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Market Communication

Words: 3209 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 13024104

market communication plan for Divine Chocolate that produces chocolates for a noble cause of supporting the cocoa farmers of Ghana and promoting Fair Trade. The paper consists of an analysis of its business environment as well as a set of recommended strategies which it can use to beat the competition and effectively communicate its marketing messages to the most potential target customers.

Divine Chocolate is one of the leading Fair Trade chocolate manufacturers in the United Kingdom and United States. In addition to producing the best quality chocolates, Divine Chocolate also aims to promote fair trade in the Global community. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the current business and marketing strategies of Divine Chocolate and proposes a market communication plan which can help it better understand its target market, effectively run its advertising and promotional campaigns, and beat the competitor brands which are supported by numerous unknown credential…… [Read More]


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Globalization Has Impacted Almost Very

Words: 3138 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58322621

Outsourcing and Offshoring

Critically examining the current business practices used by the Hershey organization in the wake of globalization, it is evident that outsourcing and offshoring are among the most prominent practices currently being utilized by the organization. A review of the literature on the process of outsourcing indicates that, overall, this practice is often met with considerable disdain by domestic workers. Scholars argue that the principle perception that pervades the decision to outsource is that the organization is sacrificing good American jobs for cheap labor. Although access to cheap labor may save the organization money, this money is saved at the expense of hard working Americans (Cadbury, 5-6). In short outsourcing is unethical because it effectively places profits above people.

Even though outsourcing is clearly an ethical issue for employees, scholars examining this issue argue that outsourcing is not an ethical decision for the organization. Rather, the decision to…… [Read More]

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New Content in Red Increasing

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22483491

This contest would be entirely hosted on YouTube with links to the Fearless site, showing every uploaded video entry. Having a contest like this brings the voice of the Fearless customer into the very center of their social media strategy and also sets the foundation of a highly effective virtual community. User-generated content is especially powerful in getting potential customers to see how they are part of the broader customer base, seeing how others like them are using the products shown (ndrew, Fischer, Yongjian, 2012). For Fearless this will also break down the barriers to having customers share more information, thereby creating a more effective dialogue than they are having today. The essence of any effective branding strategy is the embedding of messaging in social networks that support and strengthen the overall customer experiences a given product or service is attempting to convey (Zaglia, 2013). The YouTube Video Contest, with…… [Read More]

As a first step in creating this online community, Fearless needs to sponsor more contests for customers, where the winner gets a free year's supply of all the Fearless Chocolate they want (limit of 250 lbs.) and a free trip to Berkeley, California to see the manufacturing of chocolate. Berkeley is just across from San Francisco, so giving a free week in that city would be a very big motivator for people to produce entries. This contest would be entirely hosted on YouTube with links to the Fearless site, showing every uploaded video entry. Having a contest like this brings the voice of the Fearless customer into the very center of their social media strategy and also sets the foundation of a highly effective virtual community. User-generated content is especially powerful in getting potential customers to see how they are part of the broader customer base, seeing how others like them are using the products shown (Andrew, Fischer, Yongjian, 2012). For Fearless this will also break down the barriers to having customers share more information, thereby creating a more effective dialogue than they are having today. The essence of any effective branding strategy is the embedding of messaging in social networks that support and strengthen the overall customer experiences a given product or service is attempting to convey (Zaglia, 2013). The YouTube Video Contest, with the grand prize being a trip to San Francisco and Berkeley, in addition to a year's supply of chocolate, will generate tens of thousands of entries, create a very strong dialogue between the company and its customers.

Pinterest is one of the most rapidly-growing social networking sites for sharing images, and is being used widely by consumer brands to further engage with prospects and customers. Fearless is a natural fit for Pinterest, and needs to also sponsor a recipe contest on this site, where customers are asked to provide pictures and recipe instructions of what they make from the company's chocolates. The first prize could also be a trip to an Francisco and tour of the factory, in addition to attendance at a local cooing school in the city, which is known for its excellence in culinary arts. This would again bring the voice of the customer directly into the social media efforts, initiate and sustain very strong level of communication with them and best of all, bring visual imagery showing customers' commitment to the brand. What Fearless needs to do is create a very strong connection with customers where their stories come out in social media, and the majority of traffic on social media is about them. Fearless will succeed by making customers the rock stars of their social media efforts.

In terms of Facebook, the company continues to rely on this social network for promoting advertising and engaging in limited conversations with customers. What' needed on Facebook is a much more interactive approach to communicating with and connecting with customers. The company recently hosted a
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Mobile Marketing in Hotels in

Words: 1662 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Introduction Paper #: 94692299

Analysis of the data was done by within-case and cross-case analysis with regard to the mobile marketing applications. Within-case analysis allows researcher to analyze the interview data from hotels against the previous research or literature, boiling down a large amount of data into readily digestible and easily understood segments. Afterwards cross-case analysis is implemented to compare all cases to each other in order to find common patterns or themes, which also makes it easier to conclude the research. In general, case study methodology requires multiple sources of data. In the case of this study, the observation of mobile application, Internet website and mobile website of interviewed hotels was central to the research. Some hotels also provided the author with some artifacts that are also considered as sources of data (such as a flier and chocolate bar which had Q code on them).


In this chapter, the author has mapped…… [Read More]


Android market: google maps with navigation. (2011). Retrieved from .

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Chocolat There Is No Better

Words: 4622 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50575299

Clarence-Smith 6)

In so doing the commodity market and global trade developed a new history for chocolate, one that makes it a very fitting liberator in the small French village depicted in the film.

This new history is a story of sweetness and power, that is, the power to define what constitutes refined taste (Mintz 1985). All these accounts relate how Spanish nuns or monks were the first to domesticate a bitter, cold drink judged to be "more fit for pigs than for human consumption" (compare Constant 1988, 29; Robert 1990, 20). Chocolate was supposedly tamed by adding heat, sugar, and more refined flavorings such as vanilla, cinnamon, amber, and musk. This triumphant transformation heralded the introduction of chocolate to European nobles at court. "Hot, flavored, sweet; virtually nothing recalled its savage origins and, throughout the seventeenth century, the brown ambrosia would attract new followers" (Schiaffino and Cluizel 1988, 18).…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Right and Wrong Way of Doing Something

Words: 1420 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93520532

Right and rong ay of Doing Something:

Making chocolate chip cookies

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies. However, not everyone knows how to make good chocolate chip cookies the right way. People who are good bakers seem to have a mysterious power. hat is their secret? Did they learn their recipes at their grandmothers' knees? Do they have a special gift? The answer to all of these questions is 'no.' Instead, by following some simple steps, it is very easy to make a bakery-worthy chocolate chip cookie.

The first step is to lay out the necessary ingredients to make the cookies, to ensure that all of the components of the cookie are in the cupboard. A bad baker begins sifting flour haphazardly without checking to make sure that all of the ingredients are present. Baking is chemistry, not an art, and substitutions usually do not end happily unless the cook knows…… [Read More]

Works Cited

"Chocolate chip cookie ingredients." Cookie Smart. [19 September 2012]

"Easy cookie baking tips." Cookie Smart. [19 September 2012]
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Ethical Branding Case of Divine

Words: 3560 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 34797428

The business is also becoming one of the leading companies and a well-known case study of the fair trade principles within the market. The business is also creating a noble image within the target market through its efforts of creating awareness for paying the fair price to its coca producers. The image created by the business is significantly affecting its brand image as an ethical brand. The research of Britain (2007) is also evident of the findings presented above.

USA consumer attitudes:

According to Ma (2007) the consumers in United States are also familiar with the fair trade attitudes and principles. The young consumers are highly likely to purchase products that are manufactured by the businesses incorporating fair trade principles. The consumers of young age group prefer to value the contributions of manufacturers towards fair trade principles (Gropel, 2012). The graduates and educated high income group is also tilted towards…… [Read More]


Britain, G 2007, Fair trade and development: seventh report of session 2006-07, Vol. 2: Oral and written evidence (Vol. 356), Stationery Office, United Kingdom.

Clarke, N, Barnett, C, Cloke, P & Malpass, a 2007, the political rationalities of fair-trade consumption in the United Kingdom, Politics & Society, Vol. 35, No. 4, pp. 583-607.

De Pelsmacker, P, Driesen, L & Rayp, G 2005, Do Consumers Care about Ethics? Willingness to Pay for Fair-Trade Coffe, Journal of consumer affairs, vol. 39, No. 2, pp. 363-385.

DeCarlo, J 2011, Fair trade and how it works, the Rosen Publishing Group.
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Competitive Strategy for a Fast-Paced

Words: 2293 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 21524586

Cost leadership

Attracting more customers and gaining financial advantage over the competition as profits would increase


Forces the company to drastically reduce costs, meaning that product quality could suffer demises




Focus strategy

Can achieve either of cost advantage or differentiation


Addresses a niche market




Differentiation strategy

Product uniqueness which allows for the charging of a premium price to cover for the additionally incurred expenditure


Additional costs which will reduce overall financial gains (they will however be recuperated from the premium price)



7. Description of the Selected Strategy

Based on the analysis conducted at the previous stage, it becomes obvious that the most adequate course of action at this stage is that of implementing differentiation strategies. These actions basically translate into the promotion of new products onto existent markets, meaning that Porter's differentiation strategy is the analogue of Ansoff's product…… [Read More]


Kotelnikov, V., Differentiation Strategy -- How to Survive in the Era of Hypercompetition, 1000 Ventures,  last accessed on July 2, 2009

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2009, Euphoria Chocolate Company, Hoovers,,FRIC__  -- /free-co-competition.xhtml last accessed on July 2, 2009
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Marketing Plan for Terry's Group

Words: 1660 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81874780

But due to previous expertise with unsustainable high sales during promotional periods and constant decreasing sales at the end of the promotional campaign, the company would not implement the penetration pricing strategy

Terry's Group should implement a variable pricing strategy, meaning that the retail price would be given by the costs of manufacturing the products. A modification in the manufacturing costs (such as commodities or labor force) would materialize in a consequent modification of the retail price

Place Decisions

The new Pyramid product line will be available within the company's own stores and also within the stores of Terry's partners and supermarkets

The transport of the products to the retailing destination will be ensured by the producer

The warehousing will also be ensured by Terry's Group

Promotion Decisions

The marketing team at United Biscuits will develop and implement a strong advertising campaign

The advertising campaign will focus around the core…… [Read More]


Terry's Group: Designing Novelty Chocolates, Harvard Business School Publishing, 2001
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Experimental Design for Hypothetical Research Study Recent

Words: 851 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85852922

Experimental Design for Hypothetial Researh Study

Reent researh has emerged whih suggests that the ingestion of hoolate may lead to improved ognitive funtion within the realm of memorization and retention of information. Establishing a onlusive link between ertain hemial omponents found in hoolate and the improvement of memory funtion would be a signifiant point of progress for medial siene, espeially when the impat of Alzheimer's disease, early-onset dementia and other memory-redution ailments on senior itizens is fully onsidered. By expanding on the work of Jones and Wilson (2011) -- who improved soring on math tests two hours after subjets ate hoolate -- it may be possible to identify the partiular enzymes released during digestion whih serve to alter fundamental aspets of memory. Researh published by Wong, Hideki, Anderson, and Skaarsgard (2009) -- whih suggests that the impat of hoolate on memory improvement ours more frequently for women -- an also…… [Read More]

cited in the Introduction, as the subjects who ingested chocolate before testing showing marked improvements over their baseline scores, while the control group exposed to a placebo chocolate substitute returned results which were nearly identical to their baseline. More specifically, women tested higher than their baseline at each duration interval of chocolate ingestion, and the gains experienced by women were significantly higher (on a statistical basis) than those produced by men. In terms of the previously stated hypothesis, the fact that women were consistently observed to record higher test scores after eating chocolate, and that these improvements consistently outpaced that documented in their male counterparts, would appear to suggest a biological basis for the discrepancy. Additional research must be performed from a molecular analysis standpoint to determine if a link between naturally occurring enzymes in chocolate and hormones like estrogen and progesterone which occur predominately in women. The conclusion to be drawn from this experiment is that chocolate contains a particular chemical capable of interacting with the brain on a biological level to stimulate improved cognitive function relating to memory and retention of information. Furthermore, this phenomenon has been observed to occur more frequently and more powerfully in women, suggesting that a component of female biology such as certain hormones may be producing an exaggerated effect. The null hypothesis stated prior to the experiment has been rejected, as chocolate appears to offer genuine benefits for those seeking to improve their ability to memorize facts and retain information.
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Chocolat Directed by Lasse Hallsstrom

Words: 488 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Movie Review Paper #: 1225963

Also, food is a vehicle of pleasure in general, a celebration of life, the body, and sensuality, which have all been denied by the people of the film for too long. Even simply drinking hot chocolate helps Vianne's landlady to thaw as a human being and eventually to her estranged daughter.

6. How does Vianne's chocolate shop affect the lives of various residents of the village?

One old man finally proposes to a woman he has adored from afar, another woman becomes reconciled with a long-lost daughter. People change, fall in love, and quarrels are healed, and eventually the entire village comes to embrace the spirit of the chocolate shop and what chocolate symbolizes in general.

7. Describe three dramatic events that take place in the movie involving chocolate.

The puritanical Reynaud unintentionally incites an unbalanced man to set a fire, which causes the baron to doubt the goodness of…… [Read More]

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Organizational Redesign -- Business Plan

Words: 514 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 32172544

Systemic Redesign

Working with chocolate likely necessitates significant expenditures for equipment because chocolate is usually transported and stored in liquid form and because it is milk-based meaning that it requires refrigeration equipment. It is also probable that specialized equipment is required for the process of injecting liquid liquor into the chocolate candies. In both respects, workers will have to be retrained to accomplish the tasks involved in those processes.

Preparing for Redesign and Maximizing Market Share

My first suggestion might be to initiate an intensive advertising campaign to introduce chocolate lollipops. The inventory probably already features chocolate flavored lollipops; I would introduce a chocolate lollipop and shift advertising and marketing efforts to correspond to that new product rollout for obvious strategic reasons. Similarly, I might also introduce a liquor-filled chocolate lollipop.

Operationally, I would assign the staff scheduled for retention after the full implementation of the eventual change because that…… [Read More]

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Business Profiles Hershey's Milton Hershey

Words: 1663 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27973070

While at J.C. Penney, Walton read extensively about retailing theory and principles. He also had the insight to consider the importance of proximity to his merchandise suppliers and he took full advantage of his ability to turn around merchandise so fast that he could leverage his short-term debts to suppliers into capital for investment and growth.

6. Who is in charge of the company now?

Michael Terry Duke, became the Chief Executive Officer and President of Wal-Mart tores Inc. In 2009. Previously, he was the Executive Vice President of Wal-Mart tores Inc., and before that, he served as Executive Vice President of Administration, and Executive Vice President of Logistics, enior Vice President of Logistics at Wal-Mart tores Inc., and enior Vice President of Distribution of Wal-Mart tores Division (UA).

7. Describe any "barriers of entry," competition or marketing challenges the Entrepreneur overcame.

The principal barrier of entry faced by Walton…… [Read More]

Sources Consulted

Kennon, J. (2011) Sam Walton (aka Samuel Moore Walton) 

The Hershey Company. (2011). Our Story.
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Relaunch of Cadbury's Wispa Bar

Words: 2607 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 90377350

2 Marketing Communication Objectives

• Promotional Objectives: Initiate grass root, interactive, and experiential campaigns, over a six-month period, throughout the United States, to increase brand awareness, trial consumption, and long-term end-users. Target the college and college-aged segment, and college beach territories. Track consumer activity through specialized giveaways and promotions one to 1.5 years to determine the number of resulting repeat, long-term users. Aside from branding results, promotional efforts, with a budget capacity of $300,000, aim to secure at least 20,000 new long-term users or $250,000 in traceable sales, within one to 1.5 years.

• randing Objectives: Maintain and augment a fun, celebratory brand image for Wispa bars. Contract brand ambassadors to foster brand awareness among 250 U.S. colleges, and reach 250,000 U.S. college-aged students with gratuitous Wispa bar samples, over a six-month period.

• Sales and usiness Development Objectives: Establish relationships with five new major retail distributors in the United…… [Read More]


Cadbury. (2012). Cadbury Products. Available: . Last accessed 7th April 2012.

GlobalData. (2010). Cadbury plc (CBRY) - financial and strategic analysis review. Available: . Last accessed 6th April 2012.
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Advertisement Become an Offer One of the

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38588099

advertisement become an offer, one of the three elements requisite for the formation of a contract between the offeror and offeree? What special rules govern the sale of goods online, and, if this point is reached, at what point does a contract exist between the website (offeror) and the purchaser (offeree)? If, indeed an enforceable contract is formed between an online offeror and a purchaser/offeree, what remedies are available in the form of damages if that contract is breached? The case of Todd v. Foodmart calls upon us to determine an answer to all three of these questions, to decide whether Foodmart's advertised sale of discontinued chocolate sauce was an offer, whether Todd entered into an enforceable contract with Foodmart for the purchase of chocolate sauce at the advertised sale price, and whether Todd can recieve damages for breach of that contract when Foodmart refused to deliver the chocoalte sauce…… [Read More]

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Confections Industry Structured What Are

Words: 942 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33957028

4. Which companies are in the strongest position? Which companies are in the weakest position?

Two undisputable leaders of the confectionery industry are represented by the Hersheys Foods Corporation and by Nestle. Both of them are however characterized by the fact that they are large size companies, which operate in numerous sub-fields of the foods industry, without being actually specialized in chocolates and gourmet sweets.

The ocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is on the other hand a less powerful competitor within the industry, but it does reveal potential. "I must admit I'm intrigued by ocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. While the company's clearly not a Hershey in scope, and despite its share price having been essentially flat over the past year, I would venture that its debt-free balance sheet and its earnings growth will stand it in good stead going forward" (Case 22).

5. What moves are rivals likely to make next?…… [Read More]


Case 22: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc.
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SEM if You Had to

Words: 1874 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: A-Level Coursework Paper #: 41010068

6. When would you suggest using negative match for keywords? Please give a specific example of a keyword and a related negative match.

The intent of using negative keywords is to trim back the number of items returned in a search, making the results delivered more relevant. The example shown below illustrates how a search of the New York Yankees could be made more relevant by removing the local New York football teams.

Negative keywords: New York Giants, New York Jets

7. Using the information provided in the attached Excel spreadsheet, please answer the following questions:

a. What is the clickthrough rate (CTR) for the keyword, Rock Band 2? Please illustrate the formula used to derive your answer.

CTR = (Clicks/Impressions) x 100

.15 = (16,797/110547) x 100

b. What is the CTR for the overall campaign?

.046 = (575,082/12,282,679) x 100

c. What is the CPC for the keyword,…… [Read More]

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Female Perspective on Sexual Acts

Words: 1600 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37454240

The culminating act of the novel also clearly illustrates this principle. During the second time Tita and Pedro make love -- and the only time they do so with complete abandonment, without fear of getting caught, the world reacts in a manner typical of magical realism, with the massive fluttering sound of a thousand doves wings: "Tita was aware of none of this, she was experiencing a climax so intense that her closed eyes glowed, and a brilliant tunnel appeared before her" (Esquivel, 220). This tunnel leads to the afterlife, and means death. Tita is able to keep herself back from this light, resisting the temptation in order to enjoy her newfound world of pleasure with Pedro. Pedro, however, crosses over into the light; the act of uninhibited sexual intercourse is too powerful for him, and he is consumed by it. Though the book's central conflict is the denial of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Esquivel, Laura. Like Water for Chocolate. New York: Anchor, 1995.

Saadawi, Nawal El. Woman at Point Zero. London: Zed Books, 1990.
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Snickers From Research Learned Identify 3 Marketing

Words: 727 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53867488


From research learned, identify (3) marketing environment forces impact Snickers. Mars Chocolate. Describe force analyze & impact product/service. Explore strategies overcome threats capitalize opportunities

Snickers: Market forces

Concerns about obesity

The escalating global obesity epidemic has caused great concern about too much consumption of 'junk' food. Snickers traditionally advertised itself along the lines of many energy bars, as a treat that 'really satisfied' the consumer by offering a portable, quick source of energy. However, now there are many popular energy bars that offer nutritional bars with higher levels of protein and lower levels of carbohydrates than a candy bar. The trend towards eating healthier has also caused an explosion of portable snacks such as cut-up packaged fruits, individually-sized hummus, and other snack foods with higher levels of nutrition than Snickers bars.

Candy is being banned in many schools -- from school vending machines and even from Halloween and Valentine's…… [Read More]


Candy review. (2011). Crank Revolution. Retrieved: 

Mars puts Snickers bars on a diet. (2012).CNN Retrieved:
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Child Trafficking

Words: 697 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Movie Review Paper #: 86148684

Child Trafficking

Slave labor and child trafficking are commonplace in cocoa industry in the Ivory Coast, and the makers of the documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate (2010) found them working as slaves everywhere on the cocoa plantations there. Even though the largest chocolate companies in the world, including Nestle, Archer Daniels and Cargill signed a protocol with the International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2001 that mandated the end of child labor and trafficking by 2008, this has not occurred. Nestle and these other giant multinational corporations denied any knowledge of these practices or any control over slave labor on these Ivory Coast plantations, but they did not wish t see the evidence in the film. Interpol knew about these practices because it has railed the plantations and rescued dozens of children from slavery, even though the government of the Ivory Coast and the cocoa exporters denied that child trafficking…… [Read More]


Mistrati, Miki and U. Roberto Romano Dirs. 2010. The Dark Side of Chocolate. 46 mins. Bastard Film and TV Productions.
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Candy Factory

Words: 2379 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68107327

incurred in the Candy making process.

Candy Making Process

Process of making candy is a long process. The process involves blending and mixing of pounds of chocolate, milk & cream, sugar, candy coating and other ingredients to make candy that would be acceptable to customers. From the brief explanation of the candy making, it is revealed that the production process of candy involves combining the three factors of production such as land, labor, and capital to produce the final products.

In the Candy making, there is a need to set aside the financial resources that would be used to:

purchase the raw materials or the ingredients;

purchase the equipment to make candy;

rent or purchase the land to build the factory or lease the existing factory;

pay direct and indirect labor;

purchase office equipment;

settle other miscellaneous payments such as the telephone bills, water bills and others

After the owner…… [Read More]


Fryatt, E.H. (1999).Candy Making Basics. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.UK.

Jones, D. (2011). Candy Making For Dummies. John Wiley and Sons. USA.

Porter, M.E. (2008) The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, Harvard business Review, January.

Walther, L.M. (2011). Managerial Accounting. Create Space. USA.
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Teleford and Ivey James Are the Second-Generation

Words: 956 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68846126

Teleford and Ivey James are the second-generation owners of a family-owned manufacturer of premium chocolates started by Teleford's father in 1964. James Confectioners has grown during its 50 years into a large and modern factory with sophisticated equipment and annual sales of almost $4 million. They are above the industry standard in pricing, but not at the top range for the quality they produce. The James' are quite concerned of late about rising costs of base chocolate because it is grown in South America and Africa. Additionally, there are escalating costs from milk and sugar which, in combination, are squeezing the company's margins.

Ratios for Jame's Confectioners:


Current Year

Last Year

Industry Median

Liquidity Ratios

Current Ratio

Quick Ratio


Leverage Ratios

Debt Ratio





Times Interest Earned Ratio

Operating Ratios

Average Inventory Turnover




Average Collection Period



Average Payable Period

33.63…… [Read More]

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Marketing Branding Strategies Are Key to a

Words: 1120 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10680464


Branding strategies are key to a company's success. Levi-Strauss must take care not to sully its reputation by jumping into a new line of business attire. The proposal to create a new line of Levi-Strauss office clothes is flawed. The following consulting report outlines the reasons why the company must change its approach towards developing a new line.

Branding strategies are key to a company's success and why the Levi-Strauss name is synonymous with jeans worldwide. Having expanded beyond dungarees and into men and women's casual apparel, the Levi-Strauss brand has remained consistent without being stagnant. Market research would be immanently helpful in making a final decision on whether or not to diversify the brand even further, but based on what we already know, Levi-Strauss cannot enter the business attire industry as a formidable competitor to Brooks Brothers without risking significant if not debilitating losses. It is therefore not…… [Read More]


Barwise, P. & Meehan, S. (2010). The one thing you must get right when building a brand. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved online: 

Deshpande, R. (2010). Why you aren't buying Venezuelan chocolate. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved online: 

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Milkman, Katherine L. (2008) Tap Consumers' Desire for "Shoulds." Harvard Business Review; Jul-Aug2008, Vol. 86 Issue 7/8, p22-23
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Human Resources Best Practices The Hershey Company

Words: 1241 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75201044

Human Resources Best Practices: The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company (Hershey) is a world leader, not only in the manufacture of chocolate, but also in ethical behavior. Employing approximately 13,600 people worldwide, Hershey markets its products in 50 countries, with key markets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, China and Brazil (The Hershey Company, n.d.). Realizing the importance of ethics in its worldwide operations, Hershey is pointedly: "committed to being all-inclusive" (The Hershey Company, n.d.), deliberately courting prospective employees across the arrays of age, gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation; dedicated to mentoring as a means of enhancing the lives of its mentor/protege teams, their families, neighborhoods and beyond. As a result, Hershey has created a thriving organizational culture benefitting everyone it touches.


Hershey's values and the Company's actions to support those values are clearly stated:

"e are committed to being all-inclusive and to realizing our vision of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Authenticity Consulting, LLC. (n.d.). Mentoring. Retrieved from Web site: 

Denecke, A., & McGuire, P. (2005, May 8). Six steps for implementing diversity programs . Retrieved from Portland Business Journal: 

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The Hershey Company. (n.d.). Our values. Retrieved from The Hershey Company Web site:
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Tootsie Roll Corporation Everyone Knows That Iconic

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Tootsie oll Corporation

Everyone knows that iconic brand. It is the Tootsie oll, one of America's favorite chocolate candies. The company was originally started in 1890 by Leo Hirshfield, making the company over 116 years old (Kesling, 2012). Throughout its long history, there have been little changes to the classic recipes. Yet, is it time foe a change?

With Halloween rapidly approaching, Tootsie oll is in good form. This time of year is when the company generates some of its highest profit margins. Overall, the company is in good shape most of the year as is. However, recent years have shown slight dips in overall profit potentials. The year 2011 saw overall revenue of $528.4 million with a total profit of $43.9 million (Kesling, 2012). Still, the company's stock looks to be on the rise since late 2012 (The Motley Fool, 2013). Yet, it is time for the company to…… [Read More]


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Ethics in the Practice of Psychology Ethical

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Ethics in the Practice of Psychology

Ethical Decision-Making

Identify the problem.

The therapist must decide how to respond to several potential ethics issues that the client has brought to the client-therapist relationship. The therapist is considering options for responding that will preserve the integrity of the client-therapist relationship and that will avoid communicating any disregard for the ethnic traditions that are most likely influencing the client's actions.

Identify the potential issues involved.

While it is probable that the psychologist has reviewed the ethical guidelines that govern her work, the client has stepped outside of those bounds in several ways. Most notably, the client has not complied with the processes and constraints associated with fee payment, and the client has introduced complexity into the client-therapist relationship by making arrangements for the provision of therapy services to another family member without first discussing the matter with the therapist. In addition, the client…… [Read More]


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Film Auteur Theory in Tim

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Gotham is a dark place, which manifests evil in the character of the Joker (Jack Nicholson). Bruce Wayne, Batman, is the force with which evil must reckon. Batman, however, has his own dark side, which is manifest in his costume, his gothic style mansion, and the technology he employs to combat the Joker and other criminal elements.

In this film, Burton needed only a few big name and talented actors -- Jack Nicholson (the Joker), Michael Keaton (Bruce Wayne aka Batman), Billy Dee Williams (Harvey Bent), and Kim Bassinger (Vicky Vale) to attract that audience that might otherwise have opted out of a comic book to film production. Yet the actors in this instance by virtue of their talent need minimal direction, and that allows Burton to focus on the structure of the film. The film is not structured around the actors, but the actors fill the structure of the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan Sweet Treats Coffee

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3 Competition

As stated before, the competition in the coffee shops industry has increased drastically during the past recent years. In 2003, the industry had registered total sales of over $6 billion (Ferguson, 2004). The top five competitors of Sweettreats would be: Starbucks, Nestle, McDonald's, Dunkin and Gloria Jean's.

Gloria Jean's is among the leaders of the industry and they basically address their products to the young population. The corporation is based in Australia but present in numerous countries of the globe through franchise contracts (Official Website of Gloria Jean's, 2008).

Dunkin Donuts is a U.S. based company, namely headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts. In 2006, they registered annual revenue of over $4 billion. They address all types of consumers and sell a wide palette of coffee-based beverages and foods (Official Website of Dunkin Donuts, 2008).

Starbucks is the undisputed leader of the industry and in 2006 they registered annual revenues…… [Read More]


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Hershey's Sweet Mission

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Hershey's Management Case Study

Every enterprise which employs a diverse and multifaceted workforce to facilitate organization, production, and service, from major international corporations to local community churches, utilizes a concept known as performance management to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness. The field of performance management has been defined by managerial researchers as a "strategic and integrated approach to increasing the effectiveness of companies by improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors" (Armstrong and Baron, 1998), and the technique has been used since the 1970's by businesses seeking to improve their organizational results. In the case of the Hershey Company, which has been built into the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America, a clearly defined mission statement defines crucial relationships with key stakeholders, including consumers, investors, suppliers, and employees. Manager Mary Parsons has applied the concept…… [Read More]


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Cocoa the Cacao Tree Theobroma Cacao What

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State of the At of Cocoa

Is Cocoa good fo you?

Buden of Poof





Chocolate Caving

F. Migaine

G. Toxicity

H. Immune Function


J. Othe Disodes

K. Behavio

L. Antioxidants

M. Caffeine

N. Dental Caies

O. Migaines

P. Obesity

Seum Cholesteol

K. Heat Health

Pacemakes and vitamin pills ae just among a few of millions of health poducts that ae sold daily aound the wold. But one of the most easily accessible of all is ight beneath ou noses: chocolate. Cocoa, the plant fom which chocolate is deived, has had a positive effect on today's society because of its active ole in daily health. The development and distibution of cocoa has had a positive effect on today's…… [Read More]

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