 (TParadiso, 2003). The payments were not illegal, but it is notable that the $1.4 million bonus for DiCamillo would not have been received if 6 months prior the auditor KPMG LLP had not been persuaded to refrain from issuing a going concern warning on the annual accounts (TParadiso, 2003). These actions may all appear questionable, especially the action of DiCamillio calling KMPG's CEO in order to ensure the going concern warring was not issued, but whatever the view,…


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Direct Air Management and Marketing Mistakes
Words: 2797 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 14787673
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Dierct Air - Management & Marketing Mistakes

The following case study employs the array of industry metrics discussed above to determine major factors that contributed to Direct Airways filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy during the time period from 2007-212. This time period was chosen because SEC filings at that time available, providing valuable insight into the stark differences between the two airlines. Direct Airways was a major U.S. carrier that was founded in 2001 and operated for 7 years until it fell into bankruptcy in 2001. This terminated an unrestrained years for Direct Airways, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year of 2012 (Jayanti).

I understood that already the subject of a federal investigation by transportation regulators, the outdated charter service Direct Air long ago would soon may be facing a far-reaching investigation of its finances by the bankruptcy trustee (Bomkamp). The lawyer governing Direct Air's bankruptcy went ahead…

Work Cited

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Rock Group Horriblescreech This Week's Hottest Band
Words: 1096 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 59154671
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Rock Group

HorribleScreech, this week's hottest band on the planet, recently came to its senses and hired me as its new attorney. The first task after cashing a retainer check for mucho dinero is to free the band from an oppressive "new kid" recording contract between HorribleScreech and Bloodsucker Enterprises. There is nothing on the face of the contract that would free HorribleScreech. At this point, all other legal/business options can be considered.

The contract and all the circumstances around it should be considered first. For example, even though the contract is oppressive and even though some lawsuits take years, there might be some factor that would allow the band out of the contract more easily and quickly. Contract laws differ from state-to-state, so let us assume for this paper that the contract was signed in Los Angeles, California. In California, a contract can be unenforceable or can be rescinded…

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Tarp and American Auto Companies
Words: 2747 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 73839289
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Yet, today, they sell only about 47% and this market share loss has accelerated over the past decade (Sullivan, 2008). The major issue, according to Sullivan, is the inability of the ig Three to effectively compete with their more efficient and market savvy Japanese rivals, even on their home turf. Opponents of the auto industry bailout feel that placing more money into a failed business strategy makes no sense and that everyone is better off if the free market, not the federal government, choose the winners and the losers in the economy (Moran, 2008). The end result of the auto bailout could well result in a return to protectionism which could unfairly impact other American industries' ability to compete in a global market. A policy analyst at the German-Marshall Fund voices a common concern that a bailout of the auto industry has the potential "to be the torch that lights…


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Business Law Contract Analysis U-Haul
Words: 4590 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46964143
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Independent dealers must sign a contract that sets forth the manner in which they will operate their rental centers. Often a small business owner will supplement their income be adding U-Hauls to their market mix. Independent contractors earn a commission on their sales.

Each division of AMERCO has it own president. All of them must report to a Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Board and overall President is Edward Shoen, descendent of the original founders of the company. Many members of the Shoen family still control much of the company (Google Finance). Little information is available about the company, aside from their financial statements. Although they have a Board of Directors, the company continues to operate as a family-style operation, with the family members occupying many positions in upper management. The company structure is simple and little is available beyond basic information.

Purchasing Contract Analysis and the UCC…

Works Cited

Ceh v. UHaul International, Inc., 11th district court of appeals, No. 04-10031.

A Accessed January 22.

Company News; U-Haul's Parent Seeks Bankruptcy Protection." June 21, 2003. New

York Times. . Accessed January 23, 2007.

Financial Analysis of Lehman Brother
Words: 2992 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 52231514
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Financial Analysis of Lehman rother

Lehman rothers

The history has been full of financial collapses and financial scandals and one of the biggest financial collapses that a company has ever seen was that of Lehman brother. The collapse of a firm as huge as Lehman rother and a firm which has such great experience of over a hundred years lead the world into a shock. It created doubts in the minds of people regarding the condition of other financial institutions. The history of Lehman rother is rich which is further discussed.

The history of Lehman rother dates back to 1844, when a boy named Henry who was a 23-year-old son of a cattle merchant who immigrated to the United States from Germany and he settled in Alabama State of the United States where he opened dry goods store. In 1847, when Henry Lehman's elder brother arrived to Alabama, the firm…


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4. Fitzpatrick, T.J., & Thomson, J.B. (2011). How Well Does Bankruptcy Work When Large Financial Firms Fail? Some Lessons from Lehman Brothers. Economic Commentary (Cleveland), (2011-23), 1+.

Joe's Sports a 50-Year-Old Sporting-Goods Retailer With
Words: 323 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97138396
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Joe's Sports, a 50-year-old sporting-goods retailer with stores in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, who filed for bankruptcy protection recently. The company began when "Edward Orkney, a World War II veteran, began selling Army surplus sleeping bags from the back of a station wagon in Portland" (Martinez, 2009). It grew to a chain of 30 stores with over 1,600 employees, and was considered successful until the economic downturn that began in 2008.

The company claims up to $500 million in debt, and there are several of its creditors who are uninsured and facing steep losses, such as Columbia Sportswear, another Washington company, who is owed about $888,300. They owe about $12.8 in total to all their creditors. The company did secure some funding from Wells Fargo etail Finance so it can continue to operate and pay its employees as it attempts to reorganize and again become profitable. The President and CEO…


Martinez, A. (2009). Joe's Sports files for bankruptcy protection. Retrieved 13 May 2009 from the Seattle Times Web site: .

Fraud Accounting and Enron
Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33891310
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Particulars of Enron's Bankruptcy

There were a number of specific actions that led to Enron's bankruptcy. The majority of these pertain to a lack of accountability on the part of numerous people in key positions at this firm. The individual accountants at Arthur Andersen, the now defunct accounting firm that worked for this company, allowed Enron to utilize dubious accounting practices without trying to curtail them. Upper level management was guilty of allowing such accounting practices to take place, and of being too concerned with acquisition and spending to ensure the company was operating in accordance with the standards provided by the Securities Exchange Commission. Several fraudulent activities also contributed to Enron's bankruptcy. These include the insider trading that took place, the misrepresentation of the company as financially viable when it was on the verge of bankruptcy, and many others.

One of the primary accounting and auditing practices that eventually…


Cross, J.N., Krunkel, R.A. (n.d.). Andersen implosion over Enron: an analysis of the contagion effect on Fortune 500 firms. University of Wisconsin.

Emshwiller, J.R. (2001). Enron transaction with entity run by executive raises questions. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from

Dragonfly Corp Dragonfly a Three-Year-Old
Words: 587 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88833688
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Therefore, bankruptcy becomes the other option to deal with the liability to Crossroads. The issue of subordination should be dealt with before bankruptcy proceedings are undertaken, to best protect the Thompsons. At that point, the courts can sort out the extent to which ragonfly will honor its liability to Crossroads. The downside of bankruptcy is that the Thompsons are major creditors to ragonfly as well, and the bankruptcy could jeopardize their net worth if they are unable to convince Janet's parents to write off the Thompson's obligations to them. Bankruptcy, however, is lever that can be used against Crossroads, since the mall cannot unilaterally impose bankruptcy on ragonfly and would ideally like to receive the monies owed.

Turning ragonfly around is possible, if they are able to maintain solvency while getting out of the Crossroads lease. The Thompsons had gambled that Crossroads would attract ragonfly's target market and that does…

Dragonfly's rent liability at Crossroads can be addressed in one of two ways. The best option is to negotiate an early exit from the lease. This would get Dragonfly out of the struggling mall and allow them to put more focus on the Bellevue location and possibly open another store elsewhere. The deal would allow them to pay Crossroads from their more profitable operations without incurring further liability. Despite the fact that the Thompson's feel 1997 was a successful year, they were not able to make any headway on their liability to Crossroads. However, given that Crossroads is about to lose 1/6 of their tenant base, they may be unwilling to make such a deal with 1 1/4 years still remaining on the lease.

Therefore, bankruptcy becomes the other option to deal with the liability to Crossroads. The issue of subordination should be dealt with before bankruptcy proceedings are undertaken, to best protect the Thompsons. At that point, the courts can sort out the extent to which Dragonfly will honor its liability to Crossroads. The downside of bankruptcy is that the Thompsons are major creditors to Dragonfly as well, and the bankruptcy could jeopardize their net worth if they are unable to convince Janet's parents to write off the Thompson's obligations to them. Bankruptcy, however, is lever that can be used against Crossroads, since the mall cannot unilaterally impose bankruptcy on Dragonfly and would ideally like to receive the monies owed.

Turning Dragonfly around is possible, if they are able to maintain solvency while getting out of the Crossroads lease. The Thompsons had gambled that Crossroads would attract Dragonfly's target market and that does not appear to have come to pass. This means that much of the business Dragonfly did generate was destination business - people who came their to shop at Dragonfly. The Thompson's have a large mailing list that can be used to attract these customers to the Bellevue location or a third location. Given that Dragonfly is no longer marking down merchandise to move it, they may be able to be sufficiently profitable with other locations to pay down the $20,000 payment. The best course of action if Crossroads would agree to it is to borrow the money to make the payment and exit the Crossroads mall early. This way, Dragonfly should be able to turn their business around, without the anchor that is their poor original location.

Toys R Us Closures
Words: 1046 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42359964
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Though Toys ‘R’ Us has recently announced bankruptcy and closures of its stores, a business ethics situation has arisen related to the compensation packages given by the company to its executives. As Held (2017) points out, “a bankruptcy judge has granted struggling retailer Toys R Us permission to pay millions of dollars in bonuses to executives after the company argued it was necessary to motivate its top brass during the critical holiday shopping season.” The problem, as Judy Robbins of the Justice Department’s U.S. Trustee Program has shown, is one of accountability. Ethically speaking, the bankruptcy court’s allowance of this goes against all sense of ethics and how a corporation should be expected to govern itself and be accountable to shareholders. But it also goes against the Bankruptcy Code as Robbins notes: “It defies logic and wisdom, not to mention the Bankruptcy Code, that a bankrupt company would now propose…

Large Chain Restaurant That Has Gone Bankrupt
Words: 1201 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 15481017
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Chain Restaurant

One chain restaurant that went bankrupt recently was Bennigan's, which filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2008 (Tozzi, 2008). All of the company-owned stores closed, and many of the franchise-owned stores also closed. Of those franchise-owned stores that survived, many suffered as a result of the negative publicity and loss of key advertising and purchasing support. hile 138 locations avoided bankruptcy initially in 2008, only 35 of those remained by 2010 (Stockdale, 2010). This paper will examine the external environment in the casual dining industry at the time of the Bennigan's bankruptcy, and the extent to which the company's strategy contributed to its downfall.

In 2008, the U.S. economy was headed for recession, and this has a significant negative impact on the casual dining industry. The industry had 81,000 restaurant locations, making for a highly-fragmented marketplace that was in all likelihood well over capacity. As a result, some…

Works Cited:

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Mergers Can Fail for a
Words: 1162 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 89133056
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If the failure is sufficiently severe, the future of the company could be called into question, leading to customer and supplier flight, creating a death spiral.

These impacts can spread far and wide. For example, a company with a failed merger could ultimately lose market share as its weaknesses and its distracted management are exploited by competitors. Sometimes firms merge to acquire market share, but then fail to perform as well as the two individual entities did, resulting in market share declines. This can cause the firm's industry position to deteriorate in addition to its market share. The loss of prestige can actually impact the market share as well.

Goodwill is created on the balance sheet during a merger as the result of the difference between the cost paid for the acquired company and its book value. The goodwill is reflective of the expected synergies and gains that are expected…

Business Law Which Type of
Words: 1074 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18836377
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y extending the copyright term it virtually ensures that the person's children and possibly grandchildren will also not have to see that take place.

Other than peace of mind for future generations of relatives, however, there is really little to gain by an extension of the copyright period. The original creator of the work is gone, so he or she will not be complaining, and the original copyright act went fifty years beyond that person's death, so an extra twenty years does not gain much. What it does do is stop people with ideas that are creative and unique to some degree but would also play on or work with an older idea from getting those ideas to market and into the hands of readers and consumers.

This actually hurts the public as a whole, and people do not even realize it. It can also hurt creative people like writers…


Cheeseman, Henry R.(2003). Contemporary Business & E-Commerce Law, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall ISBN: 0-13-034852-X

U S Airways Business Analysis and
Words: 1442 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89097353
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This is part of a month-long survey to determine whether current weight estimates are accurate. Anyone refusing to give his or her weight could be barred from the flight. Investigators are looking at excess weight and elevator malfunction as possible contributing causes of the January 8th crash of a 19 seat eech 1900 turboprop.. Maximum take-off weight for the eech that crashed was just over 17,000 pounds and the plane was within 100 pounds of that figure."

Individuals flying should be warned that anything stashed underneath the clothes will be seen, even the individuals private body parts as evidence in the following report from September 10, 2004:

new X-ray machine at London's Heathrow has been attacked by civil liberties groups as a "voyeur's charter." The machine uses low-level radiation to see through clothing, producing an anatomically detailed black and white image of the body underneath. The machine is capable of…


Bigger travelers add to airline fuel woes (2004) located [Online] at: John Deere Travel News Report [Online] at

01/28/2003 FAA Wants to Watch Your Weight. John Deere Travel News Report [Online] at

11/10/2004 New x-ray machine sees all. John Deere Travel News Report [Online] at

John Deere Travel News Report [Online] at

Crisis Humanity Has Not Yet
Words: 1271 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34864277
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e. An amount that is about 1% of GDP) to ensure that the current PAYGO system is solvent for the next 75 years. Thus, 10 trillion dollars problem is not as large and scary if we start acting today to fix the current system).

It is totally manageable."

ut the official plan is somewhat different. ush's administration is trying to introduce private account systems where a fraction of payroll tax will be transferred to private accounts and managed by the future retirees themselves, thus, giving them chance to invest this money into stocks, which have proven to give on average higher rates of return than the Treasury ills which generate rather moderate income.

The opponents of this idea state that this is just a shell-game, where no capital is accumulated and investments are not increased. The overall national capital is not increased, but this plan will cause enormous transactions costs…


1) Kinnan, Chris Trustees Report: Social Security Collapse Quickening, 2004 available on web: 

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3) Roubini, Nouriel Social Security Privatization as the Mother of All Con-Man Smoke-and-Mirrors Shell-Games, available on web:

The American International Group Situation
Words: 1844 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 93406392
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If AIG would not have been helped by the Federal eserve, it is more
than obvious that the financial group would have declared bankruptcy.
Although the bailout reached an enormous sum, the action was justified.
Given the current market conditions, an eventual collapse of AIG would
contribute even more to the fragility of the financial market. Also, it
would have led to a reduction of public wealth, and it would have reduced
economic performance.
The opinion of U.S. taxpayers is that the AIG bailout was not
justified. For them, it did not seem fair that they should pay for the
mistakes made by financial corporations' CEOs and by the defective policies
and strategies practiced by financial groups.
There are two sides to this issue, one opposing the other. U.S.
citizens have strongly declared themselves against the bailout. Their
pressure determined the country's officials to reject financial saving
plans initially.…

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Fiat Chrysler -- Leadership - Teambuilding
Words: 2832 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92836003
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Fiat / Chrysler -- Leadership - Teambuilding

The Chrysler merger with Fiat was met with skepticism and doubts when it was first proposed. Chrysler had just recently emerged from near bankruptcy -- saved by a U.S. government bailout -- and Fiat is a strong internationally respected corporation building cars, earth-moving machines, and more. The merging of Chrysler and Fiat was seen as having a greater opportunity for success than did the merger between Chrysler and Daimler-Benz, but still there were doubters in the industry. However, as of May, 2012, the blending together of the two companies (Fiat and Chrysler) has produced a profitable situation. This paper examines the cultures -- and leadership -- shown within the two companies, a strong combination that has allowed success to be achieved. The paper also critiques the leadership styles in the dynamics of this merger, and delves into the concept of teambuilding when two…

Works Cited

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Retrieved May 11, 2012, from .

Continental Go Forward Strategy the Overarching Objective
Words: 1009 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 55360136
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Continental Go Forward Strategy

The overarching objective of the Go Forward Strategy was to continually accelerate the gains made in customer relationship management (CM), customer service, operations and the maintenance, repair and overhaul of their jets. What Continental was after was the ability to unify their entire operation into a highly integrated, coordinated customer-based platform that could be used for streamlining every aspect of their operations to exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional value (Watson, Wixom, Hoffer, Anderson-Lehman, eynolds, 2006). The Go Forward strategy further galvanized Continental unto a very focused strategy for ensuring their Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) turned into a Powerful catalyst for customer-driven change (Watson, Wixom, Hoffer, Anderson-Lehman, eynolds, 2006).

The $30M investment in the Go Forward Strategy was one of the most effective investments in technology any airline has ever made in technology, with Continental netting a gain of $500M in increased revenue and cost savings.…


Cunningham, C., Il-Yeol Song, & Chen, P.P. (2006). Data warehouse design to support customer relationship management analyses. Journal of Database Management, 17(2), 62-84.

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Churchill Downs Race Track Beating
Words: 1849 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 13391974
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The racehorse industry has been faced with accusations of promoting the breeding of fragile animals that are unable to withstand the rigors of training, because of a lust for promoting speedy animals at all costs. And the recent publicity of the slaughter of retired racehorses who have outlived their usefulness has further damaged the reputation of the sport. Unlike other forms of betting, horseracing must try to preserve its family-friendly image to some extent, given that many parents take their children to the track. Poor sportsmanship and a lack of sensitivity to the suffering of animals will turn the next generation of fans away.


Churchill Downs must honor the legacy of its treasured past, and promote prominent ethical spokespersons for the sport, like the multiple Kentucky Derby winner jockey Calvin Borel. More stringent standards must be imposed industry-wide regarding the treatment of both horses and jockeys, but until then,…


A brief history of the Kentucky Derby. (2010). Time Magazine. Retrieved October 30, 2010 at,29307,1894988_1876977,00.html#ixzz13rcUDwJF 

Grassi, Diane M. (2010, June 27).Horse racing industry saddled with financial meltdown.

Sports Column. Retrieved October 30, 2010 at 

History of Churchill Downs. (2010). Churchill Downs. Retrieved October 30, 2010 at

Hardship Letter Any Business Relationship
Words: 1790 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 77963534
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4. I did not obtain my current mortgage under any materially false pretenses.

As part of the Hope for Homeowners program, I would be able to attain a new affordable mortgage based on a current appraisal value. I would retain 10% equity in the property, and would be sharing the equity and future appreciation with the Federal government, which would prohibit me from taking out any additional loans against the property except for direct repairs and/or maintenance. There are also up front insurance premiums for this type of loan, which I am aware of.

If you would please consider one of these two options, I believe we can come up with a mutually satisfying solution to help avoid foreclosure on my home. I am writing this hardship letter to plead with your company to review my loan information, take into account my current financial situation, my excellent payment history prior…


Mortgage Bankers Association. Fannie Mae Posts Conventional Mortgage Servicing Modifications (06-18). Related Documents, 2008 Mortgage Bankers Association. Website with .pdf file:,7601299&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

P& G Case How Should P& g's
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A major weakness that can be mitigated for P&G is that of copycat and "me too" products that erode the prestige of the brand. When margins are high competitors tend to enter the market. The industry that P&G operates in is fairly easy to enter. There are many substitutes for Tide as there are many substitutes for Coke. P&G must be very careful to maintain the prestige and quality of the brand so that competitors can not erode its influence on consumers.

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of P&G's resources and capabilities to that of Eastman Kodak (Case 7). These companies are in very different industries. How does this affect strategic analysis of resources and capabilities?

The first major strength of P&G relative to Kodak is its margins and cost structure. P&G has the benefit of increasing earnings without having a corresponding increase in capital expenditures. Eastman Kodak however, as…


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Predatory Lending and the Subprime
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nd we must take into consideration what would happen if, somewhere down the line, we encountered the very real possibility of changed financial circumstances.

The financial knots we're tying ourselves into now, as we scramble to purchase homes and wind up owning less of them, can have serious long-term ramifications. Because today's overall tighter finances often necessitate putting off major purchases, many adults don't buy their first home until they're well into their thirties or even forties.

s a result, those thirty-year mortgage payments follow us right into retirement, hanging around even as rising health care and tuition expenses for college-aged children begin to spike. s a result, we discover too late that the asset we gambled everything to acquire because it was going to see us through retirement is instead pushing that retirement further and further away. lready, an increasing number of seniors are borrowing against their homes, accumulating…

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Managers Spend Approximately 25 of
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e. telling someone that you think he is still discontent), paraphrasing the emotion that the other expresses, and encouraging emotional perspective taking (with questions like "how would you feel about this in the future?" Or attempting to convey the emotion of the other party). In short, emphasis on emotion should be placed forefront in the mediation session and the underlying emotions should be uncovered and dealt with in order that one can then proceed to a conflict-free resolution.

There are, in short, two ways -- as Schnurman (2011) observes -- to handling workplace conflicts. Firstly, one can seek to minimize them by generating a healthy, communicative work environment. Secondly, one can skillfully resolve and defuse the issues once they arise. Arguments are a part of every workplace. How one deal with them determines the results -- and the results can be positive if dealt with in a constructive manner. Focusing…


American Institute of Stress Workplace Stress 

CCR Int. About Workplace Conflict

Porter's Five Forces in Auto
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For this reason, they have stepped out to pursue alternatives, especially foreign cars. On the contrary, as consumers become price oriented, they have minimal purchasing power because they are not buyers of large volume automobiles (Porter, 1985).

3.3 Threat of New Entrants

It is extremely difficult for new entrants penetrate the auto industry because of the existing high level of brand loyalty. Nevertheless, the few popular overseas firms and entered the American auto industry easily. For example, Honda Motors entered Ohio by opening a new office. This marked the beginning of a major stiff competition in the industry. Foreign entrants have expanded leading to decreased markets for American auto companies (ubenstein, 2011).

3.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers

In the current marketplace, consumers have been given various options, models, and brands to make their selection. However, various factors affect the buying decisions of consumers. They include price, appearance, and effect on…


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Mf Global
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MF Global

Discuss the key difference between conducting a financial audit and a fraud audit, and the related level of responsibility of the auditing firm.

Financial audits are typically carried out by certified public accountants or outside agencies or firms that work directly on behalf of individual companies. At times financial audits may be initiated by government entities. The audit itself is more of a "double-check" of financial reports and practices (Weinberg, 2003). Financial audits are deemed complete upon verification that numbers are accurate. Completed financial audits may prove or disprove information, but discrepancies will typically not result in the same serious consequences as those uncovered during a fraud investigation or audit.

Fraud auditing usually comes at the demand of the U.S. court system - usually the work is carried out by the government or privately-held third parties. Fraud audits look for dishonesty and hidden figures. They probe deeper than…


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Securities Law
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Corporation Transactions and Misrepresentation of Financial eports

Business law also called commercial law is a branch of civil law that governs business as well as, commercial transactions, and deals with both the private and public law. The branch created to ensure that, they are no exploitation and manipulation of people as well as rules and regulation in order to benefit some members of a business. This means that should one break or manipulate the rules and regulation in his favor. The or she must face the court in accordance with the law. With legal rights of all investors considered as an important element of the business law, we examine the board changes within the filling of the shareholder derivative lawsuits and might not be frivolous. Also, lack of highly competent employees within a business can lead to tremendous losses and to some extent closure of the business in accordance with…

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Tourism After September 11
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Terrorist Attacks on New York City

Consumer ehavior and Risk

Terrorism and Consumerism in the Melting Pot

How has September 11 Impacted Americans

Economic Impact of terrorism

Outlook for the New York Economy

Examination of the Effects on usiness

Regaining Consumer Confidence

Sampling Procedures

Survey Construction

Survey results

Recommendations for Further Studies

Survey of Consumer Patterns After The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Towers

Survey Results presented Graphically

Store Owner Interviews

The Impact of the Terrorist Attacks on New York City: One Year Later Chapter 1

The attacks on the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001 threatened the American People's sense of security in a way that had not been felt since the attack on Pearl Harbor. To say that the attacks changed the lives of many people would be an understatement. The attacks literally brought the country to a halt for nearly three days. It can…


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