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Water and Plastic Bottle Burden

Words: 1800 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 79110006

With this information, people can make informed decisions regarding the water they consume. Which additives are healthful? Which are not? These are examples of only some of the questions responsible consumers should have when choosing their water. Regarding the use of plastics, the solution is simple. By simply changing their habits from plastic water bottles to stainless steel or any of the other alternatives, not only is the consumer choosing something that supports of the well-being of the planet, but also supports the well-being of themselves.

This is merely one solution of many meant to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle across the globe. That the consumption of water increased so quickly, all over the world, signifies the impact of advertising on consumer choices. This can be a reason for hope, since just as quickly the use of stainless steel water bottles and clean water can be brought into individual…… [Read More]

7. Fluoride Action Network, Health Effects, ( ...)

8. Fluoridation/Flouride, Toxic Chemicals in Your Water, ( )

9. Worth Health Organization, Water Related Diseases, ( ...)
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Water Gatorades and Powerades I Am a

Words: 792 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59429528

Water, Gatorades and Powerades

I am a registered dietician, presenting my piece of work on the different types of beverages. I am giving this presentation because water is an overlooked nutrient in the hydration process while it can be an excellent sports beverage. Water is the most essential nutrient in the body because death can occur rapidly in the absence of water than any other nutrient. Knowing this, does not take much imagination when dehydration occurs during sports performance or training. Around 60% of the human body is inside water called intracellular cells, and the muscle tissues have 70% of water which is critical during exercise.

Gatorade and PowerAde contain added proteins, sodium and carbohydrates, which help in increasing blood glucose levels and high cycling performance. PowerAde has low calories while Gatorade is lightly flavored with enhanced vitamins also with low calories. These power drinks are moderately isotonic because, they…… [Read More]


Heather, F.A. (2011). Practical Applications In Sports Nutrients. Atlanta: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Jones, R.S. (2010). Nutrition for Sport and Exercise. Atlanta: Jonnes and Bartlett Publishers.
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Water Sanitation We Discuss the

Words: 2180 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74394821

The role of community in achieving proper water and sanitation standards in times of disaster

It is important to note that whenever a natural or manmade disaster hits a particular region, the entire community is put at risk since it is them who suffer the direct results of the disaster. These negative outcomes of the disaster could be social, economic and even psychological. It is therefore necessary to properly educate the entire community on how they can cope with water shortage and sanitation problems that are as a result of either flooding or hurricanes. The various community drinking water treatment plants should have elaborate emergency plans that are to be put in action should there be a disruption of the service. It is integral that the community water treatment facilities comply with the stringent requirements that are laid down by both the federal and state regulations.

After the emergency for…… [Read More]


Associated Contents,(2010) The Importance of Water to Health and to Human Life 

Copeland, C (2005). Hurricane-Damaged Drinking Water and Wastewater Facilities:Impacts,

Needs, and Response
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Benefits of Drinking Water vs Soda

Words: 764 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14265252

water v. soda

ater is the building block of life; our bodies are composed mostly of water, as is the earth on which we live. If we "are what we eat," then it makes the most sense to drink more water than any other beverage available. However, many people fall out of the habit of drinking water because of all the flavored beverages on the market. Although most beverages are based on water, many of them can cause health problems and add unnecessary calories to the diet. Soda is one of the most popular beverages available. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, "These popular beverages account for more than a quarter of all drinks consumed in the United States." Soda, also known as pop, refers to a variety of carbonated beverages that use water as their base. However, sodas embellish the water with a number of different chemical additives, flavorings, colors,…… [Read More]

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Water Rocket Design and Lesson

Words: 1388 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 23027042

Therefore, it will be the teacher's responsibility to streamline the use of a standard bike pump and the erection of a launch tube, ensuring that this common denominator does not impact differently any group's experimental design.

Using a wide open space such as a soccer field which is not in the direct proximity of any structures or populated areas, groups could affix their respective design to the launch tube and retain it by tethering it to a length of twine. The student selected as the launch captain for each group would stand at a distance of at least 20 feet with the free end of the string at hand while another student from the group, selected as Ground Control, would activate the bike pump. Upon the point at which the compressed air reaches the top of the water bottle and pressure begins to build, the launch captain would release the…… [Read More]

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Water in Sub-Saharan Africa

Words: 2389 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54779850

Water in Sub-Saharan Africa is of special interest because of my background but water is a fascinating issue in general, one that I think will play an increasingly large role in the 21st century, as the effects of population growth and climate change bring about significant changes to our water usage and availability. A lack of water in particular has a substantial destabilizing effect.

Water as a social issue combines a lot of different elements. As an issue, water sits at the intersection of social justice, politics, economics and agriculture are all areas weather. This is probably because water is so essential to human life. We drink it, we use in for domestic purposes, agricultural, industrial, transportation. Yet clean water is not always easy to come by. Some feel that access to clean water is a human right. So there is a significant importance attached to water in most parts…… [Read More]


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Voss Water

Words: 7740 Length: 29 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37112893


As will be shown below, the bottled water market is increasingly competitive and consumers have a dazzling array of choices available to them. It is clear that Voss has taken this into account when developing its sophisticated packaging, some samples of which are shown in Figure ____ below.

Figure ____. epresentative Sampling of Voss Packaging Techniques.


In fact, one new admirer of the Voss brand unashamedly proclaimed that even though she liked the water, it was the "wicked cool" Voss packaging that sold her: "Yesterday, I drank a few bottles of Voss Artesian Water from Norway. One was Still. One was Sparkling. Both were pretty good but its wicked cool glass bottle is the best thing about it. My friend Sharon said she paid $20 for a bottle of Voss at the tres upscale Michael Mina estaurant in San Francisco, which was more than she…… [Read More]


AquaMaestro: The Source for Fine Waters. (2007). Available: .

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PepsiCo organizational change caused by Aquafina water

Words: 1760 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95015362

Bottled portable water was not a significant product in the beverage industry in the US two decades ago. The industry was dominated and controlled by such giants as Groupe Danone SA’s Evian and Nestle SA’s Perrier. By 2002, the industry was worth $3.5 billion. In 1997, Pepsi made attempts to join the bottled water market. Some of the efforts included buying a spring water company and a shot at selling a brand that was sparkling. However, these efforts did not yield fruit. The management came to the conclusion that the best method to create a successful water brand was to exploit a resource that was already in existence, i.e. the water treatment equipment already at the bottling plant locations. These were being used to purify water for the soft drinks that the company produced (McKay, 2002).

The then Pepsi beverage main CEO along with his team figured out that there…… [Read More]

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Commodity Chain Analysis Water Commodity

Words: 3514 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97101535

Though municipal untreated tap water can be used for premix (as opposed to post mix when soda syrup was mixed on site) that comes from the beloved soda fountain in most restaurants the marketing of the Aquafina brand is still likely to be present and bottled Aquafina is often sold there. If on the other hand an individual asks for a cup for water and then pours water from the "water" bypass tap on the soda fountain they are getting municipal tap water, usually unfiltered.

Endorsements are often developed in a similar way to those associated with other types of soft drinks and sports endorsements are common in the bottled water industry as even the Aquafina spin off products that contain the Aquafina (seven step) water and additional flavorings and sweeteners are considered by many to be healthier than soda, but to some degree this remains to be seen. As…… [Read More]


Aquafina (2010) Website Retrieved December 13, 2010 from

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Quantus Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Drinking Water Alternatives & Consumer Beverage Consumption in North America (February 2010) Web. Retrieved December 13, 2010 from < >
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Unhealthy Behavior Drinking Inadequate water

Words: 2080 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73445778

Drinking Inadequate water
One must drink enough pure water on a daily basis for good health. However, many people forego water and concentrate on other fluids which have additional ingredients. These cannot be compared to water when it comes to health benefits. (McLennan, 2000)
Take the example of young kids, who mostly prefer sweet drinks such artificial juice and sodas. Likewise, teens go for energy drinks and sports drinks in lieu of water. (Simpson, & Mazzeo, 2017)
A recent Havard study found out that over half of the children in America are dehydrated. This has many negative implications on their health and academic performance. (McLenan, 2000)
Another study showed that a quarter of American children do not drink water daily. Boys were found to be 75% more likely to be dehydrated than the girls. (Valtin, 2002)
65 % of the human body is made up of water. This water helps…… [Read More]

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Existence of Tap Water Contamination The Topic

Words: 987 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82620621

existence of tap water contamination. The topic interests me due to the fact that I have long heard that tap water is contaminated and that, in order to avoid this contamination, one has to spend money on any number of schemes ranging from the comparatively cheapest of buying bottled water to the enormously expensive project of retrograding and dismantling the entire water system with a purification procedure. It strikes me that it is particularly important to find out whether this is simply a moneymaking scam on the part of businesses or whether there is any reality to this situation. Even were I to adopt the cheapest of all alternatives, which were to buy bottled water, in the long run the accumulation of expense is worrisome. On the other hand, purifying the tap water may be a necessary step as safeguard for my health. To that end, it may be well…… [Read More]

McGeehin, M.A., Reif, J.S., Becher, J.C., Mangione, E.J. (1993).Case-control study of bladder cancer and water disinfection methods in Colorado. Am J. Epidemiol 138, 492-501.

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West, L. Tap Water in 42 States Contaminated by Chemicals.
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Drinking Water Have You Ever Forgotten to

Words: 733 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25515605

Drinking Water

Have you ever forgotten to water your houseplants or garden? What do you notice? When you give the plants water, what do you see happening? Likely, within a few moments, you see the plant begin to perk up, to stretch, and to look healthier. Well, our bodies are similar in that water is an essential part of our daily intake -- every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies need water for proper function and it is important to drink enough fluids each day to remain hydrated (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012).

Water is very important to our bodies because it helps to do many things that keep our cells, joints, and blood flow working properly. or instance, water helps the body flush wastes through urination, perspiration and excretion. Without enough water, the body holds onto these toxins and buildup may lead to illness or discomfort…… [Read More]

Falkenmark, M., & Rockstrom, J. (2004). Balacing Water for Humans and Nature. Wiltshire, UK: Cromwell Press.

Salzman, J. (2012). Drinking Water: A History. New York: Peter Mayer Publishers.

United States Department of the Interior. (2013, January 10). The Water in You. Retrieved April 2013, from USCS.Gov:
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Cadmium in Wastewater and Drinking Water the

Words: 6106 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81125932

Cadmium in Wastewater and Drinking Water

The importance of efficiently controlling and monitoring potential toxins in water systems is extremely important. The potential contaminant known as Cadmium (Cd) is a naturally occurring trace metal that is regularly found in various types of ores. Its most common commercial uses are in the metal plating and coating of transportation vessels, household-cooking utensils, machinery and nickel-cadmium batteries (Advanced Purification Engineering Corporation, 2010). As a result of its multitude of uses, there are an equally large number of ways in which Cd can find its way into water systems. The most common of these are leaching, pipeline corrosion, corrosion from transportation vessels, runoff from metal and ore refineries among others. Cd is also capable of resulting in various negative health effects to humans unfortunate enough to consume it. Failure to adequately monitor Cadmium levels can result in numerous unsolicited health outcomes such as: "nausea,…… [Read More]


Advanced Purification Engineering Corporation, 2010, 'Drinking Water Contaminants: Cadmium', Retrieved April 13, 2011, from 

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Morphology Bottle-Nosed Dolphins and Great

Words: 864 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31734120

Sharks are another vertebrate that are similar to dolphins in many ways and very different from dolphins in other ways. There are more that 250 species of sharks, ranging from the harmless whale shark to the ferocious great white.

The great white shark, known as Carchardon Carcharias, feeds regularly on marine mammals, such as seals, sea lions, otters, dolphins, and whales. They enjoy eating bottle-nosed dolphins whenever they get an opportunity. Samuel Gruber in Discovering Sharks writes that the great white consumes marine mammals when they come across a deceased one. The Great White shark, also known as the white death, is considered the most dangerous shark in the waters. The Great White has a conical instead of a flattened snout, black eyes, and large, serrated, arrowhead-shaped teeth. The upper and lower lobes of the tail are almost equal in size, and the body is blue or brown-gray, not white,…… [Read More]


The Great White Shark. Retrieved December 8, 2006 at 

Bottlenose Dolphins. Retrieved December 8, 2006 at .
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Marketing Plan for New Evian

Words: 2693 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71140256

The bottled water industry is an extremely dynamic one which has brought the players major revenues. Seeing the great potential for further profits, new companies have emerged and some of the already existent ones merged as to get better comparative advantages. Evian's main competitors are the Perrier Group, Aquafina and Dasani, and all these have engaged in marketing operations to differentiate themselves from the newly entered players and consolidate their position in the international market. The Perrier Group based their marketing campaigns onto radio announcements in order to reinforce their brand; Dasani has launched a new television advertisement featuring the Commodores and other funk stars; and Aquafina (from PepsiCo), has developed a televised campaign based on advertisements featuring celebrities (Hein, 2001).

3.4 Target Market

The target market is identified through the application of the segmentation criteria. The most commonly used such criteria include age, cultural background, economic and social status,…… [Read More]


Danone Group 2005-2006 Annual Report, Retrieved at April 3, 2008

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Marketing Discuss Product Service Terms Current Target

Words: 1629 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15517487


Discuss product service terms current target market demographics U.S. Census Data. 2.Determine product service declining popularity. Be include information social, demographic, ethnic markets; economic technological factors; political legal factors; competitive factors.

Product description

The market for bottled water in the U.S. has been experiencing a steady decline in growth as a result of huge awareness campaigns that are conducted to curb consumer demand. This is in contrast to other parts of the world where the popularity of bottled water is continuing to increase by 6.7% each year which is reported by the Beverage Marketing Corporation (2008)

as the smallest increase experienced in the last 10 years. The U.S. used to be the largest consumer of bottled water but in the latest years, there has been a shift towards preference of tap water rather than bottled water Institute, 2012()

The Beverage Marketing Corporation (2008)

states that 54 per cent of…… [Read More]


Beverage Marketing Corporation. (2008). The 2007 Stats. New York, NY: Beverage Marketing Corporation.

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Institute, W. (2012). Bottled Water Demand May Be Declining Retrieved October 3rd, 2012, from
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Economics There Are a Number

Words: 682 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24372749

hen I understand what drives people to buy bottled water, I will be in a better position to forecast demand. I expect disposable income, distribution saturation, cleanliness and taste of tap water and price of bottled water will all factor. ith this information, I could understand the price elasticity of demand, for example, or the elasticity of demand relating to any other variable. Going international I would focus on the same, but I would also understand the currency exchange dynamics and the image that my country or region has overseas. In general, however, the types of information I need would be mainly the same, with respect to marketing. ith respect to culture (marketing message) or other such variables unrelated to the economics of the decision, there are undoubtedly some different forms of information that I would need.

Second student: I would want to know what the trends are for bottled…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Investopedia. (2011). Economics basics: Elasticity. Retrieved March 11, 2011 from 

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Organic Fruit Taste Test Comparative

Words: 665 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45051146

Data Analysis

1. The taster determined 11 of the 14 samples correctly. Three samples were incorrectly identified. Thus, the taster received a statistical score of 88%.

2. The results failed to support the null hypothesis. There was obviously a difference between the organic and conventional food items.

3. This output indicates that while there is a difference, the margin of 10% is too small.

4. The test indicated that for greater than 50% of the time the taster was able to identify the differences between organic and conventional foods.

5. For the next test, I would most likely use one fruit and run multiple tests with a single piece tasted each time.

Works Cited

Fullion, Laurence & Arzai, Stacey (2002), Does organic food taste better? A claim substantiation approach. Nutrition & Food Science, 32(4): 153-157.

Padel, Susanne & Foster, Carolyn (2005), Exploring the gap between attitudes and behaviour: Understanding why…… [Read More]

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Makea Change Through Business A

Words: 5675 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 66051546

In the first one to three years, Make a Change plans to step up its budget or marketing and advertising expenses as a way to drive up business and profits. After the first year, we also plan to bring in other charities on board to share in some of the donations we will be producing through our gross profits.

Production Goals


The main cornerstone of the business will rely upon t-shirt sales. On our site, we will offer a variety of different colors and styles, which vary in price to the customer. These shirts range in cost to us depending on the style chosen. Like all other products, 10% of our gross profits from t-shirt sales will go to our chosen charity. All tees are 100% cotton, with several sizes, fits, and colors available to the consumer.

Make a Change Brand. Blank cotton tees total to $1.75 a piece,…… [Read More]

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Blue Gold

Words: 962 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17966555

Blue Gold

Blue is the new black, according to the filmmakers of Blue Gold. Blue Gold is a documentary about how water is becoming a scarce commodity, and that it will become the reason for wars in the future unless something critical is done about it on political, economic, and public policy levels. This is an important film, because the issues impact all persons on the planet. ich or poor, male or female, black, white, or brown, water is necessary to sustain life. Without water, human beings die. The problem is that water management issues are embroiled in serious entanglements. Water that should be used for drinking is diverted to use in big agribusiness sectors, which are themselves problematic for their inhumane and polluting practices. Similarly, water that should be used for drinking is being diverted for use in manufacturing sectors. While human beings do need both manufacturing and farming…… [Read More]


Bozzo, Sam. Blue Gold. Feature Film. Retrieved online:
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Starbuck's Case Study Briefly Describe

Words: 3967 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86532491

A fourth foundational element is the strength of the Starbucks brand itself and is ubiquity globally. As a result of rapid and well-defined strategies for opening up retail stores, Starbucks is now considered one of the most preeminent and strongest brands globally.

Starbucks has generated the strength of their brand through combining high-quality coffee and tea beverages with the third-place concept to generate customer loyalty and world-of-mouth among customers and their friends. It is common to hear students mention they will have a team meeting at the local Starbucks, for studying or completing projects.

In summary the Starbucks model is strengthened by the company's coffee expertise, impressive new product development record, and the development of Starbucks locations as "third places" where friends can meet and enjoy coffee and pastries. Underscoring all these points is the strength of the Starbucks brand.

What were the key issues and the decision by Starbucks…… [Read More]


Patrick Burnson (2002, December). Amsterdam's key role in Starbucks' global strategy. World Trade, 15(12), 40-41. Retrieved December 7, 2007, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 241805271).

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Jeffrey S. Harrison, Eun-Young Chang, Carina Gauthier, Todd Joerchel, et al. (2005). Exporting a North American Concept to Asia: Starbucks in China. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 46(2), 275-283. Retrieved December 7, 2007, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 832085141).
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1992 Easy Way Tea From

Words: 2736 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 53319776

Porter's Five Forces Analysis

Bargaining power of buyers -- low; individual consumers cannot influence the price, but large buyers can negotiate better contracts

Bargaining power of suppliers -- low, as they need the tea companies to buy their items

Barriers to entry -- relatively high due to the maturity of the market

Substitute products -- their threat is increased, including items such as sodas, bottled water, juices or coffee and coffee-based beverages

Competitive rivalry -- increased as all players strive to improve their competitive positions, increase their access to customers and increase their market share.

4. Solution Generation and Evaluation

Before generating a solution, it is necessary to look at the problem encountered by the Australian Easy Tea Company from three different angles -- the 5W questions, fishbone diagrams and the Pareto analysis.

The 5W questions:

Who? The Tea Easy Australia Company

What? Cannot improve its competitive position

When? Now…… [Read More]


Burt, J., Growing green tea in Western Australia: development of a green tea industry in the Manjimup / Pemberton area, Government of Western Australia, Department of Agriculture and Food,  last accessed on March 4, 2010

Moore, C.W., 2008, Managing small business: an entrepreneurial emphasis, 14th edition, Cengage Learning EMEA

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2010, the World Factbook -- Australia, Central Intelligence Agency,  last accessed on March 4, 2010
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Marcellus Shale Is a Black

Words: 2338 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66606638

Energy prices went up again in 2008. Drillers created 29,000 jobs for the people. And State and local governments offered $240 million worth of taxes (Sapien 2009). And modern technology was there to realize the dream.

When asked about the initiative's threat to human health, the DEP at first assured all sectors that TDS were not generally considered a major risk. In 2008 alone, at least 4,000 new oil and gas wells were drilled. The frenzy sidestepped the greater and graver responsibility of disposal of huge wastewater. The new oil and gas wells produce approximately 9 million gallons of wastewater a day in Pennsylvania alone. This volume was expected to increase to at least 19 million this year. This volume is greater than that what all of the State's waterways combined can safely absorb, DEP itself says. ut in the wake of continued complaints and apprehensions, it advised consumers to…… [Read More]


Legera, Laura. Hazards Posed by Natural Gas Drilling Not Always Underground. The Sheranton Times Tribune:, 2010. Retrieved on May 3, 2011


Lustgarten, Abrahm. Is New York's Marcellus Shale too Hot to Handle? ProPublica:

ProPublica, Inc., 2009. Retrieved on April 18, 2011 from
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Economy and Ethics of Sustainable Design

Words: 1125 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23959892

Ethics of Sustainable Design

How much water do I use in a day? How much electricity do I use daily? hat other resources do I count on and consume each day, like gasoline, food, paper products, ink, and other materials? This paper is a fine way for me to begin to catalogue those materials. This introduction is presented because looking back on a 24-hour period of time and the amount of energy I use just to go about my daily activities, I am using too much electricity, too much gasoline; and this review of my intake of resources also includes what I eat, drink, and otherwise use to get through a typical day.

A 24-Hour Inventory of my Consumption

In terms of electrical usage, as a writer and editor, and I use my computer, my printer, my wireless digital router every day of the year to some degree. Typically when…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Jefferson, Millie. 2012. 15 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Weekend America / Public

Radio. Retrieved September 7, 2012, from . 2010. How much water does an average person use each day? Retrieved September

7, 2012, from
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Company's Marketing and Social Responsibility

Words: 1813 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47453070

In its official press releases and documents and in scholarly journal articles written with Nestle Waters SA grant money, the company is battling to put the best spin on its bottled water sector, as well as other parts of the company as well.


Adler, Brett. "Nestle draws fire for plans to pump more water from North Florida springs." Dec., 02, 2010. (accessed Dec. 08, 2010).

Fact-Checking State Supreme Court Ads." Oct. 29, 2010. (accessed Dec. 08, 2010).

Lawrence, Felicity. "Processed cereals represent a triumph of marketing, packaging and U.S. economic and foreign policy.." Nov. 23,

2010. (accessed Dec. 08, 2010).

Miller, Ethan. "Should private companies control our most precious natural resource?."

Oct. 8, 2010. (accessed Dec. 08, 2010).

"Nestle India plans collaboration to help manage diabetes." Dec. 07,

2010. (accessed Dec. 08, 2010).

"Nestle Purina gets presidential honor." Nov 23,

2010. (accessed Dec. 08, 2010).

"Profits rise…… [Read More]


Adler, Brett. "Nestle draws fire for plans to pump more water from North Florida springs." Dec., 02, 2010.  (accessed Dec. 08, 2010).

Fact-Checking State Supreme Court Ads." Oct. 29, 2010. (accessed Dec. 08, 2010).

Lawrence, Felicity. "Processed cereals represent a triumph of marketing, packaging and U.S. economic and foreign policy.." Nov. 23,
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Marketing Strategies of Coke and Pepsi in Thailand and UK

Words: 6169 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26226042

marketing strategies of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Thailand and UK

Coca-Cola and Pepsi, rated among the top companies in the world share a common fact - for several years, both these companies have been successfully selling a simple product made of water and sugar to almost all countries. This would have been impossible unless the companies were able to create sustained excitement over their products and brands among the people and its employees. (Davis and Dunn, 2002)

This study is of interest because both are extra-ordinary companies in terms of brand penetration in even the toughest markets such as China and the middle-eastern countries. Coca-Cola is the world's number brand and Pepsi is also among the top brand names in the world. In 2000, Coca-Cola's sales surpassed one billion units per day and it had 239 products, selling across 200 countries. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are seen as arch rivals by…… [Read More]


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Looking Into Marketing Coca Cola and Dasani in UK

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Marketing Coca Cola and Dasani in UK



Marketing Coca Cola and Dasani in UK

The history of Coca-Cola started in 1886 when Dr. John S. Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, created a drink with a distinct taste, which could be purchased at the soda fountains. He made syrup with flavour, took it to a pharmacy in the neighbourhood and made a mixture of it and carbonated water. His bookkeeper and partner, Frank M. obinson, is acknowledged for giving the beverage the name Coca-Cola and creating the trademarked unique script that is used to date. Before he died in 1888, Dr. Pemberton traded to different parties with Asa G. Candler, a businessman from Atlanta, who bought the majority shares. Under the leadership of Mr. Candler, Coca-Cola was distributed to soda fountains outside Atlanta. Joseph Biedenharn was the…… [Read More]


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Coca Cola SWOT Analysis and Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Plan for Coca-Cola Drink

Current marketing situation

Coca-Cola is a carbonated drink that is manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company. The drink is aimed for the non-alcoholic beverage industry because it is a soft drink. Within the non-alcoholic beverage industry, there are soft and hot drinks. Hot drinks comprise of tea and coffee, while soft drinks contain flavor, sweetness, and carbonated or non-carbonated water. The industry is dominated by the soft drinks category and includes bottled water, sports drinks, ready to drink coffee, energy drink, juice, carbonates, and bottled water. In the United States, Coca-Cola is the most consumed non-alcoholic beverage. In order to cater for the health conscious consumers the company developed two drinks namely Coca-Cola Zero, and Diet Coca-Cola that are aimed for health conscious teens and adults respectively. With a global presence, the drink has continued to attract more and more consumers mainly because of its unique…… [Read More]


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New Beverage

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New Beverage

Raspberry Delight

Target Market Segment

The fitness drink market is highly segmented, and one of these segments includes energy drinks. However, energy drinks are not exclusively subsumed by the fitness drink product category; energy drinks overlap to some degree with other product categories such as soft drinks. An example of an energy drink that represents the overlap of both fitness and soft drink categories is Red Bull.

Not only is the market segmented according to usage, but also by ingredients into a spectrum with distilled water at one end and sugary drinks like Gatorade and Red Bull at the other. Somewhere in between we find the mineral waters, vitamin enhanced water, vitamin and mineral enhanced water, flavored vitamin and mineral enhanced water, sweetened and unsweetened varieties of the same, sugary and sugar-free varieties, and so forth. Propel is a popular vitamin and mineral enhanced flavored bottled water while…… [Read More]

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Coca-Cola Business and Operations

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Coca-Cola leads the world's beverage industry with as many as 400 products and has its presence globally in more than 200 countries. In addition to this, Coca-Cola collaborates with some 320 licenses to produce more than 10000 products in 57 countries. Products range from fashion apparel to holiday decorations and even a Coca-Cola Picnic arbie doll. Every year, licensees sell 50 million licensed Coca-Cola products.

Internal usiness Environment

Core Activities

For over 100 years, Coca Cola still remains the world's largest producer of carbonated soft drinks. The company sells the very famous Coke® with the punch line "Always Coca-Cola" that is still the common man's term for any aerated soft drink.

The company's signature Coke® brand is well recognized by literally billions of consumers, and Coke is sold in almost every country in the world - more than 200 countries worldwide.

Customer ase

The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest…… [Read More]


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Recycling Isn't a New Concept

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This growth rate will be influenced by several factors: droughts; stringent EPA regulations on waste and potable water; growing public awareness; and "upcoming replacements of current wastewater systems."

orks Cited

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ONE: Introduction recycling isn't new; corporate America is now pushing "green" but there needs to be public information so citizens become more well-informed

TO: Literature review a) Both paper and plastic are hard…… [Read More]

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Strategic Choices

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Strategic Choices - SOT

"Competitive advantage" is approached with the seriousness of a science involving carefully chosen strategies for cost advantage and/or differentiation advantage. Achieving one or both of those advantages through the use of one or more of four strategic business methods ideally gives a company a significant competitive edge over its competitors. The Coca-Cola Company apparently uses three of these strategies to achieve a premiere position in the global beverage industry.

Low cost



Strengths -- Social Factors

Coca-Cola can use the social factor of health consciousness to become the low cost producer of bottled water and vitamin water, targeting Coca-Cola's broad, worldwide market and gain the lion's share of the market with its exemplary distribution system

Coca-Cola can use the social factor of health consciousness to produce and deliver bottled water and vitamin water that is superior to other competitor's bottled water and vitamin water.

Coca-Cola…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Idc Case Study This Report

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This ordering process was completely undocumented by the Interdrinks sales force because the customers would call a switch board to make their orders as opposed to calling the sales team. This process entailed that there was no control over the products the bottling company wanted or needed to move. The sales team was working on an outdated pay scale system and needed some type of incentive restructuring to help re-motivate the sales force or at least begin the process of bringing in new blood that could revamp Interdrinks' sales efforts.

The case study provide a very good breakdown of what the local and overall Swiss market offered in terms of other bottling company sales and market demand figures. The company currently bottles Schweppes, Pepsi, mineral water and fruit drinks. There is a market niche for the bottled water and this product could be re-marketed considering that bottled water today costs…… [Read More]


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Unger, Henry (3/23/1999). Consolidation sweeping Coca-Cola bottlers. The Atlanta Constitution.

Soft Drink Industry Marketing
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Evaluating and Controlling Technology Snopes

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Evaluating and Controlling Technology
Thanks to the internet, and the subsequent growth of social media, people can interact and share information widely and instantaneously. However, this ability to disseminate and share information has also led to the proliferation of fake news. As a matter of fact, over time, various fake stories, false rumors, and urban legends have been circulated widely – effectively misleading readers and distorting the true nature of various facts. Towards this end, quite a number of fact-checking websites have been created with an aim of countering the said urban legends, political spin, as well as fake news. One such website is (
In essence, Snopes fact-checks urban legends and related stories to determine their validity and authenticity. The website, according to Fleischman (2014), “devotes scholarly diligence to rumors, photos-gone-viral, and other statements that often pass for fact in popular culture” (p. 181). Over time, the website…… [Read More]

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Personal Financial Management During a

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Finally, anybody hoping to conserve money in a recession must avoid spontaneous expenses, whether at the grocery store or the mall. Purchases should always reflect what one actually needs and never spontaneous impulses to buy anything for which the consumer did not already have a conscious need in advance. Purchasing milk at the grocery store after forgetting to list it is one thing; purchasing a new pair of shoes at the mall "because they were on sale" when one already has a closet full of shoes at home is quite another matter.

ources Consulted

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Nance-Ash, . "New Freshman 15: Financial Tips for College tudents." (1 Aug 2011).…… [Read More]

Sources Consulted

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Marketing Strategies for Coca-Cola the Key to

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Marketing Strategies for Coca-Cola

The key to the success of any consumer product is an effective marketing strategy. In order to develop such a strategy, it is necessary to carefully examine consumer needs and behavior in relation to the product and adapt marketing techniques to target and address these needs. As one of the top beverage manufacturers, Coca Cola must focus on ways to continually meet the beverage needs of a diverse marketplace that demands variety and choice in products.

Several factors have recently affected sales of Coca-Cola products, included various international economic crises as well as anti-American sentiments abroad that fuelled boycotts ("New formula Coke," Economist, 2001). Also, an increasingly health conscious consumer has caused sales of non-carbonated beverages, such as bottled water and juices to sky-rocket, which necessitated some regrouping for Coca-Cola ("New additions and reformulations," Beverage Industry, 2003). The enormous purchasing power of overseas consumer markets also…… [Read More]


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Consumer Me as a Consumer

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Detergents are a necessity for all of us and we will purchase them often without much consideration to brand or other characteristics beside the quality / price report. Detergent commercials have most often made me laugh not because they were funny, but because they were rather silly, to say the least. A latest commercial I saw of Ariel presented the owner or manager of a catering business who wanted to reduce costs and so switched to a cheaper washing product. But the cloths were not clean and had to be washed again; as such no economy was made and she decided to return to Ariel. I personally am an Ariel consumer and I will continue to be, and not because of the commercial, but because I like the product's quality. However, in the commercial, I see that the company has recognized the high price of their product relative to other…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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International Marketing Plan

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History of Coca-Cola Company (Coke)

We all know - at least if we are old enough to have heard the jingle - that Coke would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. Except that this isn't quite true. What the Coca-Cola Company would most like to do is to teach the world to drink Coke - or one of its other wholly owned brands. The company has in fact proved to be remarkably hardy in the ever-more-globalizing economy. It's hard to travel anywhere in the world today and not see someone sipping a Diet Coke.

But this does not mean that the company's entrance into different national markets has been smooth - or that its continued competitiveness in various national markets will be assured. Each country presents a unique set of cultural and economic challenges. This paper examines the possible entrance of the Coca-Cola Company into Iran,…… [Read More]


Encyclopedia Britannica

Pendergrast, M. (2000). For God, country and Coca-Cola. New York: Basic Books.,9171,1107,00.html
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Coca Cola

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Coca Cola Company is the biggest beverage company in the world. The company faces major competition and the top three competitors include Pepsico, Inc., Nestle S.A. and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. The weaknesses of the company encompasses its substantial dependency on carbonates and the adverse perception of coca cola products being filled with high sugar content and therefore deemed unhealthy. The prospects that the company should seize encompasses the rise in growth and development of emerging markets and also the increase in need for healthier drinking options. The company's recent performance has been impressive as the company has generated increases in net income. However, the company should improve the sales revenue generated as this amount has been dwindling in the past three years. The company relies on debt to finance its assets as its debt to equity ratio stands at 188%.


The history of Coca-Cola started out in…… [Read More]


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Cryptosporidium Case Study

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Cryptosporidium Case Study

Cryptosporidium is reported as a "coccidian protozoan parasite" and one that has received a great deal of attention over the past two decades as a "clinically important human pathogen." (Hannahs, nd, p.1) The discovery of Cryptosporidium is reported as associated with E.E. Tyzzer who described a "cell-associated organism in the gastric mucosa of mice" in 1907 as reported in the work of Keusch et al. (1995). (Hannahs, nd, p.1) Cryptosporidium was believed for several decades to be a "rare, opportunistic animal pathogen." (Hannahs, nd, p.1)

The first case of human cryptosporidiosis occurred in a three-year-old girl in rural Tennessee in 1976 suffering from severe gastroenteritis for two weeks and reported in the work of Flanigan and Soave (1993). Cryptosporidium parvum was discovered through use of an electronic microscopic examination of the intestinal mucosa. Cryptosporidium parvus was associated with AIDS cases in the 1980s and this resulted in…… [Read More]


Cabada, MM (2011) Cryptosporidiosis Medication. MedScape. Retrieved from: 

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Cryptosporidiosis in Immunocompromised Persons (2012) Illinois Department of Health. Healthbeat. Retrieved from:
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Green Marketing Over the Last

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She also mentions the huge energy giant British Petroleum (BP) came up with some honest and effective marketing in its green promotions. And while it is laudable for an oil company to invest in green technologies, BP did it with "appropriate humility that admits its own guilt while setting the stage for conversion to alternative energy sources" (Ottman, 2002). Meantime she says to Exxon, "ake Up!" because Exxon was at that time running "green-themed" ads that spoke to the need to "find more oil."

In still another green marketing-themed article from Ottman, she writes in the publication in Business that while the George . Bush Administration "abdicates responsibility for a strong response to slowing down" global climate change, Bush's lack of leadership on the issue opened a "unique window of opportunity for America's advertisers and marketers" (Ottman, 2002). That advice to advertisers and marketers is this: using the same effective…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Report (Ninth Edition). National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Retrieved February 18,

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Guidebook for Living in Modernity

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Living in Modernity in Three Easy Steps

Perhaps it is only appropriate that a so-called guidebook to living in modernity is not in fact a book at all, but only a relatively brief overview, encompassing six to nine pages of text, easily condensed for the reader's evaluation into three easy steps. It is short. It can be potentially read and interpreted by a variety of individuals with varying levels of literacy. It is democratic and addresses the reader as part of a collective, but not as someone who is of a particular gender or social or professional hierarchy. It is friendly to those whose attention spans have been shortened by the Internet and the mass media, yet it also creates a program that is inspirational in nature, to the reader's sense of improving the self. It wishes the reader to become a better self, just like everyone else in the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Ad Comparisons Different Ads

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features two ads for televisions, and both ads were featured in the same issue of Men's Health. Ad A, for the Zenith TV seems for the Men's Health demographic, the imagery being more stylish in nature, contrasted to Ad B's more stereotypical golf course male imagery. Ad A's copy is more left-brained as well, highlighting product attributes in a fairly technical manner. Ad B does not take this approach, but rather talks about the product benefits, in particular how crisp the images are with respect to watching sports. Arguably, Ad B would test better among all men, though it would not be as dominantly popular among the MH demo. But the imagery and focusing on benefits should appeal to a broader cross-section of men than the ad that is stylish and strictly focused on a left-brained description of product attributes. B would seem to win on both imagery and copy.…… [Read More]

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Random Acts of Kindness Before

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The first person that I helped was one of my good friends. She was scheduled to take a test in one of her classes when she got a call from her daughter's school that her daughter was sick and needed to go home. I was with her and offered to go pick up her daughter and watch her until she could finish her testing. I did not really feel rewarded by the behavior. I had plans for the afternoon, which I had to rearrange in order to babysit. While I did not resent babysitting, I felt as if I was obligated to watch her child. The reality is that I would be a horrible best friend if I had an afternoon free and did not watch my friend's child under those circumstances. Therefore, I do not even know that I would qualify this helping as a random act of kindness.…… [Read More]


Kassin, S., Fein, S., & Markus, H.R. (2010). Social psychology. Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.
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Soft Drink Industry

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Sumol & Compal

A Detailed Analysis of Strategic Management Opportunities

Company Overview

Value Creation Model

Research and Development


Marketing and Sales


Resource-Based View of the Firm

Firm Specific Advantage

Company Overview

The begginnings of the Grupo Sumol date back to 1945 when the company was founded to produce soft drinks (sumol + compal, N.d.). The sumol + compal company later merged and have crafted a unique niche geographically as well as with their product mix. The company owns many domestic brands of soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juices, and alcoholic beverages as well as act as a distributor for strategic partnerships in the Portuguese market. The company is managed by an experienced management team that has expanded customer loyalty in the domestic market (sumol + compal, N.d.). Despite having an innovative product mix, the industry is competitive and there can be many distribution challenges. Furthermore, the target market…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Poor Children Is to Fund

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44943987

To the extent the program provides a means of access to mainstream financial services (as intended), it is likely to be extremely beneficial. The article does not provide sufficient information for readers to form an opinion as to whether the more detailed elements described are necessarily the best way to implement the program. One alternative mentioned by the author is to establish the accounts later rather than necessarily at birth. Likewise, there is insufficient information to allow an appraisal of other elements of practicality such as the exact amount of each account. In general, however, any means of assisting children born into poverty by increasing their access to mainstream financial services would seem to be a beneficial and worthwhile goal.

Personal Fiscal Practices and Management after Completing BUS 1000

My personal fiscal practices and management have changed recently, partly because of the current economic recession and even more so since…… [Read More]


The Economist "A FAB Idea: Should Every Child Receive a Bank Account at Birth?"

(March 4, 2010).
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Coca Cola Company Overview Coca-Cola

Words: 2273 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 3801715

Typically, buyers have the ability to switch their tastes from one soft drink brand to the other.

Barrier to Entry: It is very difficult to enter the industry due to several factors:

First, a new firm will need to implement economic of scale to enjoy cost reduction and compete favourably within the industry. To establish economic of scale, a new firm will require huge capital investment ranging from several millions of dollar. Huge capital needed to enter the industry serves as a barrier for a new firm. More importantly, a new firm will need to overcome the tremendous marketing muscle to establish market presence within the industry, and entering into the industry requires substantial capital. Moreover, government regulation is another factor making entry into the industry very difficult. egulations such as Soft Drink Inter-brand Competition Act are making the new entry nearly impossible in the U.S. market.

Assessment of the…… [Read More]


Annual Report, (2010). Coca Cola Company. USA.

Frost and Sullivan Research (2011).Financial Assessment of Non-alcoholic Beverages Market. Frost and Sullivan Research Service.USA.

IMAP (2011). Food and Beverage Industry Global Report -2010. A IMAP Consumer Staple Report.

Lagos, T. & Smith, V. (2001). Analysis of the Coca-Cola Company. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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Business Overview of Coke and

Words: 1117 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95852182

As obesity became a hot top, outcry from parents, educators and government institutions began to criticize these arrangements. Coca-Cola has also been rebuked for its Harry Potter promotional advertising campaign, the costliest movie tie-in ever, that promotes children's literacy while simultaneously pushing Coke sales (aue, 2002).

In 2003, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said soft drinks sold by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo in India contained high levels of pesticides such as DDT and malathion (Coke, Pepsi India deny pesticides in soft drinks).

The independent environmental group said it had found no pesticides in tests of Coke and Pepsi soft drink brands sold in the United States and attributed India's high pesticide residues to the soft drink and bottled water industry's use of an enormous amount of ground water as the basic raw material. For their part, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo denied the reports and resisted efforts government efforts to display…… [Read More]


Baue, W. (2002, January 3). Harry Potter hawks Coke, inciting ire amongst fans and consumer advocates alike. Institutional Shareowner. Retrieved January 26, 2005 from Web site:

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Coca-Cola Enterprises' profit falls, (2004, October 28). Associated Press. Retrieved January 25, 2005 from Web site: 

Coke announces plan to alter school vending program in bid to curb the commercialization of schools (2001, March 19). Ethics Newline. Retrieved January 24, 2004 from Web site:
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Simulation Featured a Number of Different Economic

Words: 833 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46009543

simulation featured a number of different economic concepts. The first is the issue of the supply curve. Shifts in the supply curves occur as the result of changes in price, or also in changes in demand. When the price of a good in the market changes, firms are likely to increase production. When the price of a good in the market decreases, some firm are likely to reduce or eliminate production. Also, technological improvements can serve to increase supply by making firms in the industry more efficient.

There are also shifts in the demand curve. Such shifts occur when there is a change in the price or a change in the supply. There can also be external shocks such as recession that affect the amount of demand in the economy. When the price of a good drops, this typically will cause demand to increase. When the price of a good…… [Read More]

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Application of Predictive Analytics

Words: 3019 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5565788

Predictive analytics is a statistical technique used to analyze current and historical data in order to make a reasonable prediction about future. In a business environment, organizations employ predictive analytics model to identify market trends, opportunities and risks. Using the predictive analytics, organizations are able to assess potential risks and opportunities to achieve competitive market advantages. In other word, predictive analytics is part of data mining focusing on extracting information from historical data and used the data to predict behavioral patterns and trends. Typically, predictive analytics can be applied to any type of unknown events in order to predict the presents and future events. Banks are the early adopters of predictive analytics model. For example, banks use the data collected from credit scores to determine the likelihood of an individual to qualify for a bank loan. The technique has assisted banks to minimize the risks by detecting applicants likely to…… [Read More]


Budale, D. & Mane, D. (2013). Predictive Analytics in Retail Banking. International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), 2 (5): 508-509.

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NYPD CompStat Unit (2014). CompStat. Police Department City of New York. 21(22).
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POS There Are a Number of Ways

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There are a number of ways that Alliance can benefit from the data it is gathering. The fact that is still orders periodically according to normal patterns is a complete waste of this wonderful data that they are gathering. First, their normal case scenario should not be the end point of how they order but the beginning. The median order quantity for a given period will clearly have some variability, which implies that Alliance can calculate a standard deviation of this data. The standard deviation information will be the basis for ordering going forward.

The demand differs according to a number of factors. The more of these factors that Alliance can identify for a given product, the better it will be able to manage its order quantities. For example, it knows that demand for some products is seasonal, and for others weather-related. This means that given a forecast Alliance…… [Read More]


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Coca-Cola Enterprises Strategic Alliances Industry Overview the

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Coca-Cola Enterprises Strategic Alliances

Industry Overview

The carbonated beverage industry is one of the oldest and more complicated industries in existence. This industry is heavily dependent on its customer loyalty that it has developed historically and its reliance on marketing and innovation to grow new revenue streams. There are a growing number of potential threats that are present in the carbonated beverage industry. One trend that is emerging in many of the markets in the developed countries is that the consumers are becoming more health conscious. As a result the demand for drinks containing high fructose corn syrup is diminishing relatively rapidly in some segments. Coca-Cola has had to innovate to diversify their product mix to offer products that appeal to these demographics.

Another threat is that younger generations are seeking new types of drinks and new product brands. For example, the energy drink industry has grown rapidly. "Globally, the…… [Read More]

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Migraine Management Migraine Also Known as Hemi

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Migraine Management

Migraine, also known as hemi crania and megrim, is a severe and recurring headache. Commonly known as sick headache, it often affects only one side of the head, and is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, and sensitivity to motion, light sound and odors.

'The, International Headache Society (HIS) has created a checklist by which migraine can be diagnosed. This is a simplified, standardized and globally accepted diagnostic test for migraine. The following criteria define common migraine, which is the migraine without aura:

A patient should have had at least five of these headaches.

The headache lasts from 4 to 72 hours.

The headache must have at least two of the following:

a. One sided location.

Pulsing or throbbing quality.

c. Moderate or severe intensity, making daily activities difficult or impossible to perform

d. Headache is worsened by routine physical activity. Such a bending over or climbing…… [Read More]


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