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Benefits Of Exercise Essays (Examples)

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Benefits of Exercising
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Physical Activity

In these modern times, the pace of life is extraordinarily fast. This means that it has become more and more important to balance one's time with strategy and effectiveness. Given the demands on the average individual and the aggravated pace of life, it thus becomes easier to justify not exercising. So much of life involves the number of things that one can get done in a day, along with staring into various screens (the computer, tablet, and phone screens), that it almost seems justifiable to assert that one doesn't have time to exercise in the course of a day. However, this would be extremely problematic for one's overall health and wellness. The benefits of exercising are extensive and they radiate into one's mental and physical health, creating a multi-faceted incentive for the individual to engage in exercise. Furthermore, this paper will touch upon the dangers of a sedentary…

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The Rewards and Benefits from Exercise for men and women
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ewards and Benefits From Exercise

Specific Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to find out the rewards and benefits individuals rewards and benefits from exercise.

Consistent exercise gets rid of tension, enhances appearance, keeps person healthy, and raises stamina plus keeps you younger.

In recent years, numerous individuals have turn out to be more and more aware of the need for physical fitness. Nearly everywhere individuals turn, whether it is to a kiosk, television or commercial, information for protecting and refining health overwhelms them. Even though much of this information is commercially inspired by those enthusiastic to sell natural foods, vitamins, and decreasing tricks, some of it, particularly that encouraging a consistent exercise program, merits thoughtful consideration. This kind of a program, if it entails of as a minimum an hour or just thirty minutes a week and if an individual's physician supports it, offers numerous benefits. Consistent exercise…


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Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise on One's Health
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Lack of physical activity and exercises increase the risk of early death by 23%, hence, showing the significance of physical activity and exercise. Incorporating other unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as smoking, abusing alcohol, and abuse of other drug complexes the health status of an individual; hence, a premature death (Tarnopolsky, 2010).

A strong relationship exists between physical activity and exercises and the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Poor lifestyles contribute to a variety of risk factors such as high levels of lipids in the blood, obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure that causes cardiovascular complications. Significant evidence shows that reducing these risk factors reduces the risks of an individual having cardiovascular conditions such as stroke, cardiac arrest, and coronary heart disease. egular exercises and physical activity reduce these risk factors in a number of ways. For instance, it promotes the reduction of the body weight that helps in the reduction of…


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Exercising This Study Looked at Whether Low-Level
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This study looked at whether low-level exercise, performed while sitting, might help ease the fatigue experienced by many women who were being treated with chemotherapy for advanced-stage cancer.

This study was intriguing because fatigue can be a long-lasting consequence of cancer and its treatment, sometimes persisting for years after treatments have been ended. Other studies have demonstrated that exercise can be beneficial for patients with fatigue, but it seems likely that those who already feel fatigued from cancer or its treatments might have difficulty embarking on exercise programs without having the burden of being sick with cancer.

The authors made an interesting connection between low-level exercises used with elderly patients who cannot participate in more vigorous programs, realizing that any level of movement seems to benefit people. They were also insightful and compassionate in their understanding that the patients they worked with might not be up to the types…

Exercise and Health
Words: 684 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 33299911
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Weight Loss

Learning Disabilities and Juvenile Delinquency

Popular vs. scientific press: Weight loss studies

The popular media often sensationalizes the cautious findings of scientific research, in an effort to catch the casual reader's attention at all costs -- even if the cost is the truth. This can be seen in the CNN piece "Exercise lengthens your life -- even if you're overweight," a title designed to communicate an unequivocally positive message in an America where the majority of the population is overweight or obese. CNN reports the findings of a recent scientific journal article in which researchers suggest that moderate exercise can add years to a person's life, regardless of weight status. Although the CNN article does not directly misstate the findings of the original journal article on which it was based, it neglects to mention some of the caution of the studies' authors regarding an excessive BMI.

The actual…


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Psychological and Physiological Effects of Exercise on the Mind and the Body
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Exercise has been described as the best medicine for depression. It can help a person get through rough times. Physical exercise is very important for a person's mental and physical health. Exercise helps in pumping more blood through the veins. This results in the increase in size of the arteries and it prevents fats from clogging the arteries. It also prevents blood clots. A person who exercises regularly is protected from a variety of diseases and it helps in curbing cholesterol. Exercise benefits a human body as it lowers blood pressure and conditions the lungs. Exercise has its various advantages. It successfully counters stress, depression and anxiety. It has been named as the best fighting force for all these problems. Exercise is also instrumental in improving a person's nervous, cardiovascular and immune system. It also increases our metabolism, digestion and stimulation. (University of Michigan Health System) (

Sometimes people feel…


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Exercise and Pregnancy
Words: 1757 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94394694
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Exercise and Pregnancy

"How much, and how intensively, nurse, should I exercise over the course of my pregnancy?' A seemingly simple question -- and one a gynecological or obstetrical nurse must be prepared to answer, given that many newly pregnant women may feel more comfortable directing such queries to a nursing staff health care provider, rather than a physician. This may be particularly the case if the attending physician is male, and the woman has concerns germane to the 'female' experience of pregnancy and exercise, such as weight control or temporary pregnancy-specific problems related to exercise such as bladder or back pain or incontinence. ut as nursing strives to teach and treat the whole individual undergoing a pregnancy, all nurses must be prepared to answer such crucial questions as to how much, when, and how a pregnant woman should exercise.

Article 1: 1998 Overview from the American Family Physician



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Exercise Habits of University Students
Words: 2030 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 1531980
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This is very clear from the consistently over 50% level of activity for cardio training for example. It is noteworthy this is the first time activity levels across the respondent base have stayed over 50% for any factor. This leads to the conclusion that the greater the concentration on a given area or specialized fitness program the greater the commitment over time.

The fourth question is which type of activity is least likely to lead to a high level of commitment on the part of respondents. Previous analysis indicates that the more specialized the activity the greater the long-term commitment. The contrarian view is supported through nonparametric correlation analysis of the activities measured in the response. When aerobics and basketball are combined by the same respondent there is a very high negative correlation of -.306, significant at the .01 level of confidence.

The fifth question is whether respondents participate in…

Effects of Exercise on Self-Esteem
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Exercise promotes higher self-esteem in individuals of all ages and/or physical capabilities as long as the individual enjoys the particular exercise program or feels there are definite and measurable benefit to participating in the program.

Professional athletes are some of the most self assured individuals in our society. There have been many studies that have shown that these individuals are highly paid yet the majority of them would continue to work at their sport for free. One of the main reasons for these phenomena is that these specialists really enjoy what they do and they feel they get an obvious reward for doing what they do. They literally get paid for exercising.

Exercise provides many benefits. These athletes receive a unique benefit that many laymen simply are unaware that it comes with the turf so to speak. Professional athletes get the benefit of added self-esteem. "Speculation regarding the interactions…

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Health Importance of Health and Exercise and
Words: 1755 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41164237
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Health [...] importance of health and exercise, and where people can find assistance in California. Exercise is an important deterrent to many diseases, including obesity, a plague on the nation. Getting Americans to exercise may be difficult, but the benefits of exercise are clear. People who exercise tend to live longer, have better overall health, and feel better about themselves. In California, many programs are available that will help people develop and maintain healthy lifestyles that include exercise. Education is the key to helping people understand the benefits of exercise, and that education must begin early in life for exercise to become a daily habit. For America to become a healthy country again, people must understand the importance of exercise and good health, and that begins with education and assistance to help people create better, more healthful lives for themselves.

Exercise and good health go hand-in-hand, and yet, in our…


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Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan
Words: 1427 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 1507283
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The authors recommend that the patient, a women of 35 years, should drink no more than 14 units (where one unite is half a pint of beer or two thirds of a small glass of wine) of alcohol per week or three units in a given day. Ideally, 1-2 units per day are recommended. While the patient does not drink during the week, she does tend to drink somewhat excessively over weekends. Her goal is to reduce her alcohol intake gradually towards only one or two units per day on weekends, while maintaining her non-drinking habit during the week. To reach this goal, the patient has enlisted the help of her friends. pecifically, she will reduce her exposure to alcohol by at first reducing her times at pubs and parties. he has asked her friends to help her by holding parties at their homes or in restaurants rather than in…


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Effects of Exercise on Pregnancy
Words: 3153 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13794457
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There are many positive effects of exercise during pregnancy. It can decrease the time it takes to get back into shape after giving birth. It may also decrease the amount of time spent in the hospital. In addition, it can increase Apgar scores and birth weight, as well as decrease discomfort during pregnancy. Women who exercise during pregnancy also find that they have less difficulty and length of labor. Research shows that exercise has many benefits for pregnant women.

However, as both exercise and pregnancy exert stresses on the body, the cumulative effects must be taken into consideration when analyzing the relationship between exercise and pregnancy. In general, research about this topic is sparse, and animal studies have presented conflicting findings. Chronic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease are the most obvious reasons to discourage persons at risk from intense rehabilitative exercising while pregnant. In addition, small…


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How Do You Convince a Friend to Exercise
Words: 1591 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16448222
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The colleague and friend I selected has worked with me on fundraising projects and has been a neighbor and friend of our family for several years. She is respected in the community for her advocacy for children's education in particular, but also for her support of local nonprofit organizations that raise money and awareness of the homeless, of the local teen center, and of the group that fights to protect open space from development, so it can remain as habitat for wildlife.

Describing the Situation

hat I would like to have Elaine change is her diet; but especially I would like to change her attitude about -- and her indifference to -- exercise. I would like to coax her into starting slow and going for walks, with me and another friend we have in common, and get her into the consciousness that walking is enjoyable and healthy as well.…

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Acts as a drug; the pharmacological benefits of exercise. British Journal of Pharmacology,

Exercise the Subject of Exercise
Words: 958 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 61794479
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Where, this increases the risk of certain illnesses such as: type 2 diabetes and hypertension. (Frontera, 2006, pg. 101) This is significant, because it shows how exercise is used for a variety a reasons. While they are basically the same (to improve / maintain health), the fact of the matter is, that each person has different motivations as to why they are exercising.

A second reason why people are exercising is: to see improved cardiovascular circulation. This reduces the risks of: stroke, heart disease, and other cardiovascular problems. (Frontera, 2006, pg. 100) As it has been proven by research, that exercise keeps blood vessels "young" and it prevents the arteries from becoming clogged. At the same time, this helps to improve blood circulation, as it increases HDL cholesterol production (good cholesterol). This in turn, reduces and removes LDL (bad cholesterol) from the arteries, thereby negating the buildup of plaque, which…


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Exercise as a Child and the Effects it Has on Adult Life
Words: 3056 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21597759
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patterns of physical activity and exercise indicates that there has been an overall trend of decreasing physical activity levels and increasing levels of inactivity among adolescents and adults (Gordon-Larsen, McMurray, & Popkin, 1999; Van Der Horst, Paw, Twisk, & Van Mechelen, 2007). Inactivity and poor diet are responsible a large number of deaths annually and could soon become one of the leading causes of death in developed countries. esearch continues to reaffirm that there is a dose response relationship between physical activity and all causes of mortality. There is typically a risk reduction of around 30% for those attaining the recommended levels of at least moderately intense physical activity on most days of the week compared with those who are relatively inactive (Lee & Skerrett, 2001). egular physical exercise has long been associated with decreased risk of fatal cardiovascular disease (Powell, Thompson, Caspersen, & Kenderick, 1987), obesity and diabetes (Knowler,…


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Benefits of Peer Review
Words: 695 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96732531
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There are several benefits to participating in a peer review. When you participate in a peer review, you are putting yourself in a position to both learn and teach. There's an adage that says you're never too old to learn and never too young to teach, and I find that to be quite apt when thinking about the benefits of a peer review. The end result is that your essay skills improve, as do those of your classmates.
Your skills improve with the insight you get from your classmates. A peer review might typically have 3-4 peers reviewing your work, and maybe not all of them will have useful insight, but someone will. So you learn how to receive criticism in the sense that you learn how to filter it for the valuable insight and actionable tips. Learning how to filter criticism is a powerful thing in life.
Furthermore, when…

Benefits of Integration in the Ci Humint Community
Words: 20134 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72535211
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Integration in the CI/HUMINT Community

An Analysis of the Benefits of Integration in the CI/HUMINT Community and Strategies for Effective Implementation

Shea Larson

The success of any counterinsurgency operation depends largely on the effectiveness and appropriateness of intelligence gathered. Human subjects are a crucial source of intelligence for counterinsurgency operations. Several years back, the U.S. Armed Forces opened up opportunities for women to occupy specific positions in counterintelligence/human intelligence (CI/HUMINT) discipline. However, women still remain underrepresented in the same, and researchers remain largely divided on whether their participation in the same ought to be increased. esearchers have raised concern that the decision to integrate women into HUMINT units could cost the country dearly in the long-term as it is likely to ruin unit cohesion and impede on overall effectiveness. Proponents of the whole idea of integration have, however, argued that the inclusion of women in HUMINT units will actually enhance…


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Exercises in Leadership
Words: 487 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 92432336
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Charisma is one of the most elusive qualities in human beings. Some people are magnetic, and draw others to them. Others wallow in the shadows and seem invisible. I never wanted to be a shadow dweller. Drawn to the brightness of the spotlight, I have always cultivated my own charisma. This week was a particularly strong one for me. Making an increased effort to network and meet other people has brought out some of my more extraverted qualities. I have been able to influence some of the people I have met, simply by sharing my ideas with enthusiasm. Charismatic behaviors, including radiant smiles with bright eyes, have been part of my communications spectrum for many years. It is a joy to share my positive energy with others, and I hope that it rubs off on them in meaningful ways.

Others generally perceive me as being a strong and dynamic…

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Teaching vs Teaching in Traditional Face-To-Face Settings
Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87403700
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online teaching compared to teaching in traditional face-to-face settings?" With this topic in mind, there are several important research questions that I am considering. One of the research questions if "instructors from online universities report better job satisfaction than do their traditional brick and mortar collogues." Another one of my research questions asks about instructor perceptions of student understanding as measured by formative assessments. Specifically, for example, in regards to different instructional feedback, a research question I could investigate is "do instructors from online teaching programs provide different critical assessments of student assignments than do instructors from traditional settings"? This research question provides for an easy to use survey research design, which I like because of the simplicity of implementing surveys in qualitative research. The importance of this research question, I believe, is that it will provide some data to support a hypothesis that student success can be improved by…


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Exercise for Business Ethics
Words: 623 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28852044
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Business Ethics

Is your answer from last week closer to the utilitarian approach to moral problems, to the Kantian / deontological approach or to neither?

The answer from last week's problem is considered to be both utilitarian and deontological. The way that it is utilitarian is to encourage the bandits to leave the town alone based on the offering them money. This will maximize happiness and minimize the overall amounts of suffering. In the situation with the town, the offer of money is designed to achieve the greatest amounts of happiness and suffering. This is accomplished by encouraging them never to return through the large financial rewards that are provided. Once the bandits agree to accept this offer is when there will be a transformation in the attitudes of the citizens. This is significant in highlighting how our approach is taking this aspect of ethical thinking and using it to…


Consequentialism / Utilitarianism, n.d.

Deontology, n.d.

Chicago Format.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Teaching vs Teaching in a Traditional Face-To-Face Setting
Words: 1286 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 94843861
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Hybrid Pedagogy and Student performance

Harkening to the roots of educational episteme, in What Does it Mean to be educated, John Spayde (2010), addresses the convergence of knowledge formation in late-capitalism from the position of a Socratic muse. In review of contemporary educational praxis, Spayde examines the polemic that has arisen from the knowledge vs. information paradigm prompted by Cartesian comparison of the traditional and online classroom. Seemingly underneath this proposition, is the devolution of centuries of classical thought as global capital flows push the limits on what has become 'priority' knowledge; or conduits where classical and technical skill might be acquired. As Spayde opines, in the United States, the current state of knowledge exchange as a field of practice may only be understood by way of systemic analysis of accumulation. Hence, the reification of testing standards over longitudinal or analytical performance by way of thorough-going expiation and demonstration;…


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Benefits of Using the Mediterranean Diet to Manage Type II Diabetes
Words: 3262 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 25988479
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Beneficial effects of the Mediterranean Diet on Type 2 Diabetic Patients in the United Kingdom.

The beneficial effects of the Mediterranean Diet on Type 2 Diabetic Patients in the UK

Science of the problem

Type II diabetes progresses through two stages. The initial stage is referred to as insulin resistance. During this stage, the pancreas produces enough insulin, but the body's cell are unable to respond to insulin. The pancreas increases the production of insulin in the body to compensate for the resistance. The body cells absorb more and more insulin resulting in the pancreas continuously increasing its insulin production. Eventually, the pancreas will shut down the production of insulin because it is unable to keep up with the demand, which results in type II diabetes. The lack of sugar for conversion to energy results in the starvation of cells and there is a buildup of glucose levels in the…


Carter, P, et al. "A Mediterranean Diet Improves Hba1c but Not Fasting Blood Glucose Compared to Alternative Dietary Strategies: A Network Meta-Analysis." Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 27.3 (2014): 280-97. Print.

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Huo, R, et al. "Effects of Mediterranean-Style Diet on Glycemic Control, Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Type 2 Diabetes Individuals: A Meta-Analysis." European journal of clinical nutrition (2014). Print.

InterAct Consortium. "Mediterranean Diet and Type 2 Diabetes Risk in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (Epic) Study the Interact Project." Diabetes Care 34.9 (2011): 1913-18. Print.

Benefit of Setting Up a PMO in Hewlett-Packard
Words: 5447 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 77193750
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Project Management Office

Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) is one of the biggest information and technology (IT) corporations in the world. HP is a company that is well suited for the 21st Century as it employs its competencies and technological advancements to offer healing, education, and connecting individuals across the world. Hewlett-Packard Company is centered in the information systems industry and is a technology organization that specializes in storage computing, hardware, software as well as network services. HP is well renowned for providing technological solutions to individual consumers, businesses as well as all sorts of entities across the globe. The main mission of Hewlett-Packard is to simplify and advance the manner in which technology and services can enable both individuals and institutions in addressing their issues and challenges. For instance, Hewlett-Packard Healthcare Information System (HCIS) is an information system that is fully integrated has been developed and sustained by the company for…


Al-Maghraby, R. (2011). How to establish a Project Management Office (PMO). PM World Today. May 2011 (Vol. XIII, Issue V).

Feldman, J. (2010). Project Management Is Finally Getting Real Respect. Information Week. Retrieved 15 July 2015 from: ?

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Benefits of Employee Motivation
Words: 6125 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 99942477
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Organizational Behavior & Culture

Complete summary of chapter 4

The chapter illustrates that the perception process is based on stages such as stimulation, organization, registration, and interpretation. The individual's acceptance and awareness levels for ascertained stimuli play critical roles in the perception process. The authors add that receptiveness towards certain stimuli remains highly selective in limiting a person's existing personality, motivation, attitude, and beliefs. People select various stimuli that satisfy certain needs (perceptual vigilance) while disregarding stimuli causing perceptual defense (psychological anxiety).

The chapter insists that guidelines facilitate companies in improving their workplaces through the surveying content. The employees can ask questions regarding observable behavior above thoughts and motives. The concept also includes items that are verified independently. The measures also attract behavioral consideration in the recognition of the company's performance. Attitude transformation requires time, determination, and effort to achieve. It is critical to relax expectations of changing an individual's…


Grant, A. (2013). Instead of Monitoring Employees, Try Motivating Them. The Huffington Post. Retrieved on 8th March 2015 from 

Porter, E. (2014). Motivating Corporations to Do Good. The New York Times. Retrieved on 8th March 2015 from

Benefits of Joining Professional Nursing Associations
Words: 533 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 46275425
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Professional Nursing Organization Comparison

Choose two professional organizations. These can be organizations you are a member of or that are known in the nursing profession.

Create a table comparing the two organizations.

American Nurses Association

When Established

The organization has roughly 490 chapters throughout 85 countries.

American Nurses Association was established in 1896 as the Nurses Associated Alumnae and was renamed the American Nurses Association in 1911.

Support of Nursing Leadership

STTI provides opportunities for nurses to participate in leadership programs and mentoring opportunities, and take advantage of career development resources.

The ANA provide programs and offerings for nurses, nursing leaders, and all stages of the nursing career trajectory.

Leadership Opportunities

Members can ask career-related questions and get responses from STTI volunteer Career Advisors.

More than 900 nurse researchers, students, clinicians and leaders attend the International Nursing esearch Congress to learn from evidence-based research presentations. The theme of the 26th…


American Nurses Foundation. Retrieved from 

American Nursing Association. Retrieved from 

Sigma Theta Tau International School of Nursing. Retrieved from

Benefits of Digitizing Books
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The Feasibility of Information Time Machine

If I were the Secretary and State Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Maryland and were asked to consider implementing information time machine for all the libraries, I would take an uncountable number of days to finish digitizing all the books just in the city of Baltimore, assuming that 450 books are digitized per day. It is not feasible to say that this number of books will be digitized daily and that a certain exact number of time or days can be stated under which this activity would be completed. Working out an online project like this will require an equitable amount of time. Google has done mass digitization of books, and it has not taken any shorter time. Implementing the information time machine in all the libraries in Maryland would not take any short time (Usher, 2014). There are many libraries in this…


Usher, S. (2014). Letters of Note: An Eclectic Collection of Correspondence Deserving Of a Wider Audience. Chronicle Books

Wells, H. G. (2013). The Time Machine. Lanham: Start Publishing LLC.

Elder Exercise Everyone Knows That
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Tai Chi is a centuries-old form of exercise from China. It is low impact and does not require extended endurance or high levels of coordination to perform, and skills can be learned gradually as the person participates in it. In spite of its physical simplicity, it has been shown to improve cardiovascular function, coordination, balance (2) and sleep (4). Its psychological benefits included an ability to ease stress, depression and anxiety (2).

Some of the research regarding exercise in elderly people shows cultural preferences. For example, one subculture of people in the United States is more willing to participate in water exercise than another (1). This suggests that suggestions for ways to exercise should be flexible and consider individuals' personal preferences.

Remaining flexible and keeping coordination skills as strong as possible is important for older people, who are more likely to develop arthritis, have lessened ability to maintain their balance,…

Stress and Exercise
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Managing Stress Exercise

Managing Stress through Physical Exercise

hat is the importance of flushing stress hormones out of the body according to Seaward? hat are the specific effects of physical exercise on managing and preventing stress?

During a period of exercise, the body is responding to stress hormones the way it was intended to. Stress hormones on the body generally prompt something of a fight or flight trigger. Using exercise to burn out the energy caused by the stimulus to the stress can be an effective method of dealing with stress. Exercise has been shown to reduce the level of cortisol in the body and even effect mood. Exercise attacks stress in two ways, according to Matthew Stults-Kolehmainen, Ph.D., a kinesiologist at the Yale Stress Center (Menlinck, 2013):

He says "that raising one's heart rate can actually reverse damage to the brain caused by stressful events: "Stress atrophies the brain…

Works Cited

Mayo Clinic Staff. (2012, July 12). Exercise and stress: Get moving to manage stress. Retrieved from Mayo Clinic: 

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Pulmonary Disease and Exercise
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Pulmonary Disease and Exercise

Exercise may benefit pulmonary patients in a variety of ways. Pulmonary patients however face many unique challenges to exercising that other disease patients do not.

Pulmonary disease may affect the lungs and in a variety of manners. The condition includes respiratory disorders such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis and pulmonary hypertension. In the article "Comparison of Specific Expiratory, Inspiratory, and Combined Muscle Training Programs in COPD" from Chest Journal, Dr. Weiner and his colleagues explore the idea that weakness within the respiratory muscles may actually contribute to shortness of breathe, which in turn may limit the ability of patients with this disorder to exercise regularly at a significant pace (Weiner, 2003). In a second article, "Comparison of Effects of Strength Endurance Training in Patients with COPD, from the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical care, Francisco Ortega and colleagues examined the effects of different exercise modalities as…


Weiner, Paltiel, MD; Magadle, Rasmi, MD; Beckerman, Marinalla MD., Weiner,

Margalit PhD and Berar-Yanay, Noa, MD. "Comparison of Specific Expiratory, Inspiratory, and Combined Muscle Training Programs in COPD" Chest. 2003;124:1357-1364 Retrieved from,

Ortega, Francisco. Toral, Javier. Cejudo, Pilar, Villagomez, Rafael. Sanchez, Hildegard.

Castillo, Jose and Montemayor, Teodoro. Comparison of Effects of Strength and Endurance Training in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care MedicineVol 166. pp. 669-674, 2002. Retrieved from,

Management Exercise Basedon Neoforma Master- Case Added
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management exercise basedon Neoforma master- case, added case practice marketing management skills.) Smart Card LLC expertise smart cards magnetic stripe tech- nology develop applications solutions meet rapidly growing demand marketing frequency programs.

In my opinion, the management could have done some additional research on the market to quantify the size of the market. There are several issues that are relevant in this case. One is that there are still questions whether the card will work or not, something that is obviously likely change the size of the market itself.

At the same time, there doesn't seem to be enough research into whether or not companies would actually be interested in such technology. Obviously, customer retention is a great topic for different businesses on the market. However, many of the companies already have their own internal programs and solutions that they use and have been using for a significant period of…

Company's Compensation and Benefit Package a Number
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Company's Compensation And Benefit Package

A number of factors determine how a company compensates its employees. These factors may include economics, psychology and even sociology. To an economist compensation is viewed as a labor market determinant (Filer, Hammermesh, & ees, 1996). As a human resource manager for Vanguard Industries I have been entrusted with the responsibility of explaining to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) that guided my development of the company's compensation and benefit plan. I will specify economic factors I considered while coming up with the company's compensation and benefit packages, the manner in which they do so and the relative and absolute importance of each. Before coming up with a compensation and benefit scheme, it is imperative that matters pertaining employees' skill level, age, gender and minority and majority status are factored as they affect an individual's reward preferences and their view on what they contribute to an…

References List

Filer, R., Hammermesh, D., & Rees, A. (1996). The Economics of Work and Pay 6th ED., New

York: Harper Collins.

Landes, W.M. (1968). The Economics of Fair Employment Laws. Journal of Political

Economy, 76: 507-52.

Business Organizational Studies Benefits From Interaction With
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Organizational studies benefits from interaction with other areas of study. The articles and research questions in the paper reflect a curiosity of the connection among media, technology, and behavior. Each article and set of authors approaches this question from a different perspective and in conjunction with another school of thought to help problem solve and with which to cooperate. The paper selects and uses three heuristics as way to explore research questions and hypotheses further and better. The paper substantiates the validity of the proposed research question. The paper also describes the context within which the proposed research would fit.

Generating Research Questions & Hypotheses

Part 1 - DeLorme, D.E., Huh, J., Reid, L.N., & An, S. (2010) The state of public research on over-the-counter drug advertising. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, (3), 208 -- 231.

DeLorme et al. propose several key research questions and hypotheses. One…

4. Orlikowski, W.J., & Barley, S.R. (2001) Technology and Institutions: What can Research on Information Technology and Research on Organizations Learn from Each Other? MIS Quarterly, 25(2), 145 -- 165.


We argue that because of the important epistemological differences between the fields of information technology and organization studies, much can be gained from greater interaction between them. In particular, we argue that information technology research can benefit from incorporation institutional analysis from organization studies, while organization studies can benefit even more by following the lead of information technology research in taking the material properties of technologies into account. We further suggest that the transformations currently occurring in the nature of work and organizing cannot be understood without considering both the technological changes and the institutional contexts that are reshaping economic and organizational activity. Thus, greater interaction between field of information technology and organization studies should be viewed as more than a matter of enrichment. In the intellectual engagement of these two fields lies the potential for an important fusion of perspectives, a fusion more carefully attuned to explaining the nature consequences of the techno-social phenomena that increasingly pervade our lives.

NFL Retirement Benefits Issues and
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Furthermore, EISA issues aside, according to Linda Sanchez (D-California), "It concerns me when those who work hazardous jobs don't get the care they deserve, whether a coal miner, tire factory worker or football player... " referring to the questionnaire distributed to the NFLPA requesting medical data pertaining to their retirees, she said, "I look forward to timely responses to our questions so we can determine what steps might be necessary that those who made football great aren't neglected."13

AP, 2007

Carpenter, 2007


Professional football is, by all accounts, a violent sport whose participants frequently suffer significant physical injuries on the playing field. Because of the nature, frequency, and intensity of the collisions inherent to the game, especially at the professional level, the effects of football injuries often persist long after retirement. Most insidious are the cumulative effects of repeated cerebral concussions, only recently identified as a specific injury…


Associated Press. 10/24/07 NFL Adds $10 Million to Medical Fund, Latest Step in Dispute Concerning Retirees and Pensions. Retrieved, November 3, 2007, from CBSonline at 

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Carpenter, L. 10/13/07 Congress Presses NFL, Union on Benefits. Retrieved, November 3, 2007, from at 

Conrad, M. (1999) Sportslaw History: The John Mackey case. Retrieved, November 3, 2007, at

Corporate Wellness Program Benefits of
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It is recommended that Sea Island should implement a corporate wellness program in order to gain the advantages that come with the program. These include cost savings on health insurance, increased job satisfaction levels which decrease absenteeism and employee turnover and increase employee productivity. The program should be designed to be culturally sensitive and should be tailored for the workplace environment in the company in order to include all members of the organization despite their background, history or other cultural aspects that can create barriers to participation in the program.


Barton, S.S. (2002). Aspects of the Effect of Substance Use on Health, Wellness and Safety of Employees and Families in Northern emote Work Sites. Social Indicators esearch, 60(1/3), 263-274. doi: 10.2307/27527051

Bates, J. (2012). Benefits of Corporate Wellness etrieved December 12th, 2012, from

Heinen, L., & Darling, H. (2009). Addressing Obesity in the Workplace: The ole of…


Barton, S.S. (2002). Aspects of the Effect of Substance Use on Health, Wellness and Safety of Employees and Families in Northern Remote Work Sites. Social Indicators Research, 60(1/3), 263-274. doi: 10.2307/27527051

Bates, J. (2012). Benefits of Corporate Wellness Retrieved December 12th, 2012, from 

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Motivating Exercise
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Training Programme) (30%)


Strength/flexibility exercises test ubric (5%)

The instructor (NOT student) will choose 5 strength/flexibility exercises from the student's Written eport that the student states he will use over the 3-month hypothetical training period. The Instructor will ask the student to perform the exercises in turn and name the muscle(s) being stretched or strengthened. This is NOT a physically demanding test (only 1 repetition is performed).



Strength/flexibility exercise

Conducted exercise correctly

Correctly named muscles strengthened/stretched

Strength/flexibility exercise

Conducted exercise correctly

Correctly named muscles strengthened/stretched

Strength/flexibility exercise

Conducted exercise correctly

Correctly named muscles strengthened/stretched

Strength/flexibility exercise

Conducted exercise correctly


Correctly named muscles strengthened/stretched


Strength/flexibility exercise 5

Conducted exercise correctly


Correctly named muscles strengthened/stretched



(Total marks will be rounded down (not up). For instance, if you score 4.6, your TOTAL will be recorded as 4.0)



Written eport (Strength and Flexibility Training…


CDC. (2013). Why strength training? Retrieved from (n.d.). Flexibility Exercises. Retrieved from -Exercises_UCM_307383_Article.jsp#

Mobility Benefits Barriers Challenges Background and Origin
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ackground and Origin

Progressive mobility refers to a series of planned and sequential movements aimed at bringing the patient back to his or her baseline (Vollman, 2010). It consists of positioning and mobility techniques. A meta-analysis of 39 randomized trials was conducted to examine the effect of bed rest on 15 different medical conditions and procedures. Four short-term medical conditions were identified for critically ill patients. ut the major and long-term complication was the reduced quality of life after discharge on account of lost physical functions during their stay at the ICU. Another study conducted among survivors of acute respiratory conditions found that they lost 18% of their body weight and suffered much functional limitations from muscle wasting and fatigue. The more than 5 million who get confined at the ICU must come to terms with both the short- and long-term complications of immobility or prolonged…


Adler, J. And Malone, D. (2012). Early mobilization in the intensive care unit: a systematic review. Vol 23 # 1, Journal of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy:

American Physical Therapy Association. Retrieved on March 21, 2013 from 

Baker, C. And Mansfield, L. (2008). Physical rehabilitation following critical illness.

Vol. 9 # 2, Journal of the Intensive Care Society: The Intensive Care Society.

National Budget Simulation Exercise the
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In addition, just over $41 billion was removed from 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. The cuts in military spending will affect a wide variety of citizenry. Specifically, military personnel will be affected with reduced budgets across the board. This will result in a reduced readiness of the military to protect the United States, in the short-term and the long-term. This reduction in spending will also negatively affect civilian contractors and other companies that provide products and services to the military. This will result in lost revenues and decreased profitability for these organizations. A secondary effect of this could result in lost jobs and reduced tax revenues for the city, state and national governments, as well as reduced revenues for other businesses in the community, if these organizations implement worker layoffs.

Social Security cuts will negatively affect the growing population of Baby Boomers and those already receiving Social Security benefits. However,…

What Is the Best Exercise
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Tai Chi is a series of postures and exercises developed in China as a system of self-defense and as an aid to meditation. It focuses on graceful movements that resemble a slow-moving dance routine combined with deep breathing throughout the routine. The result is a moving meditation that nourishes and balances both the body and mind.

Research studies of the benefits of tai chi show a significant decrease in the incidence of stroke and stroke mortality, as well as an increase in bone density. Studies also show a decrease in blood pressure in hypertension patients and an increased sense of well-being.

Because of the low heart rate routines, tai chi offers a safe alternative to aerobic type exercises for those prone to cardiovascular disease.

Tai Chi strengthens the joint musculature and increases the range of motion and flexibilty. Although a weight-bearing exercise it allows stimulation of bone growth without the…

Metaphysical Poetry Journal Exercise 3 1A
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The Lord will lead one to safety always. One can simply believe in something higher to get the meaning of this; it doesn't have to be Jesus. Psalm 127, contrarily is confusing because it states that unless the Lord builds the house, it is built in vain. This seems to be more literal, but I do get the idea. Unless the people building the house are doing it with the love of the Lord in their hearts, or building it for him, then what is the point?

Didactic poetry can be quite comforting as seen in Psalm 23 or it can be much too literal and seen as both confusing and condescending. Psalm 127 isn't very instructive spiritually speaking, unlike Psalm 23.

Updated Proverb: A broken toe can hurt, but a broken heart can kill.

Metaphors: Obscure or Illuminate? Didactic literature with its use of metaphors can sometimes obscure the…

Music and Exercise Today's Busy
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People are now looking ways to fight this problem of stress. Some people take help of drugs to control the stress issue but the side effects of drugs create more problems rather than solving one. Exercise has been proven as a natural solution to the problem of stress with no side effects. In certain cases of other psychological problems combining exercise and music can be helpful.

Effects on Mental Performance: esearches have also shown that both music and exercise combined together have positive effects on cognitive abilities. In a research including 33 men and women in the final weeks of a cardiac rehabilitation program after bypass surgery, angioplasty or cardiac catheterization, the effects of classical music and exercise were studied. All participants were asked to complete a verbal fluency test before and after two separate sessions of exercising on a treadmill. Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons', a classical music piece, was…


Henderson, S. (August, 2005). The Rhythm of Capoeira: Aerobic Workout Combines Cultural Music and Dance for an Effective Exercise. Ebony. 60(10): 94+.

The Effect of Music on Exercise', Retrieved on September 26, 2007 at 

Morris, a. Myers, S. Schaumburg, L. Schrage, K. And Veasey, M. (2006). The Perceived Effects of Music on Exercise Performance. Retrieved on September 26, 2007 at 

Little Music with Exercise Boosts Brain Power, Study Suggests' Retrieved on September 26, 2007 at

Score for This Self-Assessment Exercise
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My scores for this Self-Assessment exercise were 5, 13 and 14 for money as power, retention time, and anxiety respectively. My score for money as power was therefore well below average, while the other two were respectively slightly below and slightly above average. My total score was 32; somewhat below average.

I was not surprised by these scores. I have very little regard for money in terms of status. I do not believe that success can be measured in one's bank balance, as there are so many personal factors that also play a role in what constitutes one's status in life. I also do not believe that this will ever change, regardless of internal or external factors. This is a consistent value that has resulted from my ability to observe and think critically about life and what is important.

In terms of retention time, I am quite conscientious regarding…

Business Communications Ali Berro Exercise
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Catherine's Hospital and it is the desire of the human resource department to help you in any way possible. This is not a situation that is a happy one for anyone involved.

I have investigated what can be done, and unfortunately, there is not a lot that we can do to get the insurance company to pay the bill. The operation took place in an out-of-network hospital, and the HMO plan which you chose when joining our company does not cover out-of-network procedures. The plan does offer two alternatives, unfortunately you chose neither one.

There are, however, a number of different options that are available to you at this point. One of the options is to explain to the hospital what happened, and see if there is a possibility of setting up some type of payment plan. We have worked with this hospital's financial department and they are very cooperative…

Electromyography Biopac Exercise Discussion This
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The authors were trying to develop a system of estimating and indexing muscle fatigue rates during static muscle contraction. The results of this study indicated that estimations were reasonably successful with some limitations that were noted. One limitation was that the study neglected muscle recovery since the experiment was performed in a lab under controlled conditions and the muscles were able to fully recover. However, in the real world muscles move in a dynamic environment thus making muscle recovery rates a challenge in producing an accurate estimate of fatigue.

Another study looked at the efficacy of treatments in patients who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). The study conducted research using 111 patients who suffer from CTS. They compared the standard conservative treatment (SCT) with other forms of treatment available that also propose to alleviate symptoms associated CTS. They found that SCT, which includes local steroid injections, was effective as…


Yewguan Soo; Sugi, M.; Nishino, M.; Yokoi, H.; Arai, T.; Kato, R.; Nakamura, T.; Ota, J.;, "Quantitative estimation of muscle fatigue using surface electromyography during static muscle contraction," Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2009. EMBC 2009. Annual International Conference of the IEEE, vol., no., pp.2975-2978, 3-6 Sept. 2009

doi: 10.1109/IEMBS.2009.5332521


Ay-e N. Bardak, Mehmet Alp, Belgin Erhan, Nurdan Paker, Betul Kaya and Ay-e . Onal,;, "Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of conservative treatment in the management of carpal tunnel syndrome," Advances in Therapy, Publisher Springer Healthcare Communications, ISSN 0741-238X (Print) 1865-8652 (Online), Issue Volume 26, Number 1 / January, 2009

Cutting Costs at Ventacare Exercise
Words: 488 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 45251009
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The federal spending cuts that have severely impacted VentaCare's bottom line will not be rescinded until the budget deficit, debt ceiling, and sequester crises are resolved, and with at the current rate of political progress in Congress, the loss of financial support may as well be considered permanent. To that end, Allison should be exacting in her appraisal process, forgoing any concern over individual employee grievances in order to focus fully on returning VentaCare to economic viability.

3.) What are some benefits Allison should consider changing or eliminating? Why?

With federal law only mandating the provision of unpaid leave days in the event of vacation, holiday, or illness, Allison should consider amending VentaCare's benefit policy to provide each employee exactly one-half of their leave days to be paid, with the other half becoming unpaid leave days. The financial condition of the company means that Allison cannot abide the practice of…

Spiritual Exercises
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Pastoral Counseling Spiritual Exercises

A daily spiritual routine

It is often said that the most important part of life is just 'showing up.' 'Showing up' to one's spiritual life is a vital part of religious practice. When the worldly aspects of one's existence, such as jobs and children, draw one's focus away from spirituality, it is easy to think that there is not enough time to pray and reflect. However, it is during these difficult times that it is all the more important that one has a spiritual connection to od. Taking time in the morning before the cares of the day intrude to reflect with a clear mind can be a valuable and cleansing practice. Just as we take time to 'work out' in the morning, we must also take time to work out the kinks in our soul, and press our reset button before beginning the day. For…

Gard, & Sara W. Lazar. (2011). Mindfulness practice leads to increases in regional brain gray matter density. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 191 (1) 36-43.

Ferguson, Jane K., Eleanor W. Willemsen & MayLynn V. Castaneto. (2011). Centering prayer as a healing response to everyday stress: A psychological and spiritual process. Pastoral Psychology. 59 (3): 305-329.

Grefe, Dagmar. (2011). Combating ageism with narrative and intergroup contact: Possibilities of Intergenerational connections Pastoral Psychology, 60 (1). 99 -- 105.

Federal Contracting Benefits and Drawbacks of Cost
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Federal Contracting: enefits and Drawbacks of Cost Reimbursement Contracts

The objective of this study is to examine the pros and cons of cost-reimbursement contracts from the view of the federal contractor and to discuss which elements of cost-reimbursement contracts tend to produce the biggest troubles for contractors and explain why.

Cost-Reimbursement Compared to Fixed-Price Contract

Cost-reimbursement or cost-plus is reported as a contract "where a contractor is paid for all of its allowed expenses to a set limit plus additional payment to allow for a profit." (GovWin, 2010, p.1) Cost-reimbursement contracts can be contrasted with fixed-price contracts, which are reported to be such that the contractors "are paid a negotiated amount regardless of incurred expenses." (GovWin, 2010, p.1) Fixed-price contracts make provision of payment of the allowable costs that are incurred in performance of a contract "to the extent prescribed in the contract." (GovWin, 2010, p.1)

In the fixed-price contracts,…


Cost-Reimbursement Contracts (2011) 18 Oct 2010. Retrieved from: 

Philpott, D. And Cook, SP (2010) Managing Cost Reimbursable Contracts. Government Training, Inc. Retrieved from: 

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System. Part 1516 -- Types of Contracts. Subpart 1516.3 -- Cost-Reimbursement Contracts. (2012) e-CFR Data 7 Sept 2012. Retrieved from:

Social Work Preparation Exercises
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Social Work Exercises

Preparing for 3 Clients

Mrs. Nancy Cannon telephoned from her place of work ( the Capital nsurance Company -- phone [HDDEN] She sounded concerned. She said that on the previ-ous Saturday night, her 14-year-old daughter Amy had come home after her 9: 00 p. m. curfew, smelling of alcohol. She says that she " grounded" her daughter but now wants to talk with a social worker about the situation. Mrs. Cannon requested an appointment for herself alone, indicating that she wanted to sort things out with someone before she dealt further with her daughter.

Mrs. C. reported that this was the first such incident. She said, " 've never had any trouble whatsoever from Amy. She's been a wonderful child." She stated that she had not sought pro-fessional help before and that this was her first contact with any social service or mental health agency. She indicated…

I would have to take a moment to breathe and clear my head. My own frustration about the fact I id not get a raise should not interfere with the well being of my upcoming client. I would remind myself that I am in this field not for the monetary benefits, but for the joy of helping real people with real problems. I would tell myself that this is a testing moment; I either need to center myself and help those in need, or stop altogether.

Case 1

The issue of handling this case is a very sensitive one. Unfortunately, "despite many changes that have occurred in the treatment of rape victims, there still exists in our society ignorance about, and ambivalence towards the rape victim, causing for many an additional stress" (South Eastern CASA, 2012). This is especially true for date rape victims, who are often stigmatized as having not been raped in a traditional sense. Many tend to falsely believe that the victim was either using an excuse after the fact, or simply lost control because of their own vices in regards to drugs or alcohol. This creates a scenario where there needs to be a certain degree of trust built within the empathy provided by the social worker. Thus, "given that the victim's trust in people has been betrayed by the rapist, it may make it more difficult for her to trust others. The counselor needs to indicate that she can empathize with the victim's feelings, that she can listen and acknowledge the intense emotions the victim has, and encourage rather than suppress discussions of these" (South Eastern CASA, 2012). It is crucial that the social worker provide a sense of trust and understanding in order to best help the victim at hand. This trust will help

Do Proteins Help the Body as Related to Sports Exercise and Nutrition
Words: 3010 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90075003
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Proteins are often called the building blocks of life. In fact, the very word "protein" implies their importance in the body: it is a Greek word meaning "first place." Approximately fifty percent of the dry weight in animal cells is comprised of protein (Campbell 71). They play a roll in almost everything the body does and "are used for support, storage, transport of other substances, signaling from one part of the organism to another, movement, and defense against foreign substances." (Campbell 71). Proteins are essential to the proper functioning of every organism known to man.

The human genetic code holds the instructions for the making of over ten thousand different types of proteins; all with specific purposes. Additionally, "Proteins are the most structurally sophisticated molecules known." (Campbell 71). In comparison to other molecules, proteins are enormous and come in nearly every shape imaginable. However, despite their variety and size, proteins…

Works Cited

1. Berning, Jacqueline R. And Suzanne Nelson Steen. Nutrition for Sport and Exercise. Gaithersburg: Aspen Publications, 1998.

2. Campbell, Neil A. And Jane B. Reece. Biology: Sixth Edition. New York: Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data, 2002.

3. Ronzio, Robert, PHD. The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health: Second Edition. New York: Facts On File Inc., 2003.

4. Ryan, Monique. Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition. Boulder: VELO Press, 1999.

Abortion Is Important Exercise Towards
Words: 2128 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67191078
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Women who see their physician two times a year for refills would see an individual cost savings of $85 per year for a total cost savings of $307 million for the population. In addition, approximately 2.1 million women would eliminate their annual gynecological visits altogether for an individual cost savings of $85 per year and a total cost savings of $178.54 million (Louis Harris and Associates 1993). Overall, the savings to women who either stop seeing their physician annually or reduce their visits to once a year would equal about $695.3 million.

Assuming the average wage rate is $12/hour and the average amount of time spent at the doctor's office is 11/2 hours (including travel time), women who currently see their physician four times a year for Oral Contraception refills would save 4.5 hours per year or$54 for a total opportunity cost savings of $44.4 million for the population. Five…


Holly Mead, IWPR/GWU Research Fellow. Making Birth Control More Accessible to Women. A Cost Benefit Analysis of Over-the-Counter Oral Conceptive. Feb, 2001. IWPR Publications.

Kate Saunders. New Mobile Clinics to carry out birth control policy in Tibet. July, 2003. Life News

China Forces Abortion, Sterilization on Tibetans Lhasa. Aug, 2000. CW News in collaboration with LSN.

Health Abortion 'part of birth control'. January, 1999. Health Latest BBC Health News.

Leadership Exercises
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Leadership Profile

Exercise 5-3

There are a number of leadership issues I have witnessed in the past. First, in a firm I used to work in, there were strategy and marketing decisions made that I definitely did not agree with. Using social media and web 2.0 tools for marketing is a vastly successful and cost effective marketing strategy (). It can help a business get out marketing campaigns cheaply and easily, while also building networks between potential clients and other strategic relationships. However, some businesses have been slow to adapt to such new and innovative trends. In one firm I worked in, management made it quite clear they did not want employees using any sort of social networking to promote business operations. This was based on the idea that it was not as an effective technique that more traditional and costly campaign methods, like direct mail and print marketing. Thus,…


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Families Society Purpose The Purpose Exercise Conduct
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Families Society" PURPOSE: The purpose exercise conduct a detailed, critical evaluation research design, methods analysis a study written published a peer-reviewed journal.

Valentine, K., Thomson, C., & Antcliff, G. (2009). Early childhood services and support for vulnerable families: Lessons from the Benevolent Society's Partnerships In Early

Childhood Program. Australian Journal of Social Issues, 44(2), 195-213,120.

Yes, it is very specific.

Do subtitles, if present, provide important information regarding the research?

Yes, they bullet-point the basic components of the article although they do not label all of the conventionally-expected components of a research article like a literature review.

Are the main variables expressed in the title?


Are the terms in the title easily understood by most people?

To some extent: the general subject matter is clear, although not what is meant by vulnerable families, nor is the Partnerships In Early Childhood Program (PIEC) well-known.

5) Does the title avoid any…

Survival Exercise Leader Abdulhamid Albakoush Present All
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Survival Exercise

Leader: Abdulhamid Albakoush

Present: All Members

Absent: None

The first group exercise we embarked upon was a 'survival exercise.' The group was given a hypothetical life-and-death situation in which we all had to work together to make effective decisions to benefit the group. All of us had a mutually shared objective (survival) even though we may have had differences about the best way to achieve that objective. The group exercise thus began with a common focus, a necessary component of group formation.

The hypothetical situation was that we had just crash-landed in the Canadian wilderness. First, we had to list items that were most useful to take with us to survive on an individual basis before coming together to reach a consensus as a group about what we should do. Much like the situation would be in 'real life' we began as a group of disparate individuals, but…

Non-Traditional Families Exercise Questions the
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General grade point averages, SAT scores, and school involvement tend to be lower than their peers coming from two parent homes (Park, 2008).

Lower collegiate attendance is also another major issue that is seen within this growing population. On average individuals coming out of single parent homes go to college less than their counterparts with both parents present (Huan, 2003). This is often associated with the poorer grades that were discussed earlier. However, it is also often tied to spending habits on education (Huan, 2003). Once again, this population is subject to lower income averages, which makes spending so much money on college a difficult endeavor. Moreover, there is another impact which tends to have a negative impact on numbers of children from single parent families going to college (Worth, 1992). According to the research, lower involvement of parents in creating dreams of children going to college (Stage & Hossler,…


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Humans Benefit From Their Pets There Is
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humans benefit from their pets? There is no doubt that many individuals and families love their pets and derive a great deal of psychological satisfaction from pets -- especially elderly people that may otherwise become lonely without their dogs, cats and other pets. But according to an article in Time magazine, several studies reflect the fact that pets can provide a great deal of support for the physical and psychological well-being of the individual owner of the pet.

Journalist Laura Blue explains that these research studies show that pets provide comfort and benefits similar to the comfort and benefit people derive from their human friends. Researchers from Miami University and Saint Louis University launched a research project ("The Science of omen and Cats: The Bond is Real") that was designed to test whether pets can really "fulfill one's social needs" -- that is, make a person feel "connected and in…

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Blue, Laura. (2011). Study: Pets Give Us the Same Warm Fuzzies That Friends Do. Time.

Retrieved September 11, 2011, from - friends-do.

Staff Development Exercises Continue to Be Negative
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Staff development exercises continue to be negative for teachers. The topics are found to be irrelevant to the teachers' needs and there is poor follow up. Hampton and Purcell (2006) encountered difficulty trying to improve staff development in their school district. They therefore gathered approximately 120 teachers to a series of discussions to hear from them how staff development could be made more meaningful. They gathered a wide representation of teachers- from urban and suburban, elementary, middle and high school, and representations of gender and race.

From all the discussions they presented suggestions to improve staff development, with a common theme of aligning the training to the realities of the classroom. The teachers also requested that they be informed, preferably beforehand, of the district's goals and plans for the staff development. Packages of print information should be provided by the principal. This package could include data that underlines the importance…


Calhoun, E.F. (2002). Action research for school improvement. Educational Leadership. 59 (6),

Theoretical Thinking Exercises
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Theoretical Thinking

Truth is a concept that can be subjectively interpreted based on the individual's experiences and social realities. This is because truth is associated with an individual's continuous search for knowledge; thus, as an individual obtains knowledge in his/her experiences, s/he learns to discriminate information that may be considered as true or false for him/her. In effect, truth is defined as the any information or event experienced and encountered by the individual which corresponds with his/her reality (as s/he perceives it). Since truth corresponds with reality, sources of truth may come from anything that exists within the individual's "sphere of reality": these are people, non-living entities, institutions, and other elements of the society that the individual encounters in his/her society everyday.

Since truth is subject to various interpretations due to different social realities experienced by each individual in the society, there exists more than one truth. Truth is based…

Learning Exercise the Style of
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, 2011. Distinguish them as follows:

Lastname, Smith, Jones, et al., 2011

Lastname, Smith, Geen, et al., 2011

When a souce has six o moe authos, cite only the last name of the fist autho followed by et al. As above, distinguish authos that shoten to the same fom by including as many subsequent authos as necessay. Sepaate each name by a comma, using the connecto "and" unless the authos ae listed paenthetically, in which case use an ampesand.

When ceating the efeence list, alphabetize authos by last name. When thee is moe than one autho, alphabetize the enty accoding to the last name of the fist autho in the seies. Use the autho's last name, then initials athe than full names. Place a peiod afte each initial and use one space afte the peiod. Following the autho(s), put the yea in paenthesis, followed by a peiod outside the final…

references page, there is a double space between entries. Each entry is single-spaced. The second and subsequent lines within an entry are indented.


Publication manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed.. (2010). Washington,

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