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Ben Franklin Essays (Examples)

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Washington Hamilton Franklin as founding fathers
Words: 938 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99646754
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All of the founding fathers of the United States were great because they acted on their values and beliefs, helping to sow the seeds of a new nation. The work of the founding fathers became instrumental for independence from the British Crown. Being willing to stand up to Britain was no small feat, making the deeds of the founding fathers even more admirable. The founding fathers will be celebrated throughout history for their contribution not just to America but to the world. Although many men and women can be considered instrumental to founding the nation, there are seven key players that most historians identify as being the founding fathers. Those seven include George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe, and Ben Franklin. All seven of the founding fathers and their contributions are important. Therefore, it can be helpful to compare and contrast three of them—such…

Assigned Readings
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65022383
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American Literature

Listen to Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God preached. Discuss in the discussion group.

Jonathan Edwards gives us a perfect example of the Calvinist beliefs of the Puritan settlers in early New England. Edwards studied theology at Yale University -- where today there is still a dormitory named after him -- but then became a noteworthy preacher in the Great Awakening, which exhorted an entire generation to renew their Christian faith. Edwards' skill in preaching lies in using literary imagery to get across abstract theological concepts. Calvinist theology believes in "total depravity" -- in other words, because of Adam and Eve eating the apple, human beings are fallen, and stained with "original sin." The most memorable image in Edwards' sermon -- the image of the spider being held over a fiery pit -- is meant to be a metaphor to enable the listener to imagine how…

God's Activity in Men's Lives God's Active
Words: 1284 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42408212
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God's Activity In Men's Lives

God's Active Role

How many people look for God's activity in their lives, and never come up with the evidence? Yet, in the lives of Mary Rowlandson, and Ben Franklin, they recognized the working of The Almighty in their every day circumstances. Maybe it was that they didn't look for God to prove himself to them, but they acknowledged that the Almighty God is always at work. Maybe it was their colonial upbringing which emphasized that God is active in the lives of his children which taught them to see the Hand of God in everyday situations.

What could be said with a measure of certainty is that these two did not have a pre-determined list of what they expected god to do for them. In the two readings, Ben Franklin recognized God's hands in protection and providential care throughout his lifetime which grew from…

Gordon Wood's the Americanization of
Words: 1142 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17563039
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Franklin's constantly being out of sync with his colleagues is seen once again in Franklin's inability to understand that the next logical progress of his republicanism was liberal democracy. Thus, as the oldest member of the Constitutional Convention, Franklin was unable to anticipate and comprehend the factionalism that was beginning to dominate the American political climate. On the contrary, Franklin even made the wrong political call by viewing liberalism as dangerous and unruly, a political system that would never work in the newly-formed republic.

Other biographers minimized the said failing by emphasizing how Franklin made decisions based on principles. oods, however, presents evidence that Franklin could also be motivated by emotional motives, such as revenge. For example, according to oods, Franklin's opposition to the two-house legislature in Massachusetts was motivated in part to his personal distaste for John Adams, who was a key supporter of the measure. Also, while Franklin…

Works Cited

Wood, Gordon S. The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin. New York: Penguin, 2004

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry
Words: 712 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72961664
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Sinners in the hands of an Angry God" by Jonathan Edwards, and "The Autobiography - Part 1" by Benjamin Franklin. Specifically, it will discuss the major changes in religious belief between the angry God of Jonathan Edwards and the benevolent Deism of Benjamin Franklin. It is quite clear these two men have very different ideas about God, his ideals, and their own religious goals. Both men have a strong and unfailing faith in God, but they show it differently, and they see God very differently.

Ben Franklin sees God as a benevolent and caring overseer of our problems and concerns. He writes, "I desire with all humility to acknowledge that I owe the mentioned happiness of my past life to His kind providence..." (Franklin). Franklin sees God as someone who watches over him and takes care of all his children. He is kindly, and leads people down the right path…

National Treasure the Liberalism in
Words: 1198 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80612164
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This alone is a powerful image of civil rights, yet the scene evolves into one of the chief antagonist of the film trying to intercept the secret codes from the child. These codes are critical to unlocking the anagram on the back of the Declaration and while the antagonists succeed in learning from the boy what he is doing, Ben Gates' team misses being captured. This tension in the film continues with the conflict centering on knowledge of the treasure, and all along the real treasure is freedom.

The many explosive scenes that Director Jerry Bruckheimer is famous for also underscore the liberalism within this film. Starting with the first explosive scene where the Charlotte, an ancient whaling ship that contains a critical piece of evidence that will be used for solving another clue leading to the location of the map of the Templar's fortune. The center of conflict in…

The History of the Society of St Vincent De Paul S
Words: 1947 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11619434
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Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic organization that is best known in the U.S. for its non-profit thrift stores, where persons can donate goods for a tax write-off or simply to get things out of their homes and makes space for new items. These thrift stores, commonly known simply as St. Vincent's, accept all manner of items, from clothing to kitchen ware to televisions, books, games, and much more. St. Vincent's then turns around and sells these items which are donated to it at bargain basement prices to people who typically cannot afford to purchase off-the-rack merchandise at retail stores or malls. The small profit on each item that St. Vincent's makes is then given back to the community in the form of vouchers or small incentives that help people in various ways: for example, some people are helped to make their rent payments for that…

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Baylor University Press, 2001. Print.

Greg Smith's Beer in America The Early
Words: 653 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 45411000
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Greg Smith's Beer in America: The Early Years -- 1587-1840: Beer's Role in the Settling of America and the Birth of a Nation, is a wonderfully smart and charming look on the history of beer and its connection to how America was founded and evolved into what it is today. Gregg Smith's account is an energetic recapping of early American history. It depicts beer as a foremost player, and vividly recreates the cultural and political background out of which it rose. One of the most significant but little-known characteristics of early American history is the part of beer in America's founding and formative years.

This decisive version of beer's effect on people and events that fashioned the birth of a nation dumbfound all who read it. Smith presents many key facts and events that in some way or form are connected to beer. Starting with the pre-colonial era and finishing…

Works Cited

Smith, G. Beer in America: The early years, 1587-1840: beer's role in the settling of America and the birth of a nation. Boulder, Colo: Siris Books, 1998. Print.

The American Revolution and Enlightenment Thought
Words: 2273 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21176211
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Revolution, Constitution and Enlightenment
The American Revolution and the ensuing U.S. Constitution put forward by the Federalists were both products of and directly informed by the European Enlightenment. The Founding Fathers were considerably influenced by thinkers like Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau and Montesquieu (whose separation of powers served as the model of the three-branched government of the U.S.). This paper will explain how the European Enlightenment set the stage for the American Revolution and U.S. Constitution by putting out the ideas that the Americans would use as the basis of the political and social foundation.
The Enlightenment aka the Age of Reason was an Age in which natural philosophy assumed the vaulted position of guiding light over the preceding Age of Faith, which had served as the socio-political basis in Europe for centuries. The Reformation had upended the Age of Faith and introduced secularization into the political realm (Laux), particularly via…

Declaration of Rights of Students a Declaration
Words: 1564 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57726346
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Declaration of Rights of Students

A Declaration of the Rights of Students to the Uber Chancellor Supreme

Acknowledging that there is one governor above us, we the students put before his attention and the attention of all a list of complaints, which should, being rational and true, secure a place of prominence in the mind of any man, who calls himself a rational being. This Declaration casts no blame, nor proposes injury; its purpose is only to draw attention to the God-given, natural, and inalienable rights of students. For a student is no less a man than any other -- and for students to be viewed as something less than equal to any other living member of the human race is nothing but an abuse of reason, and an abuse of justice. In justice' sake, in equality's sake, and out of a fraternal bond that separates us not but links…

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The WASP Version of History in the U S
Words: 1957 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31593115
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Racism and the American Ideals

Racial divisions in 19th century American culture excluded African-Americans and Native Americans from the American ideals of liberty and inclusion on a fundamental level. The pushing off the land (and slaughtering) of the Native American tribes by the U.S. government was an exercise in Manifest Destiny (O'Sullivan 5), which later came to be expressed in terms of New Expansionism once the borders of the frontier were at their natural limits. And as for African-Americans -- they may have been freed by Lincoln in order to help the North win the war against the South, but inclusion was never really on the table: Jim Crow laws sprang up in the South and racism continued to be expressed in terms of segregation and mob violence. Liberty was for the ASPs (hite Anglo-Saxon Protestants), the ruling elite of the political, economical and social establishment. No amount of noble…

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The American Dream Today
Words: 1457 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58608596
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Opportunity and the American Dream
In spite of what Adams said, the American Dream still depends a great deal on birth or position. As Reifenberg and LeBlanc note, it all depends on one’s opportunity: a “general lack of opportunity affects the ability of the less welloff to live up to their full potential. Often disadvantaged for reasons beyond their control, they are forced to live life dreaming of what might have been had the circumstance of their birth been different” (445). In other words, unless one is born into the right circumstances, the right family, or the right environment, the so-called American Dream is unlikely to become a reality. Someone born in the urban part of America, in a poor family or in a poor community, is not going to have the same opportunity to achieve the American Dream as someone who is born the son of a wealthy businessman…

Society How Does Durkheim Address
Words: 1679 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63934943
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Individuals can find some sanctuary in the diverse population of urban areas. Unlike small family groups, which enforce social restrictions much tighter, larger urban areas give their inhabitants more freedom to explore diverse paths without fear of judgment or social outcast. More subgroups within a population lead to more individual exploration with fewer worries than lesser populated areas.

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Straus' on Liberalism
Words: 1742 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95887407
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Strauss on Moral Relativism

The Shifting Sand of Moral Relativism

Current political and social thought which is built on the foundation of moral relativism can no more chart a path for a nation to follow out of confusion into an enlightened and orderly society any more than a blind man can describe an elephant, or a child can pilot a 777 airliner. The tools, talents, skills, and abilities of moral relativism are completely inadequate for leading a nation. As can be seen by the steady social and societal decay which has been evident in our county since political and moral relativism have become the dominantly accepted social understanding since the early 1960's, the fruit of such a philosophy pits one group against another, one segment of the population against another without giving them any shared basis to build upon. 'My rights' replace a shared vision of 'our well-being;' and 'my…


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Confucius Jen - Humanity and
Words: 1148 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98430061
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They are, never taking anything for granted; never being over-confident ("over positive"), of course never being "obstinate" (for that is a truly shameful attitude to take in any personal or social circumstance); and never being egotistic (self-love, or narcissism is akin to egotism, and in Confucian thought it is repugnant).

In Book IX (28) the Master says that "he that is really Good can never be unhappy." That doesn't mean one supposes that the truly jen person, the very Good person, goes around with a smile all the time and everything always goes right. It just means, the sense of being at peace comes when one achieves a level of goodness in life, and peace in this context relates to happiness, not to overt joy or ebullience.

Book XII offers a great deal of information about Goodness, jen. Ritual plays a pivotal role here, as the Master insists that sticking…

Works Cited

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Historical Tourism of Philadelphia
Words: 1860 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2587444
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Tourism in every country is considered as one of the largest industries, and research in this area has increased massively. Philadelphia is the fifth largest city of America and has a great collection of communities, arts, attractions, business, culture, history and architecture. eing the birthplace of America, the city never stops working and advancing. Passing the Liberty Mall and Independence Mall into the Old City, the tourists enjoy the latest fashions and great food in restaurants in Rittenhouse Square and Walnut Street. Furthermore, the en Franklin Parkway that stops into the Franklin Institute and Academy of Natural Sciences Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art brings out a historical experience. It is a vibrant location where everything happens (Tourism and Philadelphia, n.d.).

Thesis Statement

Community plays an important part in attracting tourism in the country through the use of latest technology and effective tourism strategies.

How does the community…


Allen, P.V. (2012, April 12). Tourism officials seeking to attract visitors on the cheap. Retrieved from Philadelphia Business Journal: 

Attractions in Historic Philadelphia. (n.d.). Retrieved from 

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Loss and Failure in Hoagland's
Words: 861 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32611297
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As it flows from his heart, the father is free. This image is one that runs counter to the typical image of money bringing all sort of happiness and solving all sorts of problems.

The poem moves full circle by the end with the poet recognizing that the country has become something of a prison for him as well. He admits he is "asleep in America too" (24) and unaware of how to wake himself. This admission at the poem's conclusion demonstrates the shaping of the poet's mind as well as the shaping of generations before and after him. hile the poet feels there is a world of different between him and the student with the tongue stud, he realizes they are both within the same stream of time, doing the same things. This stream becomes the "river of bright merchandise" (31) that is nothing but a source of pleasure…

Work Cited

Hoagland, Tony. "America." Textbook. City Published: Publisher. Year Published.

Management Wal-Mart Success Sam Walton's
Words: 1910 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29941913
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Branching out into new sectors of retailing - Wal-Mart has become a major pharmacy, an automotive repair shop, and a grocery retailer. This is just one example of success. It demonstrates Sam Walton's vision of being the best retailer around. After a store expands physically and geographically, it must then expand in terms of what they sell by branching out and competing with other businesses.

The conventional retail business of Wal-Mart has been to sell discount and house wares and plastic goods, clothing, sporting goods, and toys. Other departments have include but have not been limited to stationary and office supplies, hardware, home improvement, paint supplies, arts and crafts, cosmetics and toiletries, shoes, books and magazines, greeting cards, and confectionery. Wal-Mart has also branched out into home electronics, automotive supplies, pharmaceuticals, jewelry sales, photo finishing, travel planning, along with home gardening. After that Wal-Mart moved into the grocery store business…


Caban, Jennifer. (2007). Financial Success of Wal-Mart. Retrieved July 23, 2010, from  ml?cat=55

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from Ezine Articles Web site: -


Business Wal-Mart When Sam Walton
Words: 2984 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 7169242
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While their backgrounds and personal beliefs are very different, they never take each other for granted. They are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas and to treat each other with dignity.

Service to their Customers -- customers are the reason that they are in business, so they believe that they should treat them that way. They offer quality merchandise at the lowest prices, and do it with the best customer service possible. They look for every opportunity where they can exceed their customers' expectations. They believed that this is when they are at their very best.

Striving for Excellence -- They are proud of their accomplishments but are never satisfied. They constantly reach further to bring new ideas and goals to life. They model themselves after Sam Walton, who was never satisfied until prices were as low as they could be. They believe that a product's quality is as…


3 Basic Beliefs & Values. (2009). Retrieved September 29, 2009, form Wal-Mart Web site: 

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Architectural Styles Between the National
Words: 1924 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21177711
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Above the roundel is a frieze from a monument to Trajan depicting a battle scene, and the west end contains an image of Luna, the moon goddess, in a chariot" (Sullivan, 2005, p.1). In contrast, the more modest, but still impressive, single-barreled Valley Forge structure is resoundingly secular in its images, as befits a national, American structure in a nation where freedom of religion reigns. (Interestingly, Constantine would later become famous as the first Christian emperor, despite the fact that his triumphal arch contains images of pagan gods and goddesses. The left hand roundel on the north face of the structure even shows Constantine in the form of a recut head of an older emperor, sacrificing to the god Apollo) (Sullivan, 2005, p.2).

In the past, triumphal arches were almost exclusively used to commemorate either great men or great victories, or both in war. The Arch of Constantine thus may…

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Pennsylvania Constitution the Pennsylvania Constitution
Words: 666 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27855771
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As a unicameral legislature, there is more power within the
legislature and as the executive is broken down into a council, it is
weakened. Ultimately, the legislature is given the most power, with the
only power not given to it being that it cannot, "add to, alter, abolish,
or infringe any part of the Constitution.
Interesting to the Constitution is that it attempts, in Sect. 19, to
give more public office experience to as many people as possible. This
would seem effective in the small nature of colonial society at the time.
Sec. 19 also gives supremacy to the legislature as, "The president and vice-
president shall be chosen annually by the joint ballot of the general
assembly and council, of the members of the council," meaning that the
legislature has influence over the executive. The assembly elects the
President, not the people, meaning the legislature is supreme. Of course,…

Business Profiles Hershey's Milton Hershey
Words: 1663 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27973070
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While at J.C. Penney, Walton read extensively about retailing theory and principles. He also had the insight to consider the importance of proximity to his merchandise suppliers and he took full advantage of his ability to turn around merchandise so fast that he could leverage his short-term debts to suppliers into capital for investment and growth.

6. Who is in charge of the company now?

Michael Terry Duke, became the Chief Executive Officer and President of Wal-Mart tores Inc. In 2009. Previously, he was the Executive Vice President of Wal-Mart tores Inc., and before that, he served as Executive Vice President of Administration, and Executive Vice President of Logistics, enior Vice President of Logistics at Wal-Mart tores Inc., and enior Vice President of Distribution of Wal-Mart tores Division (UA).

7. Describe any "barriers of entry," competition or marketing challenges the Entrepreneur overcame.

The principal barrier of entry faced by Walton…

Sources Consulted

Kennon, J. (2011) Sam Walton (aka Samuel Moore Walton) 

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American History the Radicalism of
Words: 1813 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65030947
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" Indeed, in the "marriage bed of the beautiful Bertrande things now went well," presumably in sexual cohesion, but also, in reproduction as two daughters were born to them." key part of the Davis story was the trial, in which Arnaud was accused of being the imposter that indeed he was. This is in effect a sidebar to the story, and a sidebar to the issue of "different historians...using different types of evidence..." talk about the same things. On page 67, some 150 people had come to testify, but "forty-five people or more said that the prisoner was Arnaud...[and] about thirty to forty people said that the defendant was surely Martin Guerre." So, people who had seen history (the real Martin) had different views of whether this man on trial was him or not. Time casts shadows on the truth, just as it does on how the history of the…


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Review, 93, 553-603.

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Negative Viewpoint of Globalization
Words: 3360 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39939732
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McLaren and Farahmandpur conceive of the new imperialism as a "combination of old-style military and financial practices as well as recent attempts by developed nations to impose the law of the market on the whole of humanity itself" (2001, 136).

McLaren and Farahmandpur note, too, that the concept of class division is a taboo subject within the "guarded precincts of academic discourse, leaving discussions of class out of discussions of global capitalism, exploitation and oppression linked to capitalism. Certainly, this was true in the Martha Stewart case. The media was at pains to point out how well accepted she was by the other inmates, pointing out that she hadn't even won the Christmas decorating contest. Every once in a while, to use George Orwell's mythology, some of the more equal pigs must appear to be less equal in order to convince the less equal pigs that all pigs are equal.…


Halsall, P. (1997, Aug.) "Olympe de Gouge: Declaration of the Rights of Women, 1791." Modern History Sourcebook. Retrieved March 23, 2005 at 

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North America Assessing the Drivers
Words: 1504 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78607970
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Political/cultural climate

The prosperity of the North American continent arguably depended in large part on the Protestant work ethic found in both the United States and Canada. In general, too, both nations are 'free trade' nations, although there have been some missteps that had a dampening effect. The raising of tariffs in the U.S. In the 1920s and 1930s constitutes one such misstep. Some contend that doing so caused, or at last aggravated, the Great Depression. In turn, coping with the Depression prevented North America's early intervention in Germany, and so was indirectly responsible for World War II (Lind 1994, p. 16+). Those same analysts see a willingness to "police the world and promote global free trade" as essential to the economy of North America, which is, when all the opinions are laid to rest, founded on global trading of its still-abundant natural resources and endowments.


Durning, a.T. (1996,…


Durning, a.T. (1996, November/December). The six floods. World Watch, 9, 28+. Retrieved June 9, 2005, from Questia database, .

Lind, M. (1994, Fall). The Op-Ed history of America. The National Interest, 16+. Retrieved June 9, 2005, from Questia database,

Individuals What Is the Most
Words: 913 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72888032
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After Jefferson incorporated the committee's revisions into a second draft. The committee edited that draft and presented a "fair copy" of this document to Congress, which made more revisions of its own. After printing the document eventually approved by Congress, the printer, Dunlap, probably threw that draft away. (It makes one wonder what the printer was thinking. "Oh, this is just a draft of some nonimportant paper that these guys are writing up. I'm sure they have another one floating around.")

Apparently Dunlap was right, if he actually did think this. Jefferson saved the second draft, that indicated some revisions by Ben Franklin and Adams in their own handwriting, and the changest that Congress made later. This is the document now on display. Jefferson also made six annotated longhand copies of the official congressional draft explaining the ways in which his draft had been "mutilated." (The editor burned by a…

Communication History
Words: 4777 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38083267
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Communication History

Fans of science fiction are fond of recalling a remark by novelist Arthur C. Clarke, to the effect that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I am currently typing these sentences onto a laptop, where I am also currently watching a grainy YouTube video of the legendary magician Harry Houdini, performing one of his legendary escapes -- from a straitjacket, in this case. Houdini is probably the most famous stage magician of the twentieth century, as witnessed by the fact that his name is familiar to my generation although he died almost a century ago. If Houdini were to suddenly reappear in front of me right now -- in the flesh, I mean, and not merely on YouTube -- how would I explain to him that the way in which all of this is taking place? To someone who has been dead for a century, the…

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Delivering Superior Customer Value
Words: 2240 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88044909
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Wal-Mart and the Delivery of Superior Customer Value

The paper will identify Wal-Mart's value proposition and their strategies for optimizing communications and delivering superior customer value.

esearches will be made on the Wal-Mart, the history of Wal-Mart and their status on customer service, market and organizational responsiveness and how they create/deliver superior customer value.

The paper will review the strategies and methodologies, which are used by the management of the Wal-Mart regarding the delivery of the customer values.

The findings and researches will be used to identify the methodologies, which the Wal-Mart's management follow in delivering the superior customer value.

The analysis of the Wal-Mart's success history and its relative background will be further presented in the paper, a conclusion will also be added in order to provide the reader with the overall analysis of the study.

In order to comment on the strategies of Wal-Mart's management regarding superior customer…


As retrieved from WAL-MART.COM: A Case Study in Managing Technical Transitions

Managing Technical Transitions Prof. Michael Lawless February 24, 2001 Prepared by:

Andrew Bender Ann Howell Amy Lavin David Torgerson . On May 7,2004

Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Words: 440 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 76518992
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Steve Courtemanch

Steve, I appreciate your support for Dahl's (2011) argument, but it appears that you also ignore many logically failed premises in his essay. While there are strong facts that support the need to combine agencies on many levels, the inherent threat of international terrorism is blown way out of proportion. Intelligence has become more about quantity than quality. The terrorist events of 9-11 were preventable and the official report is constantly flawed leading many to believe that international terrorism is not a big problem. The vagueness within the term "terrorism" itself, and the emotional responses that this word elicits suggests a different kind of problem.

Your fear of fear itself is bordering on paranoia when you discussed Ben Franklin's famous quote about the tradeoff between liberty and security. This may be true to you because you have never experienced true freedom. For me, once true liberty and freedom…

Issues With Terrorism at International Level
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International Law on Terrorism

The purpose of this essay is to highlight and discuss pertinent issues regarding international law and its lack of ability to administer without shortcomings. Specifically, the impact of terrorism will be discussed to highlight the holes in international law and how it ultimately fails to fully practice in a just and fair manner. To support this argument, the definition of terrorism will be discussed. The difficulty in assigning a proper quality to this word stands at the root of many of the legal problems associated with its principles. This essay will then discuss the United Nations and its role in international law. Finally the issues of global culture and evolution will be highlighted to demonstrate the impossibility of a global law that can justly decide on what is and what is not terrorism.

The Definition of Terrorism

The laws is very dependent upon definitions and the…


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The Effects of the 19th Century Market Revolution
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Market Revolution: hy it as Good for Some, Not for Others

The Market Revolution of the 19th century could not have occurred without the Age of Industrialization that allowed it to displace the old mode of commerce and trade. Goods could now be produced en masse and shipped at far faster speeds than ever before. hat had once been the work of the domestic role players was not taken out of their hands and made the work of laborers in factors. In every sector, technology played a part -- the cotton gin, the furnaces, the steel mills, the meat packers, the freight trains -- the landscape of America was changing and life and its social, spiritual, economic and political characteristics were also being impacted as a result. For some the impact was positive -- but for others it was negative. To some, the market revolution was a quality of American…

Works Cited

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The Meaning of American Identity
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Echoes of the Colonial Era in American Identity Essay
The American Identity during the 1700s was still very much in development. Prior to the American Revolution in the latter half of the century, the colonists for the most part considered themselves subjects of England and the British crown. They had a king, they had local governments in their territories with members who represented the crown, but their identity as citizens of an autonomous, independent nation was not nearly as full-fledged as it is today. The American Identity really came into being thanks to writings of individuals like Ben Franklin, whose autobiography laid the blueprint for the American Dream and showed that hard work and self-reliance can lead one to the “promised land” of happiness in America. Likewise, the oppression that many colonial leaders felt under the British and their dislike of having to pay taxes to the crown added to…

Dawn of American Enlightenment Started
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Benjamin ranklin termed himself a pragmatic deist. He believes "there is one Supreme must perfect being," however that this being is distant, and that it is not necessary to build a personal relationship with such a supreme God. He concluded that it was useful and correct to believe that a faith in God should inform our daily actions. However, he did not believe in sectarian dogma, burning spirituality or deep soul searching as a part of religion (Lopez, 87). ranklin's religious views are important in the shaping of his Enlightenment philosophy. His approach to religion drew from reason and careful reflection, he did not believe in the "frivolity" of emotional thought and connectivity, but instead focused on the pragmatic understanding of the divine. His conclusion after careful reason formulates a "Supreme Being that can be manifest in various ways, depending on the needs of different worshipers" (Lopez, 88). In contrast…

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Inner Truth and Outer Truth the Forefathers
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Inner Truth and Outer Truth

The forefathers of our country were not known for their emotional clarity. Neither were they known for expressing publicly their private sense of self. Those who became known at all were known for their hard work and dedication to the public causes meant to benefit the common good. We can perceive them only through our own eyes, much changed by the passage of time.

It is not for us to judge them, but to seek to understand as we hope that those who come after us will seek to understand us. The writings that historical figures have left us reveal their lives in guarded ways, in styles they had been taught were good and proper. If we search closely we may know something of what went on in their inmost hearts. John Woolman sat beside Newbegun Creek and listened quietly for Truth to "open the…

Nick Carraway Nick You Are a Sensitive
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Nick Carraway

Nick, you are a sensitive, thoughtful, and intelligent man who has the potential to learn a lot from the current challenges you have presented. The questions you ask are astute and show a willingness to change and a vast array to tools with which to deal with change. Your self-awareness and insight are admirable, and are your core strengths. This self-improvement plan will help you capitalize on your strengths, and also become more realistic about your boundaries and limitations. Do not feel these boundaries and limitations are faults, because they are not. They are part of what makes you a unique and interesting individual. First I would like to answer your core questions in turn.

What advice can you give me about how to organize my life to achieve my goals of financial independence and spiritual fulfillment?

The financial independence you need will come, if you can outline…

History of Illustration and the
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They went into a spending frenzy that would carry them though the next decade. They bought houses, started families and settled down to a life of normalcy after a decade of chaos. Illustrations began to return to resemble that of fine are of earlier times.

The Invitation. Ben Stahl. Date unknown magazine photo. Al Parker. Date unknown

ise of the Atomic Age (1950-1960)

The prosperity that came with the end of the war continued into the new decade. Americans attempted to settle into a life or normalcy. There was a significant return to traditional gender roles, as many women were forced back into the household and the men went off to work as usual. Women, now used to providing for themselves represented a new target market. To fill their days they read the "seven sisters" (McCall's, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, edbook, Good Housekeeping, Seventeen, and Women's Day). These magazines began…


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National Health Care Reform the
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Obama's health care reform will make health care more accessible and more affordable and make insurers more accountable, as well as expand health care coverage to every American and make the health care system sustainable by stabilizing family budgets, the economy and the Federal budget.

The cost of Obama's overall health care bill will cost approximately $940 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional udget Office. The bill will include that by the year 2014 there will be significant health access reforms. Insurers will be prohibited from denying coverage to people with medical problems of charging them more money (CS 2010).

While these numbers do sound manageable, Congress has not responded kindly to Obama's health care reform ideas. When Obama has even mentioned the idea of health care for illegal immigrants, the president was rudely interrupted by a heckler yelling, "you lie" ( ). Under Obama's proposal of health…


CBS News. "What's in a health care bill? Take a dose." Retrieved on June 1, 2010, from the Web site: (2010) "Obama calls for congress to face health care challenge." Retrieved on June 5, 2010, from the Web site:

Last of the Mohicians James Fennimore Cooper's
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Last of the Mohicians

James Fennimore Cooper's The Last of The Mohicans was published in 1826, part of a pentology, but the best known work for contemporary readers. The story takes place in 1757 during the French and Indian War, when France and Great Britain were at odds for dominance of the North American Colonies. During this war, the French made treaties and allied themselves with many Native American tribes to up the balance between the far more numerous British and colonialists. It was written in a popular genre of the time in which historical accuracy came second and numerous inaccuracies in terms of Native culture were simply overlooked, or became part of White popular culture (Peck). Ironically, there is a famous American author who took great pains to deride the material, Mark Twain. Twain found the novel lacking in variety with excessive verbiage, and even suggested that before praising…


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Moral Legal Political and Practical
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The line of legitimacy, separating socially approvable use of force from violence, cannot be effectively drawn without an agreement on what constitutes the optimum amount of force necessary to maintain social order and to protect human rights against encroachment. A society subscribing to infinite morality which condemns all use of force as immoral is doomed no less than a society accepting the absolute pragmatism of tyrants. "

As Oleg Zinam proposes, these two extreme social attitudes to morality are equally unprofitable to the societies that adopt them. The attitude of absolute pragmatism can easily lead to the acceptance of political assassinations, as long as such acts may help the final political purpose. An example of absolute pragmatism can be the regime initiated by Hitler, who ordered the extermination of all Jews in an attempt to "purify" the human race by excluding anyone who did not fill in the Arian ideal.…

Works Cited

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International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Vol.38: 25-30.

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Economics the Great Depression Origins
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The downward spiral of deflation, the collapse of countless banks and other financial institutions, and the unprecedented levels of unemployment all demanded that something be done.

The programs that constituted President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal were not entirely unknown in the pre-Depression world. Various European countries already possessed social welfare schemes to some extent, but in the United States this was largely new thinking. The changes wrought by the New Deal reflected as much the uniqueness of conditions during the Great Depression as they did the undercurrent of new attitudes and ideas that had gradually been taking hold among America's intellectuals.

FDR's planners acted in the context of changing values, an evolving set of institutions, shifting political and economic circumstances, and the ebb and flow of planning opportunities to create a distinctly national, American form of planning.... They were part of a wide-ranging national debate over how to create…

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Leadership and the Politics of
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This is how politics works in the real world. Pushing one's agenda as forcefully, as craftily, as effectively as possible, no matter the bigger picture or the consequences of narrow-minded power plays.

But at this point Clement should have reminded the reader that not only did he cajole his colleagues into accepting only the information that supported his position, but that he had intelligent, cogent, well-rehearsed rebuttals should any in the group of colleagues resist his pushy position -- that in fact part of politics is anticipating what the other side will argue and familiarizing one's self with the other side of the coin. In an organization that is "a political system" you learn politics and power struggles or you don't become a leader.

It might be nitpicking but in Clement's discussion of what a leader is and should be, he omitted the fact that managers are generally in place…

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National Health Care Reform --
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The ultimate House vote was two hundred and twenty to two hundred and seven. The senate vote was fifty three to forty three. The republicans were collectively opposed in both chambers (3 June 2010, 3).

The Future of the Health Care ill

Subsequent to disagreements as political enemies for more than a year, the Obama administration and the health insurance industry realized that they require one another.

oth have huge stakes in the success of the new health care law (14 May 2010, 1)

The political destiny of President Obama and Congressional Democrats rely on their capability to interpret it's assurance into realism for voters. This can be attained by restraining health expenses and making insurance accessible to everybody at reasonable price. Similarly, the fiscal future, in fact the continued existence, of the health insurance industry relies on the government. That is on set of laws being written by federal…


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Day of the Locust
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The Day of the Locust, Version 2009

"In December of 2008, the National Bureau of Economic Research - the department responsible for categorizing our economic condition - finally acknowledged what most of Americans had known for some time: that the U.S. is officially in a deep and painful recession. It should be noted that no matter how bad things get NEBR refuses to use the term 'depression.'" (Economy in Crisis) This essay aims to present some similarities between our modern day world and the world that was depicted in the bestselling novel, "The Day of the Locust" by Nathanael est. As more of America begins to feel the pinch of a modern day Great Depression, we can see many similarities about the today's struggle with money, power, love, faith, race, violence, and life in general. One might say that history has again repeated itself and that there may…

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Gold Standard the Federal Reserve's
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The economy began to contract still further immediately after the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Fears that Roosevelt would devalue the dollar or even abolish the Gold Standard caused both domestic and foreign investors to once again to "convert dollars to gold, putting pressure on both the banking system and the gold reserves of the Federal Reserve System. Bank failures and the Fed's defensive measures against the gold drain further reduced the stock of money. The economy took its deepest plunge between November 1932 and March 1933, once more confirming the temporal sequence predicted by the monetary hypothesis. Once Roosevelt was sworn in, his declaration of a national bank holiday and, subsequently, his cutting the link between the dollar and gold initiated the expansion of money, prices, and output" (Bernanke 2002).

Roosevelt did not abandon the gold standard wholesale. However, he did devalue the dollar, nationalize gold owned by private…

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Our Current Recession
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trace the historical causation of the current recession - the causal factors. Currently, America and most of the world is experiencing a severe recession. The causes of that recession are many, and the fallout is severe. There are many similarities with the current recession to the Great Depression of 1929, and there are differences that set each recession apart. When compared close up, the Great Depression was much worse than the current recession, and that may be at least in part because of governmental measures used since the Great Depression.

The Great Depression

The Great Depression, which began in 1929, was one of the worst worldwide depressions in history. Most people believe the Great Depression occurred after the fall of the stock market in 1929, but it actually began before that. A reporter notes, "The Great Depression of the 1930s began with falling demand for durable and investment goods in…


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Watson William Lessons From the
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But this does not mean it is fair to ignore how many fragile emerging economies, such as Iceland, Ireland, and Greece, have been suffering far worse turmoil than either the U.S. Or Canada today. Regarding the worries about the 'jobless recovery,' Watson believes decreases in employment do not always presage more serious recessions later on.

There are profound differences between today and the 1930s. The difference seem to lie in the political climate: there was widespread support for Franklin Delano Roosevelt's instituting of government programs to help the unemployed and dispossessed. Today, an intransigent Republican minority faction in Congress is stymieing such efforts. Watson's sunny forecast does not provide any advice about how to prevent a similar crisis in the future, he simply advises the reader to watch and wait unemployment figures creep up: "IPA forecast sees the national unemployment rate rising to an average of 8.1% in 2009 --…

Second Reconstructions One of the Most Dramatic
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Second Reconstructions

One of the most dramatic consequences of the Civil ar and Reconstruction was that the South was effectively driven from national power for roughly six decades. Southerners no longer claimed the presidency, wielded much power on the Supreme Court, or made their influence strongly felt in Congress But beginning in the 1930s, the South was able to flex more and more political muscle, and by the 1970s some began to think that American politics and political culture were becoming 'southernized'.u How did this happen and what difference did it make to the development of the South and the United States?

Under segregation most blacks in the U.S. still lived in the South and were employed as sharecroppers, laborers and domestic servants, but the system of segregation and discrimination was also found everywhere in other sections of the country. Certainly virtually nothing was done for civil rights during the…


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Morphology Personal Name Truncations
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A large range of the academic literature centering on the sociological as well as the cultural and linguistic properties of nicknaming can be found. This literature mostly focuses on only sociological and/or cultural properties and/or the linguistic properties but mostly with varying working definitions of the term nickname. For example, some researchers (e.g., Slater and Feinman 1985) notice the structural and sociological commonalities among both the formal and the nicknames whereas, according to some (e.g., Alford 1988) only the descriptive forms are the nicknames. The definition of the term nickname used in this paper may overlap with some of the categories however; there should be no surprise at the commonalities found between the informal and the formal names. As Pulgram (1954, 11-14) has said; the nicknames are the antecedents of many formal names.

Social meaning of nicknaming

The social meaning and function a nickname basically depends on the society…


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Rising Divorce Rates the Need for and
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Rising Divorce Rates

The Need for and Purpose of the Project

The Sub-problems

Couples Therapy

Prevention Therapy

Impact of Divorce on Children

Chapter 5-Conclusions, Summary and Recommendations,

The Need for and the Purpose of the Project

Divorce has become popular throughout the many years it has existed and divorce rates continue to increase. More than a million people a year get a divorce (Tucker-Ladd 35). Young couples are more commonly known to get a divorce, than those who have been married for two or three years (35). Forty percent of men and fifty percent of women are divorced before that age of thirty (35). About fifteen to twenty percent of people ages 35 to 55 are now currently divorced (35). About twenty percent of marriages last less than fifteen years (35). Recent statistics say that sixty-five to seventy percent of new marriages will fail (35).

There is one thing in…

Works Cited

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House, c 1998

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Media Ethics
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Media in America as the Fourth Estate: From Watergate to the Present

During the 1970's, the role of the media changed from simply reporting the news to revealing serious political scandals (Waisbord, 2001). The media's role during Watergate was viewed as the mirror that reflected the most that journalism could offer to democracy: holding powers accountable for their actions. This became a trend in the American media and journalism had high credibility in the years that followed, and a great increase in journalism school enrollment followed.

However, during the 1980's and 1990's, this trend withered away. Investigative journalism is no longer rampant the firmament of American news. While the tone of the press was self-congratulatory in the post-Watergate years, the state of American journalism is currently viewed in a less positive light.

For the elite, the shift in journalism is welcomed. For example, according to John Dean, an American journalist,…


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Influential Theories Related to Deviance by Robert
Words: 3803 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29991827
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influential theories related to deviance by Robert K. Merton. Firstly, the paper provides the historical context within which the theorist produced their ideas. Secondly, the paper provides a summary of their original theory. Thirdly, the paper provides a discussion of how the model has been critiqued and altered as new research has emerged. Lastly, the paper delves into the theory's current usage/popularity within criminology.

The historical context within which the theorist produced their ideas

There is huge contribution of influential theories related to deviance by Robert K. Merton. As a matter of fact, He is considered one of the most significant sociologists of modern times. Moreover, he has also made large number of contributions to the criminology field. Undoubtedly, Merton influenced various fields of science, humanities, law, political theories, economics and anthropology (Cole, 2004, p.37). Merton's introduced numerous concepts like anomie, deviant behavior, self-fulfilling prophecy, strain, middle range theory and…


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Albert Einstein 1879-1955 Was a
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Both of them are very accurate but they do not work together and he tried to solve that problem for the rest of his life. Einstein knew that this problem would have to be solved if we wanted to understand exactly what happened to create the universe in the very first instant of time.

If Albert Einstein were alive today, he would also be trying to stop war because he was very opposed to warfare between nations. He would also be working to promote nuclear power plants for energy and to reduce or eliminate nuclear weapons as much as possible. During World War II, Einstein knew it was necessary to invent the atomic bomb to end the war but he was very opposed to nuclear weapons otherwise.


Goldsmith, D. (1997). The Ultimate Einstein. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Hawking, S. (2001). The Universe in a Nutshell. New…


Goldsmith, D. (1997). The Ultimate Einstein. New York: Simon & Schuster.

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