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Business Continuity Essays (Examples)

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Business Management -- Inventory Control
Words: 481 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 89717271
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The cheese plant is dedicated to agricultural product production processes utilizing mostly raw materials produced on its own farms. Generally, the individual farms each maintain several hundred heads of cattle capable of producing sufficient raw materials (such as fresh milk) to sustain McCadum Cheese Plant operations.

Apparent McCadum Cheese Plant Inventory Needs:

In general, production that is dependent on the availability of raw materials from its farm network. It would not be practical or efficient to ensure business continuity primarily through large inventory because of the perishable nature of the product and of its component ingredients. The sheer volumes at issue would also be a prohibitive concern even apart from perishability issue; for example, the plant uses 35,000 pounds of fresh milk in each production run.

Apparent McCadum Cheese Plant Inventory Status:

The McCadum Cheese Plant business ensures business continuity by using a well-coordinated but geographically decentralized supply for its…

Business Workplace Continuity and Contingency
Words: 3113 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 32870015
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Threats due to weather include floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards. Planning for weather events should be very realistic in nature. Major weather events usually occur in 25, 50 and 100-year cycles. Disease outbreaks are also a big threat. A potential flu pandemic could be detrimental to many businesses. For example, the bird flu pandemic scenarios that are floating around are being modeled on the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. That global outbreak killed 500,000 people in the United States and more than 20 million people worldwide. Since that time there have been two other smaller scale flu pandemics, each that killed hundreds of thousands of people. The flu is just one disease that can cause a business disaster situation around the world (Business Continuity during a Disaster, 2008).

ecent years have also shown that terrorism threats are a real possibility that needs to be considered. Terrorism is a great…


Aceh Post-Tsunami Reconstruction: Lessons Learned Two Years on. (2006). Retrieved

September 22, 2009, from the World Bank Web site:,,contentMDK:21164835~pag ePK:64257043~piPK:437376~theSitePK:4607,00.html

Amato-McCoy, Deena M. (2006). Planning for Continuity. Retrieved September 23, 2009, from Bank Systems and Technology Web site:

Business Ethics in volkswagen Emissions Scandal
Words: 2029 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17888971
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Crisis Management in VW’s ‘Dieselgate’ Scandal
Trust is the most important factor in the success of any organization. This trust extends to all levels of stakeholders. If customers feel that they cannot trust the company for any reason, they will not purchase their products. Stakeholders have to trust that the organization will make sound business decisions to keep profits high and manage value. This is becoming even more prominent in the global economy when people of different cultures must interact with each other. The most important factor is that customers and other shareholders have to be able to believe the company when they are told that something is true. This analysis explores the VW ‘dieselgate’ incident involving Volkswagen AG a.k.a. Volkswagen Group, commonly referred to as VW.
Background of the Case
Consumers on a global basis are becoming more environmentally conscious and sensitive to the emissions of their vehicle. Features…

Business Impact Analysis
Words: 423 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27616311
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Business Function and Criticality Matrix Worksheet

Organization: Homeland Security

Business Function

Business Process









Critical Equipment Needs



Critical Staffing and Assignments



Interdepartmental Liaison



High Level (Pentagon, CIA, FBI, President)



Discretionary Funding



External Media Liaison



Supplies needed for Critical Operations



2nd Tier


Human Resources




External non-critical communications (Web site, etc.)



Accounts Payable



All other supply requests



Regulatory Issues



Non-Critical Equipment



1. Unlike a manufacturing or service company, many of the regular business processes can be put off a few days in the event of a critical issue.

2. Critical issues for Homeland Security are those that will likely affect most of the country (Natural or man-made disasters, attacks, etc.).

3. Critical issues focus on allowing the…

Business Scenario Type the Document
Words: 17664 Length: 45 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 991985
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This means that you must continually monitor and communicate about possible changes, pertaining to the overall scope of the threat. Once this occurs, is when an entity will have an effective security procedure that will adapt to the various changes that are taking place.

This is significant, because this information can be used to corroborate the overall nature of security threats that could be faced by the SME. Where, this information is useful in helping to identify and address possible operational considerations that must be taken into account. As a result, this will help to provide not only a glimpse of possible security challenges that will be faced, but it will also help to establish an effective IT security protocol.

When you compare this with the previous source, this information can be used to highlight specific security threats that the company we are examining could face. Where, it discusses the…


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Business Law Contract Analysis U-Haul
Words: 4590 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46964143
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Independent dealers must sign a contract that sets forth the manner in which they will operate their rental centers. Often a small business owner will supplement their income be adding U-Hauls to their market mix. Independent contractors earn a commission on their sales.

Each division of AMERCO has it own president. All of them must report to a Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Board and overall President is Edward Shoen, descendent of the original founders of the company. Many members of the Shoen family still control much of the company (Google Finance). Little information is available about the company, aside from their financial statements. Although they have a Board of Directors, the company continues to operate as a family-style operation, with the family members occupying many positions in upper management. The company structure is simple and little is available beyond basic information.

Purchasing Contract Analysis and the UCC…

Works Cited

Ceh v. UHaul International, Inc., 11th district court of appeals, No. 04-10031.

A Accessed January 22.

Company News; U-Haul's Parent Seeks Bankruptcy Protection." June 21, 2003. New

York Times. . Accessed January 23, 2007.

Business Law Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals
Words: 2742 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 20041024
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The grand jury returned a 112-count indictment against Steve Warshak, company president; his mother, Harriet Warshak; general counsel Paul Kellogg; and former employees Charles Clarke Jr., Steven Pugh and Amar Chavan. A company called TCI Media, which was allegedly used to launder money, was also part of the indictment. The charges include 77 counts of money laundering, 12 counts of mail fraud and four counts of bank fraud (Berkeley president, others indicted for fraud, 2006).

After the Grand Jury indictments were handed down The U.S. Attorney's Office in Cincinnati filed a new complaint against Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals that included the freezing of various assets worth almost $2 million. The complaint alleged that Berkeley owner Steven Warshak and others participated in a complex, large scale mail and wire fraud operation. This amounted to another felony charge being added to the long list that had already been handed down. The frozen assets…


1. Berkeley Nutraceuticals files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. (2008). Retrieved June 10, 2009, from Business Courier Web site: 

2. Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, Inc. (2009). Retrieved June 10, 2009, from Business Courier

Web site:

Business Plan for a Sleep
Words: 8375 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 84888867
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Offered under the same roof are "consultative, diagnostic, and treatment services" which are stated to be provided "by board-certified practitioners in the fields of pulmonary medicine, otolarngology, family medicine and more." (2006)

Smith reports that the laboratories experiencing the most dramatic growth are two which are located the "farthest from the Hillsboro flagship" as they are located in two areas that were "formerly underserved." (2006) Smith additionally reports that the demand is stronger in the areas where the two fastest growing centers are located which supplies "plenty of fuel for expansion."

Smith states that the Sleep Health & Wellness NW is attempting to "fill a gap so that patients who previously were overlooked or not being reached or who fell through the cracks no longer are," she says. "We have no plans to open centers in areas where there are already quality sleep services programs. We only want to go…


Inspiration! Sleep Study Results & Analysis (2006) Q&a with Ron Richard, senior vice president of strategic marketing initiatives at ResMed HME Business April 2006. Online at 

Johnson, Duane, PhD (2008) Are you Really Managing Your Sleep Lab? The Business of Sleep. Focus Journal May/June 2008. Online at 

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MacFarlene, James (2009) the Painful Pursuit of Sleep. Sleep Review Journal Jan/Feb 2009. Online available at

Business Impact Analysis
Words: 762 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45940302
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Business Impact Analysis

The heart of any major business, beyond its human capital, is usually its technological resources and status. A business that relies on internet access and an arsenal of computer hardware and software must collect and harness the necessary knowledge, people and tools to manage this technology in an efficient yet effective way. Doing otherwise can expose trade secrets and customer data. Loss of productivity can also be exceedingly damaging.

Mission Critical Functions

As it relates to technology, there are three major functions that are mission critical. The first, and most important, is the network itself. If the network goes down, any networking and Internet functions will grind to a halt. Having such a happenstance drag on for a considerable amount of time can cause massive amounts of damage in terms of client deliverables not being provided and necessary administration work not getting done. It is true that…


Give IT employees what they need to thrive, research finds. (2009, August 03). Newswise.

Retrieved from 

Schmidt, M.S. (2012, March 13). New interest in hacking as threat to security. New York Times.

Retrieved from

Business - Consumer Behavior Customer
Words: 3309 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81254975
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The consequences of even a few dissatisfied customers can be enormous: "Dissatisfied customers turn to competitors; loyal customers spend more, refer new clients, and are less costly to do business with" (Arendt & Harris, 1998, p. 27). The authors point out that because it costs about five times more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one, and since dissatisfied customers tell at least twice as many friends about bad experiences than they tell about good ones, it is clearly to the small business owner or manager's advantage to seek high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

According to Gebhardt and Townsend (1990), although the notion that little things can add up to have an enormous positive effect has gained wide acceptance, many companies continue to remain sluggish in their response to the reality that little things can also have an immensely negative impact on a company's…


Arendt, L.A. & Harris, J.H. (1998). Stress Reduction and the Small Business: Increasing Employee and Customer Satisfaction. SAM Advanced Management Journal, 63(1), 27.

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Bia Stakeholder Analysis Business Impact Assessment and
Words: 1292 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68139695
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Stakeholder Analysis

Business Impact Assessment and disaster management

A business impact assessment (BIA) is designed to evaluate the impact of a disaster upon the functioning of the organization and ideally, determine ways for the organization to remain operational, even during the stressors of a full-blown attack on its informational systems or a widespread catastrophe like a national disaster. "BIA report quantifies the importance of business components and suggests appropriate fund allocation for measures to protect them. The possibilities of failures are likely to be assessed in terms of their impacts on safety, finances, marketing, legal compliance, and quality assurance. Where possible, impact is expressed monetarily for purposes of comparison. For example, a business may spend three times as much on marketing in the wake of a disaster to rebuild customer confidence" than it did before the catastrophe (BIA, 2013, Search Storage). Another definition of a BIA is "to identify…


Business Impact Analysis (BIA). (2013). FEMA. Retrieved: 

Business Impact Analysis (BIA). (2013). Search Storage. Retrieved:

Risk Criteria ID No Chosen Business City
Words: 4155 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66959596
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Risk Citeia


Chosen Business: City estauant

Befoe discussing what the coe activities the company undetakes to achieve its opeational objectives, it is vital to highlight these opeational objectives. The following section gives a bief oveview of these objectives:


The stategic objective of Taste Inn is to become the most liked band among its customes, a financially and opeationally stong company in the eyes of its investos, and a competitive paticipant in the food and hospitality industy of Austalia. The majo opeational objectives of the company include:

A stong custome base:

The most impotant opeational objective of the company is to stengthen its custome base by attacting moe and moe customes towads its poduct offeings. It aims to build a stong public image in the eyes of its customes and the society in which it opeates.

Become a financially and opeationally stong copoation:

The second most impotant…


Introduce products with innovative taste and new ingredients, use extensive marketing campaigns

Introduce products with innovative taste and new ingredients,


Manager Marketing

Effects of Globalization on Small Entrepreneurial Business in UK
Words: 828 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Methodology Chapter Paper #: 31795454
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Globalization on Small Entrepreneurial Businesses in the UK

Ten Positive Effects of Globalization on U.K. Businesses

Globalization has had both positive and negative effects on United Kingdom businesses. The positive effects of globalization have been found in the research in this present study to include the following positive effects of Globalization on UK businesses:

(1) Globalization broadens the access of goods and services enabling consumers and companies the ability to acquire a wider range of goods and services;

(2) Better access to external finance and enhancement of worldwide financial markets;

(3) Increase in international travel and tourism creating more opportunities for entrepreneurial businesses.

(4) Higher trade exposure and FDI inflows result in creation of new business opportunities and increasing entrepreneurial activity. (Colantone and Sleuwaegen, 2007)

(5) Intensified import competition and access to cheaper intermediate goods and wider final product markets due to more openness in trade.

(6) Immigration associated with…


Colantone, I. And Sleuwaegen, L. (2007) Globalization and Entrepreneurship. Research Report, December 2007. Flanders DS.

McCubbrey, D.J. 9nd) International business for the entrepreneur: Globalization: opportunities and threats to developing country business. Global Text Project.

Importance of Multilateral Continuity Planning
Words: 663 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21290926
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Importance of Multilateral Continuity Planning

Safety- Importance of Multilateral Continuity Planning

Many business entities are joining the corporate world for immense investments. These pertains business operations that are effectively run through hierarchical systems in various managerial departments for the achievement of optimized business operations. This, therefore, calls for the best managerial methodologies in the business, human resource and disaster management. The later is the most essential in managing a business as it sometimes replicates unexpected situations that implicate diversely to the organization's stakeholders, the community as well as other business partners. In my organization, the notion of having unexpected outcomes, has been curbed by initiating proper disaster management methods use of multilateral continuity planning models.

It is important for business-oriented firms to strategize continuity planning methods, though, it is usually perceived as a counter-productive process (Hiles 2011). The practice not only oversees organizational, structural continuity, but also on the…


EM-DAT. (2009). Draft Study on Corporate Involvement in Disaster Management. The International Disaster Database. 1-19.

Hiles, A. (2011). The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.

Operational Management Today's Business Environment
Words: 1944 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 31291635
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Then, another, and probably the most obvious, application of operations management is that of achieving cost reductions. ichard Stylves offers the most conclusive example of Henry Ford, who sought to integrate assembly lines using the most cost effective commodities, including labor force. The aim of operations management is then that of reducing expenditure and increasing operational efficiency. Its applications are present at all organizational levels, from resource allocation to product distribution. has successfully integrated these principles by establishing its warehouses in adequately chosen locations which allow it to efficiently and automatically distribute its products to worldwide consumers.

Carter McNamara agrees with most of the previous findings, but his article is more of a generalist one, in which the author simply states that operations management has applications in "purchasing, control and coordinating function of management, product and service management, quality management, inventory management, logistics and transportation management, facilities management, configuration…


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Analyzing Continuity of Operations
Words: 1534 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37138326
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Outline the major risks associated with maintaining continuity of operations in the event of an environmental catastrophe.

The Chief Operating Officer

erwick Hospital System

Risks Linked to Environmental Disaster

The erwick Hospital System identified some susceptibilities common to hospitals in Louisiana that experienced the Rita and Katrina calamities. For minimizing the harm, we may suffer in case an environmental disaster strikes, I have encapsulated within this memo a few potential risks linked to environmental calamities, and an operations continuity plan for coping with such a situation.

The erwick Hospital System represents a healthcare facility/hospital situated in Illinois State's downtown Chicago area. The main division of the organization comprises of medical labs, 5 operation theatres, and 673 hospital beds. The campus also holds seven smaller satellite structures, which include the nursing home, outpatient doctors' offices for outpatient access/visits and hospice.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) defines an emergency as any…


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Planning. Retrieved April 12, 2016, from Pearson: 

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The Best Way to Evolve a Business
Words: 1311 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 50881933
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Transformational Leadership

The data set in the scholarly sphere that pertains to transformation leadership and what goes into the practice thereof is quite voluminous and massive. As such, pinning down one theorist or idea is not the easiest thing to do when trying to select something to focus on for a report like this. However, the author of this report chose the work that is cited in this report because making the changes needed for a firm are important but maintaining business operations and continuity as the changes are made is even more important. Indeed, making needed changes will pale in comparison to if those changes wreak havoc and cause a slow-down (or dead-stop) with the operations and efficacy of a firm. While improving and evolving a business and its processes is important, it is even more important to maintain business continuity and cohesion at all times regardless of what…


Kaplan, R. (2006). How to implement a new strategy without disrupting your organization. Strategic Direction, 22(8). doi:10.1108/sd.2006.05622had.002

Businesses and Information Technology
Words: 12773 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97000525
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Strategic Planning in IT

IT Impact on Service Industry Performance

Cooperative Competitive

Competitive Advantage

Implementation of IT Innovations





This paper addresses the following problem statement: "ithout information technology (IT), a business will not be able to compete globally in any industry, nor in any market it wants to enter. It will not be able to effectively and efficiently optimize its success."

In order to evaluate this statement, a number of issues were examined. The rapid pace of technological change and the effects of technology revolution have launched the world into an era of organizations that are experiencing extraordinary growth in both the development and the dissemination of information and communications technologies. This paper reviews the current literature on the subject of the integration…

Works Cited

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Business Analysis of Singapore
Words: 4853 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73924066
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Global usiness Cultural Analysis: Singapore

The objective of this study is to answer the questions how the major elements and dimension of culture including religion, ethics, values, attitudes, manners, customs, social structures, and organizations integrated in Singapore by local conducting business. As well, this work will answer how these elements and dimensions compare with United States culture and business. Finally, this work will examine the implications for United States businesses that wish to conduct business in Singapore.

The work of Abeysinghe and Choy (2009) reports that the economy in Singapore has been undergone a transformation that has turned it into "…an Asian powerhouse…" due to the "far-sighted economic policies. The economy of Singapore is proof of the outcome of a market-driven economy taking place during fast development of high per capita income, and an environment free of corruption in which the workforce is both motivated and educated. The financial infrastructure…


Abeysinghe, T. And Choy, Meng Choy (2009) The Singapore Economy: An Econometric Perspective. New York: Routledge, 2009.

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Business Documentation and Planning
Words: 625 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93779165
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SDLC Documentation

There are several important types of documentation that should be created and updated as part of a fluid and proper systems development life cycle. The types are all quite different and they are also quite individually important. This report will go into the different types that should exist, what each type covers, why they are each important and the overall update and creation process that should be followed. While some may view documentation as bureaucratic and unnecessary, it is vital that it present and update as having data that is out of date or only in the heads of people that can leave at any time is a disaster waiting to happen if someone not informed on the cycle is put in a position to make important adjustments or decisions.


The first types of documentation would be the bill of materials and the build plan. The bill…



Retrieved July 19, 2014, from 

USDA. (2014, July 19). SDLC - SDLC Home. SDLC - SDLC Home. Retrieved July 19,

2014, from

Critique of a Student Business Plan
Words: 1542 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 931337
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Student Business Plan -- MKG Lawn Care

Strengths of the MKG Lawn Care Business Plan:

MKG provides various kinds of lawn care services to every type of household individuals. Having a large number of potential customers is a big strength of MKG Lawn Care. A customer is believed to be the sole source of earning for any kind of business. A large target market for MKG Lawn Care means a greater potential for its business expansion.


The second core strength of MKG Lawn Care is its supreme quality services. MKG Lawn Care believes on the significance of Total Quality Management for a business organization. Supreme quality of services is a big strength because it is the first preference of quality conscious consumers.

In its business plan, MKG Lawn Care wants to provide its customers the "Value" for their money. The quality in this service organization can be measured in…

Forming a Partnership Role of Agency Business
Words: 1939 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54827784
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Forming a Partnership

ole of Agency Business Association

Agency refers to the capacity or ability of the agent to act on behalf of a business association or partnership. Agencies perform or execute numerous roles in relation to authority from the business association. The first notable role of the agency is ensuring effective and efficient contractual situations concerning the business association. Agency ensures that the contracts of the business associations are in line with the laws governing business organizations. Agency also promotes the interests of the business associations by marketing products and services of the entity. This indicates that agencies perform the role of marketing or promoting business activities thus conducting transactions on behalf of the business entity. Agency also identifies the problems facing the entity and act towards executing the solution (Mann & oberts, 2008).

The role of agency in business association focuses on contractual, noncontractual, and quasi-contractual with respect…


Cartano, David J. (2008). Federal and State Taxation of Limited Liability Companies 2009. Cch


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South-Western Cenage Learning.

Risk Management in Family Owned Businesses
Words: 4161 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78895817
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isk Management in Family Owned Businesses

A family business can be simply described as "any business in which a majority of the ownership or control lies within a family, and in which two or more family members are directly involved" (Bowman-Upton, 1991). In other words, it is a multifaceted, twofold structure consisting of the family and the business meaning that the involved members are both the part of a job system and of a family system (Bowman-Upton, 1991).

Most families seek stability, intimacy, a sense of community, and belonging through the family business (Hess, 2006). On the other hand, whenever family and business are mentioned together, a majority of people think of continuous conflict, competition and contention (Crenshaw, 2005). However, "successful family businesses do not let the family destroy the business or the business destroy the family" (Hess, 2006).

The family-owned businesses are the backbone of the world financial system.…


Barrese, J., & Scordis, N. (2003). Corporate Risk Management. Review of Business, 24 (3), Retrieved August 17, 2012 from 

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Proper Business Strategy
Words: 1410 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77204917
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Financial Perspective

The material in this module tells us that many companies place disproportionate emphasis on the financial perspective at the expense of the other three perspectives. Give an example of an organization with which you are familiar from either previous coursework, the news, or personal experience where this has been the case. What were the results of this focus on the financial perspective on customers and other stakeholders? Be as specific as you can and give concrete examples.

An over-emphasis on financial metrics is indeed a bad idea because it can lead to ignorance or ambivalence towards other parts of the business equation that should absolutely be taken seriously and actually end up affecting the financial bottom line even if the connection is not obvious. Customers that feel the dollars and cents are focused on too much would go to firms that focus more on customer service and contributions…


Dell. (2014, July 20). Dell Official Site - The Power To Do More | Dell. Dell Official Site

The Power To Do More | Dell. Retrieved July 20, 2014, from 

TechTarget. (2014, July 20). B2B (business-to-business). What is?. Retrieved July 20,

2014, from

Government in Continuity Planning
Words: 612 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 71981214
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Government in Continuity Planning

Since the 1950s, continuity planning has been a major part of U.S. government policy. This is because there were concerns that some kind of nuclear attack or natural disaster could have an adverse impact on entire regions of the country. When this happens the odds increase that there could be various forms of lawlessness in these areas. To mitigate these kinds of situations, continuity planning was created to ensure that vital resources and personnel are dispatched to these kinds of areas. (Daleo, 2009, pp. 919 -- 925) ("Continuity Guidance Circular," 2009)

After September 11th, is when these ideas were once again revisited. In this case, National Security Presidential Directive-51 (NSPD-51) and Homeland Security Presidential Directive-20 (HSPD-20) were enacted to provide a strategy for dealing with disasters. Taking the lead in this area is the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). They have created the Continuity Guidance Circular.…


Continuity Guidance Circular. (2009), FEMA. Retrieved from: 

Daleo, E. (2009). State Constitutions and Legislative Continuity. DePaul Law Review 58, 919 -- 925.

Skills for Business Leadership Executive
Words: 3879 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 56409084
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" Nevertheless, the research to date indicates that participative management techniques can provide a major return on the investment. According to Angermeier, Dunford and Boss (2009, p. 127), "Employee perceptions of the extent to which their work climate is participative rather than authoritarian have important implications for critical work attitudes and behavior."

The research to date has confirmed that employees in highly participative work environments outperformed their counterparts in nonparticipative management organizations (Angermeier et al. 2009). For example, a study by Angermeier and his associates found that employees working in participative management settings provided 14% better customer service, committed 26% fewer clinical errors, demonstrated 79% lower burnout, and were 61% less likely to leave the organization than employees in more authoritarian work environment. According to Angermeier et al. (2009, p. 128), "These findings suggest that participative management initiatives have a significant impact on the commitment and productivity of individual employees."…


Angermeier, I, Dunford, BB & Boss, AD 2009, March-April, 'The Impact of Participative

Management Perceptions on Customer Service, Medical Errors, Burnout, and Turnover

Intentions,' Journal of Healthcare Management, vol. 54, no. 2, pp. 127-134.

Biech, E 2001, the Pfeiffer Book of Successful Team-Building Tools: Best of the Annuals. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.

Ineffectiveness of Leadership During Business
Words: 1442 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61652776
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Under such high-pressure conditions, anticipated merger synergies are difficult to achieve in the short-term. And reconfiguring the entire it infrastructure to effectively and efficiently support new business strategies does not get any easier (alter 134).

The misalignment of business strategy and it strategy has been recognized as a major hindrance to the successful exploitation of competitive advantage in the financial services sector. (atkins, 1992). Pressure on management to focus on both sides of the cost-income equation has become a priority item on the agenda for most CEOs and CIOs. Some observers have argued that business strategy has both an external view that determines the firm's position in the market and an internal view that determines how processes, people, and structures will perform. In this conceptualization, it strategy should have the same external and internal components, although it has traditionally focused only on the internal it infrastructure -- the processes, the…

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Jack Daniel's International Strategy Business
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By implementing almost the same strategy for half a century the brand is emphasizing continuity.

Another trait that the marketing campaign around Jack Daniel's is trying to emphasize consists in returning to the roots, relating to the beginning of the brand. This also shows strength and trust in the brand.

The company's marketing department understands that if anything were to change regarding the Jack Daniel's brand, it would mean that the company itself does not trust the product has the capability to handle the changes in the alcoholic beverages worldwide market.

ven so, this strategy is understood in different manners by consumers belonging to different countries, and therefore, to different cultures. In Britain, customers appreciate the small-town story, less touched by industrialization and globalization. In China and India, however, younger customers do not appreciate these images because they do not represent an evolution for them.

ven so, the marketing strategy…

Even so, the marketing strategy in these countries has not been modified, given the fact that the company believes the customers will relate more to the idea behind the strategy. The figures, the profits, and the volumes of sales are a proof of the fact that such a strategy based on continuity, simplicity, and tradition is successful in most countries. It is likely that the company will continue to market Jack Daniel's under the same strategy in the future. The forecasted volume of sales is expected to increase in some of the countries addressed by Jack Daniel's, which means that the company can continue following the same marketing direction.

Reference list:

1. Robinson, J. (2007). Jack Daniel's International Appeal. BusinessWeek. Retrieved May 30, 2009.

Nursing Healthcare Business
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We can compare the healthcare workplace to what is seen by a person when he/she looks through a kaleidoscope: since there are numerous different patterns that appear as the moments pass by. The shortage of nurses which has been publicized widely and the high turnover rates amongst the nurses are some of the unwanted patterns which have occurred. The dependence of healthcare institutions on the nurse-managers for the retention and recruitment of nurses is steadily increasing (Contino, 2004).

There are a number of routes through which the critical care nurses have become the leaders. Most of these routes don't have any educational or managerial training as a part of the process. There is a need for effective strategies for the care leaders who provide critical care in order to inspire the staff and manage the departmental operations in an effective manner to get positive results. One of the strategies…


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International Business Which Were the
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The Advantages, Disadvantages and disappointments

The advantages of ubbermaid being ISO certified are quiet many, as per the global market trend, customers demand quality products and to keep up with the stiff competition it makes ubbermaid products marketable and competitive beyond the borders and be generally acceptable in any market as the consumers are assured of quality which translates into having a bigger market margin against competitors who are not ISO certified.

The system assures the company of consistency in its day-to-day operations hence less time is spent in correcting defects which can be massive and costly when not detected in good time it is therefore accost cutting tool in the long run.

The certification brings superiority even in the markets where it is not emphasized and in itself is a marketing tool for the company and can help in market penetration and an easy tool for gaining access and…


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Experimental Research Methods in Business Experimental Research
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Experimental esearch Methods in Business

Experimental esearch Methods

The author provides a survey of the literature illustrating applied experimental research methods in cross-sections of business and organization types. The advantages and disadvantages of the experimental research methods are discussed for each of the examples provided which run the gamut from depression-era agricultural economics to research conducted for the National Science Institute. While the article focuses on business research methods, the range of examples from multiple disciplines serves to demonstrate the adaptability of various methods to distinct contexts, the importance of thoughtfully developed research questions, and perceptions in the field regarding scientific rigor. The article is intended to guide students in their exploration of the breadth and depth of experimental research methods and to convey a sense of the challenges of applied scientific inquiry.


The study of business topics has not always been inherently scientific. Certainly the work of Max…


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NGO Boards Financial continuity Strategies
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Financial continuity Strategies for NGO Boards
Non-governmental organizations are often caught up in financial woes that make it difficult for their operation despite having a strong mission program. Discussed are professional financial continuity strategies for NGO boards to control the financial performance of their organizations in a timely manner. Firstly, ensuring an effective operation of the board. Their functions are executed through complementary and supervisory operations, and legal obligations on their performance in the organizations structure (Finkler et al., 2016). The board’s primary role is to represent the interests of the stakeholders and those of the organization. Their functions include administration of the organization, financial oversight, and making decisions on policy.
Their governance responsibilities includes approval of annual budgets, preparation of business plans, policy formulation and implementation, strategic planning, and other administrative controls. Internal controls should be exercised not give room for fraudulent activities. Boards should ensure the organization abides…

How to Prepare and Test a Continuity of Operations Plan
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Contingency Planning

Information Security contingency plans are very important for firms operating in today's world, where cyber security is a top issue a result of business's technological and digital dependence. This paper will discuss the planning steps, possible recovery options, and recommended testing requirements needed to support a successful business contingency/continuity of operations environment. Included will be recommendations for a proposed 24-month cycle business contingency testing plan, what should be tested and how the test should be conducted. Critical corporate assets will be ranked with the type of testing (i.e. plan reviews, tabletop exercises and backup recovery tests). Costs associated with the recommended testing process will also be taken into consideration, including personnel, equipment and production costs.

Planning Steps

Step 1 is to examine the organization of the IS department. An IS department should be organized in order to guard against an attack, blackout or any other natural or man-made…


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Differences in Business Culture
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Team Building

The author of this brief response has been asked to offer some words about team building. Specifically, there will be some discussion about what happens with violated expectations on a cross-cultural team due to the existence of different cultural rules and norms. While a "violation" may be a big deal to some people in some cultures and less of an issue in other cultures, these violated expectations must be dealt with so as to retain and preserve the continuity and performance of the team. Along the way, the author of this report will offer some detailed examples of what can lead to these violated expectations where not everyone involved feels that a rule was broken. While expectations and norms may vary from culture to culture, there needs to be a single and unified protocol that everyone in the team should follow irrespective of the contrary norms that may…


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Nancy Is a Junior Majoring in Business
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Nancy is a junior majoring in business. During spring semester of her sophomore year, she began attending meetings of the local gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender student group, primarily because she was feeling lonely and wanted talk further about her sexual feelings. ince high school, she had been quite certain that she was a lesbian, but had been reluctant to come out or to talk with anyone else about it. he had dated boys in high school, thinking that maybe she would become more interested, but she did not. ince coming to college, she had avoided the social scene for the most part. At one of the meetings in the spring, she met a young woman from the community, and they talked alone a few times. They stayed in touch over the summer, and Nancy looked forward to pursuing the relationship when she returned in the fall. Nancy and Jill…


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Theories about the Construction of Gender Identity

Company Critical Elements
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Company Critical Elements

Business Continuity is a vibrant industry dedicated to identifying, prioritizing and safeguarding critical business functions. From small businesses such as neighborhood bakeries to business titans such as Microsoft, each entity that can name, rate and guarantee the continued functionality of its required systems can survive in crisis. As the following analysis shows, the critical processes of all modern businesses fall into common basic categories that are vital to survival.

The Bakery

A bakery has several critical functions, some common to all businesses and some unique. "Agility Recovery" generally identifies "business critical functions" as those that: "(1) are most sensitive to downtime; (2) fulfill legal or financial obligations to maintain cash flow; (3) play a key role in maintaining your business' market share and reputation; (4) safeguard an irreplaceable asset" (Agility Recovery, 2010, p. 1). Simplifying the process somewhat for small businesses, CSO defines critical areas as those…

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Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
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Threat Identification

The threats

How the threats are detected

Ever since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, businesses have had to critically rethink on the level of adequacy of their disaster recovery arrangements in relation to their business continuity plans as noted by Lam (2002,p.19). The September 11, 2001 tragedy effectively highlighted the importance for organizations to continue with their commercial operations even under the most exceptional of circumstance. My business which has a considerable e-commerce operation is particularly vulnerable to the IT related threats. It is therefore crucial that these threats be identified and eliminated or mitigated before they result to loss of revenue.

In my business, I face several threats. However, the ones that I consider most dominant are technology threats and information threats. These threats can cause a major disruption to the to business continuity planning (BCP) cycle. Technology threats include natural disasters like fire and flooding,…


Lam, W (2002).Ensuring Business Continuity. IT Pro. Available online at Accessed on 3/5/2012

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Leadership at Local Power Company
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Option 2

Cloud storage and other online solutions offer the reassurance of a remote backup strategy that complements your local backup strategy. This is a burgeoning market and backup options and pricing vary. Depending on the storage and user needs, these service cost nearly $120 to $700 per year. Using web-based storage services to back up what you don't feel comfortable storing locally will also help to keep costs lowered.

Providers include Carbonite, Amazon S3, DropBox and Mozy. In addition to basic backup services, many offer various bells and whistles, including the option to access data from mobile devices, backup multiple PCs from one account, and share large files with teams. Another increasingly popular option is to build your own personal cloud with the help of a wireless network and sturdy storage devices currently available in the market.

Option 3

If a server is being used in this business to…

Importance of the Alcan Case
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Alcan's continued revenue growth is the result of the combined success of increasing sales in four main business units, in addition to growth through acquisition. The cumulative effects of these two factors have served to create a profitable business and one where a highly decentralized organizational structure dominates (Chang, Wang, 2011). The catalyst of the organization becoming so decentralized is the continued revenue gains made across four businesses, each competing in market areas that face heavy pricing and commodity-like market conditions. Despite the heavily process-centric based approaches the industry takes to supply chain management, production and distribution, Alcan has been also able to profitably grow sales in the more mature markets they compete in. The senior management and IT departments credit the highly decentralized nature of the enterprise-wide systems that run the company.

During the time period of the case, Alcan generated $23.6B in sales in 2006, and has 68,000…


(Benamati, Lederer, Singh, 1998)

Benamati, J., Lederer, A.L., & Singh, M. (1998). Information technology change: The impact on it management. The Journal of Computer Information Systems, 38(4), 9-13.

(Drill, 2005)

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Emergency Planning Disasters That Can Critically Compromise
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Emergency Planning

Disasters that can critically compromise the accessibility of knowledge include floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, employee sabotage, computer viruses, and theft. The effects of disasters can lengthen even after the restructure of physical damage. Simply, the earlier a business recovers from a disaster; it will experience lesser wide-ranging continuing effects of the disaster. Not only the thrashing of sales during a disaster is destructive for the company, "the loss of customers, vendors, inventory and employee records extend recovery times from weeks and months to years" (Carlson & Parker, 1998). However, if a company has a premeditated disaster recovery plan (DP), it can reduce the nuisance of a disaster, whereas inappropriate preparations can result in a business experiencing liquidation of its bank accounts (Carlson & Parker, 1998).

In the Information Technology industry, Disaster ecovery (D) security issues occur repeatedly. The critical security measures in the environment are frequently covered by…


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Crisis Risk and Security All Play a
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crisis, risk, and security all play a role and are linked within an organizational context. It is also important to examine the role gaming and simulation play within this phenomena. In the past, risk was established as an idea that generated academic interest not just in social sciences but in pure sciences. It also has become subject to overzealous social and political controversy. isk management has then become the main source of debate as well as theory development (Borodzicz, 2005) As risk can appear within anything from public safety, to transportation, and health, businesses must learn an effective way to manage it. Security management however, has less developed theories and debates but still plays a vital role is lessening risk and increase proper risk management. It is then crucial to understand how both play roles in the stability and safety of any organization.

In John Adam's isk at the beginning…


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Assurance According to M Miller
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According to Derek later, a further reason for a basic unwillingness to place a large amount of emphasis upon disaster recovery planning is because disastrous events are regarded as large unlikely. Business owners therefore tend to view such planning as less important than other business functions, such as new product promotion and investment. later however further emphasizes the importance of recognizing that businesses are not only affected by large-scale disasters, but also by smaller-scale problems such as malfunctioning computers or viruses. An adequate business continuity and disaster plan is therefore indeed important in order to ensure that the business can continue functioning regardless of whatever mishaps may occur.

Computer security issues as well as risk analysis and business continuity and disaster planning are integrated business issues in today's workplace environment. Most businesses today function on the basis of computers and programming. These machines and programs form the lifeblood of the…


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