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Business Managing the Small Business

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UltiPro is an industry leader in HCM, delivering more out-of-the-box functionality than any other provider. UltiPro's continuous H and talent management functionality includes recruitment, onboarding, payroll, worker and manager self-service, benefits administration, compensation management, performance management and reviews, succession management, talent retention tools, time and attendance, workforce scheduling, rich reporting and analytical decision-making tools, and more. UltiPro's Web portal can serve as a company's communications center and the fundamental gateway for business activities because it conveys functionality for everyone in the company, from H and financial departments as well as executives, staff managers, and individual staff. With the UltiPro portal, H/payroll staff, managers, and administrators can complete daily worker administration tasks, administer benefits, manage staff, and access reporting in real-time, all from one central location. Managers and executives can access frequently requested reports and analyze workforce statistics and trends on-demand. Employees can access pay and benefits information, get questions answered,…… [Read More]

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Business Managing Profitable Customer Relationships

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I think it is very important to create and maintain profitable customer relationships for any business, no matter how large or small. Some companies seem to think they have a monopoly on goods or service, and so they do not have to offer good customer service. I think in the end, no matter what the product is, companies who do not truly respect their customers will not last. People want to be treated decently, with respect, and as if their patronage matters, no matter who they are or what their needs are. Creating profitable customer relationships recognizes these needs, and is a win-win situation for any organization. Big organizations such as McDonald's or Home Depot (just as an example), often seem to have grown so big they forget this, and so people become "things" when they deal with them. I think that is wrong, and I will attempt to avoid…… [Read More]