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Compare and Contrast Sun Tzu and Clausewitz

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Karl von Clausewitz & Sun Tzu

Comparative Analysis of Karl von Clausewitz's theory and Sun Tzu's art of war

Civilization has evolved throughout history with numerous incidents of wars, conflicts, and destruction of territories and societies. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire was met with endless conflicts of warring tribes and cultures; war has become rampant through the years that, in the 20th century alone, we bore witness to three major conflicts: the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War. Destructive as wars may seem, Karl von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu considered the concept of war in a different perspective. Where war is synonymous to destruction, pillage, and suffering, Clausewitz and Tzu regarded war as a phenomenon that should be given more analysis than criticism.

In Clausewitz's "On War" and Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," both authors expound their view of the war. This paper centers on a comparative analysis of the discourses of Clausewitz and Tzu about war in general. The analysis found that while both authors subsist to the belief that war must be based on effective tactics and strategy and strong morality, they also differ in that Clausewitz considered war a scientific…… [Read More]

Clausewitz, K. von. E-text of "On War." Available at: .

Tzu, S. E-text of "The Art of War." Available at:
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Compare and Contrast English 101

Words: 690 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17639256

College Students with Children (Parents) and without Children

The beneficial effects of acquiring formal education in college is one of the primary goals of many people nowadays, not only because of the financial gains that a college degree guarantees through employment, but also the personal fulfillment an individual gets from being able to achieve an important educational feat. This is the main reason why not only single individuals attend college schooling, but also single parents (even married ones) opt to continue their college education, so that the benefits of obtaining a degree will be a fulfillment, too. The primary focus of this paper is to differentiate and compare the advantages and disadvantages of single college students with that of single parent college students. The comparative analysis will cover important parts of the two groups' (which will be referred to in this paper as 'single student' and 'single parent') lifestyle at home and in school, such as an individual's social life, finances, study habits, parenting time (for single parents), work schedule, and school time.

When the social life is being discussed as part of college students' life, single students have more time to socialize than single parent students. Since single parents…… [Read More]

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Compare and Contrast 2 Minority Cultures in South Dakota

Words: 1967 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8650404

Minority Culture in South Dakota

Lifestyles, Values and the Economy of Hispanic-Americans and Indian-Americans in South Dakota

The history of the minority groups in the U.S.A. dates back to historical times in the 1800 and their growth has been somehow stable in USA. It is undisputable that the treatment of the minority groups and the Native Americans and the African-Americans ran out of the borders of the tolerance and freedom. It is however notable that the U.S.A. has all through welcomed huge numbers of diverse immigrants and accommodated them as any other born American. It is no longer viable to ignore the issue of the minority groups in each state since even at the national grid, as U.S. Department of State (2006) indicates, the minority groups have played a significant part in all sectors. For instance Hispanics accounted for nearly half of the U.S.A. population increase between July 1, 2004 -- July 1, 2005, Asian-American by 3% while the other minority groups also significantly increased. This then shows that they can no longer be ignored since they significantly affect the American culture and way of life.

1.1 Statement of purpose

This paper is inclined towards divulging the various ways of…… [Read More]

Ann W.C. & Ruben D.N., (2011). Understanding the Hispanic Culture. Retrieved May 22,

2011 from
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Comparing 3 Nathaniel Hawthorne Short Stories

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Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Different Manifestations of Evil in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Short Stories ("the Minister's Black Veil," "Young Goodman Brown," and "My Kinsman, Major Molineux")

Nathaniel Hawthorne, American writer of 19th century American literature, has become well-known for his thought-provoking stories about the lives of Americans during its early history, at the time where there exists a rigid and conservative society motivated by the teachings of Christianity. With his acclaimed novel, "The Scarlet Letter," Hawthorne is also given credit for his literary expertise in writing short stories, which will become the focus of this paper.

Discussing the works of Hawthorne, namely, "The Minister's Black Veil," "Young Goodman Brown," and "My Kinsman, Major Molineux," there emerges a dominant theme among these literary works. Each story carries with a message that talks about humanity's fight against evil in pursuit of goodness. However, what differs these stories from each other is the way he portrayed humanity's evil as it continuously pursues the conscience, psyche, and behavior of the individual (usually the protagonist of the story) (Maus, 2002).

Following this line of argument, this paper posits that in these three short stories, Hawthorne have adopted various manifestations of evil, each evoking different meanings of fear,…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Hawthorne, N. (1831). "My Kinsman, Major Molineux." Available at: .

____. (1837). "The Minister's Black Veil." Available at:
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Analysis of Van Eyck's Madonna

Words: 941 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25970102

Within the painting, the
narrow space in which the woman is seated, with child and tome in lap, is
otherwise toned by a severe symmetry. Furniture, window and angles are cut
with a perfect sharpness, exposing only rightly angled arrangement. This
is even so with the corners of a throw rug and some square floor tiles
which peek out from the Madonna's flowing red gown.
The colors in this gown, as with the green and white embroidered
parlor headboard which looms comfortingly over the figures, represent the
most dramatic and compelling of impressions here. The gown in particular
drapes across the woman's shoulders and spills out in dominant array in the
direct center of the image. Creased and shadowed by its own fabric, the
gown seems to jump from the canvas as a lucid photograph flanked by sharply
painted objects. Among such objects, a brass chamber pot to the bottom
right of the figures does also catch the eye as a break from the symmetry.
This inclusion also reinforces the painter's persistence toward physical
and historical accuracy.
The faint cascade of light which filters through a left-bound window
cast a compelling shadow of tree branch and window pain on the…… [Read More]

Haber, J. (2007). The death of the symbol. Haber's Art Reviews. Online

Hughes, R. (2006). Jan van Eyck. The Complete Paintings of the Van
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Lifeplans Inc 2004 A Comparative

Words: 306 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79017778

Those enrolling in the federal program were also likely to have higher incomes than buyers of long-term care plans in other markets, though they generally had a lower valuation of assets than private plan enrollees. Most of these comparisons hold true for the non-buyers of the federal program when compared to non-buyers in other markets, questioning the validity of the comparison and suggesting an overall demographic difference between markets.

There were attitudinal difference noted in the groups, as well, and much of this is believed to be the result of specific marketing and education campaigns for the federal program aimed at the potential enrollers. Those in the federal plan market had generally given the plan more thought and had done more retirement planning in general than had the individuals in other markets. Significant re-existing differences, then, were likely slim.… [Read More]

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Uml-Based Comparison of Model Transformational

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Generally, the classification of model transformation tools is based on whether it is declarative or operational, directionality or multiplicity.

The study further discusses the sub-categories of model transformation that include:

hybrid transformation tools, graph transformation, relational, template based, operational based, structure driven and direct manipulation.

All the sub-categories of model transformation have the following features:

Hybrid transformation combines two or more transformation approaches;

Graph transformation focuses on graph rewriting over variation and extensions of labeled graphs.

Relational approach uses declarative approach-based mathematical relations; template approach uses model template specifications.

ATL Transformation Tool

The project reveals that ATL is one of the effective transformation tools used to semantic or syntactic translation and it is built on transformation Virtual Machine model. The ATL was developed from the ATLAS framework, which enabled the specification of one or more target models. The project further reveals that ATL is hybrid language providing the mix of imperative and declarative constructs. While imperative is used to construct a complex mapping, however, the declarative is mostly used because it could be used to construct a simple mapping. ATL also supports major tasks during system design that include executing, debugging, editing and compiling.

Rational Rhapsody

The study provides the…… [Read More]

Braun, P. & Marschall, F. BOTL The Bidirectional Object Oriented Transformation

Language. Institut fur Informatik Technische Universitat Munchen. 2003.
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Financial Analysis the Report Provides the Comparative

Words: 1069 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1313298

Financial Analysis

The report provides the comparative analysis of Sun Trust Banks Inc. (STI) vs. U.S. Bancorp. (USB) using the following valuation tools:

Price/Book Value,

Price/Earnings per Share

Price/EBITDA per Share.

The paper also compares these ratios to industry average.

Price/Book Value

A Price/Book Value is a valuation ratio used to measure the market value of a company after all the liabilities has been deducted from the company assets. In other words, Price/Book Value is a valuation ratio generally used by investors to compare a stock's per-share price (market value) of a company to its book value (shareholders' equity). Typically, it reveals the estimation of value of a company after it has been liquidated showing remaining net assets entitled to shareholders after a company is liquidated.

There are two methods to calculate the Price-to Book Value of a company. First, we can divide the company market capitalization by company's total equity. Alternatively, we can divide the current share price by the book value per share. Generally, low price book value reveals that the company stock is undervalued.

The report uses the first technique to calculate the Price-to-Book Value for the Sun Trust Banks Inc. (STI) and U.S. Bancorp. (USB)

Formula:…… [Read More]

Yahoo Finance. (2013). Sun Trust Bank. (STI). Yahoo Finance Inc.

Yahoo Finance. (2013). U.S. Bancorp (USB) -NYSE. Yahoo Finance Inc.
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Global Cultural Analysis Nigeria

Words: 5263 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25995575

Global Business Cultural Analysis


Nigerian History

Synopsis of Nigerian government

Nigerian monarchy to presidential system

The evolution of Nigeria from British control to a civilian democratic government

Nigerian major commodities



The major elements and dimensions of culture in Nigeria

Cultural dimensions


Power distance



Model of culture

Universalism or Particularize

How is the integration of elements and dimensions that Nigerians doing business in the country?

The effects of governments on the prospects for its business around the world

How the elements and dimensions compared with the United States, culture, and business?

The role of women in the workplace

Business visitors must be dressed in an elegant and tie (for men!)

Cross-cultural business transactions between the United States and Nigeria




Thurstan Shaw and Steve Daniels, who are the founder for archaeological research proved in their research that Nigeria has been developed since 9,000 BC. At that time, people were living particularly in the low-Eleer region and even earlier that that, in the southeastern region of Nigeria known as Ugwelle-Utruru (Okigwe). Ugwelle-Utruru was the place micro lathes were used. The oldest metal work in archaeology is primarily due to the presence of Smelting furnaces…… [Read More]

Afolayan, T.E. (2011). Coming To America: The Social and Economic Mobility of African Immigrants in the United States. Inquiry (University of New Hampshire), 6-11. Retrieved from EBSCO host.
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British and American English Comparative

Words: 6793 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52117769

5). Surprisingly, however, in a corpus of 50,000 spoken words compiled from "group discussions between representatives of the EU government and national agencies of higher education" (pp. 6-7), Breiteneder (2009) did not find a large incidence of 3rd person singular - O. In only about 21% of the cases where 3rd personal singular was used was the -s left off. Perhaps, reasons Breiteneder, this is because all the speakers in the study had received formal schooling in a SE, but if so, then why was the -s used in some cases and not in others? Breiteneder posits that in some instances the interlocutors may have been purposely leaving off the -s for social reasons (2009, p. 262).

Certain verbs and expletive phrases seem to divide along dialectal lines with regard to use of modal past. Jacobsson (1975) writes that the sentences I suggested he took it with him, and I suggested he should take it with him, both using modal past, are acceptable in British English and equivalent to the American version I suggested he take it with him, which uses subjunctive (p. 222). Likewise, it's important (that) you went at once (British dialect) (Jacobsson, p. 222) as compared with…… [Read More]

Bell, Daniel a. Beyond Liberal Democracy: Political Thinking for an East Asian Context. Princeton University Press. 2006

Brandon, L., Baszile, D., & Berry, T.. Linguistic moments: language, teaching and teacher education in the U.S. Educational Foundations (Winter-Spring), 47-66. 2009
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Humor Studies Comparative Review on

Words: 1105 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2468717

Each author subsisted to two (2) different kinds of perspectives, which make up the second and third critical elements of the comparative analysis component of this paper.

Berger analyzed humor based on social and political perspectives. Usage of these perspectives was most useful in discussing the two typologies of humor he thoroughly discussed in the book: satire and folly. Satire as a type of humor drew upon important concept that makes up its core: "militant irony" (158-9). Folly, meanwhile, was best characterized through the concepts "absurd" and "reality in a looking glass" (176).

Satire gives humor a political aspect to it, as illustrated in the term "military irony," which Berger defined as "a term derived from war, it is an attitude of attack that is part of a campaign against someone or something." Interestingly, the author qualified that satire need not have the 'brutality' that comes with military irony; however, he also claimed that "satire that is overly gentle liquidates itself" (156-7).

As a political vehicle to be used for or against an individual, group, or ideology, satire draws power from its directness and brutality. This is the reason why satire is best applied in the political arena: no other…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Berger, P. (1997). Redeeming Laughter: the Comic Dimension of Human Experience. Walter de Gruyter.

Critchley, S. (2002). On Humour. Routledge.
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Financial Analysis Rio Tinto Is a Major

Words: 3654 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60516675

Financial Analysis

Rio Tinto is a major mining company in the FTSE 100, specializing in iron ore. The company is geographically diversified. A close competitor is BHP Billiton, and these two firms are compared on the basis of their operations and financial statements. From a financial perspective, both firms are relatively equal. Both firms had strong years in 2008 and 2010, with a weak year in 2009 in between. Rio Tinto's results are better, largely because it benefited from a run-up in commodity prices in late 2010, after BHP's fiscal year had ended.

Rio has demonstrated a commitment to managing its capital structure effectively. The company went deeply into debt in 2007 in order to purchase Alcan, the Canadian aluminium giant. As a result, Rio has spent the past few years trying to pay down debt. Even during the down year in 2009, it was able to do so and today its gearing level is around the same as that of BHP. Rio has also been able to reduce its cost structure, and the combination of this and higher commodities prices has made this past year especially profitable for the company.

Taken as a whole, Rio's financial performance is good,…… [Read More]

Bank of Montreal. (1997). Hedging commodity price risk. Bank of Montreal/Harris Bank/Nesbitt Burns. Retrieved March 27, 2011 from

BHP Billiton 2010 Annual Report. Downloaded March 27, 2011 from
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Cultural Analysis Brazil & New Zealand Comparative

Words: 2259 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45240538

Cultural Analysis: Brazil & New Zealand

Comparative Cultural Analysis

Brazil & New Zealand

In today's robust business world, the boundaries between the countries are showing contractions at an exponential pace. Having a multinational business model is considered as a usual addition to the existing business practice. However, where the world has turned into a global village, cultural forces have not lost their influential power. As a matter of fact, it is important for business enterprises that the impact of the cultural norms and values of the countries where they are currently operating and are planning to operate, should be considered before actually initiating the business expansion. For the purpose of business restructuring, ABC & Co. which is a leading ERP solutions provider in New Zealand, has decided to expand its business to Brazil. However, before actually commencing the expansion process, a preliminary observation of Brazilian culture (in terms of business dealings) is performed and a cursory comparison with norms of the business culture in NZ is made. This comparative cultural analysis comprises of observations related to the mannerism of greeting, body language of the citizens during business meetings, food and timings related to formal meetings and the preferred formal dress…… [Read More]

Army Logistics University. (2012). New Zealand Customs, Retrieved from

Butler, S. (2006), New Zealand - Culture Smart!: the essential guide to customs & culture, Kuperard Co.
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Psychology of Forgiveness Exploratory Analysis

Words: 1538 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43341943

The articles point out the need for additional research into the field of forgiveness. Only recently have researchers begun to explore the psychological constructs that contribute to forgiveness.

Much of the research that has been conducted has consisted of relatively small and homogenous population samples, as evidenced from the research conducted above. Each of these articles includes a rather small sample sizes. Hence all of the articles are weak in that they are not generalizable to the population at large. Most of the articles however are strong in that they incorporate quantitative and qualitative analysis of the phenomena of forgiveness and take an empirical approach toward investigating the phenomena of forgiveness.

In the future subsequent reviews should focus on the phenomena of forgiveness using a larger population sample base that includes individuals from varying demographic backgrounds. This will help clarify the research that currently exists on the subject of forgiveness.


Chernoff, M., Deveney, S. & Konstam, V. (2001). "Toward forgiveness: the role of shame, guilt, anger and empathy." Counseling and Values, 46(1): 26.

Gorsuch, R.L. & Walker, D.F. (2004). Dimensions underlying sixteen models of forgiveness and reconciliation." Journal of Psychology and Theology, 32(1): 12.

Holmes, W., Konstam, V. &…… [Read More]

Chernoff, M., Deveney, S. & Konstam, V. (2001). "Toward forgiveness: the role of shame, guilt, anger and empathy." Counseling and Values, 46(1): 26.

Gorsuch, R.L. & Walker, D.F. (2004). Dimensions underlying sixteen models of forgiveness and reconciliation." Journal of Psychology and Theology, 32(1): 12.
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Planetary Comparison the Earth and

Words: 1104 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25556576

The inner core, meanwhile, has greater density, at 13, and temperature, at 6,650°C (or 12,000°F).

Compared against other planets in the solar system, the Earth contains just the appropriate amounts of gases, elements, and other properties that make human and other organism life possible.

Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, has lesser mass and volume than the Earth, at a fraction of only 1/18. However, it is as dense as the Earth, although Mercury's surface is made up of more solid mass, specifically rough, porous, dark-colored rocks. Its atmosphere is made up of sodium and potassium, which accounts for the planet's density and very thin atmosphere. It was hypothesized that the core of Mercury is made up of liquid iron compound, as a result of the presence of magnetic field.

Venus, meanwhile, exhibits a unique characteristic for being the brightest and hottest planet in the sky, with the presence of sulfur in the clouds and with a temperature of 460°C. Apart from sulfuric acid in the clouds, the planet's atmosphere is also composed of carbon dioxide. Because of its the large percentage of carbon dioxide, scientists assumed that what little water contained in Venus were evaporated and condensed into…… [Read More]

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Financial Analysis and Management at

Words: 3019 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29318125

Had the organization employed the techniques of activity-based costing, they would have realized the need to change their approach and had started manufacturing small size and fuel efficient engines, as most of the customers were requiring these items. "If Ford [...] had used activity-based costing, they would have realized early on the utter futility of their competitive blitzes of the past few years, which offered new-car buyers spectacular discounts and hefty rewards" (Drucker, 2003).

Unlike absorption costing, marginal costing uses the traditional division into direct, indirect, fixed and variable costs. The accounting method sees that the final marginal cost of a product will be calculated by summing up the direct costs of labor, the direct costs of materials, the direct expenses and the variable overheads (Brown). The applications of marginal costing revealed that Ford was able to support a price advantage relative to General Motors and Chrysler due to its "intensive use of robotics, which tempered the cost effect on Ford of higher union wage rates" (Weisman, 2007).

The cost/volume/profit analysis is an extremely useful financial tool that will allow managers to make the best informed decisions. The analysis shows how profits will change when modifications occur in the volume…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Bernstein, L.A., Wild, J.J., 1999, Analysis of Financial Statements, 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill Publishers, ISBN 0070945047

Berry, a., 1999, Financial Accounting: An Introduction, 2nd Edition, Cengage Learning EMEA, ISBN 186152479X
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Cultivation Analysis What Is the

Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96925168

Identify and explain the four-step process used by cultivation analysis researchers.

The cultivation analysis as a theory is a four step process. Cultivation researchers use these four steps to demonstrate their belief that watching of television has an effect on the culture of people. The first step is the system analysis. This is a comprehensive analysis of the programs that run in the television. Ninety eight percent of all households in America own a television (Morgan, 2012). This indicates that the programs in television have a wide audience. Thus, an analysis of the content of the program is critical to the cultivation theorist.

The message analysis demonstrates that a repetitive pattern in the themes, values and images in televisions. The message system analysis focuses violence in television programs. It is evident that there are high doses of violence in programs and television broadcasts. The image of the real world that televisions portray is one of a mean word where there is no trust. This influences the perception of the viewers (Morgan, 2012).

The second step in the process concerns about viewers social reality. According to cultivation analysis the viewer's perceptions alters and they believe the world is dangerous. The heavy…… [Read More]

Morgan, M. (2012). George Gerbner: A critical introduction to media and communication theory. New York: Peter Lang.
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Browser Research Project Comparing Google Chrome and

Words: 449 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33472012

Browser Research Project

Comparing Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer

Comparing the performance, stability, security and usability of the Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Internet Explorer is the intent of this analysis. For having entered the browser market late, Google has been able to create and continually refine their browser to deliver a superior experience to Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) Version 10.

Comparative Analysis of Browsers

What is immediately apparent from working with IE 10 relative to Chrome is how much more efficient the latter browser is at managing multiple windows-based queries. In completing an assignment in another course, three tabs where open at the same time in Chrome. All these queries ran simultaneously and completed faster than a comparable series of queries in IE 10. Google has invested to streamline code in Chrome, making it possible to support multi-threaded performance across multiple activities or tasks (Arnold, 2009). This is evident from the many experiences using the browser in performance evaluations relative to IE 10.

Microsoft's browser is more efficient on single-task queries in a single windows, yet cannot manage the multiple query approach that Google Chrome can. The Microsoft browser is significantly more streamlined for single window performance, yet when…… [Read More]

Arnold, S. (2009, 01). Google's chrome-plated bulldozer. KM World, 18, 1-1,18.

Schreiner, S. (2009). Google forges chrome, could add shine to retail. Dealerscope, 51(8), 58.
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Art and Society an Analysis

Words: 2935 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30330794


In this regard, Nead notes that because she was an art lover, Richardson experienced a moral dilemma in her decision to attack "The Rokeby Venus," but she felt compelled to do so anyway based on her perception that the government was failing to act responsibility towards women in general and the suffragettes in particular. "In her statement during her trial, Richardson appears calm and articulate and nothing is said explicitly about any objections that she might have had to a female nude. Indeed, it was not until an interview given in 1952 that Richardson gave an additional reason for choosing the Velazquez: 'I didn't like the way men visitors to the gallery gaped at it all day'" (emphasis added) (Nead 36).

Figure 1. Velazquez, The Rokeby Venus.

Source: The Social Construction of Gender, 2006.

According to Mann (2002), functionalism could help explain the attack by Richardson on "The Rokeby Venus" based on the stark contrasts between how men and women were treated during the early 20th century. "Functionalism was a static picture of a self-satisfied society run by interlocking power elites," he advises, "suppressing outsiders such as blacks, women, the poor, and the artistic avant-garde. The monuments of structural…… [Read More]

Bartley, Paula. (2003). "Emmeline Pankhurst: Paula Bartley Reappraises the Role of the Leader of the Suffragettes." History Review, 41.

Damon-Moore, Helen. Magazines for the Millions: Gender and Commerce in the Ladies' Home Journal and the Saturday Evening Post, 1880-1910. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1994.
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Zero Tolerance Policing a Comparative

Words: 1121 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79318347

In reviewing some of the studies done on the impact of community policing on officers' attitudes, Lurigio and Rosenbaum (1994) isolated many of the specific techniques used in community policing programs. These programs are generally marked by the use of foot patrols to engage with citizens and establish a tangible presence, storefront police stations providing visibility and accessibility to the public, and the use of targeted police units designed to develop roots and tailor themselves to the specific communities they serve.

Like problem-oriented policing, community policing often requires a fundamental change in both the attitude and organization of police departments. As Dennis Nowicki (1997) points out, these changes are often difficult to implement consistently. The empowerment need by individual officers to adapt to individual situations within their community "clearly runs counter to the paramilitary structure of police agencies" (Nowicki, 1997, p. 365). In addition, the establishment of close ties between communities and their police forces does leave the door open for potential corruption and manipulation by special interest groups.

Though community policing is essentially a brand of problem-oriented policing, the two are not completely synonymous. One key difference can be found just by looking at their labels. Community policing is…… [Read More]


Even if zero-tolerance policing is used in the service of problem-solving, however, its organizational structure prevents it from being a true problem-oriented or community approach. Problem-oriented and community centered policing must be characterized by active and vibrant partnerships between citizens and police. As Judith Greene put it in her argument against zero-tolerance, problem-oriented and community approaches seek to join \"community policing and community participation\" in a way that zero-tolerance policing cannot allow (Greene, 1999, p. 326).
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Security Analysis in Practice Security Risk-Analysis in

Words: 553 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92663530

Security Analysis in Practice

Security Risk-Analysis in Practice


The purpose of this work is to write a speech in relation to "Security Analysis in Practice' and to identify the most common theoretical basis or foundation of the models used by practitioners. Secondly this work will identify the types of practical adjustments financial analysts might consider in order to arrive at a more accurate security valuations.


The subject that is in focus today is Investment Securities Risk Analysis. It is important that each individual in this sector of the business-finance world understand the importance of preceding any investment security purchases with management analyzing and then making a determination that the investment meets the applicable regulatory and policy requirements

Policy Requirements

Those policy requirements will be inclusive of:

(1) First is CFR 560.60 which is the legal citation of the Commercial paper and Corporate Debt Securities Regulations.

(2) Secondly are the regulations found in 12 CFR 560.43, which are the Pass-Through Investments.

(3) Third are the regulations found in TB 13a Management of Interest Rate Risk, Investment Securities and Derivative Activities.

Risk Analysis and Determination of Suitability and Safety

After fastidious analysis has resulted in a determination that the investment…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
1. NIST. Special Publication 800-30, "Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems." Chapters 2 and 3. For more information, visit

2. Amatayakul, Margret. "Security Risk Analysis and Management: an Overview (AHIMA Practice Brief)." Journal of AHIMA 74, no.9 (October 2003): 72A-G.
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Cross-Cultural Comparison on Work Value Between US and China

Words: 2471 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15997293

Work Values

Cross-cultural comparison on work value between U.S. And China

A value is "what a person consciously or subconsciously desires, wants, or seeks to attain" (Locke, 1983). Peterson and Gonzalez (2005) say values "are motivational forces," and "influence the role work plays in people's lives." Dawis (2005) asserts that each person (P) has requirements that need to be met, most through their environments (E). In fact, Dawis claims that "Many of P's needs in adulthood can be met at work." The ones that matter most to P. are E's ability to deliver rein forcers (e.g., pay, prestige, and working conditions) that satisfy P's needs. Similarly, E has parallel and complementary requirements that can be met by P. And make P. A satisfactory worker. Thus, understanding work values has a benefit for both individuals (as they look for work environments that support their values), and also for organizations (if they recognize the advantage of employing satisfied workers).

Work values represent the desires, expectations and priorities workers bring to their jobs. From a theoretical standpoint, they can be defined as what workers most value, from a list of alternatives, out of their working experience. This definition implies that individuals attach meaning…… [Read More]

Bernstein, Paul. (1997). American Work Values: Their Origin and Development. Albany: State University of New York Press.

Cappelli, P., Bassi, L., Katz, H., Knoke, D., Osterman, P. And Useem, M. (1997). Change at Work. New York: Oxford University Press.
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Job Analysis Selection Interclean Merged Envirotech a

Words: 1216 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57680549

Job Analysis Selection InterClean merged EnviroTech, a result, a strategic direction. The company longer sell cleaning products, provide full-service cleaning solutions organizations health care industry.

Job analysis and selection

As InterClean merged with EnviroTech, the resulting company is one with an increased operational complexity. Specifically, instead of simply selling cleaning products, the new firm would also be offering cleaning services to customers in the health care industry. This specifically means that the quality of the products and services delivered has to be of the utmost highest standards, in order to serve the extreme hygiene needs of the medical field.

In order for the company to succeed in its endeavors, it is necessary for it to adequately staff, train or otherwise manage the human resources. This necessity is pegged to the fact that the employees are the ones who create and sell the products, and also the ones who deliver the services. This means that they are the ones who represent the firm in its interactions with the customers. They are as such the ones able to create customer satisfaction and the return of the clients to repurchase the products and services, and as such ensure revenue sufficiency.

The middle manager…… [Read More]

Gross, J., 2009, What is workforce planning system? PayScale, last accessed on December 20, 2010

Heathfield, S.M., Hiring employees: a checklist for success in hiring employees, About, last accessed on December 20, 2010
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Retail Business Analysis Wal-Mart Marketing Tactics Why

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Retail Business Analysis: Wal-Mart Marketing Tactics

Why does a business need a marketing strategy? The basic answer is simple: to generate sales. However, the manner in which a business goes about developing its marketing strategy can differ significantly from one business to another. In order to understand what type of marketing strategy works best for a certain company, one must first understand the basics of each specific strategy along with viewing examples of how these types of strategies have worked for companies in the real world. In order to view how the major marketing strategies are at work in a real-world scenario, one can look at the company Wal-Mart to see how both the generic marketing strategy and the segmentation strategies have been implemented in order to garner more sales, and in viewing this implementation, one can assess room for improvement in terms of marketing the retailer's product line.

Marketing Strategies within Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart operates with the use of two of the three main generic marketing strategies, both of which have proven successful. These generic strategies in marketing outline the three main strategic paths for a company to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, including: "cost leadership (low production costs),…… [Read More]

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Inadequacy of Forensic Hair Analysis

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Hair is also in contact with chemicals in shampoos, and any dyes, gels, sprays or other cosmetics that may be placed on the hair (11).

Since there is no standardized method for cleaning these external contaminants off of the hair prior to analysis, the potential for inaccurate results from external contamination is widespread. There is no way to tell in the laboratory if a chemical is contained within the hair, and therefore came from with in the body, or if it is on the surface of the hair and did not come from within the body (12). An enormous amount of scientific research studies have indicated that hair analysis is unreliable as a diagnostic tool in crime solving. For example, in one study, the researchers took hair from the head of a single individual and sent portions of the sample to six laboratories; the results varied widely from laboratory to laboratory (13). In another report released by the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), the ATSDR concluded that for most substances, the presence of a substance in hair may indicate both internal and external exposure, but such exposure did not necessarily indicate the source of exposure. Additionally,…… [Read More]

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Bae Systems Financial Analysis as

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Clearly the ability to transform critical new product development, supply chain, sourcing and material yield and optimization strategies has paid off, as indicated by the exceptionally strong inventory turns a year in the latest fiscal period (29.78). This was also achieved in FY 2008 and due to several acquisitions during FY 2007 BAE Systems posted 52.31 inventory turns due to the consolidation of financial statements and operations with companies acquired during that time. Finally the metrics illustrate how well BAE is re-architecting key processes to gain high levels of cost efficiencies. This is seen in the trending of Return on Assets (ROA), which in 2005 was 3.03, increasing to 8.52 in 2006 and then dropping to 4.69 in 2007. The FY 2008 timeframe showed exceptional growth with the company reporting 7.58 ROA. On ROE the transition from 20.22 in 2005, to 47.16 in 2006, 17.78 in 2007, and 26.19 in 2008 also illustrates how the overall performance of cost efficiency measures based on process performance significantly improved the performance of the company over time. Finally on ROI, the company increased most consistently on this metric. From 6.57 in 2005, to 7.84 in 2006, 10.38 in 2007, to 13.79 in 2008,…… [Read More]

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Financial Management Analysis on the Pfizer Company

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Pfizer can be included in the larger industrial sector of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, although a great part of its revenues come from the pharmaceutical products for which it is renowned. The pharmaceutical companies have specialized in a vast category of drugs, from simple, aspirin- type drugs, to more complex ones, including drugs that inhibit or activate individual molecules in different selected environments. They also produce vitamins and livestock food supplements.

The pharmaceutical industry in the United States (and worldwide for that matter) is considered to be one of the most profitable and continuously booming. It is estimated that globally, over $300 billion worth of drugs are sold. A simple explanation for this high degree of profitability is, of course, the high demand of the sector: no matter what happens, drugs and medicine continue to be one of the necessities of people. Additionally, this demand seems to be on a constant rise, with the researches that lead to discovering new treatments for cancer, AIDS and other diseases. So, as a general characteristic of the industrial sector, demand seems to be on a constant rise and the industrial profitability is not expected to go down any time soon.

As a short, additional…… [Read More]

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Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Division Strategic Analysis

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Strategic Analysis of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Division

This study provides the strategic analysis of Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceutical division to assist the company developing an effective strategy to achieve the competitive market advantages. The paper uses the SWOT analysis, PEST analysis and Porter's five forces for the strategic analysis. The outcomes of the analysis reveal that Johnson & Johnson is one of the top players in the pharmaceutical industry making the company enjoying superior market advantages in the United States and outside the United States. However, the company is still facing stiff competitions with other key players in the industry. Moreover, the company has not been able to reduce its cost of operations. The study recommends that Johnson & Johnson should launch its products in China to enjoy huge Chinese markets. Moreover, the company should take advantage of Chinese low stringent laws and regulations to produce drugs for Indian and Chinese markets to reduce the costs of R&D.

Phase I: Company Overview

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational company producing a wide range of products that include consumer products, pharmaceutical products, and medical products. Incorporated in 1889, Johnson & Johnson operates through three divisions: Consumer healthcare division, medical…… [Read More]

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Mill & Karl Marx Comparative

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Mill talked of ethical freedom in terms of all areas wherein individual and society interacts and become involved with each other; Marx utilized the same viewpoint, although specified it in terms of proletarian-bourgeoisie relations.

For Marx, ethical freedom is self-realization within the individual, and primary in this realization was the acknowledgment that one needs to be economically independent in order for modern individuals, and society in general, to function progressively. Ethical freedom is said to have been achieved if there will develop a new social order, identified as the "industrial proletariat," described to be the modern individuals, belonging to the previously identified proletariat class, who embodies "fresh moral and political idea, but one rooted in the world of material reality" (Morgan, 2005:392). In concrete Marxian terms, self-realization is an event that will occur only once the following elements have been abolished, as cited in "The Communist Manifesto": "representative government, bourgeois competition, bourgeois freedom of the press, bourgeois legislation, bourgeois liberty and equality, of preaching to the masses that they had nothing to gain, and everything to lose..." This event, once it occurs, will lead to the development of a new social order, wherein the class system will no longer exist,…… [Read More]

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Aging and the Family-Work Link A Comparative

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Aging and the family-work link: A comparative analysis of two generations of Mexican women (1936-1938 and 1951-1953)" by Blanco and Pacheco can best be described as serviceable. The first sentence is not particularly 'catchy' and is somewhat awkward. "The implications of aging of the population in Mexico are complicated and in some respects, serious" (Blanco & Pacheco 2009: 143). However, the introduction does go on to explain specifically why dealing with Mexico's aging population is such a serious concern. The developing nation's pension system is in a crisis and covers only 30% of the nation's senior citizens; other forms of government support are inadequate and under-funded. The primary burden of eldercare falls upon women: women are considered to be the primary domestic caretakers of children and husbands; women must work to support their families working outside the home and now they increasingly have this additional burden of attending to the needs of the elderly. It is this issue that the article is primarily intended to address, even more so than the specific challenges of senior citizens themselves. Thus, there is a dual, descriptive purpose of the research study: to understand the complex phenomenon of aging in Mexico and the specific…… [Read More]


Blanco, M. & Pacheco, E. (2009). Aging and the family-work link: A comparative analysis of two generations of Mexican women (1936-1938 and 1951-1953). Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 40 (2): 143-166.
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Sample Size When Conducting Statistical Analysis

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Relevance or Irrelevance of Sample Size

Probability offers a tool or mechanism for public health professionals to help populations in making healthier decisions and choices. In this case, these officers examine different aspects for promoting the health of communities through the use probability to encourage better health choices. For instance, by educating the public that wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle may lessen the risk of severe head or brain injury by more than 80%, public health professionals are using probability to encourage better health choices in the population. Moreover, when carrying out statistical analyses, some experimental design factors might lead to the projection of the necessary sample size.

There are various factors that might contribute to sample size when conducting statistical analyses, especially because of experimental design factors. The major factors that contribute to sample size when conducting statistical analyses include the design of the experiment, the allowed standard deviation, the required power, and the anticipated effect size. These factors contribute to sample size by acting as strategies for determining sample size. The determination of sample size also requires comprehensive statistical calculations through the calculated margin of error. A projection of margin of error at 95% confidence level…… [Read More]

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Battlefields and Big Macs Documentaries a Comparative

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Battlefields and Big Macs


A Comparative Analysis of Documentary Styles

The role of documentary film in helping to shape and inform American culture has become increasingly apparent, especially in the last decade. The ability of nearly anyone to create and distribute documentaries cheaply and effectively using home computer software and video sharing sites like YouTube has created a diverse body of documentaries available with the click of a button. They are not all good, not all accurate, and some may not even be ethically or legally sound, but if they are powerful enough and relevant enough, they can move people and even governments to act. We have seen this recently with the independently produced documentary "Kony 2012," a 29-minute film that portrays the atrocities committed by Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony. Posted on YouTube in early March, the film got over 100 million hits in one week, and prompted renewed focus by the U.S. Congress to find and capture Kony.

Part of what makes documentaries so powerful is their unique mix of cold fact and human drama. A filmmaker's talent at balancing these two forces is often the secret behind a successful documentary. This balance can be difficult to…… [Read More]

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Btsisi & Sav H Ga Cultures Comparative

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Btsisi & Sav "h Ga Cultures

Comparative Analysis: Btsisi and Savannaha Ga (Sav" h Ga) Cultures

Differences in geographic location of societies gave birth to different cultures and traditions, influenced by the people living in a specific geographic area, and the way of life they have developed over time. One of the salient features of cultural differences is the kind of kinship system established within the culture, which includes the behavior, actions and lifestyle within. In this paper, two cultures will be compared in terms of the kinship system, behavior, actions, and lifestyle established within each culture. The cultures under study are the Btsisi of Selangor, Malaysia, and the author's own cultural/ethnic group, the Savannah Ga (Sav" h Ga).

As a cultural group, the Btsisi traces its heritage from a primarily matriarchal society, wherein villages are led by a woman leader called Batin. The significance of women and the Batin in the village can be attributed to the major role that women play in almost all aspects of Btsisi life: women as caregivers to their children and husbands and keeper of the household. The respect appropriated to Btsisi women is reflected in the village's assignment of the Batin as the…… [Read More]

Ember, C. And M. Ember (Eds.). (2003). Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender: Men and Women in the World's Cultures. NY: Springer.

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Thematic Analysis of Security Issues

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Security Study

Travel and tourism are major industries in European countries such as Greece. The hotel industry is dedicated to making the accommodations for their patrons as enjoyable as possible. This means ensuring that hotel guests, visitors, and staff have a safe and secure environment. It is for this reason that many of the larger hotel chains have their own private security personnel who are entrusted to maintain the safety of the hotel grounds and immediate area surrounding hotel. There a delicate balance between maintain hotel security for tourists, having the daily operations of the hotel run smoothly, and keeping security services in the background but ye at the same time effective and visible. Maintaining this balance between effectiveness and suitableness is not easy. The current study interviewed Greek15 hotel employees, either hotel security personnel or hotel managers, regarding their opinions on major issues related to the security of their hotel as well as to security issues in the hotel industry in general. The data was subjected to thematic analysis and 11 major themes in the data were identified. These themes are discussed in their relation to current and future security issues in the hotel industry.



Safety is…… [Read More]

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Foreign Exchange Project Euro Currency Analysis Is

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Foreign Exchange Project

Euro Currency Analysis

Analysis is the toughest work of the world it needs ad hoc research and critical speculations. Analysis of a thing has a meaning of manifold. There are numerous kinds of analysis includes financial analysis, investment analysis, ethical analysis, character analysis, credit analysis and equity analysis. The idea presented in all of these analyses is somewhat some but the way of doing varies from analyst to analyst. It is a universal fact that the result of two analysts can be matched with each other because every analyst analyzes the things from different angles.

This particular analysis is all about the currency. The currency which has been for this particular piece of work is Euro currency which has been using in almost 90% of the European countries. Apart from that, we have to compare three countries which use Euro. The countries which have been compared in this paper are Germany, Ireland and Finland. The analysis has been broken into different sections; the first section is about analyzing the interest rates in European Region.

Interested Rates Analysis

The level of interest rate has negative correlation with the overall gross domestic product (GDP) of a country (Gail &…… [Read More]

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