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Health Care SWOT Analysis

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Coffee egional Medical Center, Inc. CMC") is a non-profit, 88-bed hospital located in Douglas, Georgia. Since 1953, CMC has served the healthcare needs of the community as the sole hospital-provider in Douglas, Georgia and surrounding Coffee County. CMC's mission is to provide the highest-quality healthcare, in a safe and caring environment, for both patients and families (Coffee egional Medical Center, N.d.).

CMC is an acute care hospital for adults and children in southern Georgia whose primary and secondary markets extend from Coffee to Jeff Davis and Bacon counties to Ben Hill and Atkinson counties.


Healthcare is miles behind the curve when it comes to technological innovation, an industry that historically has not been easy to innovate for. There are two key trends that have changed the game just in the last few months, explains Zoe Barry, CEO and Founder of Zappx, "opening up what could be a landgrab for…… [Read More]


Coffee Regional Medical Center. (N.d.). 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment.

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Social Service Solutions

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Coffee-Town Problem

Human Service Plan

Coffee-Town is an area with great social service professionals that do a great job of service delivery to help the people of the community. However, even with the great performance there are some shortfalls and shortcomings that are under way whereby people are unable to get the full depth and breadth of the services that they need. In addition, the bureaucracy of all of the different social services and how they do (or do not) fit together is creating a headache and a substantial amount of time spent to get each of the individual services. To ameliorate this condition, there will be suggestions made to absolve the problem in addition to some other suggestions and pointers that will aid the overall progress. While there are challenges that can inhibit changing the status quo for the people that need services and the people that deliver them,…… [Read More]

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Product Survey

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Coffee Cups

here are 2855 locations in NYC alone that sell you coffee cups. o list all these stores -- sometimes duplicated -- would take a volume alone. he following is therefore a summary of some key places that sell coffee cups -- otherwise called mugs, the general price of these (usually ceramic) coffee cups; the details of these coffee cups; and descriptions of outstanding logos and/or designs.

As the Huff Post New York (2012) remarks: "Coffee cups in New York are as varied as the Big Apple" ( For the first three decades it was the iconic polystyrene or paper Greek-themed "Happy to Serve" coffee cup that has now been converted into ceramic. In the mid-1990s, the environmentally friendly Starbucks-style cup rushed into style usually accompanied with sipping lids and cardboard sleeves. All of these are free; you paid for the drink of course. You find these cups…… [Read More]

TSA screener at JFK 'hurled hot coffee at American Airlines pilot who told her to stop swearing' Mail online. 

Nyc Coffee Cups
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Remote Industry Description

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Coffee Industry:

Assessing Competitive Dynamics on the Future of Starbucks

The United States is one of the most profitable markets for coffee globally, generating $29B in sales in 2012, yet it is also one of the most volatile from an economic and supply chain perspective as well. The many challenges Starbucks faced in 2009 and the decision to lower prices was one driven by the mercurial nature of the U.S. coffee market consumption patterns specifically (Starbucks Investor elations, 2013). The purpose of this analysis is to analyze the current trends in the coffee industry and predict future trends based on economic and market analysis. The second objective of this analysis is to evaluate future trends in terms of their implications on the future of the U.S. coffee industry. The third objective is to complete an analysis of how these trends will evolve into threats or opportunities for Starbucks.

Analysis…… [Read More]


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Sustainability and Peter Drucker

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Sustainability of Britt Coffee

Sustainability is a huge word in business today. It is an admirable goal for business to make promises to lower their carbon footprint. Yet, it is the businesses that take this mission and align it with strategic financial goals that illustrate the theories of the late Peter Drucker in action. Drucker believed that without taking care of its operations first, there is no way a business could really be socially responsible in any other meaningful way. Thus, for modern businesses to be successful in their sustainability strategies, they must also be successful in their strategic operational strategies. The health of the business always comes first, according to Drucker, and then the health of their social responsibility and sustainability efforts will come after. This can be seen in the strategy of Britt Coffee, a company that in many ways combines its effort to gain a competitive advantage…… [Read More]


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Transfer Pricing

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Management Accounting

Coffee Makers Incorporated Transfer Prices Case Study

The Current Position

Department B

Proposed Changes

Department B

Coffee Makers Incorporated has two divisions which purchase parts internally form a third department. Two parts; 101 and 201 are produced internally. The current transfer price for those parts is $1,000 and $2,000 respectively. The departments which are buying the parts; dept. A is buying part 101 and dep. B is buying part 201, want to change the purchase pattern, as external suppliers can supply the parts at a price less than the transfer price (dept. C) is charging.

Currently Dept A buys 3000 of the 101 parts from department C. topped up with 1,000 parts from external suppliers, department B. purchases 1,000 parts from dept. C and 1,000 parts from external suppliers. Both departments want to make a change to reduce their own costs, moving more purchases to the external supplier.…… [Read More]


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Cmi and Transfer Pricing

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Transfer Pricing Case Study; Coffee Makers Incorporated

The decision to make or purchase a good that can, or already is supplied internally requires careful consideration. Different departments may look at the issue differently, especially if the internal transfer pricing does not reflect the market conditions. However, although different departments may have different budgets, the firm will also need to take a broader view and consider the bottom line for the firm.

In this case Coffee Makers Incorporated (CMI) is considering the position of three divisions; Divisions A and B. are both buying parts from Division C. Division A buys part 101, for a transfer price of $1,000, and Division B. buys part 201 for a transfer price of $2,000. Both divisions are under pressure to increase their profitability so when the opportunity for division A to purchase part 101 externally for $900, and division B. has the opportunity to…… [Read More]

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Project Management - Starting a

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P basically means doing a good thing and speaking about it. In other words, no matter how great the new coffee shop will be, unless it is very well advertised, it will not be worth a dime. The new coffee shop will be advertised on: business cards, T-shirts, travel mugs, coasters, glassware, sport bottles, ceramic cups, and others. Also, the coffee shop could be advertised on radio for greater success.

Macro (Top Down) cost estimate

Starting a coffee shop is a business that requires significant amounts of money. In accordance with the coffee shop's size, the following macro costs are estimated:

For a coffee cart the start-up cost is $20,000-$25,000

For a coffee kiosk, the macro costs are usually between $50,000-$60,000

For a coffee drive-thru, the costs for opening such a location may be very different in accordance with the unit's size, reaching $30,000-$180,000

For a sit down coffee shop,…… [Read More]

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Psychographic Segmentation of Starbucks

Words: 2226 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40414572

Starbucks, a Market Analysis

Starbucks is a major, world wide coffee retailer specializing in a variety of brands of blend coffee and iced beverages, among other related products. Within the market sector Starbucks exists stands several competing companies such as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Caribou Coffee. Each company shares similar strategies, appealing to a similar demographic, and hails themselves as the high-end of coffee-based shops/cafes. They also share a similar promise of quality ingredients and service. The difference is, while a company like Starbucks focuses on the behavior of consumers to market their product, a company like Caribou coffee relies on the taste and quality of their product, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf rely on location and ease of access.

Starbucks was selected as the primary company to analyze due to its immense popularity and success over the last decade. It has become one of…… [Read More]


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Microeconomic Event Related to New Balance Athletic

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microeconomic event related to New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

The shoes industry just like any other business activity encompasses of diverse footwear retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers. The chief wholesalers in the entire United States of America marketplaces especially the brand name owners obtain the shoes from the independent manufactures. The retail footwear organizations range entails the small shoes businesses that provide shoes to the local citizens to the multinational chain companies. However, most of the footwear industries all over the world operate in both the wholesale and retail arenas hence capable of increasing the profitable returns. Operating through both the wholesale and retail arenas also assist the shoe companies to reduce the risks the organization faces. For instance, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. incorporates all the retail and wholesale plants to acquire ready-made materials for the production of the final footwear product (Carroll, Archie and Ann 71).

Analysis of current…… [Read More]

Works cited

Carroll, Archie B, and Ann K. Buchholtz. Business & Society: Ethics and Stakeholder

Management. Mason, OH: CL-South-Western Cengage Learning, 2010. Print.
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Mochalicious Marketing Plan Marketing Strategy

Words: 914 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29810128

Also, it has to expend a huge amount on marketing and promotional efforts which significantly decreases its profit margins. The company has also restricted itself to the coffee product only -- adding more products can also help it gain a higher market share (Kurtz, MacKenzie, & Snow, 2010).

Competitor Analysis and Differentiation Strategy

Mochalicious Coffee directly competes with the small and large scale coffee and beverages brands like Starbucks, McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, Barista, Seattle's, Au Bon Pain, Biggby Coffee, Caribou Coffee, Blue State Coffee, etc. These top coffee brands compete with each other on the basis of quality, taste, and pricing of their products. In order to compete with these competitors, Mochalicious Coffee has to charge a competitive price as well as maintain the top quality and taste of its coffee. It also makes every effort to differentiate its products from those of its competitors so that customers always prefer…… [Read More]


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Howard Schultz Case Analysis - Howard Schultz

Words: 1889 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90287298

Howard Schultz

Case Analysis - Howard Schultz Starbucks

Coffee Company


Case Analysis - Howard Schultz Starbucks Coffee Company

Company Overview

Starbucks Corporation is the first organization to specialize in marketing and retailing of specialty coffee in the world. Established in 1985, Starbuck operates in more than 50 countries, and the company sells varieties of coffee and tea beverages through the company trademark. In addition to the Starbucks trademark, the company portfolio also includes Starbucks VIA, Seattle Best Coffee and Tazo Tea. The vision of Starbucks Corporation is to become one of the most recognized respected brands in the world, and the company has tried to achieve this goal by expanding outside the United States. Between 2007 and 2011, the company has been able to increase its net revenue by more than 24%. At the end of 2007 fiscal year, the company recorded the net…… [Read More]


Auch-Roy, H.R. (2004). The Starbucks Corporation: Past, Present and Future. Ambai University Research Paper.

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Lolacc Competitive Advantage a Competitive Advantage Is

Words: 1493 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89140460


Competitive Advantage

A competitive advantage is something that sets the company apart from its competitors. In order to entice customers, a company needs to have something that it does better than its competitors. The more competitive advantages the firm has, and the stronger they are, the more competitive the company will be in the marketplace.

Lola Savannah has a number of competitive advantages that help it in the marketplace. One advantage that Lola has is with respect to freshness and the quality of the roast. Freshness is important because freshly-roasted coffee tastes better, and this is especially true for coffee that has been pre-ground. Coffee from major food companies or importers like Sunbelt Imports lacks the freshness of Lola's coffee. Lola ensures that it receives its beans as quickly as possible from the harvest by working with wholesalers to shorten the supply chain. The fresh beans are then roasted…… [Read More]