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Career Management Plan Jim Martin

Words: 1139 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85654905

In Eric Borden's case, his knowledge of the industry and of the developments that occur on this segment recommends him either for the research and development department or for marketing, since he would be able to ensure that the marketing strategy that the company has is in line with what occurs on the markets. From that perspective, his salary structure could be changed so as to ensure that he receive an increased base salary rather than the sales bonus program he receives now.

In the case of Ving Hsu, his financial package needs to be adjusted, because he currently works as a sales representative, but receives only the base salary, although he is eligible for the sales bonus. However, it seems that much of his activity is focused on training his customers on how to use the products rather than on increasing his volume of sales. A more relevant measure…… [Read More]

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Aspects of Career Counceling

Words: 3684 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28362643

Career counseling is not limited to a particular trade or skill or type of people but includes a wide range of individuals who possess all kinds of skills, passions, and values as well as career motivations. In this paper, we investigate the practical applicability of Super's Developmental Self-Concept Theory-based model for career counseling. This theory or model of counseling encompasses the entire lifespan of an individual and divides it into a number of segments. This paper tries to understand how each of the stages identifies the needs and aspirations of individual clients and sets a benchmark that best suits the needs in every stage. This theory is based on self-concept and hence is applicable at an individual level. The paper also looks into the possible assessment tests for career counseling. Such tests are based on personality or psychology of a client, the interest of that individual and the aptitude of…… [Read More]


Coogan, P. & Chen, C. (2007). Career development and counseling for women: Connecting theories to practice. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 20(2), 191-204.

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Career Investigation Sonographers Enjoy the

Words: 338 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95082197

To register, sonographers must pass a series of tests proving mastery of ultrasound procedures.

At the same time, sonographers can also receive special training from a variety of different venues including specialized programs ancillary to nursing coursework. The most common means of achieving the required certification is via a two-year Associates degree program ("Medical Sonographer Career and Job Information"). Coursework in specialized sonography programs includes ethical issues in health care as well as instruction in anatomy and physiology. Moreover, sonographers must prove they are able to life, push and pull heavy equipment and should be in general good health ("So You ant to Be a Sonographer").

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So You ant to be a Sonographer..." Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Retrieved Feb 6, 2008 at… [Read More]

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Career of a Marriage and Family Therapist

Words: 953 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7943262


According to the O-Net Online Summary Report, marriage and family therapists "diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders, whether cognitive, affective, or behavioral, within the context of marriage and family systems." A systems approach is integral to the work that marriage and family therapists do, because they view individual psychological issues as inseparable from the greater family and social system. This enables a holistic approach to treatment interventions, and can be a culturally sensitive, culturally competent facet of psychological counseling.

The primary tasks of a marriage and family counselor include the following. First, communications skills are of the utmost importance because one of the central roles of the counselor is to listen and ask appropriate questions at the right time. A marriage and family counselor meets with more than one member of each family, too, making good communications skills a prerequisite of the profession.

Second, diagnoses should be based…… [Read More]

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Career Path Career of Interest

Words: 1219 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82859476

For this reason, contract specialists do not need as rigid a background as, say, a neurologist does. A contract specialist usually develops his or her skills for the job while working for a large organization that engages suppliers in major contractual agreements. Devotion to an organization may precede the decision to become a contract specialist. or, a business student might decide that the communication-oriented nature of contract specialization suits his or her personality. Another person might find that while standard legal careers were disappointing, a career in contract specialization helps bridge the gap between the law, business, and the public sector in ways other occupations cannot possibly do.

Where I Am Now

In relation to the goal of becoming a contract specialist, I am well on my way towards achieving this core career objective. Currently, I am an Army Service member who is becoming familiar with various government-related contractual agreements.…… [Read More]


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Career Goal I Have Always

Words: 766 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56900047

Once I have finished college, I will look for a junior position at an accounting firm. With my accounting job experience and good achievements, I am confident that I have good prospects. Once I have been hired, I will prove myself by delivering an excellent service. My hope is that the firm that hires me will offer advancement opportunities, towards which I will then work.

Once I have about one or two years of experience, it is my aim to start learning what I can about getting my CPA license and starting a business. Once I have my license, I will start a small business while I am still employed. This will ensure that I still have the security of my job income while I work on building my business.

Another challenge I will face in this quest is balancing my career and business choices with family life. While my…… [Read More]

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Career Investigation Women Philosophy

Words: 1271 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16567520

Career Possibilities for omen in Philosophy

Philosophy is not a hard science requiring that problems be worked out with formulas and centuries-old givens. The American Philosophical Association says that, "Philosophy is a basic field of inquiry. Its range encompasses ideas and issues in every domain of human existence; and its methods apply to problems of an unlimited variety. The major in philosophy can develop not only philosophical skills and sophistications but also intellectual abilities that are readily applicable to pursuits in everyday social and personal life."

The options open to women in philosophy are nearly endless. Because the study of philosophy develops critical thinking and analytical skills, it provides a background for careers requiring problem-solving, along with the ability to view issues from other perspectives and develop logical arguments with a sensitivity to the values of others. Philosophy can be the starting point for any number of careers. This is…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Career in Law Enforcement Although

Words: 916 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12853827

The U.S. Marshal Service position involves perhaps more dangerous duties than that of the FBI agent. esponsiblities include locating fugitives, going on lengthy assignments that often involve surveillance and stakeouts. Accordingly, essential skills include patience. It is also noted that agents working for the U.S. Marshal Service should be experienced, organized writers who can efficiently file reports. The video also noted that those with experience in law enforcement stand a greater chance of getting hired.

My qualifications for the U.S. Marshal Service position are similar to my strengths regarding the FBI agent position. I am an accomplished, lucid writer and my strong physical build would assist me when engaged on dangerous assignments. Additionally, my itinerant upbringing makes me uniquely qualified for extended, two-week assignments. Although I do not have experience in law enforcement, I feel my skills in other areas more than compensate for this particular deficit.

The ICE Special…… [Read More]


German, Mike. (2007). Thinking Like a Terrorist: Insights of a Former FBI Agent. Washington, D.C.: Potomac Books, Inc.

Blumstein, a., Farrington, D., & Piquero, a.R. (2003). The criminal career paradigm. Crime and Justice, 30, 359-506.
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Career of Boris Karloff -

Words: 1785 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66121681

One of the most unique performances of Karloff's career was narrating the Dr. Seues cartoon "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

In his personal life, Karloff enjoyed playing Cricket, and was actually quite good at it. Karloff was the coach of the UCLA cricket team. He also liked to hike. His wife was not an actress, and they had one daughter together, Sara Jane born in 1938. Karloff was kind-spiritied and generous, donating large amounts of money to charities for children. He was also a charter member of the Screen Actor's Guild, and was quite active in the movement to get safer working conditions for movie actors in the 1930s. After many successful films, he returned to theatrical acting on roadway in 1942, when he starred in the first production of "Arsenic and Old Lace." He also appeared in live performances of "The Linden Tree" and "Peter Pan," in 1951, and…… [Read More]


Skidoo et al. "Boris Karloff." Wikipedia. 6 November 2004.
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Career Advancement

Words: 1074 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94935856

Career Advancement

"Why a company should hire you as a personnel, operations, deployment manager."

I believe that I would be an excellent candidate for a deployment manager because of my extraordinary combination of experience, education, and acumen. I have been exposed to a variety of high-pressure situations and have always handled myself in a diligent and professional manner. I have experience as a program integrator and deployment manager, a deployment readiness officer and logistical coordinator, a central issue manager, and a deployment mission manger. All of these positions have provided an environment in which I have been able to fine tune many of the skills that are needed to fulfill a personnel, operations, and deployment manager.

I attribute much of the success that I have so far achieved in my career to my self-motivation and military professionalism. The military taught me a lot about maintaining a professional composure through some…… [Read More]

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Career Goal

Words: 686 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16778061

Career Goals

Please discuss how you plan to achieve your short-term and long-term career goals. What challenges will you face and how will you leverage your professional and academic experiences to achieve these goals?

My very first short-term goal is to secure an admission into graduate school for a master in finance program, where I intend to enhance my current knowledge and build professional networks that will steer me to a supervisory position in the Structured Finance Group of an established financial institution such as Latham & Watkins or Sandler & O'Neill. I look forth to supervising a group of between 5 and 8 by the end of my degree program. This will not only give me an opportunity to market my skills within the company and beyond, but will also be a door-opener for the realization of my middle-term goal, which is to be the leader of the structured…… [Read More]

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Career of Computer Programmer Creating

Words: 3070 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27444743

Second, a major benefit for many computer programmers is the option of working on a variety of very interesting and challenging projects. Often the projects require months off planning, programming and continual work to get the applications to performing at their highest possible performance levels. Third, many companies now sponsor in-house training and development seminars, with a few even having local universities come in and teach the latest techniques on programming. This is a major time-saver for programmers as it gets them more knowledge to do their jobs, and also make them more valuable in their careers for the long-term. Fourth, programming is a profession that lends itself well to individual achievement and accomplishment. For those programmers who are exceptionally good at their work, they become well-known in their fields and often get promoted. Companies also provide many conveniences to programmers to alleviate time drains on them. Google for example…… [Read More]


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Professional Career Action Plan I Am Student

Words: 1777 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4584965

Professional Career Action Plan

I am student majoring in science at the University of Phoenix. Upon my graduation I would like to use my skills to make a different in the communities that I serve and also in my home community. These are the main factors that I will consider during the period of advancing my career. My career development will be guided by several goals each of them will take varying periods to achieve.

However the most important of all is for be to make an impact for humanity over the period that I will be working in the health sector. I have made several consideration and also put in mind that I will first have to start at a particular point and slowly progress through my career to become a highly qualified and successful person in the health care sector will I believe will also be essential for…… [Read More]


Rothwell, W.J. (2005). Career planning and succession management: Developing your organization's talent -- for today and tomorrow. Westport, Ct: Praeger Publishers.

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A Step By Step Guide for the Creation of an Individual Development Plan

Words: 3647 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25839538

assist the line managers and their employees on the correct approach for the creation of individual development plan (IDP). The document provides a step by step guide, aiming to support both the employee and the supervisor in the process. The IDP is a focus on the needs and career aspirations of the employee, but should be considered a strategic tool not only for the employee to realise their ambitions, but also for the employer, who will benefit from the implementation of the plan. Not only will the employer benefit from the additional skills and knowledge gained by the employees that they can use in the workplace, the provision of the support, longer training development will also support motivation (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2011). Employees who feel the employer cares are more likely to be motivated, and the provision of training development may also satisfy some elements present on Maslow's hierarchy of…… [Read More]

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Career Aptitude Tests One of

Words: 1038 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70195327

6). This graduate indicates that rather than relying on the innate abilities identified by the career aptitude test, she "worked realistically with the grit and gumption I possessed, as opposed to counting on my talent to pave the way" (quoted in Bell & Short, 2003 at p. 6).

Some commonly used career aptitude tests include the ACT's (formerly American College Testing) EXPLOE testing regimen that examines 8th and 9th grade students' career aptitude using a battery of tests that provide a range of potential occupational choices. According to ACT's promotional material for the EXPLOE test, "This information can help you learn more about careers, clarify your goals, and begin to plan your future -- including your high school courses and, perhaps, a college education" (Your future, 2010, para. 2). Likewise, the EXPLOE handbook for 2009-2010 states, "With thousands of occupations in the work world, where do you begin? Your EXPLOE…… [Read More]


Bell, J.H. & Short, S. (2003). Buckling down: Achieving and underachieving in the first year of university. Journal of College Reading and Learning, 34(1), 6-7.

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Karma, K. (2007). Musical aptitude definition and measure validation: Ecological validity can endanger the construct validity of musical aptitude tests. Psychomusicology, 19(2), 79-80.
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Career Interest Is Accounting Accountancy Is the

Words: 2443 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49806372

career interest is accounting. Accountancy is the process of evaluating the financial information about business entities to users such as the managers of the shareholders (Elliot, & Elliot, 2004). Accountancy falls into three areas: accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing.

I choose accounting since it will give me a solid employment with a lucrative wage and this is what is important to me. I have also learned that it can be fun in the investigative way if I se it as such. The work conditions are fine -- not too tedious and best of all I can structure them at my convenience. I can work either for an institution or be self-employed. Chances for advancement also depend on myself and, best of all, I can find global opportunities in any and every business..

• Career goals and career strategy

The kind of job that I am most interested in is working in…… [Read More]


Accountants and Auditors. Career Information.

Accounting Jobs Controller | Sample Resume 5 

Alba, J. Vault career guide to accounting. New York: Vault, c2002.
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Plan for Little Whinging

Words: 2782 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30066521

psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl, while suffering numerous hardships in his life as a prisoner of war in a Nazi work camp that included being isolated from the rest of the world including his family along with the prospect of facing at the hands of his captors death every day began to question the meaning of his own existence and the meaning of life in general. Frankl eventually came to the conclusion that people derive meaning from their lives as either as result of their suffering, their ability to love another, and their work (Frankl, 1985). A person's work helps them to define a sense of themselves, contributes to their feeling that they are useful, and helps to keep them active (Frankl, 1985; Shacklock, 2006; Waddell & Burton, 2006). These benefits occur at any age; therefore, by continuing to remain in the workforce elderly people can both produce benefits to their community…… [Read More]


Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2006). Retirement and retirement intentions. Canberra: Author.

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Cummings, T., & Worley, C. (2014). Organization development and change. Stanford, CT:
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Career Path of Being an Entrepreneur in

Words: 2653 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67058612

career path of being an entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry. In pursuing my career in the field of health and fitness I aim to open a personal training studio that offers the clients personalized care and approach and helps them to stay fit and healthy along with alleviating the stress and pressures of day-to-day life.

As also discussed in detail in part one, my marketing objectives and business plan is quite clear, whereby during the first 12 months of my career I would like to start and own a fitness and training center offering various specialized health and fitness services to my clients. I would also provide my clients with value added services like physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

As far as the three-year approach is considered, after the three years of my business I see myself approaching new markets and expanding my clientele and business in various…… [Read More]


Active Marketing Group (2007). Health Club Industry Review. [report] Active Marketing Group.

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Career Objectives

Words: 631 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48480675

Professional Plans and Career Objectives

Goal Statement for Insert Name

My career mission is to work in a dynamic team-oriented company performing financial analysis and helping to guide key decisions related financial projections that direct capital expenditures. I enjoy the mechanics of small details and insuring compliance to specific budgets, report types and the impact that this type of granularity has on recommendations for major decisions within a company.

My pre-college work experience taught me the differences between customer service, labor, and accounting and finance. The hands-on work I performed in a service industry provided me with an appreciation for customers and the need to efficiently do a good job but this type of career left me without a sense of challenge. Eventually I felt drawn to the back office as I learned that the payments and processing and efficient entry of data surrounding transactions was the lifeblood of the…… [Read More]

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Career Counseling The Writer Explores

Words: 1926 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20067534

It is the role of the career counselor to work with the diverse populations and help guide them to success through building their confidence in their abilities.


Career counseling is a profession in which the counselors have an impact on the national workforce and its direction, though many professional counseling majors in college ignore career counseling as a potential career. As the world continues to diversify and globalize the impact career counselors have on society will continue to expand.


Herr, Edwin (2003)the future of career counseling as an instrument of public policy.(Career Counseling in the Next Decade) Career Development Quarterly

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Herr, E.L. (2000, June). Working in America: The implications for theory and practice of the Fourth…… [Read More]


Herr, Edwin (2003)the future of career counseling as an instrument of public policy.(Career Counseling in the Next Decade) Career Development Quarterly

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Kileen, J., White, M., & Watts, a.G. (1992). The economic value of career guidance. London: Policy Studies Institute, Department of Education and Employment.
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Career Objective and How Will

Words: 2675 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30054217

My notable contributions in this capacity include obtaining investment funding and sponsorships, securing a co-production partnership with Storm 360, a leading West African entertainment company, and forging media partnerships with HiTV, Silverbird TV, NN24, and BusinessDay among others. In addition, I established and implemented overall business objectives of becoming a world-class production and broadcast company offering international broadcast content to strengthen the spirit of enterprise and human development throughout Africa and across the globe. Furthermore, I played an integral role in representing company in key business negotiations.

Further, I also played a pivotal leadership role in winning various team-based tasks, including developing and marketing a new fast-food chicken entree for Chicken Republic, planning and executing a hotel redecoration project at Eko Hotel & Suites, presenting a route to market's strategy for West Africa's largest cell phone provider, Celtel, and formulating a marketing strategy for a new energy drink for Nigeria's…… [Read More]

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Career in Architecture Actually Began When I

Words: 586 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79537880

career in architecture actually began when I was a child, when with wonder-filled eyes I beheld the designs and finished plans both my parents produced. My father is an architect, the principal in his own company. My mother is a painter and the owner of an interior design firm. Both of my parents' passion for their work inspired me to pursue a career along the same path.

Throughout high school and college, I sought personal, academic, and professional means by which to manifest my dreams, such as taking any courses that were relevant to the field. Because of both school and my parents' presence in my life, professional resources were plentiful for me. I have plenty of visual images imprinted my mind as a result, too. Therefore, my eventual decision to pursue architecture in college naturally stemmed from my early experiences and passion for creativity, form, and function.

My first…… [Read More]

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Career When You First Started Taking Classes

Words: 769 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35464691

career when you first started taking classes? Now that you have performed research and written your professional plan, how have your thoughts changed?

Prior to taking COMM 150, what did you think would have been appropriate sources or research strategies? Have your thought changed? How did this influence your evaluation of the sources you have used in other research papers?

I, actually, was quite vague about the term Information Literacy and Research (ILR) and did not consider myself needing the instruction. Until now, I had thought that if I would need certain information, I would simply type it into the browser (if using the Internet) or withdraw some book from the library. I think I was also not particularly discriminatory in my sources. The author who had a PhD following his name was preferable to me, but otherwise I followed that which appealed to me and, as I later discovered,…… [Read More]


Association of College and Research Libraries (2000). Information literacy competency standards for higher education. Chicago, IL: The Association of College and Research Libraries.
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Plan Implement Evaluate PIE

Words: 758 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77922920



The task is to teach the students about the commercial fishing impact on the seal population in the ANW area. Completion would be determined by the students showing a good understanding of what all is going on.

The students, given that they are in a biology class, should have an understanding of animals and life forms like seals and the fish that are being harvested in ANW

esources that could/would be available include DVD movies, streaming movies, text books, visual diagrams and charts, etc.

Information that should be included would be what is involved in the fishing process in ANW and places like it, why seals are endangered and impacted by that activity and so forth.

An appealing way to teach the students would be to appeal to how "cute" the seals are and/or why the impact to them can be mitigated or avoided

The best methods…… [Read More]


Newby, T.J., Stepich, D.A., Lehman, J.D., Russell, J.D., & Ottenbreit-Leftwich, A.

(2011). Educational technology for teaching and learning (4th ed.). Boston, MA:

Pearson Education, Inc.
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Plan for Growth and Development

Words: 1494 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52071119

Growth and Development

Introduction Comment by babyliza: This part discusses the qualities of a good leader. I believe it should discuss the qualities of an individual's effectiveness, both in personal and professional life. Not a leader, so it's out of topic.

Just like the lions and the bees, human are social beings and live in communities sometimes small or large. Daily, we relate one way or another with each other either at home or at our places of work. Irrespective of the form of communication employed, either in person or via phones or emails, our communication and method of relating with other people has an impression on them either positively or otherwise. To this effect, there are certain skills that everyone should become proficient at so as to sustain healthy relationships and perform tasks more quickly; these skills are referred to as the Interaction Essentials. They are very helpful in…… [Read More]


Development Dimensions International. (2012-2015). Interaction Essentials: What They Are and Why They Matter. Monograph. Development Dimensions International, Inc. Retrieved from

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Career That Requires Mathematics and Uses it Often

Words: 741 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17013191


The Jobs ated Almanac has printed five editions from 1998 to 2001 (Society of Actuaries, n.d.). In two of these editions, "actuary" was rated as the best career in terms of environment, income, employment, outlook, physical demands, security, and stress. In two other editions, "actuary" was rated as the second best career. In only one other edition was it rated fourth. The data used to calculate these findings came from trade association and industry group studies, as well as government sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labour and Statistics. In addition, Actuaries were rated number six by in terms of highest salary (Braverman & Jeffries, 2009). The average actuary makes around $129,000 a year and a top actuary make around $257,000. This paper will further explore the role and purpose of an actuary, the use of mathematics within this career, and how…… [Read More]


Braverman, B. & Jeffries, A. (2009, December 1). Top-paying jobs. Retrieved from

Department of Mathematics. (n.d.). Actuarial studies. University of Texas at Austin.

Retrieved from:

Kouba, D. (n.d.). Why choose a mathematics-related profession? University of California.
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Career Progress Is He Now

Words: 331 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18214453

However, he needs to include time in his day to address long-range management objectives, as well as deal with the inevitable problems that come up over the course of an ordinary workday. Also, he needs to schedule different, less important events on different days than his more important events. In the day described in his scenario, too many things were slotted into his schedule to cope with over a single day. Then, when additional problems began to emerge, he was unable to cope with them effectively. Sam was evidently so overwhelmed that he did not even realize equally pressing problems that had come up, like the confidential employee files that were exposed. This is another persistent concern that should be addressed, and slotted into his long-range plans.

Sam is busy, and he accomplishes the bare minimum to get work done for a day, and he may 'get away' with this…… [Read More]

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Profession Most People Including Myself

Words: 627 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64706189

Directing a teenage girl with a young child to programs that can help her complete high school and gain financial assistance to survive and feed her toddler requires knowledge of the social safety net available that clients themselves often lack. The soul of the profession is one which balances compassion, clear-sighted reason, and a motivation to take immediate and productive steps for change. The soul of the profession is to offer compassion, effective and informed assistance without judgment.

Preparing for the profession thus begins with gaining an academic degree. But it also requires seeking out real-world situations through volunteering to learn more about the world. Having the critical and open mindset that is necessary for the profession is reinforced by seeking out books, newspapers, and other sources of information about the world and the challenges my clients may encounter. Taking a course in introductory social work is important because it…… [Read More]

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Profession and Transferable Skills

Words: 1514 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86842420

oles in Environmental and Social Sustainability

The field of environmental and social sustainability is characterized by different roles and responsibilities that are accomplished by various professionals in the field. As evident in previous analysis, environmental and social sustainability is wide given the varying components of this profession. The broad nature of the profession is evident in the fact that people in this sector are trained on various aspects including sustainable, economic, environmental, social, and economic development. In essence, environmental and social sustainability is a broad discipline that provides students with insights regarding various aspects of the human world including business, technology, social sciences, and the environment (Environmental Science, 2015). It is important to identify a specific role and pursue it in order to be successful in the field of environmental and social sustainability.

Correlation of oles in this Discipline

As previously mentioned, the field of environmental and social sustainability has…… [Read More]


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Plan for Implementing Hourly Nursing Rounds

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Hourly nursing rounding is regarded as one of the most suitable means for enhancing patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. This process can be described as a proactive, systematic nurse-centered evidence-based intervention to predict and deal with the various needs in hospitalized patients. There is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that effective hourly nursing rounding can enhance patient safety, promote team communication, and enhance the capability of staff to offer efficient patient care. Therefore, this approach would be a suitable method to help reduce falls, prevent ulcers, and call light use and result in enhanced patient satisfaction through evidence-based practices. The adoption of this method in the organization to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes would require the development of a comprehensive implementation plan and participation from all key stakeholders.

Method of Obtaining Necessary Approval

The adoption of hourly nursing rounding in the healthcare facility to enhance patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes…… [Read More]


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Coaching and Development Plan My

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During these meetings, it is necessary to align my coaching objectives with both the business and the career goals of the employees. I can directly address the challenge of solving problems for employees without allowing them to do so first by utilizing appreciative questions that requires them to search for applicable solutions. In the event that they cannot I can provide solutions for them. I can directly address the challenge of my avoiding conflict by farming conflict in a beneficial manner which reinforces the positives in the situation, both internally and externally. I can also actively promote the virtues of emotional intelligence from an internal and external perspective to actively reduce the incidence and severity of conflict.


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Competency Development Plan First a Little Bit

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Competency Development Plan

First, a little bit about myself. I am a qualified electrical mechanic and I am currently working as an Electrical Maintainer for J&P Richardson Industries in Wacol, Qld. I have been in this capacity for the past eight years. I have come to the conclusion that it is time to take the next step in my career development. For me, that includes seeking out progressive positions, but it also entails upgrading my education. I am seeking a Certificate IV in Instrumentation in order to facilitate my personal growth.

I began my career in Germany, where I apprenticed at a large commercial and industrial services company called Elektro Technik Niesky GmbH, in the town of Niesky in the far East of the country. I stayed there for seven years, finally leaving in 2001 to pursue more advanced opportunities in Australia. I first began work with Stevan Advanced Electrical…… [Read More]

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Compensation Packages and Benefit Plans Which Adobe

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compensation packages and benefit plans which Adobe Systems Inc. offers to its employees against their employment services, good performance at the workplace, and as motivational techniques for their retention and encouragement. The paper also explains the advantages and disadvantages of the key components of these compensations and benefit plans and recommends strategies on how they can be improved for more effective outcomes.

Adobe Systems Inc.

Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American multinational corporation engaged in manufacturing computer software and providing digital marketing and digital media solutions to the individual and corporate clients around the Globe. Adobe Systems Inc. was founded by Charles Geschke and John Warnock in 1983. Its major software development operations are spread in the United States, Germany, Canada, India, China, Switzerland, and omania. The main products of the company include Desktop software (e.g. Adobe Acrobat eader, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Adobe Premier, and Adobe Shockwave Player);…… [Read More]


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Qualified Benefit Plans

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Qualified Benefit Plans

Why company set qualify benefit plans tax benefits company employees maintaining qualify plans. Also, company comply benefit laws regulations order maintain qualify status plan.

Employers sometimes offer their employees and other beneficiaries within the organization retirement plans which they sponsor. These are often referred to as qualified plans. These qualified plans are either established as defined benefit plans or defined contribution plans. When established as defined benefit plans, the employee receives benefits on a formula that factors in personal factors such as the employee's salary history and the duration of contract or employment. In these plans, the risk of investment and management of the portfolio is run by the employer. In these schemes, the employer sometimes has to find funds from alternative sources such as the company's profits in order to fund employee's retirement when there is a shortfall in funding. The other type of qualified plans…… [Read More]


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Business Plan for Incentive Program

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In terms of the flexible working schedules, these would take the form of allowing the staff members to work more hours in fewer days or fewer hours, spread across more days. Basically, the 8-hour strict schedule structure would no longer be implemented. The requirement with this incentive is that of ensuring employee collaboration and making sure than when an employee wishes to make use of the flexible working schedule, another staff member is able and willing to replace him. The schedule decisions would generically be subjected to mutual agreements between the staff members, approved by the manager.

The flexible working schedule has the ability to increase employee on the job satisfaction due to the fact that it allows the individual to better balance his personal and professional responsibilities. The individual will not for instance be on the job and worry about a sick child or a parent in need, but…… [Read More]


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Personal Strategic Leadership Plan Background of the

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Personal trategic Leadership Plan

Background of the ituation Requiring Change

In my current organization, there is a need to improve the communication efficiency of many employees. We have encountered problems because of poor communication, especially in written form. ome of our personnel perform their other job functions well but when it comes to written communication, they lack professionalism and precision. On several occasions, clients have expressed frustration because they were unable to understand the meaning of emails sent to them in the ordinary course of business.

For example, one client complained and asked to be re-assigned to different account managers because he believed that the export manager who had been handling his account was inexperienced. Meanwhile, she has more than a decade of experience doing her job and she is one of our new employee trainers. Our internal audit of her communications with clients revealed that the problem is strictly…… [Read More]

Sources Consulted

Avolio, B.J., Walumbwa, F.O., and Weber, T.J. "Leadership: Current Theories,

Research, and Future Directions." Annual Review of Psychology, Vol. 60 (2009):

421 -- 449.

Bennis, W. "The Challenges of Leadership in the Modern World: Introduction to the Special Issue." American Psychology, Vol. 62, No. 1 (2007): 2-5.
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Security Plan Target Environment Amron International Inc

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Security Plan Target Environment

Amron International Inc.

Amron International Inc. is a division of Amtec and manufactures ammunition for the U.S. military. Amron is located in Antigo, Wisconsin. Amron also manufacturer's mechanical subsystems including fuses for rockets and other military ammunitions as well as producing TNT, a highly explosive substance used in bombs.

Floor Plan Target Environment

The target environment in this security plan is the manufacturing operation located in Antigo, Wisconsin, a manufacturing plant with personnel offices adjacent to the facility. The work of Philpott and Einstein (nd) reports the fact that more than 50% of U.S. businesses do not have a crisis management plan and for those who do have a plan, it is generally not kept up-to-date. Philpott and Einstein states that even fewer businesses and organizations "have integrated physical security plans to protect the facility and the people who work in it.

The challenge is reported…… [Read More]

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Early Intervention Program Standards Plan

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Intervention Plan in Education

This agency has established an early intervention program standards plan to ensure that agency services furnished by its employees and contractors fully comply with applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations, and that they conform to any guidance issued by the Department that clarifies the specific obligations established by laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to the Early Intervention Program.

The Program Standards Plan is not intended for submission in connection with any application, but will be available for review by the appropriate local or state authorities or their designees with oversight over early intervention programs and program personnel. The program standards plan consists of specific provisions outlining effective policies and procedures capable of ensuring full compliance with all applicable standards and other requirements of law and public policy.

Standard #1 -- Compliance with Applicable Formal Laws, Rules, and Regulations

This agency shall establish, implement, maintain,…… [Read More]

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Staffing Plan Comprehensive Staffing Plan Engineering and

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Staffing Plan

Comprehensive Staffing Plan

Engineering and manufacturing requires many individuals who are adept at skilled labor. Additionally, there are unskilled laborers who can also be of use to a company that engineers and manufacturers goods. In a city such as this one, however, there are large challenges, such as a lack of a skilled workforce and many people who are on public assistance. College graduates and professionals are not that common, because many of them leave and move to others areas where high-tech hubs can be found. While the company in question here cannot focus its efforts on stopping that tide of workers who are leaving, there are ways in which it can reach out to and recruit people who have the skills - or are developing the skills - for which the company is looking. That can go a long way toward a company that workers want to…… [Read More]


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Wright, E., & Domagalski, T. (2010, May). Common sense hiring. SuperVision, 71(5), 15-17. Retrieved November 28, 2011, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 2018927241).
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Company Staffing Plan

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Staffing Plan

(Company) Staffing Plan

Determine how many people need to be hire and in what functional areas:

The company plans to hire 11 new people in the following departments respectively

in manufacturing,

in operations,

in customer service,

in finance and accounting.

A plan to hire or appoint specialists for the clinic.

ight person for the right job can be hired if the hiring agents are clear about the duties and responsibilities of the position for which hiring is required. It is possible through designing an effective job description. An effective job description is comprehensive in nature and provides clear guidelines about required qualification set. The activities of screening all potential employees, deciding interview panel, questions and final selection criteria stem from effective job description (Sullivan, 2004).

Finalising a job description is a complete science and requires specialised skill set assumingly possessed by human resource professionals. It may be drafted…… [Read More]


The Performance Institute. (2003). Strategic Recruitment for Government: Ten Innovative Practices for Designing, Implementing and Measuring Recruitment Initiatives in Government. The Performance Institute.

Sullivan, J. Dr. (2004). Article 55, Steps in Turning an Average Recruiting Function into a "Wow" One!," taken from: 

Stephanie M. J, (2000). "Recruitment and training in small firms," Journal of European Industrial Training, Vol. 24 Iss: 1, pp.43-49
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Personal Marketing Plan

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Personal Marketing Plan

Current Marketing Situation: I am graduating school and entering the workforce. My previous work experience is somewhat limited, mainly to retail work, but I have a solid education from a great school. I have a degree in marketing and this has prepared me for a career in marketing, advertising or possibly sales management. My present job is inadequate for my new education level. I like the people I work with, but the pay and the nature of the tasks are more suitable for someone with less experience and education. I believe that with a better education, I am prepared to take on positions of responsibility and to begin a progressive career path.

SWOT Analysis: I have a lot of different strengths upon which I draw to succeed. I am organized and intelligent, and this allows me to accomplish the things that I need to accomplish, on time…… [Read More]

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Training Session Plan Job Interview Preparation This

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Training Session Plan: Job Interview Preparation

This training package is about the ability to dress for success in terms of attire for the formal job interview. The training session will span the duration of one hour and include the implementation of the skills needed to understand the importance of one's personal appearance during an interview, better understand the contents of a professional wardrobe, best express an air of personality and professionalism through job interview attire, and implement these tools into real-world interview settings in order to achieve better interviewer perception and additionally better job offer prospects.



Information for the trainer


Supporting information


Course design








Session plan




Job Interview Preparation

Dressing for the Job Interview

Information for the Trainer

Supporting Information

Appropriately presenting oneself in the context of a formal job interview is a skill that is…… [Read More]


Crampton, S., 2005, Developing and packaging the total corporate image, in S.A.M.

Advanced Management Journal, 60(3): pp. 30-40. Web. Retrieved from: ProQuest Database. [Accessed on 20 November 2011].

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Custom How Do You Plan

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The intern wants a great deal of satisfaction that cannot be quantified -- exposure to training, the mentoring of his or her talents, and the sense of gaining a window into an industry to see how things work, and a foothold into a company where he or she will be treated with respect. "Training can also be the means for positive change in any organization; however, training is not enough to create lasting change without a vital link that will help your employees transfer what they learned into real-life application. That vital link is a strong coaching program" (Villegas & Villegas 2006). The intern must know that merit-based promotions are a realistic prospect for permanent employees, and that the company does not primarily solicit its management material from without, but mentors them from within.

Poor retention leads to tremendous losses of talent and ideas. No one wants to see a…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Dual-Career Couples The Employment of

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One of these benefits is the provision of day-care assistance programs as well as child care referral services to the employees. As a result of the provision of this benefit, the policy ensures that parents continue working and increases its productivity. An example of such benefits that are not related to gender is offering child care leave to both spouses to ensure that both men and women employees participate in child care in their respective homes.

The other benefit without regard to gender is the provision of job sharing programs that permits two employees especially couples to share a job on a part-time basis. As part of the policy, the job-sharing program enables dual-career couples to proceed with their careers while taking care of their children.


A commitment to hiring dual-career couples enables the organization to reduce chances of losing competent employees especially when one spouse is transferred or…… [Read More]


Hannigan, E. (n.d.). Company Strategies for Dual-Career Couples. Retrieved June 25, 2011,

from  Ivancevich, J.M. (2010). Human Resource Management (11th ed.). Boston: Irwin/McGraw-Hill,

pp. (465-467).

Kantor, P.L. (1999). Approaches to Spousal Career Issues. Retrieved June 25, 2011, from
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Function of a Benefit Plan and a

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Function of a benefit plan and a pension plan is to provide income for an individual after he or she retires from work. There are plans that provide more benefits than mere pension and these are called benefit plans. There are for example the vested termination benefits, disability benefits, and they can be defined plans or defined benefits based on the type of the plan that is being chosen. The defined contribution plan defines the method and type of benefit that accrues to the employee over the years. (Winklevoss, 1993) In other words it has a defined amount or quantity that may be fixed. Benefits on the other hand are extra given to a person opting for a plan. The benefit plans are protected by federal insurance of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation -- PBGC.

Define the purpose and function of a contribution plan

The contribution plan is not based…… [Read More]


Ellig, Bruce. R. (2004) "The Complete Guide To Executive Compensation" Tata

McGraw-Hill Education.

Graham, Avy D. (1998) "How has vesting changed since passage of Employee

Retirement Income Security Act?" BLS, vol. 111, no. 8, pp: 15-21.
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Human Resources Recruitment Strategy and Plan This

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Human esources

ecruitment strategy and plan

This document is about laying down a strategy of recruiting employees in sincere college. Employees move, quit or transfer thus creating a need to open job application for interested candidates. It helps to determine what the job entails, tasks and skills of the employees. It covers an outline of the recruitment plan, job description, methods of recruitment, interview procedures and hiring. The strategy aims at attracting qualified applicants ready to take the job.

ecruitment plan

ecruitment goal

The goal is to attract higher standard candidate with skills promoting the name of the Sincere College. This can be achieved where the faculty of the Davis School of Business should suggest names of people who "know people" in the field who should be called upon to nominate individuals. The other way is posting advertisement in newspapers, journals read by people in this discipline and posting advertisement…… [Read More]


Edenborough, R. (2007). Assessment methods in recruitment, selection & performance: A

manager's guide to psychometric testing, interviews and assessment centres. London:


Page Ltd.
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Employee Relations Plan Starbucks Inc Most Companies

Words: 1253 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88678873

Employee Relations Plan: Starbucks, Inc.

Most companies assert to prospective employees that the corporation offers excellent benefits and a good salary. But few corporations make such assertions part of its corporate, core mission statement. According to Starbucks, the motto of the international, Seattle-based coffee company is that "Our success depends on your success." This statement is not simply directed at Starbuck's customers, but to its employees as well. (Starbucks, "Job Center," Official ebsite, 2004)

hat does this effusive corporate motto and mission statement really mean? Starbucks is unique as a franchise restaurant in that it offers a variety of employment opportunities, such as retail store manager, as advertised upon the Internet. Despite jokes about the shame being a barista after graduating from a prestigious university, the Starbucks Support Center in Seattle credibly offers "career opportunities span a wide range of functions and departments, including not only openings behind the coffee…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Starbucks (2004) "Community Relations." Retrieved on August 18, 2004 at Retrieved on August 18, 2004 at

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Dual Career Couple Human Resource

Words: 335 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9556090

A second approach smaller companies can take is to create a flextime policy where workers can make up days over the weekend if they choose to in order to complete work; also included in this program will be the ability to define work hours as well on a daily basis. A third strategy for assisting dual career couples is to promote a policy of hiring spouses in different departments. The benefits of having a shared career objective is one of the reasons companies pursue this specific strategy.

Finally, if a smaller company finds that they have several dual career couples with small children, creating a nursery or pre-kindergarten in one area of the building is also an excellent idea.

This allows both parents to see the child and gives the mother the freedom of returning to work after the child has received preschool…… [Read More]

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Merging Current Retirement Plans at Company Y

Words: 919 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79517749

Merging Current etirement Plans at Company Y: Memo to CEO

In the wake of the recent merger, employees of Company Y are understandably anxious about the decision to create a single, unified retirement benefits plan for all employees. One segment of the company has a defined contribution plan, in which employees contribute to the plan with a portion of their salary, which is then matched by the company. The employees with this plan have sometimes benefited from the fact that a defined contribution plan can change in value, based upon market circumstances. "There is no way to know how much the plan will ultimately give the employee upon retiring. The amount contributed is fixed, but the benefit is not" (Defined contribution, 2011, Investopedia).

ecent market uncertainty has caused some employees to question the value of such a plan, given that many people nationwide lost a substantial part of their retirement…… [Read More]


Defined benefit. (2011) Investopedia. Retrieved February 3, 2011 at 

Defined contribution. (2011) Investopedia). Retrieved February 3, 2011 at 

Retirement plans. (2009). Job employment guide. Retrieved February 3, 2011 at
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Compensation the Current Plan Is a Defined

Words: 600 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22444868


The current plan is a defined contribution plan, but the employees are not using it effectively. Many are heavily weighted in money market, and over 70% of employees are not even making contributions. Both of these problems need to be addressed.

The first question that should be raised with senior management is whether to offer a defined benefit plan, rather than a defined contribution plan. Part of the reason that many employees do not use the plan is that they probably do not truly understand the plan. A defined benefit plan is much easier to understand for employees because it gives them a set benefit (DOL, 2012). The risk in a defined benefit plan, however, is on the company, whereas with a defined contribution plan the risk falls to the employees. So from the company's point-of-view it is probably better to have the current plan, and maybe we just…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Human Resources Manager Career Analysis HR Manager

Words: 1426 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92124371

Human esources Manager Career Analysis

H Manager Career Analysis

The field of human resources continues to grow to ensure personnel who understand the complexities employment law and the realm of employment benefits. In fact, the Occupational Outlook "Handbook" maintains that "Much faster than average growth is expected during the projection period" for human resources, trainers, and labor relations managers and specialists ("Handbook," 2011). Human resources managers come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, which is an artifact of the different levels of responsibility within the field and the diversity of duties associated with different specialties. In any case, acquiring certification in the area of specialty -- and graduation from college with either a BA or a Masters degree -- provides the greatest opportunities for a good position in the field and for future advancement. The Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc. offers occupational briefs for all major types of work. The…… [Read More]


ASTD Certification Institute's Certified Professional in Learning and Performance Certification (CPLP), American Association for Training and Development (AATD). Retrieved

Certification, CareerOneStop, America's Career Infonet Retrieved / certifications_new/cert_search_keyword_results.asp?


Chronicle Occupation Briefs, Individual Titles Beginning with G -- H. Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc. Retrieved
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Compensation and Benefits Plan Human Resource Management

Words: 1249 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15504285

Crafting a Compensation and Benefits Plan


Fishers is a mid-sized manufacturing company out to maintain market leadership through the development and implementation of a compensation plan that meets the needs of the owners, clients, as well as employees. Compensation programs are critical to the effectiveness of the organization as they play a fundamental role in employee motivation, satisfaction, and productivity. The company seeks to achieve two crucial objectives from the implementation of this compensation and benefits plan; i) to reduce turnover, which has been an imminent problem over the last couple of years; and ii) to attract new talent, while retaining and improving the existing one.

Executive Summary

The company is at a critical juncture; it can no longer offer the perks of a small entrepreneurial enterprise since it has exceeded the employee threshold for such categorization. Employees have been complaining over what they think is below-market compensation, and…… [Read More]


Basset-Jones, N. & Lloyd, G.C. (2005). Does Herzberg's Motivation Theory have Staying Power? Journal of Management Development, 24(10), 929-943.

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Miner, J.B. (2007). Organizational Behavior 4: From Theory to Practice. New York M.E. Sharpe.
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Incentive Plans Cannot Work Employees

Words: 326 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63346112

From different studies and research paper conducted in the field, we find out that employees feel manipulated to do a certain assignment, which his superior could not do or does not want to do it. For this reason, he is entitled to an additional sum of money, bonuses and other motivational elements. Also, on the long-term, people will tend to lose focus on what makes them perform their daily activities - the passion for their work and not the salary and the compensation packages.

A solution for solving this issue would be that managers will implement an organizational framework that will favor team work and collaboration, offer incentives for original ideas, both at the individual and collective level and make the employee explore different methods from which the company may benefit from. This is the right alternative, so as to achieve long - term equilibrium between company's and employee's expectations…… [Read More]

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Human Resources Incentive Plans Some

Words: 337 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76497390

Their disadvantages are that they are often subjective (all employees do not receive the same rate of pay or reward), and they may create friction between management and some employees. In addition, some individual plans cost more H hours to create and maintain.

In five years, I would like to see myself in a position rewarded with individual incentives. I believe I have much to contribute to an organization, and do more than necessary to complete tasks and assignments. Therefore, I would rather be rewarded for my own performance, rather than relying on the performance of others for my incentive rewards. Group incentives can be appropriate in many situations, but I prefer individual incentives for most incentive plans, including my own.


Editors. (2005). Group incentive plans. etrieved from the Web site: Feb. 2007.

Editors. (2006). Individual incentive plans. etrieved from the Web site: Feb. 2007.… [Read More]


Editors. (2005). Group incentive plans. Retrieved from the Web site: Feb. 2007.

Editors. (2006). Individual incentive plans. Retrieved from the Web site: Feb. 2007.
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Interclean New Compensation Plan for the Employment

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New compensation plan for the employment team

As a result of the changes which have recently been implemented within InterClean, a new need arises in the necessity to align the compensation plan with the new organizational features. In other words, the changes implemented would only succeed if they are adequately supported by the staff members and a means of attaining employee support in times of organizational change is that of readdressing compensation issues (Lamm, Gordon and Purser, 2010).

Given this situation, the current endeavor proposes a new compensation plan based on the following:

A guaranteed minimum wage established for all of the team members

Additional wage increases based on specific employee features, such as experience, loyalty to the firm or level of education acquired

Premiums and bonuses based on performance

Non-financial compensations, such as flexible working schedules or the offering of training programs.

The above presented pay system stands…… [Read More]


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Motivation for Career Change Over Time the

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Motivation for Career Change

Over time, the manner in which different people define success tends to change, and this has certainly been the case with me. Despite the challenges that are involved, I have become highly motivated to make a change in my career that will help fulfill my revised definition of personal and professional success. In this regard, for the past several years, I have been studying clinical medicine and successfully completed my bachelor's degree at Yunyang Medical College in this program of study in mid-2008. Following the completion of my bachelor's degree at Yunyang Medical College, I was employed as an intern at the Weifang Maternal and Child Health Hospital where I gained valuable practical experience in hospital paper-based and computerized administration as well as various treatment protocols. While I found these healthcare experiences to be illuminating and fulfilling, there was something missing. As a result, I came…… [Read More]

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Incentive Plan Incentive Program Proposal Real Estate

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Incentive Plan

Incentive Program Proposal eal Estate Company

Employee motivation is the key to increasing productivity at any organization, but it is particularly important in sales related industries such as eal Estate. The real estate sales force must be able to remain motivated even in the face of continual ejection from buyers. To remain motivated and productive requires a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Pay incentives and other benefits are not enough. The employee must gain a sense of satisfaction in order to remain motivated. However, research findings suggest that pay can be used to produce intrinsic motivation if it is used as a source of recognition and reward. This project proposal explores the method that will be used for introducing a new employee motivation program at the real estate company.

Objective for Setting Up the Program

The objective of the proposed incentive and rewards plan is to…… [Read More]


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Merging 401 K Plan

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Merging 401(k) Plan

The issue of vested and unvested employees is rather complicated. We need to analyze the facts and create several other groups, according to the 'vesting' intervals they find themselves in.

We need to address the issue of the vested employees at Claricom who have finished their 4-year period of vesting with Claricom, because, if the Staples schedule is adopted, we will need to consider what will happen with the additional one year that the scheme requires. As such, because the company has decided to adopt the Staples schedule, these employees will find their vesting period increased with an additional year and, even more so, they will also find 20% of their future benefits cut-off, as the additional year is considered to correspond to the additional 20% that the Staples schedule implies. It is probable that the most serious issue here is exactly this 20% difference. If they…… [Read More]

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Training and Development Plan Week Two Exercise

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Training and Development Plan for New Employees

To familiarize new employees with the organization and, hence, ensure that they get off to a good start.

Overview of the Company -- Brief History, Mission, Vision, Objectives

Overview of Key Policies

Safety Training -- Emergency Procedures and General esponsibilities

Day 2 to Day 4

General Administrative Policies and Procedures

eview of the Tasks Specific to the Position

eview of Performance Expectations

Day 5 to Day 15

Job-Specific/Departmental Orientation

Peer Critique

Being an on-the-job training and development plan, the post fails to offer a complete and detailed checklist of key items -- effectively comprising the ability of the plan to achieve its desired objectives. A well-designed on-the-job training and development plan should include parameters for enhanced performance and identify key areas for intervention. The relevance of clear timelines cannot, also, be overstated. Essentially, having in place a well-designed training and development plan is…… [Read More]


Jackson, S., Schuler, R. & Werner, S. (2011). Managing Human Resources (11th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.
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Preliminary Analysis Plan the Essential

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In addition, Baxter and Eyles (1997) stress that "academic discourse is sufficiently different from lay accounts" and that "the analytic views of 'outsiders' are important for understanding (pg. 505). Preserving the integrity of the respondents' responses to the interview questions will therefore be paramount in any analysis and presentation of the gathered data, even when such analysis/presentation takes place in a quantified manner. Gay & Airasian (2000) also maintain that there is a high need for data obtained through interview to remain descriptive when possible. Much of the important data in this preliminary study will be quantifiable, but other aspects will need to be treated in this more descriptive manner.

The use of case studies and the general descriptive representation of qualitative data and its analysis is a long recognized trend in the human and even the hard sciences (Leedy 2003). Even presenting certain events and phenomena within the framework…… [Read More]


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Performance Management Plan Task

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Performance Management Plan task decribed email Traci Atwood Allen Consulting page

Performance management plan

In order to experience best results with the company, the employer needs to consider the value of employees for the firm as a whole. Through being able to assess each employee and the degree to which he or she is essential for the institution, Bradley can effectively direct finances with the purpose of providing valuable employees with bonuses. In order to obtain best results from his relationship with employees, he would have to devise a job plan in order to emphasize the expectations he has from each of his employees.

All employees need to be well-acquainted with the company's goals in general and with the tools it needs to use in order to achieve them. This means that Bradley would have to produce a strategy that would instruct each person about his or her role in…… [Read More]

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Management XYZ Action Plan 89

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Soliciting more suggestions about how to improve the company from employees will make workers feel as if the company has a personal investment in their output, and that they can make a valuable commitment to the overall mission of the company. Having a clear sense of corporate identity can make workers feel as if they are motivated to improve the company as a unit instead of merely seeing the company as a vehicle of self-advancement. Many of the dissatisfactions articulated by the company relate to understandable individual concerns, such as the lack of personal time, overwork, promotions, and equitable pay. These all suggest that the company comes up lacking because it does not invest in workers, thus workers do not invest themselves in it.

"Herzberg, Mausner, and Snyderman (1959) identified factors such as achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, and personal growth which, when provided as an intrinsic component of a job,…… [Read More]

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